Our Need for a Savior

Open Your Bible

Genesis 6:11-22, Genesis 8:13-22, Isaiah 54:1-10

Back in college, I was still of the mindset that if I behaved and performed well, God would reward me accordingly. And because I did the “right” things and got good grades, I assumed my post-college life would be smooth sailing. I expected that once graduation rolled around, I’d have a big plan—a big job—something I could tell people that would make their eyebrows go up an inch, showing that they were impressed.

But by March of my senior year, with just a couple months until the end of the semester and graduation looming, I still had no plans. The country was facing a recession. I had no job. No prospects. And I was angry at God, frustrated that I had no direction for the future, and convinced He had forgotten me. Slowly, my heart began to rebel against God, growing cold and guarded. I didn’t believe He cared about me, and so I withdrew from Him. In anger, I did all the things I knew in my heart weren’t His best for me. I would call them mistakes, except my actions were entirely intentional. I ran directly toward sin, only to end up feeling burned and ashamed.

The good news of Christ is so good because the bad news is so bad. And what’s the bad news? Not much has changed since the time of Noah. In Mark 7:21, Jesus told a crowd that what defiles a person isn’t from the outside, but what comes from the heart. All you have to do is turn on the news to see that evil still reigns in this world. But the worst of us comes from within. I have extreme memories that remind me of my wayward heart. I also have daily decisions, moments when I put aside my devotion to Christ and serve my whims, appetites, and desires.

My heart is a place of longing, doubt, and restlessness. I seek out quick comfort and distraction long before I seek God’s counsel and righteousness. I need a Savior, not to save me from sin out there. I need a Savior to save me from myself. The flood isn’t the world of other people. The most dangerous flood is the faithlessness of my heart. I need an ark. A hiding place. A safe haven from the deluge of my own desire and rebellion that would take me far from God.

God has given me such a Savior.

There is nothing I can do to remove His love from me. The door to the ark is always open. The covenant will not change. The destruction I deserve is not coming for me. “Though the mountains move and the hills shake, [His] love will not be removed from [us]” (Isaiah 54:10).

The good news is so good: Jesus is far better than any wooden boat that spares my life from external destruction. Jesus provides shelter and safety when the floodwaters of my own disobedience have risen too high for me to see. He takes me up in His arms and tells me there is no condemnation. Nothing can separate me from His love. Not even me.

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111 thoughts on "Our Need for a Savior"

  1. Shayna Webb says:

    I definitely felt convicted by this message. I have been praying for a spouse and have felt my heart harden as I turn 36 and still have no prospects in sight. Working to remember who God really is and the truths about him versus the lie I am telling myself about him not caring is a daily task.

  2. K says:

    This came at a perfect time. I am in school as well contemplating about grad school and/or a job post under-grad and I am so scared of tomorrow if I’ll get into the schools I want as its my passion of my heart or have to search for a job which isn’t my desired goal but I am keeping it as a back up. All in all, I need to remain faithful to Him because “He will make me a future that is not only of desire but of need, and if he doesn’t I will still praise Him.”

  3. Katie Harris says:

    I used to hide my past and in recent viewing from social media, a friend spoke about the Bible saying that instead of harvesting deep down sins confess them. So I had a long talk time with our Lord and I must say I know he is constantly looking out for me and working on me. I pray for everyone and hope everyone has received Jesus in their lives, AMEN!!

  4. Sarah Bernard says:

    Wow, today’s message really spoke to exactly where I am now, wrapping up grad school this month with no one hiring… Thankfully we have God’s promises to lean on. The verse that I keep repeating to myself is that the worst of the worst case scenarios can present itself, and I can feel alone or angry or oh so sad, “yet I still belong to You.” Help us to trust your plan in dark days, Jesus.

  5. Margie Stevens says:

    It’s really amazing how much things can really affect us. Almost 6 years ago I thought my life was perfect. I had a husband I loved and adored (still do), we had just built a house and the future looked bright. Then, disaster struck. I had a quick out patient procedure that turned into a stroke and a two-month hospital stay. This has affected my family in ways I could never have imagined. I felt like God had abandoned me and I am still searching for him to come back and help me heal. I know the Bible says that he will never leave us and I know he is here with me and I will be healed on his schedule, not mine. He is never late, always on time.

  6. Kay Camacho says:

    I love this, it really touched my heart.

