Our Need for Resurrection

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Genesis 22:1-19, Hebrews 11:17-19, Daniel 12:2-3

The binding of Isaac breaks my heart every time I read it. I subconsciously swap myself for Abraham and replace Isaac with my beloved firstborn son, and suddenly the story hurts in a real and visceral way. (Did you do this when you read the passage?) Each physical hurdle becomes agonizing—the saddling of the donkey, the splitting of the wood, the long walk uphill, and finally, the binding up of a beloved boy. The whole agonizing ordeal truly begs the question: How did Abraham do it? How did he make it through all the steps up to the very point of raising a knife over his promised and beloved son?

Chillingly, child sacrifice has a long, established history in many cultures, including that of Mesopotamia. Abraham was from Ur (Genesis 11:31), and so he would have been familiar with the sacrifice of a child to prove devotion to a god. Similarly, the Canaanites worshipped Molech, the false god most famous for demanding child sacrifice. The idea behind the sacrifice was this: If you are willing to sacrifice the person most precious to you—and for parents, nothing could be more precious to us than our children—then you could prove your devotion to your god. Abraham had certainly encountered this kind of demand before with regard to other cultural gods.

Second, Abraham trusted God. He trusted that “I AM” was not just another Baal or Molech. Abraham believed that God was the one true God, and he cherished the profound hope that “I AM” was different. Abraham had such trust that he reasoned God would provide for a miraculous resurrection to save Isaac, if that’s what it took (Hebrews 11:19). He even told Isaac, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son” (Genesis 22:8).

For both these reasons, we find Abraham shuddering with a knife raised over that which is most precious to Him. And we find ourselves standing right beside him, surveying the hopelessness of our station. We are dead in our trespasses, we live under a curse, and we have no hope of satisfying the chasm of debt that we owe. Indeed, the consequence of our sin is death (Romans 6:23).

We need a God who can raise the dead (Matthew 10:8). We need a God who has the power to undo the curse (Romans 8:2). And our God has promised and proven that He can and will do both. Our God does not demand child sacrifice—He abhors it! After all, He knits together our children and treasures them because they are His very own. We don’t need a false god with a lust for flesh and a desire for pain. Rather, we worship the one true God, who preserves, protects, loves, and cherishes us and our children. Hallelujah!

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105 thoughts on "Our Need for Resurrection"

  1. Rae Berge says:

    Difficult passage to read and try to understand.. then verse 17..

  2. Annabel Smith says:

    Isaac also reminds me of us today, how we are called daily to be a living sacrifice to God, and God saved Isaac with the lamb caught in the bush, which is Christ our saviour the lamb upon the cross, such a beautiful assurance of Gods perfect character

  3. Lily Strange says:

    I pray to have a fervent and complete faith that holds nothing back from you God. Help me always trust your plan for my future even in the midst of extreme challenges. Amen. ❤️

  4. Margie Stevens says:

    It always amazes me that Abraham went forward with so much faith and was willing to slay his own son because God told him to. Now if that happened today we would think we were going crazy. Whenever I hear of these passages I am always reminded of how much more faithful I need to become.

  5. Elizabeth Hugeback says:

    Whenever I read this passage, I can’t help but think God wasn’t just testing Abraham. I feel that God used this as an opportunity to show Abraham more about himself. Unlike all the false gods, He did not delight in human sacrifice. He was concerned with the condition of Abraham’s heart, his willingness to trust in Him mightily. I believe that God speaks to his people in a way that is relevant to the time that they live in so that they can understand Him more.

  6. Jen Nohrenberg says:

    Praise God that provided the lamb (Jesus) to be the propitiation ❤️

  7. Lorin Stubblefield says:

    Reading this through the lens of a mother is so hard. I don’t know that my loyalty and trust in God is that strong. I don’t think I could make it to the donkey…much less binding my child. I can only imagine the pain in both of them during this event.

  8. Terrisa Stewart says:

    I know I don’t have faith in God like Abraham did, yet. Although I am not a parent, there are plenty of other things I should sacrifice for God but I chose not to for some reason or another. I look forward to the challenges/tests God will place in my life to rid me of my faithlessness. I know it won’t be easy but I know that I am in need of change.

  9. Lexi B. says:


    Lead me to trust, believe, and know you will provide in the midst of chaos.


