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The book of Amos begins with a roar. In the opening verses, God makes His voice heard, calling all people to repent from their evil and seek life in Him. In the time of Amos, the nations were acting in violent disregard for human life, oppressing women and slaves, and seeking salvation from created idols. The people of God failed to do much better, ignoring God’s Word, abusing their status, and acquiring wealth at the expense of the most vulnerable people. The prophet Amos was called to share the words of a God who does not sit by idly while His name is dishonored and His image-bearers are abused, wounded, and broken. Instead, Amos prophesied how God’s perfect love demands justice. In this two-week reading plan, we’ll read how this shepherd-farmer was called to challenge God’s people and the nations to reject complacency and seek abundant life in God’s perfect goodness. Join us as we’re reminded that no sin or evil can escape God’s justice—and that every guilty person is invited to seek and find restoration in a life honoring Him.