  7. Lacey Mollel says:

    What a powerful message. I am in need of an ark to save me from my own faithlessness. God you are so kind.

  8. Elizabeth Playo says:

    Is it coincidental that my prayer last night and this morning as I woke to a new day, that God take from me all of my bad habits. I turn to retail when I am feeling anxious, when I am feeling distraught, when I feel stressed, when I am bored. I have dug a financial hole for my family and I did this all on my own. I need a savior from myself. I decided this morning that instead of opening my Pinterest, LIKEtoKNOW.it, IG, Amazon, etc. Apps. I would start my mornings with the word of the Lord, and begin to take up any of my free time reading instead of shopping. And this beautiful message was here. God is so good to me! I know he will guide out of this!!

  9. Sarah Smith says:

    What my heart needed to hear this morning. Thank you!

  10. Rebekah McIntosh says:

    I feel like this one was written just for me. My husband and I lost our seventh baby last year and I thought that by now I had learned to handle it. But for some reason, this one was so hard. And I’ve been so angry and intentionally turning away from God for so long. This spoke to my heart. I need a Savior to save me from my own floodwaters ❤️

    1. Melissa Iris says:

      So sorry for your sorrow. Prayers for you and may God continue to guide you and comfort you.

    2. Alice R says:


    3. Kim Carroll says:

      Bless you, sweetheart.

  11. JeN S says:

    “I ran directly towards sin, only to feel burned and ashamed.” Wow, this piece of the devotional nailed it in regards to my past. While I am terrified of how much our world is letting down our Lord, I know that I have let him down so many times. At my own hand. Forgiveness of self is even harder than forgiveness of others for me. I am deeply comforted in the relationship I have with him now and strive to remove myself from sin and temptation and am so thankful that he washes our sins away each time we ask.

  12. Kelsey Faehl says:

    I have been struggling with bipolar disorder since high school and when I’m in my depressive episodes it’s hard to believe and trust that God is who He says He is. One thing my husband tells me is that God loves me even if I don’t believe it. That is so comforting to know that even I can’t separate myself from the love of God. Great reading today…I feel encouraged!

    1. Alice R says:

      ❤️❤️ absolutely. He’s got you even when you’re just hanging on by your toenails. Praying for relief for you. Having struggled with mental illness myself & with family members … i just read ‘the mood cure’ by Julia Ross. I found it really valuable. Well worth a read for anyone in that space xx

  13. Holly Karhoff says:

    “The destruction I deserve is not coming for me.” Hallelujah! There have been so many times in my life where I have thought that I’ve done the right things and followed all the rules so where is my good news? I’m thankful that my salvation does not work that way, so I need to keep reminding myself that God will not work that way in my life. I loved the analogy of an ark. I need to seek Him and find my “ark” to protect me from my destructive, human ways.

  14. Samantha Collier says:

    This is my first post in the app. It’s hard for me to put into words just how much this spoke to me. I am a widow as well so the verse about that made me not feel alone. I have felt alone for a long time but today I felt the Holy Spirit with me.

  15. Desiree Holly says:


  16. Debbie Hogan says:

    What a beautiful analogy ❤️

  17. Lexi B. says:

    I hate the saying, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” God will sometimes give us more than we can handle. He gives us battles that are too tough to bring us to His feet. The end of our worldy strength is just the beginning of his heavenly strength. There is nothing He cannot handle.

    When reading this devotional it reminded me of Rebel Heart by Lauren Daigle

  18. Tori Espinosa says:

    Thank you for these words. How true they ring in my heart as well. Thank you for the reminder that the one person we need today save ourselves from is ourselves and thank goodness we have a Savior who so endlessly loves us.

  19. Beth Hinson says:

    you know how when you are angry, you push away those closest to you and you really do not want to be comforted because you think it would be better to just wallow in your anger, despair, or disappointment? Yep I do that. Complaining has become such a way of our culture that sometimes I do it just to fit in, and not turning to God’s word in hard times is something I tend to ignore. But that complaining never fulfills or restores my souls. NEVER. God is my only source of peace and thank you Lord for never taking that away! I pray I rest in the Lord, rather than resting in the communal complaining.

  20. Shelby D. says:

    This is so true and much needed. I am quick to see the sin of this world and sins of others. I am thankful for the reminder that the biggest danger in the faithlessness of my heart. And this makes Jesus’ resurrection and saving grace that much sweeter.