  10. Andrea P says:

    “The boy and I will go over there to worship; then we’ll come back to you.”
    Do you see that? Abraham has said “ we’ll come back to you”. He had such faith that he knew God would provide and that he and his son would be back ! Oh how I wish I had such faith!

  11. Beth Hinson says:

    Abraham followed God so unwavering through the hardest thing he could’ve been asked to do, yet, I stumble whenever the slightest inconvenience occurs. God help me to follow you, even when I don’t know your plan and help me to sacrifice my materialistic things that don’t even compare to the gifts you have given us!

    1. Kimme Bartlett says:

      ❤️ Amen!

  12. Julie says:

    I may not be a mother, yet, but I’ve experienced and seen my mothers love for me. I shudder at this story as well. I had never tied the cultural influence into my thoughts before, so thanks for that – though it still is gut-wrenching. Learn something new every day!

  13. Abby says:

    I’m glad to be reading with SRT again!

  14. Maggie says:

    I love this perspective and the added context provided by your explanation of the cultural situation. Makes the story even more powerful.

  15. Crislyn Petzoldt says:

    I focus more on Abraham’s faith, then the enduring pain he went through with his son. To be that faithful is what God’s plan for us is. Painful, yet uplifting message!

  16. Karen says:

    I feel you can look at this story in two ways. One is to see that sincere faith in God allowed Abraham to trust Him fully even to the point of sacrificing his own son because he believed that God would remain faithful and bring his son back to life. It’s truly hard to fathom that he would do this to his own child! but at the same time the fact that he was willing to give God whatever He asked of him in FAITH.

    The other is the strong parallel to God’s only son Jesus going to the cross and being sacrificed. This parallel helps me to see the bigger message of this story which is God’s ultimate sacrifice for us. It’s amazing to think about this in light of when this story was written compared to when Jesus walked the earth and then became the sacrificial lamb who bore our sins to reunite us to our Father in heaven. Thank you Jesus!!!

  17. Karissa Stanio says:

    I cannot imagine how Abraham and Isaac must have felt. Could Isaac forgive his father? Could he understand why it was happening? Did Abraham explain?

    1. Katherine Lopez says:

      It must have been scary and confusing! I wonder if this was Isaac’s first in-person exposure to God’s voice. He was more likely a young man or older teenager, not a small child, and his own faith is powerful as he trusts that his father is obeying the LORD. And when God called out and stopped the sacrifice, when he commended Abraham’s faith and reaffirmed the magnificent promises he had made to him, I imagine that was a powerful moment in the solidification of Isaac’s own faith in God.

  18. Carmen Lye says:

    And this also speaks to me of Gods pain as His son cried out “why have you forsaken me?” They knew the outcome but they still had to endure the pain…… could I do this? I’m not sure I could- walking up that hill must have been the worst moment of his life.

  19. Anastasia R says:

    I find it difficult to reconcile the God that I know and love with this story, however I also know that finding it difficult and not knowing why or understanding is an important part of faith. In many ways it’s in my moments of questioning and doubt that I find my faith grow stronger as I work through those feelings

  20. A Friend in Christ says:

    Kaity- I read your comment and felt I should reply. First, I am so sorry for your loss and will be praying for you and your baby. Second, let me tell you that I have recently experienced a miscarriage of my own. All I can say is that through the pain and loss and grief, God was so close. I believe God spoke to me in a real and tangible way through quiet time and through my close community of believers and affirmed that He did not have anything to do with the death of my unborn child. In fact, God has given me full confirmation that He has our child with Him in heaven. Cradling and caring for that child in only the way He can. God loves each of us dearly, and knew that when He called Abraham into this moment, that Isaac was never at risk, he was always going to be safe. Abraham was able to trust God because He knew the heart of our Heavenly Father, Abraham knew, that God loved Isaac and promised to create generations from him. So, I believe Abraham stood firm on the promise that God is a God who keeps His promises and is a God who loves him.

    That same God sent His own son to die a wretched death on the cross, He suffered, for us, He took on the pain for us. So that, we may be free and have life and life in the fullest. This is a God of mercy and this is a God whom loves you and your babies. We live in a broken world and we have an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus is the opposite of that–He died so we could have life and have it to the full (John 10:10). So have hope, for Jesus has overcome the world (John 16:33) and offers you His peace. I pray you will stand on His promises and that the Holy Spirit would expose Himself to you and reveal His love for you and your family and give you His peace.

