Day 7

Our Savior Comes

from the Because He Lives reading plan

Matthew 21:1-11, Zechariah 9:9

BY Amanda Bible Williams

This morning I drove past the lake near our house, as I always do. Today the spring sun was especially bright, causing me to squint my eyes as the light poured through my driver’s side window. A dense layer of fog covered the water as far as I could see. Gulls danced in and out of the cloud-like mist, some resting still and peaceful on the glassy surface. The sun, the fog, the gulls, the water—the combination stunned me, caught that deep sigh in my chest and held it there a minute. 

It was the second day in a row the lake looked exactly like this, and both times it brought worship to my lips:

I praise you, Lord, for you are the Creator God, the maker of the water and the birds, the sun and the mist, and the breath in my lungs. You are God, you are Lord, and I give you all of me today. 

There was no analyzing my prayer outline or word choice, no time for false pretense or doubt. I’d seen a glimpse of the glory of the Lord, and immediate, unhindered praise felt like the only possible response.

Spontaneous worship sessions are not new to our Almighty God. Since the making of mankind and the dawn of creation, people and nature have praised Him. On this day recorded in Matthew 21, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, and another chorus of praise erupted: 

Hosanna to the Son of David!
Blessed is he who comes in the name
of the Lord!
Hosanna in the highest heaven! (v. 9). 

As Luke’s Gospel tells it, “the whole crowd of the disciples began to praise God joyfully with a loud voice for all the miracles they had seen” (Luke 19:37). Miracles—plural. Many of them. These people who had been following Jesus had seen evidence that this was not just a man. This man was the Son of God. They had seen glimpses of His glory, and it led them to worship.

Luke also records that as Jesus rode on toward the gates of Jerusalem that day—toward the death due every single human but Him—He also wept for its brokenness. He cried for those who did not recognize the Messiah in their midst (Luke 19:44). 

The Savior had come, but they did not know Him.

As we enter Holy Week on this Palm Sunday, may we see Jesus for who He is. May we read with clear eyes and open hearts the Gospel account of these days and events that are the foundation of our faith. And may we worship the One at the center of it all.

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is Jesus, who comes to save us.

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28 thoughts on "Our Savior Comes"

  1. Laura Theobald says:

    I’ve just been in awe of the fact that Jesus entered Jerusalem with full knowledge of how the week would end. Yet, he loved us so much, he knowingly and willingly endured so much suffering to save us.

  2. Shelby says:

    Whew, thank you Jesus! only you see what’s truly going on within people’s hearts. Whether they believe or not and you weep for those who do not know you and the promises you bring. How I worship you and praise you! Hosanna!

  3. Stacey Wilson says:

    I have been preaching about Holy Week for a few weeks now and it doesn’t get old or boring. It is not lost on me how Jesus encountered people, fulfilled prophecy and IS who He says He is everyday in my life. What a Mighty God!

  4. Alethea Flores says:

    I long to worship the Lord more, I want his name to be continually on my lips as I see His glory.

  5. Mari V says:

    I grew up Catholic. Although I am no longer Catholic (disclaimer: I am not good with words so I hope I did not offend anybody) it served an amazing purpose. First of all I did get saved as a Catholic. I remember attending a Life in the Spirit seminar where Teenagers were giving the topics and testimonies and how Jesus had changed their lives. I remember Walking up to the altar and making Jesus Lord of my life. As a Catholic back then I remember Holy week was very important to my family and was observed with great respect.

    1. Lesley Hamilton says:

      Mari I know many here in Ireland who are ‘ Catholic Christians’ ! … serving and proclaiming in the same name our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen … God bless x

  6. Churchmouse says:

    Praise and weeping. Two sides of the coin that is this life. Praise for all He has so graciously given us and weeping for how we so often misuse or dismiss the gifts and the Giver. Oh may I use my voice to clearly proclaim Who He is and what He does. Let there be no question as to where my truest allegiance lies. Let not one pebble have to cry out because I have been silent.

    1. Lesley Hamilton says:

      Amen! Praise ‘ it’s your breath in our lungs so we pour out our praise … to YOU only….’

    2. Ifem U says:


    3. Candi Salenieks says:


    4. Brandy McDonald says:


  7. Aimee D says:

    Thank you King Jesus.

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