  21. Kelsey Ryan says:

    The most dangerous flood is the faithlessness of my heart! Eye opener! This hit home for me as too many times I choose my desires over time with our Lord!

  22. Lindsay gustafson says:

    I love this so much ❤️ How can we truly know and understand how deep, how long, and how wide the love of Christ is without first realizing and being made aware of our own sin? We must first recognize our sin and repent, so we are able to fully comprehend, and be totally blown away by the unrelenting and gracious love of our Father.

    1. Bea Combest says:

      Yea Lindsay! You get it! We can’t truly embrace the gift of mercy and grace that God has given us by Jesus death and resurrection if we refuse to accept our sins need His perfect sacrifice on our behalf.

  23. Colleen Small says:

    Wonderful ❤️

  24. Holly says:

    I need to be saved from myself by far. I know he has already planned all aspects of my life, and I know that I need to be patient. It is so easy to turn from him and give in to the temptations that exist daily. “The most dangerous flood is the faithlessness of my heart.” That is me everyday.

  25. Makenzie Benish says:

    I loved her quote “I don’t need a savior for the evil out there… I need a savior to save me from myself”

  26. Ashleigh Tyson says:

    So good! We are quick to look around and see the bad in the world. A good reminder that I face sin and have to make the choice to get on the ark everyday. To be faithful and choose to follow the Lord everyday.

  27. Charmaine Wee says:

    Thank you for today’s truth… I am struggling daily with loving myself, and being committed to making choices that pleasing to God. I spiral so hard so quickly. I need God to save me from myself, indeed.

  28. Angelica Ging says:

    “Jesus provides shelter and safety when the floodwaters of my own disobedience have risen too high for me to see. He takes me up in His arms and tells me there is no condemnation. Nothing can separate me from His love. Not even me.” Our God is so faithful and constant, even when I am not. I love that even though I May sin and drift away from him he is always there and He is still loving me. I love the Isaiah 54:10 verse

  29. Maria Jordan says:

    Just loved, loved,loved it, todays truth spoke so loud to me. The best thing is that nothing or no one not even sinful me will keep Him away. Thank you Father for your unconditional love, love that I don’t deserve yet you tell me otherwise as old as I am, I’m still ,a work in progress. He is not done with me yet. Halleluia! Father I’m \0/ praising you. Amen

  30. Laura Noble says:

    Consumption pulls me away from God. I need his saving grace when I am trying to turn away from my distractions and step towards him. I desperately need that deep relationship with God and to allow him to completely save me, not just the parts I “allow” him to.

  31. Karley Gosselin says:

    Love this! Isaiah 54:10 is one of my favorite verses (I have it tattooed on my ankle)! God will never leave us. He is the one constant and for that, I am so thankful.

  32. Ana Lisa Johnson says:

    This reminder is so good.

  33. Karissa Stanio says:

    Isaiah 54:10 is where one of my favorite hymns comes from!!! It was so cool to find that tonight and a needed reminder.

  34. amarose says:

    Angela and Erin, I’ve been there too with anxiety and depression and I have to say that it does get better. It does. Even when it feels like it never will, there is hope. This winter I experienced one of the darkest seasons of my life but now as spring dawns, new life awakens in me. I pray that you would feel the hope and new life as you experience spring. In the meantime, cling to God. He is faithful and he remains the same when your feelings feel like they are spiraling out of control.

  35. Emily M. says:

    Oh my goodness. This really touched my heart. Wow! I don’t even have words.

  36. Ashley Thomas says:

    I, like many of you, also feel I need to be saved from myself. I am my own worst critic, and it’s easy for me to be hard on myself. I know, deep down, I have the love of Jesus and God’s mercy, but it doesn’t stop me from my own struggles with sins.

    1. K B says:

      Same here Ashley!

  37. Janet Wirt says:

    The feeling i get when I draw closer to God is a feeling that just keeps on giving. It is a feeling of happiness, peacefulness and contentment.

  38. Natasha R says:

    Nothing I do can separate me from God’s love. I can move away, but He still keeps a watchful eye and steady hand in my life. ❤️

  39. Natasha R says:

    Stephanie, I needed this reminder, thank you. Whatever goodness I have in my heart is not my doing, it is God’s.