    1. Taylor Landers says:

      This is a beautiful response. ♥️

    2. Sheila Ezell says:

      Such wise and sweet words my friend.

    3. Savanna Chapple says:

      Perfect response of the Fathers heart for us. Such wise words that show exactly why Abraham sent his son as an offering. Perhaps we would see the true meaning behind this; that the ones we love and hold so dearly, God loves even more and wouldn’t call upon the faith of the parents without knowing that He will care for them. :)

  21. Holly says:

    There is nothing at all in my life that can compare to this moment, even at my worst. The fact that Abraham was able to suffer the unimaginable anxiety of preparing his child for sacrifice stands out to me. His faith maintained him, he knew the Lord was going to provide the lamb. This passage means so much to me because it shows you that through faith you can survive anything. I struggle with the concept, but Abraham’s story is one of many throughout the Bible that reinforces that we must stay in faith.

  22. Kaity says:

    As I carry a child inside me, this story seems too horrific. I’ve experienced two miscarriages in the last year and am begging God every day to spare the life of this child. It’s so hard for me to trust a God who would kill my children. I’m scared of what God could do to the one inside me. Why would God ask Abraham to sacrifice his child? No child deserves that. Even if God is just asking me to prove my loyalty to Him by taking my babies from me, how is it worth it if an innocent child’s life has to end? I’ve been a Christian and a pastor’s daughter and now a pastor’s wife. Trust always came so easy before but now it’s an everyday battle.

    1. Angela Stackhouse says:

      From one pastor’s wife to another, I struggle mightily with this story, too. Thank you for your honesty. ❤️ I’m also pregnant, but I have not experienced the previous losses you have. I can see how Abraham’s story would be especially excruciating for you. I’ll be thinking about you today and praying for you and your baby. Sending you love…

  23. Leah Rachow says:

    Are worshipping and trusting in God or the things he has given you? This passage always reminds me to ask myself that question.
    I also love this passage because of the foreshadowing God gives Abraham when He says He will bless all nations through Abraham’s offspring. God didn’t make Abraham sacrifice his only son, even though the wages of sin is death. Rather, God always had a plan in place to sacrifice His only Son.

  24. Jeralyn Egger says:

    It is personal… “I worship the one true God, who preserves, protects, loves, and cherishes me and my children.”

  25. Nicky Fetting says:

    Sacrifing the promises of God… giving up, even killing the hopes, the core aspects of who I am… all to please God, to show my devotion and love.
    Yet God provides the lamb.
    Instead of sacrifice He wants my love, He wants me to know Him (Hosea 6:6) – possible because of Jesus!

  26. Ana Lisa Johnson says:

    I’m so amazed by Abraham’s faith. Lord, please give me faith like this, to trust you with my future, especially as my husband and I are beginning a season of trying to get pregnant. A season I have waited for 3 years to step into. And now, when we are finally here, I find myself wrestling with fear that God won’t provide a child, after all this time of waiting, hoping, and trusting Him with the timing. God, I know you have good plans. Please help me let go of mine and be thankful for yours. Your ways are better than my ways.

  27. Beth says:

    May I always hear God and reply, “Here I am.” Just as Abraham did. What a awesome example of faith!

  28. reagan says:

    in verse 12, the angel of the Lord knows Abraham fears God because Abraham did not withhold his only and dear son from God. likewise, we can know that God must really love us because He did not withhold His only Son from us. oh, the painful death Jesus endured on that cross is unthinkable. and to think of the pain God went through seeing His Son be beaten to death. I’m so thankful for the cross and that He did not hold back.

    1. Amy Spradling says:

      Yes, the fact that God actually went through with the sacrifice of his only son to show his love and commitment to us, a sinful people, is an overwhelming reality that still amazes me every time I think about it. And to think that Jesus was willing to go through the pain and agony of the cross and separation from God the Father, while dying for our sins is so humbling. I pray that the awesomeness of what God did for me will never cease to amaze and overwhelm me all of days of my life.

