The Kingdom of God Week 3

Episode 75 | The Kingdom of God | Released May 10, 2021 | Special guest: Lysa TerKeurst

For the third and final week of our Kingdom of God series, we hear from Amanda and Raechel’s guest Lysa TerKeurst—an author, speaker, and Bible teacher. Together, they untangle topics like pursuing holiness and how to think biblically about the inclusive and exclusive nature of the gospel. Lysa shares her personal journey with forgiveness and how the act of forgiving those who’ve hurt us is “one of the most beautiful evidences of being a citizen of the kingdom of heaven.” During this hour, we learn about the true meaning of the gospel: it is an invitation into a new way of being and a new God-given identity.   

Read with Us: 

This episode corresponds to Week 3 of the She Reads Truth The Kingdom of God reading plan found on the She Reads Truth app and

Open Your Bibles: (passages referenced in this episode)

CSB translation unless otherwise noted 

Day 15: Matthew 7:7–29, Psalm 16:7–11, Matthew 13:24–30, Matthew 13:36–43, Matthew 22:1–14

Day 16: Matthew 25:1–13, John 14:1–4, John 14:18, John 14:25–26, Colossians 3:1–17, Romans 

8:28–30, 2 Peter 3:11–14

Day 17: Deuteronomy 6:4–5, Luke 9:21–27, Luke 18:18–30, Philippians 3:20–21, 1 John 2:15–17
Day 18: Matthew 13:1–23, Matthew 13:31–32, Matthew 28:16–20, Ephesians 4:4–14, James 5:7–8, 1 

Peter 2:11–12
Day 19: Psalm 46:1–11, 1 Corinthians 15:51–57, 1 Thessalonians 4:13–18, Revelation 22:1–21

Other Scriptures Mentioned: 

Hebrews 2:17 NIV

Mark 14:33–34 NIV

John 3:16–21 NIV

Philippians 3:20 NIV

Genesis 37:36 NIV

Show Notes: 

Forgiving What You Can’t Forget by Lysa TerKeurst

The Kingdom of God Week 2 with Ellie Holcomb—She Reads Truth Podcast Episode 74

“God, I want to see You. God, I want to hear You. God, I want to follow hard after You. And I know, God, You are good. You are good to me. You are good at being God. Therefore, this morning, I trade my will for Thy will because I’m so assured that You will guide me through this. Thank you that I don’t have to figure everything out. As I walk into this day, I’m intentionally going to look for someone to forgive, someone to bless, and evidence all around me of Your goodness. Amen.” —Lysa’s daily prayer to orient her heart toward the kingdom of God

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