  40. Cortney Dippery says:

    This passage and story today spoke to me so much today. I have been suffering with anxiety intensely lately and although God is a priority he hasn’t been my first priority as he should be. I need to restore my faith on a daily basis, I need him to save me from myself, and know that he will. I need to go to him always not just when things are going good.

  41. Anastasia R says:

    I have trouble with controlling my behaviour due to how my brain developed (not an excuse just a scientific fact) and each day I have to learn to lean on Christ to support me through my amplified emotions, destructive impulses and intrusive thoughts which tell me I’m incapable of being loved. God has promised that His love for me will not be shaken and I’m going to try to hold onto that in moments of fear, of impulse and of destruction.

  42. Steph C says:

    “‘Though the mountains move and the hills shake, My love will not be removed from you and My covenant of peace will not be shaken,’ says your compassionate Lord” (Isaiah 54:10). Everything else in life can fall apart, but God’s love will never change. I can not remove myself from Him, even if I tried. His love will not cease. He is not angry with me. I am His. Needed this today. My heart is in a bit of upheaval right now. Need His love so very much.

  43. Nicole Van Zante says:

    I’ve been in the thick of one of the biggest “self battles” I’ve had in memory. Anxiety, shame, depression… I keep tripping over myself at every turn. So these verses from Isaiah and this devotional encourage me so much, remembering that Jesus saves me from myself when I come to Him. He is so faithful, even when I am not.

  44. Deanna Rasch says:

    So many times I seek God when times are tough. When it’s easy, I rely on myself. Pride is so, so dangerous.

  45. Kelsi Turner says:

    So glad that nothing I can do can take away His love for me. I am struggling to comprehend this in my own life. I so often feel not good enough for Him. Imperfect. Am glad He loves me no matter what. So grateful.

  46. Shelby says:

    Today’s reading was perfection. Your words Ms Gibson is musical and very well put. Thank you for the impact of your words; God surely gave you a gift.

  47. PamC says:

    Thank you Claire for this devotional. Thank all y’all for responses. I am just blown away. Thank you Jesus for these fabulous women, for saving us & being with us.

  48. Brenna Page says:

    “For the spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” 2 Timothy 6:7. This is my go-to verse when I start to get anxious, scared, angry, depressed and overwhelmed. I have to stop my thoughts in their tracks and realize this isn’t God’s doing, it’s mine. I always have the choice to turn to Him or walk away from Him in every situation and if I don’t check myself at the door, I will make a small situation so much worse by negative self talk and impulse reactions. Father, thank you for sending us a savior, not only to save us from this fallen world, but to save us from ourselves.

  49. Hannah Moeckl says:

    Wow, so good! Needed to hear this truth this morning.

    1. Kimberly Rentz says:


  50. Karla Bowling says:

    Yes I need saving from myself

  51. Heidi M says:

    Amen, Kenya!

    To Dessa, I love that idea, “human doing vs. human being.” How incredibly true and humbling a perspective. Thank you for sharing!

  52. Ana Love says:

    The devotion resonated with me so much. “My heart is a place of longing, doubt and restlessness. I seek quick comfort and distraction long before I seek God’s counsel.”

    I. NEED. A. SAVIOR. Thank you God for sending me one that can save me from myself every single day. Isaiah 54:10 ❤️

  53. Angela says:

    “The most dangerous flood is the faithlessness of my heart.”

    This really spoke to me today. I am in a season of deep deep anxiety the past few weeks. To the point where I am even questioning if God is real, did Jesus rise from the dead, is there anything after we die, being so afraid of not being on this earth anymore. I have been crying out to God, but he still feels so far away. I have been praying for a renewed faith. But I have realized that I let myself become selfish, focusing on everything to sustain myself other than God. He is wrecking my heart, but reorienting me back to him.

    1. Jaime Lopez says:

      Oh sweet sister, I have been where you are, crushed by anxiety. Keep crying out to Him, He is there. Even when you can’t feel Him, He is there. I am praying for His peace to wash over you ❤️

    2. Jaime Cochrane says:

      Saying prayers for you… God has a way of drawing us back near when we attempt to put things before him. I am in a similar season, and will pray for God to relieve the anxiety as he draws you nearer to him. Blessings and prayers.

    3. Jackie Askvig says:

      Angela, I’ve battled the same fears for four years, since a panic attack on a plane literally changed my brain chemistry. I read somewhere that His realness and His existence does NOT rely on how much I believe it in Him at any given time and oh, the peace that reminder has given me over the years. Reach out if you want to talk more. @askvigsadopt on Instagram.