  29. Alyssa Westlake says:

    God redeemed Abraham’s religious history. And, foreshadowed Jesus—God did provide a lamb! Hallelujah.

  30. Brenna Page says:

    It’s so easy to lose ourselves in the love of our family, especially our spouse and children. We can very easily let that love become a form of idolatry and suddenly we’ve removed God from the center of our heart. I have to remind myself often that my husband is not mine, my daughter is not mine; they belong to God just as I do. I have to help them in their journey here and do the best I can for them, all the while remembering they are not mine. God has His own plans laid out for them. The very best I can do is pray for them always and be there to redirect their eyes and hearts onto the Lord.

    1. Lauren Williams says:

      I like your take on the focus for this passage. I shutter at the initial thought of sacrificing a child but when you think of it in terms of idolatry and that God wants us to place no one above him then it easier to understand.

  31. Caitlin Clarke says:

    The obedience and trust that Abraham shows here amazes me every time I read this passage. When God asked him to do something most of us couldn’t even think of doing, Abraham doesn’t even doubt or question God, he just obeys. I pray that I can have that kind of obedience to the Lord that when he calls me to do something, I don’t doubt or question or look for another way, I step out in faith and do.

  32. Denise Barnes Woodward says:

    I have read other commentary on this account. First of all, Isaac was no “small lad”. He was a big strapping teenage boy (potentially in his upper teens). Further, Isaac was no match for this powerful young man. He was advanced in years…in fact flat out old! Think of not only the faith of Abraham, but of the faith of Isaac…he had to have been compliant enough to “allow” Abraham to bind him up. Equally, he surely had to be willing to be placed upon that alter. How else would a large strapping teenager become bound and not wiggle off of a pile of wood on an alter when he clearly recognizes…he’s THE lamb. Just consider that they BOTH trusted enough to recognize God would provide. May we have THAT kind of faith!

    1. Emily Blackwell says:

      I just can’t help but wonder what words they exchanged with one another as this was taking place. Maybe no words, maybe sweet words of love and faithfulness.

    2. Sarah Gilbert says:

      Huh…super thought provoking point, something I had never considered before! Thank you ❤️

    3. Karen Bailey says:

      I have thought of this often as well. When I read the story sometimes I think of him being like a preschooler but like you said he was mature and did not have to be bound. I do wonder how this has affected his face and his story he told about it to his children

    4. Sherry Masters says:

      Wow, didn’t realize this. To think he had to climb on that Alter himself. Oh to have faith like that!

  33. Natasha R says:

    Can I be as obedient as Abraham? Do I trust God as Abraham did? If God is willing to sacrifice his own Son for me (and he did!), am I willing to sacrifice what I love for Him? Lots of questions to ponder.

  34. Natasha Marie says:

    Question… When Abraham replies ” I and the lad will go…we will worship and return.” Am I the only one who thinks that maybe Abraham just kinda fibbed saying “we’ll be back”? But something stuck out to me…the journey took three days! Imagine thinking that whole time about sacrificing your son?

  35. Kristen Marino says:

    It makes me think of the unborn. I haven’t seen it, but heard about the movie Unplanned. Pray many see it, change their hearts about abortion, so lives can be saved. My they find Jesus and salvation too. In Jesus’ Powerful, Precious Name Amen

    1. Lauren Williams says:

      This is a powerful movie and I thought about it during today’s passage.

  36. Steph C says:

    Abram’s faith staggers me. To tell Isaac that “God will provide an offering”. Many translations even say that God will provide Himself as the ram. Abram believed that God would step in and redeem the situation. Here was his precious son … the son he had prayed for for years … the fulfillment of God’s promise! And God was commanding him to give him back. Not as a “baby dedication”. But to physically return Isaac to God. I cannot imagine the grief. And yet, he believed. And obeyed. And then worshipped.

  37. Leah says:

    God never asked Abraham to do anything he wouldn’t do himself, including sacrificing his son. His plans are higher, better, greater than we could ever expect.
    A good reminder in hard times that he will provide, that he will go to any lengths to make good on his promises to us, and that that promise fulfillment requires that we lay down our own ideas about what is best for us.