    4. Davina Vasquez says:

      I will pray for you tonight Angela. I have been where you are, just know you are never alone and he is a might God who loves you dearly. Trust in him, give it up to him. He spoke the world into existence, he is your protector and your father. Hang in there!!! He’s got you!

    5. Alicia DuBois says:

      I have also been where you are, more than once. Hold on, my sister, to God and His word. Keep repeating his promises. Breathe. He IS near. Praying for you.

    6. Monica Sheppard says:

      When dealing with my own anxiety and similar questions, dispondency, and fears I look into my heart and with every ounce of honesty I can call up from deep within me and reflection on all I have gone through in my life, I ask myself if I truly believe in God and His not just good but holy nature and absolute UNCONDITIONAL love for me and pure concern for my best interest and the verse from Mark 9:24 enters my mind and becomes not only my most truthful answer but also one of my most ernest prayers: “…I do believe; help my unbelief.” I offer a prayer to God our Abba for you concerning your struggle, that you may known that you are not alone but that there is others, including myself, that have been where you are before more than once and also that He shall heal you in every area of your life and being most of all spiritually. Thank you for sharing such a personal struggle for it helps me to know I am not alone as well. I know we shall grow and become stronger and overcome this thing I know our Heavenly Father doesn’t desire for us. May God bless you.


    7. Carly Keats says:

      ❤️ praying for you friend

    8. Patti Meyerdirk says:

      Thank you for sharing your struggle, Angela. I understand. Praying for you right now.

    9. Sydney Shank says:

      Angela, I relate to what you are saying SO MUCH! Solidarity sweet sister! And trusting that he is faithful even when it doesn’t feel like it.

    10. Chandler Grace says:

      Angela, I’ve been where you’re at! Many, many times, in fact. Cling to God’s faithfulness as expressed through His word. Remember what He’s done for other people throughout His word when you have a hard time remembering what He’s done for you. There is a time and a season for everything, as painful as some of those seasons may be. I’m praying God reveals Himself strongly to you right now!

  54. Shaina Lee says:

    Wow so much truth into this passage and story by Claire. There’s a saying that, “we are our own worst critics” and I feel like, “we are our own worst enemies” as well. Daily we try to fight our flesh and sometime we win but most of all we continue to fail ourselves over and over again. I think most of us forget that the Gospel isn’t just something we grasp a one time thing but it’s something that we must remind ourselves daily in order to take up on our own cross and die to our sins current. God is good and we don’t deserve this love but we can never fathom how great his love is for us.

  55. Dessa Clark says:

    My childhood religion of Mormonism turned me into a Human Doing – always trying to earn my salvation and hoping Jesus’ sacrifice was enough. I have since turned into a Human Being, having been saved by Jesus and giving Him my heart! I still struggle daily but instead of my failures condemning me, I know they are my reminders that I need a Savior!!!

  56. Erin Malinasky says:

    “The most dangerous flood is the faithlessness in my heart.” So true. I have definitely be in a weird place these past few weeks. Depression and anxiety have their hold in my life. Just like the people with Moses, it can be easy for me to think God won’t show up, even like Noah. I can’t imagine how people around Noah felt when they found out he was building an ark or when Moses ended up at the sea with everyone around him waiting for what was next. Even in that crazy time, both were faithful to the Lord and knew God was there with them. I know that during this time I need to rely on Gods promises, that He will never leave me nor forsake me.

  57. Alexis says:

    When I try to run the ship, I always get lost. Yes! So true Kenya!

  58. Mari V says:

    I love how Claire ended our devotion this morning. “Nothing can separate me from His love. Not even me”.
    Yep, I do too, along with Churchmouse I’m sure with many of us here am my worst enemy. Thankfully we have a merciful God. Oh boy… Do I blow it daily. And it’s painful that I blew it many times with my own family members who love me dearly. I have some amends to do today.

  59. Jenny says:


  60. Kenya says:

    When I think of all the times I’ve felt distant from God (some of those times I didn’t even know it) it had nothing to do with the world around me and everything to do with me. My anxieties and fears. My need for control. When I try and run the ship, I always get lost. But it’s so beautiful that God is always here waiting. I ALWAYS have a way back home and I think sometimes I take that for granted – oh I can go and do my own thing because God will be there waiting. But even though it’s true, God wants me to see Him in everything and hold on to his covenant before I make the decision to leave his side. That’s when I have to take his strength and be obedient like Noah was. God, help me to see you in everything and trust you in everything and give you all the parts of me that bring me and the world around me down.

    1. Jessica Goodman says:


    2. Karissa Stanio says:

      So true sis

    3. Erika Fenner says:


    4. Meredith Boyce says:


  61. Ellie Postlethwaite says:

    Thank you so much SRT! These devotionals are such an encouragement to me and I am so thankful to God for the way you help me navigate through His Word. It’s not just the ten minutes i take to read through these devotionals, but the way they keep me reflective throughout the day.

  62. Susan VorceCrocker says:

    Thanks, yes, indeed the flood comes from the unbelief within, oh what a Savior!

  63. Kalli Bunch says:

    Wow, this really hit home. The hardest battle I face is the battle with myself. I definitely needed this truth today. I’m so thankful to be known and loved by such a gracious God.

  64. Jeralyn Egger says:

    “There is nothing I can do to remove His love from me.” What a declaration of hope that draws my heart into His.

  65. NanaK says:

    I am in agreement with you all in so many ways…the destruction that I brought into my own life through sinful choices…the constant realization that I continually “need a Savior, not to save me from the floods out there but to save me from myself…the overwhelming feelings that accompany the knowledge that NOTHING can separate me from HIS love–not even me.
    God is good all the time…All the time God is good!

  66. Kayla VC says:

    Amen! Today’s reading… so powerful!

  67. Daniella Moore says:

    You are spot on when it comes to the flood in my soul. That the worst of us comes internally. Our soul longs for refuge in Christ, because we were not created to exist aimlessly among the deadly waves. We were made to exist in the sheltered space of a loving God.

  68. Erin Kennedy says:

    I had never thought about the parallel of Noah’s ark and Jesus, Noah’s flood and my “flood.” So good.

  69. Bobbie Leathers says:

    Oh, y’all. Today’s reading absolutely pierced me to the core. I have one of those besetting sins. It’s one of those things that most people wouldn’t think of as a sin at all. But it is sin for me, because the Spirit has convicted me. Some days are full of power and victory…some days are utter defeat.
    I need a Savior! Every moment of every day! Oh Abba, fill my deceitful heart with your Spirit and your word so that my whims and appetites have no room.

  70. amarose says:

    ” I need a Savior not to save me from the sin out there but to save me from myself.” This is the struggle I am feeling right now, being pulled to something that I know is not from God and that is distracting me from him. Yet I can’t seem to let it go even though I know full relationship with God promises so much more life and joy than anything else. That this thing is just going to leave me empty and hurt but I can’t get my heart to believe that and to truly let go.

    1. Johanna Pankonin says:

      This is when I pray for heart surgery from the Lord. I literally cannot change my heart. God has to. I pray the same for you today ❤️

  71. Amy says:

    Amen. Thank you for this truth today, Claire.

  72. Lin says:

    “The most dangerous flood is the faithlessness of my heart.”

    I love that sentence, it resonates so fully for me. It is so easy to blame the world and the people around us, media and television, video games, anything to make our poor choices someone else’s fault, someone else’s responsibility.

    I own my reactions. I own when I don’t take a pause to reflect and then respond. I own when I act or speak in a way that dishonors my relationships, that dishonors God. The most dangerous thing to me isn’t everyone / everything else, it’s that I allow myself to tell that lie – that it’s because of this or that, not me.

    I pray that God continues to press on my heart, and that I continue to walk in faithfulness, and recognize and own when I stumble so that I might turn back to God’s path instead of starting a tidal wave of unfaithfulness.

  73. Sue says:

    Tina, thank you for your testimony.
    Your words resonated with me this morning:

    “There have been many journeys, twists and turns I have been saved from…but…I needed a Savior for my heart.”

    Giving thanks this morning that God has given me such a Savior.

  74. Sarah Kensy says:

    This really resonated with me. Today I pray that Jesus is in my heart, which I know he is he always is. I pray that I make decisions for
    You and honor you in everything.