  38. Hannah Kilpatrick says:

    When Abraham replied, “Here I am!”, I was immediately reminded of Samuel & Eli. God called out to both Samuel & Abraham in the same way, yet Samuel was confused by the Voice while Abraham knew exactly Who was calling. Abraham was familiar with the Father, & because of that he was able to be obedient.
    Do I know the Father’s voice well enough to immediately reply, “Here I am!”, and then go as far to trust that that Voice will provide?

  39. Caroline says:

    This passage makes me think and take my relationship with God into questioning. Do I have faith like Abraham? Do I answer God with “Here I Am” or do I hide behind my sinful nature and the idols in my life. Do I trust that God will provide all that I will ever need?
    As I struggle through a breakup where a boy was an idol in my life, I look back to Abraham’s obedience to God. While he did not understand His plans, he trusted that God had it all planned out and it was what was best for Abraham.

    1. Nancy Brooks says:


    2. Nancy Brooks says:

      ❤️ my thoughts as well.

  40. Ana Love says:

    Every time I read this story I am blown away by Abraham’s physical actions to follow God’s commands. It reminds me of the little things I struggle to surrender to God.

    I’m encouraged that Abraham knew God’s command and followed it even though he didn’t see the reason behind it. I’m dead in my sins, in need of a savior.

  41. Sue says:

    Realizing the same resurrection power that saved Isaac and raised Christ from the dead is available, not only futuristically, but also for me today.

    So often I succumb to a desire for control, pride, selfishness, bad habits, a critics spirit, and sin in general. I also have a family member who is struggling with health issues.

    Claiming God’s resurrection power over these issues today.

  42. Lizzieb85 says:


    Isaac was the only son that “mattered”. Isaac was the son that God promised to Abraham & Sarah. Isaac was the son whose line would produce the promised nation & the Savior Jesus. Isaac was conceived by God’s power & promise. Ishmael was born of lack of trust, of malicious desperation. Ishmael was a product of human efforts. God did have compassion on Ishmael & Hagar, but Ishmael was not the one God chose & promised to accomplish His purposes. Hagar was a slave, she was not even a wife or concubine. Ishmael was a child born out of wedlock, his inheritance was non-existent.

    The point of emphasizing that Isaac was the only son is because Isaac was the lynchpin to all of God’s promises to Abraham. So for Abraham to trust God enough to kill the person all those promises hung on was huge! Ishmael was not a “back up” son. Sarah intended him to be the failsafe, but this was not God’s plan. Ishmael had no part of God’s plan. In fact, his descendents were enemies of the Israelites.

  43. Beth Meagher says:

    Practicing focus on God and away from me. God, HIMSELF, provides the sacrifice. When I focus on who God is, his character, my faith has a place to grow. My tendency is to focus on myself- sin and unwillingness to do or sacrifice.

  44. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    We certainly don’t have to sacrifice our children, but what sacrifice is the Lord requiring of us? Are we willing? I often struggle with this. But I need to be reminded that my Lord gave His son to die for me. He gave the ultimate sacrifice. Why should I hold back any sacrifice He asks of me?
    I love reading Hebrews 11. It just reminds me of all the people who were willing to do something for the Lord. I should not be any different.

  45. Lexie Douglas says:

    This passage always convicts me of my devotion to God, and where my heart is at. Abraham trusted in the Lord so much so that he was willing to give up his son. It makes me think, do I have faith like that? Am I willing to step away from a situation or something I’m holding on to in order to be obedient? I was challenged with this a couple weeks ago, when I came to the decision to break things off with my boyfriend. He was an idol in my life, and God brought this passage to me and challenged me to obedience. It hasn’t been easy, but obedience yields blessings, and I’ve definitely seen that in my life.

    1. Olivia Reynolds says:

      To encourage you, myself and my *husband* made that decision a few years ago. We laid down our relationship and turned our gaze from each other to the Lord. We had no timeline to it or intention to come back together, we just trusted that if it was God’s will that we partner with each other in pursuit of God’s glory, that it would happen. But we knew we needed foundations set and eyes fixed on Jesus and that wasn’t possible while we idolized one another. I can’t say that your relationship will resemble ours, but I can share with assurance that He HONORS that obedience. My husband and I had never experienced deeper walks in the Spirit than in that season.

  46. NanaK says:

    As I am sitting on our back patio enjoying the beautiful blue sky, listening to the birds sing, reading our devotion today, I ask myself:
    *Do I hear when God calls me?
    *Do I answer Him, “Here I am…”
    *Do I set out immediately to do as He has asked?
    *Do I have unfaltering faith that God will provide all that I need to do what He asks?
    *Is my faith evident at all times? Good and bad?
    *Do I believe the promises God has made to all who believe?

    HE IS ABLE…HE has conquered the grave! Hallelujah!!!!!

    1. Lori Wat says:


    2. Abigail Calvert says:

      Thank you for posting these reflections!! Made me think deeper on my faith!!

    3. Beatrice Anyanwu says:


  47. Mandy Tomlinson says:

    I’ve heard this story a hundred times since I was 5, but today it hit a new chord; my daughter is 9 months old, how would I have the faith and trust that God himself would provide a replacement for her at the alter? I would be so sick to my stomach I don’t know if I could function. Oh to have faith like Abraham.

  48. Kenya says:

    The incredible trust Abraham exhibits is something to admire. I think of the incredible example he set for his sons and how they will never doubt that their father has a deep, unrelenting faith. I pray that I can be an example like this to my daughters – that they can see that intense faith in me and my husband and never doubt our trust in God and His plan. No matter the feelings it may bring up to them at the time (because I imagine Isaac had a few confusing feelings about the whole thing), I know that as they grow they can take our example and put it in to practice in their own lives.

  49. Shawn Binn says:

    I wonder about Isaac. Was he silent and trusting or crying and pleading. He was brought to the edge of his life by the father who loved him. How does he show us our relationship with God?
    I believe God to be kind. Perhaps Isaac shows us that God is always present, though He does not always intervene.

  50. Carolyn says:

    Angie Smith, who lost an infant, shared beautifully about this passage of Abraham and Isaac at IF:Gathering 2016. Basically she said we look for our answers in the thicket, where God provided the ram, when our eyes need to be on the cross. We ask, “God, are you sure?” As she walked down from her baby’s grave God comforted her in this: We have no guarantee of the ram, but we have the promise of the Lamb. She says, “I am not sure of the ram, but certain of the Lamb. He desires good for you even when you don’t understand it.”
    (Several have blogged about Angie’s response to this passage. Here is one: http://carriedandlovedco.com/letteredhopeblog/genesis-22)

  51. Sarah says:

    I am curious why the text continously called Issac Abraham’s only son when Ishmael is also his son?

  52. Caralee Lilly says:

    We recently lost our daughter and this rang so close to my heart. Because I have to believe God can raise the dead just as Abraham believed, I can face tomorrow with the emptiness that comes with losing my daughter…KNOWING He is the resurrection and the life. This truth makes all the difference in our grief as believers…all the difference in the world.

  53. Deborah Langton says:

    I can do relate to this right now. Not that God has asked me to kill my child, but He is asking me to lay my child on His alter. My youngest child is 2 years and 3 months, he had a grade 4 brain bleed in the womb, which let to severe brain damage, hydrocephalus, and cerebral palsy, among many other mini diagnoses. The hydrocephalus led to brain surgery at 1 day old. He has had therapy since 3 months old. Anyway, recently we have been experiencing discrimination from our own church because he hasn’t been able to walk. They wouldn’t allow him in the nursery and termed it a walkers class. It’s been incredibly difficult. I have wanted to leave, I have felt betrayed, angry, and very bitter at times. To say it’s been difficult is an understatement. There have been times where I thought I was going to loose my faith over it. I failed miserably at laying my son on the alter. Anyway, through it all, at times when I most needed it, the Lord has been very near. We are still being tested and asked to put no other God before Him. Recently, the Lord showed me as my 2 year old lifted his hand in worship to the Lord, that His ways are so much higher than my ways. As I heard my son chime in in “amen-ing” the preacher, I realized that the Lord was teaching him His ways. He is being set apart from an infant and what looks like discrimination is Gods mighty hand on my precious child!!!!
    Disclaimer-this is in no way to make churches look bad. I feel like this is a safe place to talk about this since we are all believers. Please don’t tell me I need to leave this church, this is where God has our family.

    1. Marcha Rushing says:

      Prayers for you. God has many lessons for your son to teach others.

    2. Beth Barnhill says:

      Deborah, I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through that hurtful experience at your church. My family and I recently moved to a new city and a new church, and they have a special class during church especially for those who have special needs. The workers are trained educators who work with children who have varying degrees of special needs within the public school system. Maybe that idea would be something to suggest? I know it has been very helpful and encouraging to many parents in our community and church.

  54. Pam Green says:

    I thought more today about Abraham’s faith than the horror he might have felt. It’s encouraging to read the ups and downs of his faith and realize that God can work an Abraham strong faith in us (Phil. 2:13). The man really believed God would provide!

    1. Sarah Gilbert says:

      So true! A faith like that is what I want. ❤️

  55. M. C. says:

    Abraham’s faith in the life-giving God may also be seen at the end of verse 5 when he tells the young men: “The boy and I will go over there to worship; then we’ll come back to you.” Abraham included his son in their promised return. May I be willing to proclaim my belief in God’s faithfulness, even when I don’t yet see it as a reality.

  56. Carolyn says:

    I have read this story many times and always shuttered. How do I explain this to my questioning, non-Christian friends? Understanding the culture of the time and the expectations of living then is helpful.

    This is the first time I noticed that Abraham told his servants, “Stay here… We will worship and then WE will come back to you.” He knew his God was faithful and believed Isaac would live.

  57. Monica Davis says:

    We need a god who can raise the dead… yessssssss!

  58. amarose says:

    I understand the uncertainty of facing the adult world that you and your friend now find yourselves in. I just graduated in December and have a temporary job but now am faced with the decision of what to do once this is over. It’s a tough, unstable, ever-changing season of life that we are in but God is our anchor and he remains the same. I will be praying for you and your friend, that God would show you his faithfulness in providing for your needs. He wants the best for you and is taking care of you, even when it might feel like he’s forgotten.

    1. Ifem U says:

      Amen! Thank you very much. God bless you.

  59. Jennifer Wintermute says:

    I could not imagine being Abraham. I would be having panic attacks and be throwing up from the awful fear of sacrifice of my son. I don’t know if I could have had that faith. But I just have to have the faith God asks of me in my life. I am thankful for that.

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    explained, keep it up all the time.

  61. Ashley Gwin says:

    Reading this story, I can’t help but imagine the parallels between it and the sacrifice God made for us Himself. Did He weep as He sent His only, beloved Son to save us? When he, figuratively, tied Jesus up and offered him as payment for our sins, did He tremble knowing the torture that would ensue at the hands of evil? In many ways, I read about brave and faithful Abraham and think also of the unimaginable sacrifice made by our Father on our behalf. Thank you, God, for loving me so.

  62. Kristen * says:

    Today’s reading comes at a time when abortion is laying so heavily on my heart. Has anyone seen Unplanned yet? If not, do so! It is important for everyone to see the truth about abortion. There are two victims in abortion and we need to pray for abortion to end. ❤️

  63. Evelyn says:

    I admire Abraham’s faith. I can’t relate to the sacrifice of my own child, but I have seen God ask me to sacrifice my timing for my dreams, my ambitions and my hopes. It has been incredibly difficult for me each and every time. It is much easier to say that we want to be obedient to God, but when push comes to shove, sometimes it feels like lip service. It feels like a trade – I will be obedient to you if you fulfill my dreams / answer my prayers.

    I repent for that sort of thinking.

    1. Lori Wat says:

      I can truly relate to your post. I find myself falling into formulaic thinking. If I do this, God will provide that, etc. Praise God for the grace he gives to free me from this! I too repent.

    2. Sarah Rose says:

      Love your insight Evelyn, thanks for sharing!

  64. Angie says:

    Whatever I place in reverence in front of God becomes an idol.
    Even something good.

    I have cherished being a mom, it is my most favorite thing in this world.
    And yet, God brought to my attention that my love for my children was being revered in front of God.

    It was a situation my opinion had been asked on, but that I had no control over.
    While it wasn’t a loss of salvation situation,I believed in my very soul it was not good.
    Red flags were flying in a minefield my child was choosing to journey through.
    The final choice was not mine,
    although this path would likely cause dismemberment
    and even possible death of relationships if traversed.
    At the least it could send tsunami waves of loss in many directions.

    I poured my heart out to God, more anguished than I had ever been.
    After one of many snot-nosed, puffy-eyed, noodle-strength, body-spent pouring out meetings before God I heard a quiet whisper in my heart…
    “Do you love them more than Me?”
    I wanted to deny it.
    I wanted to pretend I didn’t hear the whisper.
    But, ashamedly, the answer was not good.
    Somewhere along the way of enjoying motherhood and the blessings of the children God had given me, I had prioritized them above God.
    It had not been a conscious, deliberate choice,
    But, I had lugged, step by burdensome step, the idol of my children to a place between myself and the throne of God.
    I may even have sat them on the throne.
    And, my faithful, loving God was bringing it to my attention,
    giving me the opportunity to repent.
    I felt like Abraham being asked to sacrifice Isaac.
    What-ifs plagued me
    Yet there really wasn’t a choice.

    The wood has been heavy to carry and yet, I have not carried it alone,
    I have stumbled along the way, but loving arms were there to lift me up and set me on track again,
    The knife has been unsheathed,
    I am trusting God to supply the ram.

    Where is my hope?
    Where is my peace?
    In the God whom I trust.
    Only in the One who reigns on the throne of my heart.
    My Lord and my God,
    the King of my Heart.

  65. Ingrid Coutinho says:

    My prayer is that like Abraham, I state with confidence that the Lord will provide. He is faithful and just at all times. May we all have the faith like Abraham.

  66. Shawn Parks says:

    The Lord will provide!
    His only son.
    On the mountain.
    Carried the wood.
    Laid him on the wood.
    Early in the morning.
    On the third day.
    “All the nations of the earth will be blessed!”
    What a beautiful, life-changing love story!

    May you each be renewed and restored by His amazing grace today, sisters!

    1. Sarah Smith says:

      I have loved your responses this week! Thank you !

  67. Ifem Uzoka says:

    Hello Sisters, I know this is random but I need you to pray for me and my friend. We graduated since September but still have no jobs. My friend is losing faith but I want him to see that God has a plan for us. Thank you, I really appreciate.

    1. Andrea W says:

      Praying now! God does have a plan for you. Lifting you both up now for assurance that He knows where you are and He’s working for your good.

      1. Kristen * says:


    2. Elaine Morgan says:

      Praying for you and your friend, Ifem.

    3. Debbie Miller says:

      Same here.

    4. Julie Ganucheau says:

      Praying for you both!

    5. Mary Comstock says:

      Praying for you both!! God’s provision is always right on time. Wait for that ram in the thicket!

    6. Natasha R says:

      I can imagine how frustrating (and scary!) that can be. I’m praying for you both!

    7. Ifem U says:

      Thank you soo much Sisters. God bless you all. Amen !

  68. Ifem Uzoka says:

    Hello Sisters, I know this is random but I need you to pray for me and my friend. We graduated since September

  69. Churchmouse says:

    “God Himself will provide…” It all comes down to whether or not I trust that God is always good and that He will always provide good to me. In all my difficult circumstances, in all my seasons of doubt, I always come back to this: Is He trustworthy? Do I trust Him? Will I trust Him?

  70. Tina says:

    God chose the right person to ask to sacrifice his son… cos I couldn’t do it! I absolutely would struggle with each step.. each word I spoke.. each heartbeat would be that loud, I reckon it would be heard for miles!!!


    PRAISE God.. He doesn’t ask these things of us now in these times..(phew)…instead He has sacrificed His Son, His only son for us, He gave His Son that we might live in the truth of how much He loves us.. and that, by and in Jesus’ death and ressurection, (this is the reverse, the flip side of what God asked of Abraham to test his faith,), we can believe and trust and have absolute faith that we are His very own.

    Worshipping with hands raised to the one true God, who preserves, protects, loves, loves loves, and cherishes each and everyone of us!
    Hallelujah… Amen.

    Thank you Lord God. Thank you.

    Praying God turn His face to shine on you and yours this morning Sisters…
    Every blessing.. xxx

  71. Giselle Brown says:

    I can’t imagine being Abraham in this moment. Giving up the one thing that meant most to him and that was promised to him, by God. What a trust in the Lord. I think about poor Isaac and watching his own father tie him down and lay there waiting for his dad to kill him with a knife. How terrifying for him!