  75. TMom says:

    EXACTLY what I needed from His word this morning… unh, go figure. ;) God You are so good. So faithful. Your mercy is new every morning. Touch my heart. Give me your rest. Your peace. My worry, my effort are fruitLESS. But my rest in You supplies a harvest of fruit… Love, joy, PEACE, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

    Thank YOU God. Quiet the voice in my/our heads that tells us we must move. We must DO. The one that causes anxiety and fear. Help me/us Lord, to trust in The One by who’s hands we area made. The One who knows not just the inner workings of my/our specific heart and situation, but also is able to work ALL thing together for my/our good.

    In You I place my Trust. And by prayer and supplication I make my needs known to You. I stand ready to walk in your peace… that far surpasses my understanding.

  76. Janna Jackson says:

    From the beginning of time man thought they could do a better job than God. Every time it proved to be a failure. I was created to be in communion with God. When there is junk in our lives it separates us from God. God stays the same but we move away. God forgive me for my prideful do it myself attitude. I pray for restoration in my heart. Pray that you replace anger with peace. I pray that you replace bitterness with grace.

  77. Heather Ward says:

    So so good – dying to my selfish desires and sinful nature is such a daily project as I continually follow my savior. So thankful that the covenant will never change.

  78. Natasha Marie says:

    Amen! So convicting where it says in Gen 8:21b “for the intent of man’s heart is evil from his youth.” We were born sinners, and are programmed with a sinful nature. But how awesome is God that he still forgives? ❤ is 54:10a “for the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake but my lovingkindness will not be removed from you.”

  79. Searching says:

    “I need a Savior, not to save me from sin out there. I need a Savior to save me from myself.” wow. I lock my doors and windows up tight and turn on the security system to protect me from the evil out there. Dear Jesus, precious Lord, help me grow closer to you to protect me from the evil and sin inside which in reality is a much bigger danger to me, every day, every night. Bowing down with the rest of you …

    1. JeN S says:

      Amen! Love the analogy of a security system.

  80. Brooke Humphries says:

    I have just experienced this disconnect from the spirit because instead of putting him first I feed into selfish desires and what was it wayward distractions, whims. How often do I get off track on dhims that are not of his will for my life? I know what it feels like when they lead me to sin though and thank goodness I have such a forgiving father that I can still be comforted after conviction. Imy heart though is turned. Thank the good Lord for renewing it along with my mind and spirit so I can see what I’m doing that’s getting me off course. Before I lived blindly and almost couldn’t see the sin. Keep my eyes fixed on you Jesus.

  81. Tina says:

    When i was 16, I felt my whole world and life crashing in over me… I was in a place where I felt lost, displaced and filled with the what,where, why, questions flooded my mind constantly…
    Believing I had nowhere to turn.. I took an overdose of tablets.. my heart hurts at that thought and recollection..
    My sister came home unexpectedly and found me no responsive and called for help…
    I believed I had been given a second chance when I pulled through with no lasting effects, so when my daughter was born I put my ‘second chance’ into making her life good whilst I, try as I did, wasn’t ever good enough. My husband put me in hospital one too many times.. until one day I felt empowered and I left with my child..
    Another chance… another journey..

    There have been many journeys,twists and turns I have been saved from..

    But God.. oh, But my God, that bittersweet day when God revealed to me what He can do and who He was…I knew all those times I had been saved from, were just small time savings, not to be sniffed at… but..

    I needed a Savior for my heart… my soul.. every inch of me..

    It may have taken the heartbreak of loss in the highest, for me to realise this, But God, His Son and Word have me safe and secure to know and truly believe that I have a Savior steadfast and sure, whatever the journey… wherever I may roam.. and even when I mess up, my saving has been paid for..


    All PRAISE to you O Lord.. Thank you Lord God. Thank you..

    Blessings and love this wet Tuesday..

    1. Sarah Smith says:


    2. Natasha R says:


  82. Tina says:

    Churchmouse… what truth in you comment. ‘ I am my own worst enemy ‘ ahh…

    Crying Holy. Holy. Holy with you my friend and sister across the pond..xxx

  83. Felicity Monsees says:

    Solidly what I needed this week… to forgive myself and remember that the grace of god is so real every single day

  84. Churchmouse says:

    I am indeed my own worse enemy. God is indeed ever a most merciful Savior. I bow down and cry “Holy!”

    1. Sue Dalos says:

      I too am my own worst enemy. On my knees I pray for Gods mercy.

    2. Susan Bateman says: