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Isaiah 58:11, John 10:1-15, John 14:15-26, Acts 16:6-10, Galatians 5:25, James 1:5-6

In my early years with Jesus, the idea of obedience felt restrictive, like a wool sweater that just feels too scratchy to wear. My will won out, and I let fear of unknown outcomes stop me from saying “yes” to God. As I’ve continued to walk with Jesus, He’s shown me that by asking for my obedience, He isn’t trying to hold me back from the good life, but guide me straight into the heart of it.

Jesus said the one who keeps His commands loves Him (John 14:21). When we look at Scripture, we find general instructions for how to keep these commands, but it can take guidance to apply these to individual situations. And so God does not leave us to ourselves; He gives us the Holy Spirit as a trustworthy guide (v.26) and a community of believers to walk alongside us. 

One habit I’ve formed in my own practice of obedience is journaling. Some days, the path of obedience is clear: Forgive her. Confess this sin. But when I find myself on the verge of a decision that doesn’t seem to have a clear direction given in Scripture, I write about it to seek the Lord’s will. You could call it a glorified pros-and-cons list. But there’s something powerful about the process of naming things, of getting them outside the confines of your head, that God uses to bring clarity and conviction. 

First, I pray over whatever I’ve written and then call up one to two people whose counsel has proven trustworthy. This might be a lifelong friend or mentor, maybe a leader in my church community. Whoever it is, they know me and live their own lives open-heartedly before the Lord. After sitting with this counsel for an hour, a week, or even a year, I wait for the peace of the Holy Spirit, which confirms agreement with the advice, and then act. Every now and then, the situation kicks me in the pants and requires me to act before I know for certain where God is leading. The good news? When our heart is to obey, He’s faithful to redirect our steps if needed. 

If I’m honest, saying “yes” to God can be hard. Even though I love Him and want to keep His commands, there are days when I don’t follow Him well; I walk the other way when sin looks more enticing than the familiar, scratchy-sweater feeling of shedding my sin and becoming new in Christ. (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.) Galatians says, “If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5:25). This doesn’t mean obedience gets easier with time, but it does get harder to ignore the voice of our trusted friend and Savior, Jesus. 

Obedience sets us free. It brings peace. Our reward is the satisfaction of knowing we are walking in God’s will. As you practice obedience, pray for the Spirit of the Lord to guide you. To echo the prophet Isaiah’s words, “The LORD will always lead you, satisfy you in a parched land, and strengthen your bones” (Isaiah 58:11).

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118 thoughts on "Obedience"

  1. Brandi Turner says:

    Amen. Lord I pray for your strength and guidance over my life.

  2. katie begani says:

    I’m 5 days into my fast to prove to myself and God I’m serious about my faith. Since I’ve been fasting, I’ve seeked the word more. I want to listen to sermons. I want to pray. I don’t want to be without Gods light, I crave it more then anything.

  3. Susan Lincks says:

    Lord, lead me where You want me. I am listening and need Your guidance.

  4. Tam Stew says:

    Amen!! I started reading this devotional, and literally started with this one! Whew! So sobering.

  5. Carleigh Calahan says:

    My bible’s commentary for James 1:6 really hit home: “by treating God’s word like human advice and not a Godly command, you retain the option to disobey.”
    I need to remind myself that his word is trustworthy and faultless advice, and not imperfect human advice.

  6. Carleigh Calahan says:

    My bible’s commentary for James 1:6 really hit home: “by treating God’s word like human advice and not a Godly command, you retain the option to disobey.”

  7. Destiny McIvor says:

    I like that it mentions obedience will never get easy but hearing the voice of the lord in those moments will

  8. Carla Francesca says:

    A very hard lesson to learn in life, but definitely one of the best ones!

  9. Amber Smith says:

    Gave me chills! I really related with struggling with my will instead of letting God guide me

  10. Paige B says:

    This is so fitting for where I’m at right now. Last week my husband and I had a word spoken over us that we would take over a ministry at our church. I immediately thought of youth ministry but didn’t think much of it because there’s already a great couple leading that. However, I prayed about it every day just for guidance, and that if it was youth group that we were supposed to take over, God would give us a clear sign one way or the other….. the next Sunday when we got to church, our pastor announced that the current youth leaders would be stepping down and they’d be looking for replacements in the coming few weeks…. Can’t get any more clear than that! I am terrified as I don’t feel qualified. Im only 23 and we have an 8 month old daughter who I was planning on staying home with…. But if this is where god is calling us, I don’t want to ignore it! Trying my best to take a leap of faith and obey if this is where he’s pulling us… but it’s easier said than done. I’m scared! Prayer and encouragement would be very appreciated!!!

  11. Becca Pickett says:


  12. Kayla Harmon says:

    Loved this, so so powerful!!

  13. Pamela Reyes says:

    Journaling is hard for me, to be honest. I have always started with gusto and flare out. I’m praying I can gain obedience.

  14. Jessica Morgan says:

    Loved every part of this devo! Basically highlighted the entire passage

  15. Anne Stock says:

    This was a profoundly moving devotional. The scriptures were also well chosen. I love the part about journaling and praying over it, followed by seeking council. I’m also glad to hear that I’m not the only one who desires to obey but doesn’t always know how to do so bc it’s not immediately apparent what God wants me to do.

  16. Erika Sheets says:

    Heart + Obedience = Faith

  17. Heather Robinson says:

    Obedience sets us free! Amen

  18. Hannah Putnam says:

    So important to remember that obedience to Christ comes by growing in our friendship to him, that we can’t ignore his words. Thank you for that reminder

  19. Katie Fredrickson says:

    I love the idea of journaling about decisions that I need to make & then praying over what I wrote. I agree there is so much power in writing things out and bringing them into the light.

  20. Tara Craig says:

    Obedience can be so hard but the beautiful thing is God already knows we will struggle with it + He will always direct our paths to Him, so even if we aren’t sure of a decision but need to make it He will use it when we make it in obedience to live Galatians 5:25

  21. Anna Lewellen says:

    Obedience = Freedom

  22. Amanda Yung says:

    Yes! I love this too!! It’s so beautiful and encouraging!

  23. Rachel McKib says:


  24. Alyssa Lamke says:

    I have such a hard time with obedience. I always have, even from parents or leaders. I hate being told what to do. However, I love the Lord. And this is now my goal. To intentionally and willfully obey. And seek his guidance.

  25. Angela Huber says:

    The seeking council part is clutch!!

  26. Lovely Kawena says:

    Being a recovering alcoholic this really spoke to me because whenever I feel like I want a drink this automatically comes to mind. Its the holy spirit shaking me leading me. Like Isaiah said he is always leading me its up to me to obey. Thank you heavenly father for always giving me life and delivering me from the miry mud.

  27. Tana Petty says:

    I needed this today! I love the first scripture that says The Lord will ALWAYS lead you. What a beautiful promise!

  28. Nancy Taylor says:


  29. Susan Crosby says:

    Dr Charles Stanley says something at the end of so many of his sermons…Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him❤️

  30. Stephie D says:

    I think I’m reminded of because I know what is the right thing to do, I do it outwardly but my heart still isn’t there and connected.
    I pray that for me obedience is outwardly and inwardly together. How thankful I am the Lord gives us space and time to further our

  31. Morgan Schlesselman says:

    This devo was so good!

  32. McLean Murphy says:

    In our obedience we are telling God we trust him to be true to his promises!

  33. Wendelyn Dance says:

    I am learning that obedience is the safest place to dwell. I am in the hands of a holy amazing God and when follow his precepts and teachings I am covered and secure. I have days where obeying is easier than others but when I look back and can see the benefits of obedience.

  34. Rachel LeeBenton says:

    Yes. Obedience is so hard for me. I tend to go more “better to ask forgiveness than permission”…but the fact that it’s truly a heart issue gives me hope.

  35. Jasmin Burns says:

    Good stuff. I find it so hard sometimes

  36. Polly Vandever says:

    Me too Shannon! I’m all about the rules and following them! This reading hit me because often I don’t take the time read God’s Word while praying through decisions which is an area I need to work on. Sometimes taking a step of obedience not knowing where my foot is going to land feels impossible. I’m so glad we serve a Father that will honor that step and redirect our path if needed.

  37. Shannon DeBlock says:

    It’s funny to me because I’m such a rule follower in life but in order to obey God, I actually need to listen. The obedience is not always apparent as a road sign so I pray I will focus on His Word and pray so I will become more aware of how he wants me to obey.

  38. Betsy Browne says:

    Erin, your comments about the scratchy sweater becoming more comfortable are so true! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Deanna Windham says:

    So good and encouraging

  40. C C says:

    Interesting because I did and it still posted on main thread.

  41. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord have your way lord!

  42. Diana Lozon says:

    When I used to think of obedience, I used to think.control. But the Lord showed me its freedom from going the wrong way. We each have a path the Lord wants us on and my path isn’t someone else’s and someone else’s is not mine. Yes our corporate faith and devotion will look the same but not our personal journeys or purposes.

  43. Deborah Bassoff says:


  44. Kelly Elliott says:

    Does this show up underneath your post? I’m new and usually do not say anything. Probably need to start though. We are all in this together.

  45. Sarah Rose says:

    It’s so true how God’s will/commandments are not always comforting, like wearing a scratchy sweater. As a young believer I thought that decisions when made in obedience to God would be joyfully made. And that is true. But I have found waiting for God’s deliverance to be harder than I would have thought. The suffering that comes before the reward can be so trying. But how great it is to remember that God always leads us, satisfies us, and strengthens our bones. It may not be seen or felt immediately, but it is promised to us!! Our obedience, waiting, suffering, etc. are not in vain!!

  46. Erin Jarboe says:

    As a baby Christian, obedience is the hardest part for me, but my heart is still in it. I ask God every day to help me learn to be more obedient to Him – to help me discern what He is saying in the Word and what path He has chosen for me in my life.

    That’s the easy part. Walking that path is definitely that scratchy-sweater feeling. That’s actually a wonderful way to put it. I’m warm in it, and I love it because it was given to me by someone I love, but I’m pretty uncomfortable. Fortunately, after a few washes and some time, I know it won’t feel scratchy anymore.

  47. Kristen says:

    Jesus didn’t leave us. God sent the Holy Spirit!! Here is a link that talks about the way the Holy Spirit helps us and what He does. I didn’t know about some of the ways He is active in the world. https://www.gotquestions.org/what-does-the-Holy-Spirit-do.html

  48. Melissa Baker says:

    Great reminder in seeking God’s guidance first. I love the journal idea.

  49. Jennifer Seals says:

    I pray this for you too!

  50. Whitlee Goostree says:

    The Lord will always lead you!

  51. Celena L.Stewart says:

    I love how the end said obedience will set us free and bring us peace. Obedience may seem like that scratchy wool sweater, but it is there to keep us safe and warm. God is there for us, even when we think He isn’t. He makes the rules to keep us safe.

  52. Abbie Snow says:

    Anytime the topic of obedience shows up in a study or a verse, I become disheartened. Today’s reading made me realize that it’s about redefining what obedience in the life of a Christian is, allowing a tender- heart for the Holy Spirit to work.

  53. Leslie C. says:

    I think the biggest thing I could learn here as far as being obedient is PATIENCE. I ask God to help me in one specific area, etc and I expect an immediate answer. I want his guidance RIGHT then. Consistency is something I feel that God craves from us. We have to be patience and consistent in our journey of being obedient to him! Great lesson today!

  54. Audrey Brooks says:

    Obedience yes obedience and I can be such a wild child!
    Freedom in obedience…… All the scripture spoke to me in my mind, soul, abs body now to sit in the scripture and the devotional paired well…. journaling the journey
    Jesus take the lead I follow

  55. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love that God’s guidance wants to lead us to abundant life. Let me obey you with my whole heart Jesus!❤️

  56. Rachael Collins says:

    So powerful to run to the holy spirit for guidance FIRST. Rather than our feelings, popular opinion, fears or anything of human significance. God first!

  57. Cindy White says:

    This is so good. I’ve been feeling the nudge towards greater obedience a lot lately. In the last month, there have been 2 or 3 different times when I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me to do something, but I disobeyed and things turned out worse than they would’ve if I would have obeyed! I’m working on obeying right then when I hear God’s voice. Lord, help me grow in obedience!

  58. Candace Turner says:

    New here too! Wish I could help

  59. Bridgette says:

    It’s so awesome that God gives us everything we need to be obedient to Him. The Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us and the awareness to distinguish the voice of the Good Shepherd from other voices, still I struggle with obedience, most of the time it’s because I’m too busy to just sit quietly and listen. Thank God that He knows my heart ❤️. Jesus quite my soul.

  60. Erika Lynn says:


  61. Maiya K says:

    Wow…good one. It’s funny because I’ve been trying to work on this area of my life…like, the first time I feel like God is saying for me to do something, to do it the first time instead of “waiting for another opportunity to arise”. I feel like this is one of those ways that I can “strengthen that muscle of knowing His voice as well”…through obeying Him. It’s those subtle promptings that I’m praying will become more obvious to me the more I obey

  62. Lolly Regan says:

    Lord I pray your Holy Spirit is my guide today and forevermore ❤️

  63. Michele Force says:

    New to this app… wondering why our replies to certain posts don’t nest underneath it? It’s just one big list, making it hard to follow conversations. But then, I have seen a couple that have nested here and there… what am I missing? Anyone know?

  64. Dorothy says:

    Obedience has never been one of my strong qualities when it comes to Bible study, going to church or devotionals but when it come to faith, obedience is strong in me. My faith in the Almighty God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will never waiver and my obedience to them will never fail.
    Father, help me to have more patience and self-control. Help to listen to You and Your commands and what You are asking of me. I praise You for all that You have given me, a loving family, great Christian friends, this community of Christian sisters, a job in this hard, hard times and to live in a country where I can freely worship You and Your Son. Amen.
    Have a blessed weekend my sisters in Christ.

  65. Amy Beth Truax says:

    Take it from someone who had no boundaries or guidance growing up in a broken home, they are there to protect you. That’s all God really wants, is to protect His children. He longs for us to obey Him because He loves us.

  66. Traci Gendron says:

    Oh how I long to have believers in my life that will hold me accountable. That will pray with me and give me wise counsel. I need this. I pray that God will bring those few to me.

  67. Serenity Jo says:

    The longer I know the Lord in His Word, the less I see Him as a dictator, barking out orders, and more as the loving, protective, caring Father that He is. His call for my obedience is for my good. His heart is to lead me beside still waters and restore my soul, protecting me from enemies without and within. ❤️

  68. Laura Beckom says:

    Praying for you.

  69. Laura Beckom says:

    So good thank you Bailey. I actually wrote down my decision making issue yesterday after I couldn’t stop thinking about it, what a piece I felt afterwards.

  70. Diana Hubbard says:

    I pray that I may learn my Father’s voice from that of thieves like the well meaning friend or family member, the TV or media, self-help book not founded in scripture, etc.

  71. Mari V says:

    ….but it does get harder to ignore the voice of our trusted friend and Savior, Jesus. Conviction of the Holy Spirit. I love it! Or do I? Nope, I love it! I might not like it but there’s no place I’d rather be then walking in obedience with Jesus. You’d think that at my ripe old age I have it down, but I mess up all the time. I stop, take a deep breath and pray and sometimes it may require asking for forgiveness.

  72. Renee Kosted says:

    Jenny Smith…I’m sorry for the struggle and stress you are encountering! I’m praying for you and your husband right now. May you be used as a conduit of God’s grace to your husband. Keep the faith! ❤️

  73. Monica H says:

    Praying for strength to be obedient, TAYLOR.

  74. KJ Johnson says:

    How do the sheep follow the shepherd? They HEAR his voice: We can be obedient if we don’t listen and recognize his voice which means we are familiar with his voice. From spending time daily. It’s easy, simple pattern of life. I love how someone commented earlier it’s being a loving wife, being there for others, spending time with the Lord being obedient in our small daily lives build a practice of step that lead us closer to Christ. Where we will find water and strength for our parched lives. ISAIAH 58

  75. Jeanette Sherman says:

    Oh how I need to be obedient! I need revival in my heart and life. I’ve let sin creep in – Holy Spirit cleanse my heart – and renew a right spirit within me.

  76. Betsy Michel says:

    I don’t understand this system either but I do know that Jessica appreciates your (our) prayers and is grateful for your excitement and encouragement. Jesus’ second greatest commandment is to love one another like He loves us – and you just obeyed that! Blessings to you, Kysia!

  77. Laura Thomas says:

    Love that climbing example, Christina! Reminds me of how my fiancé and try to follow a “freedom in restraint” philosophy. Having clear, strong boundaries and avoiding situations that could trigger a sin we’ve struggled with in the past enables us to worry less and enjoy more freedom and peace in our relationship together. In my younger years I practiced the opposite, thinking freedom was achieved by having no rules at all… that landed me in LOTS of messes! I think the freedom in restraint concept applies to obeying God’s commands also!

  78. Emily F says:

    I like the connection made between obedience and prayer through the scripture. Obedience is/includes bringing things to God and believing he will hear us and act. Keeping in step with the spirit will always include being in constant communication with him, how else will we know we are truly being obedient to him? Grateful for this study and the way it is convicting my heart and causing me to see ways I haven’t been truly keeping in step with Jesus.
    The message version spoke to me today: “Since this is the kind of life we have chosen, the life of the Spirit, let us make sure that we do not just hold it as an idea in our heads or a sentiment in our hearts, but work out its implications in EVERY detail of our lives.” (Galatians 5:25)

  79. Stacy Smith says:

    I have heard that even if we are uncertain but feel led to do something that taking action is the first right step. If it’s truly God then the steps may be hard or out of order but they will come together. If it isn’t you will be told so either by the process not working, a trusted person telling you outright, etc. I find that obedience is a process for me. I struggle sometimes with knowing for sure but by taking a step in the direction I feel God is leading I usually get a better sense of it being Him.

  80. Lara Castillo says:

    I appreciated the idea that if I am following God with a heart to obey, if I do make a wrong choice He will redirect me. I so often doubt myself and this is reassuring! I once learned that obedience is a process of dying to self- and that is something I have to constantly work on.

  81. Jenny Smith says:

    Lord thank you for the freedom and peace you bring to my life. Thank you for the miracles that have allowed to happen in my life. I pray that my life will be one of obedience. I lift my family to you today Lord as our marriage is under so much strain and pressure. I pray Lord that you would bring my Husband into your flock and that his heart will be open to your generous Majesty. Amen.

  82. Sinead B says:

    In my life, every act of obedience has made me love Him and trust Him more. As I continue to practice this discipline, I am cultivating a healthy fear and beautiful reverence for the Lord.

  83. Greta Vinston says:


  84. Kysia Thornton says:

    My fist comment was meant for Jessica. I obviously don’t completely understand this app. I will stick to on topic from here on out.

  85. Kysia Thornton says:

    Congratulations! Praying for good health for you and your baby. Treasure each moment in your heart.

  86. Rebecca Eaton says:

    Obedience is hard. If we just obey Him we will have better lives. The times I was not following His instructions I found myself in trouble. I love that even though we don’t obey God is still there for us to redirect out paths a get us out of situations. God’s love is beyond amazing and wonderful.

  87. Jennifer Ganancio says:

    I love that last part: Jesus’ voice gets harder to ignore. So true! It becomes more like a well-worn path to obey him.

  88. Christina Schmit says:

    One time I was out climbing with friends. To belay another gal I was on a cliff and had to be anchored in so I would not fall off the cliff. I had only 24 inches of movement in each direction. At first I thought it would confine me…but in all reality I had so much freedom. I could put all my weight on the webbing attaching me to the rock and not worry. Sometimes I think we fear obedience but it brings so much freedom instead.

  89. Rebecca Clarke says:

  90. Rachel Duan says:

    Appreciated how the scripture readings today reaffirmed the freedom and peace that obedience to God brings (alright the world may see the opposite).

    Peace: absence of conflict + presence of peace. Comes from a right relationship with God.

    My favourite part of the devotion reading was recognizing how “obedience doesn’t get easier but it gets harder to ignore Jesus, our trusted friend and savior”.

  91. Dianna McFarland says:

    Obedience is not a word that I ever liked growing up but God has been patiently leading me through so many situations and circumstances with the Holy Spirit inside of me. I often tell new believers that when they are listening and discerning/deciphering the Spirit’s voice that at the beginning we know a lot of times “after” we have missed the obedient action. And God allows me to see where I messed up and how I would have pleased Him, and or kept in step with Him had I only said yes. Thank God for His Word that shows how others learned to hear His voice and follow. It’s a lifelong journey. Learning, growing and stepping out in faith believing trusting that The Holy Spirit is leading me on the right path. Saying each yes helps me to say the next. So thankful for the Holy Spirit living inside me and guiding me daily.

  92. Samantha Hascall says:

    I needed to hear this message this morning. It was easier to practice obedience to the Holy Spirit inside the walls of seminary…now that I’ve been out on the field that practice has waned more than I would like, and I think it is time to return to it.

  93. Jenn Burris says:

    Obedience can be hard. And sometimes when we obey the Lord things get harder. I think of Mary, the mother of Jesus or even Abraham who was called out from his land to an unknown land where he was nomadic for the majority of his life. In both cases things got harder. Joseph…his life for harder when he remained obedient. Which is why I so appreciate the promise of Isaiah 58. He strengthens…He waters! Being obedient to move across the country to plant a church has and still continues to be the hardest thing I have ever done…but it has also been the best and most fruitful season of my life.

  94. Jessica Walters says:

    I am currently pregnant with my first child. This was a wonderful reading for me as a soon-to-be new mother. My prayer is that we will be able to raise our baby girl with a better understanding of obedience to Christ than I had as a child growing up. This reading did a fabulous job of explaining it.

  95. Lindsey says:

    I’ve never thought about obedience specifically as a spiritual discipline, but it is a habit the Lord has been growing in me over the last few years. Through a career change and a season of unemployment, God opened my eyes to the power of surrender and obedience when we allow Him to work in us, and the abundant blessings He pours out on the other side are reminders of His faithfulness when He calls us to obedience again. I have wrestled with how to be obedient in a difficult relationship over the last few months, and God has been teaching me about the role humility also plays in obedience… and whew, humility is a TOUGH one to put into practice. But even as I’ve wrestled, the Holy Spirit has continually pointed me back to the Father’s faithfulness and reminded me how sweet surrender and obedience can be.

    Praying for you, sisters, who are also wrestling with obedience.

  96. Laura Caroline says:

    I love the header image over today’s reading, a blank wall, because it reminds me that obedience is also in the mundane moments when there’s no “big” decision or leap of faith. If I’m honest, everyday obedience like loving my husband well, taming my tongue and taking every thought captive to Christ doesn’t always come easily. But praise God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. I love that Jesus calls him the Helper.

  97. susan hudson says:

    love the cooking analogy!

  98. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord i thank you

  99. Lydia Lundgren says:

    I’m so grateful that God doesn’t give up on us when we BOTH A. have a desire to obey God and B. are having a hard time submitting to a particular thing, or aren’t sure whether it’s His will or not. Sometimes it’s taken me months to obey but the way He blesses me afterwords is astounding. It’s like He turns the itchy sweater into a big luxurious fuzzy blanket and hands me the perfect cup of tea with cookies. That big blessing is the part I remember next time, far more than the discomfort.
    Thanks God for not giving up on us! And for the rewards that far outweigh the sacrifice!

  100. Taylor says:

    I’m lacking a lot of peace right now (especially when I’m trying to fall asleep at night) because of a decision I know I need to make as an act of obedience. I feel the Holy Spirit guiding me to take this step, but it’s going to cause heartache and I feel myself fighting back and fighting against doing what I know I am being called to lay down. Lord give me the strength and the courage to lay this down at Your feet, knowing and trusting You have my best interest in mind.

  101. Pam Schmitt says:

    ❣️love these powerful words. More please.

  102. Jennifer Ficklen says:

    Following God isn’t easy at times. We stumble and fall, but He’s always there to pick us up. I am thankful that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are our teachers and can gently guide us when we fail to obey.

  103. Amaris Robinson says:

    I took a minute to read all of Isaiah 58 after reading verse 11. That verse is such a beautiful promise, and it is definitely tied to a call for obedience from the Lord to His people! Reading all of Isaiah 58 has led me to ask the Holy Spirit to examine the attitude of my heart. So thankful for His Word today!

  104. Sammi Elmore says:


  105. Jennifer Collings says:

    It’s so hard to know, sometimes, what is the will of God. I’m thankful this reading didn’t make it sound easy but was transparent.

  106. Jos ByHisGrace says:

    The word ALWAYS LEAD in Isaiah 58:11 really talks to me. I don’t need to strife to know how and why and do things my own way, what I need is an obedience to FOLLOW Him…. God help me to follow You always..

  107. Kenya says:

    When I was new in my faith discipline was such a scary word. I thought God was harsh and angry with me if I didn’t follow exactly what He wanted me to do. In this, I learned to release my selfish desires and develop a healthy fear of God. Eventually, this developed into a reverence of God. A respect for all he stood for. And with even more time, it has developed into a love for God and all that he brings to me through guidance because of my discipline.

    I know when my discipline fails, my fear for God returns. I get pulled into the ways of the world, lured in by the deceptive nature of sin and the enemy. But as my faith continues to grow, I also see my discipline growing and the luring nature of the world is less and less powerful.

    I think I struggle with what discipline really looks like sometimes, and I know I need to turn to God and specifically ask him what he wants me to do to be disciplined in his calling for me. I pray for that guidance in my life, in all of our lives, as we strive for something more. That we can find discipline in the way we live and a reverence for God I’m his desires for us.

  108. Churchmouse says:

    It’s not always easy to live in “Thy will be done.” It does sometimes itch like that wool sweater. Regardless of the feeling, the heartbeat of obedience is surrendering my will to His. It is trusting that He knows what He’s doing and He is good. Obedience is an expression of my love and gratitude. It is a visible testimony of Who has my allegiance.

  109. Emily Castañeda says:

    Obedience is something we teach our children, and my kids love to help us cook. It makes me think of us standing at the counter with our heavenly Father, and He is asking us to add ingredients to something He is making. Obedience is trusting in His recipe.

  110. Angie says:

    We have God’s Word to give us direction. The Holy Spirit to guide us. And Jesus, the Son of God, our Savior, who came to earth to redeem us. He understands our temptations and was without sin. He has made the way for our obedience. He has made a way for us to exemplify our love for Him while we are here. It is a privilege.

    Thank you God for dwelling within us, and allowing us to dwell with You. Thank you for the guidance we need to obey. Thank you for disciplining us when we do not. You discipline because You love. Give us ears that hear, eyes that see, feet that go, and hands that do your will. May we not delay our obedience, in disobedience, but follow close to You. For You go before us. You call to us. Our job is to listen, follow You, and run from the stranger.

    Sometimes obedience to You may cause us to have to take a stand. Give us wisdom, courage, and strength Lord. Help us to do it the right way. May we live every day in such a way that Your love shines bright, while standing on and for Your truth obediently. Sold out, All-in, purely devoted, to You.

  111. Laurie Martin says:

    The Lord will strengthen … Amen!

  112. ERB says:

    So many awesome nuggets of scripture in today’s reading!!! I love how Bailey describes obedience as a scratchy wool sweater (I often describe it as uncomfortable) but this sweater analogy fits much better!!! We are shedding the old to become new in Christ. YES!!! SO encouraged by the reading today!!! ❤️

  113. Jilynn Parmly says:

    “Obedience sets us free. It brings peace.” I can always use more peace in my life. I’m sure everyone could! Thank you, Bailey.

  114. Pamela Randol says:

    My thoughts as well Deborah and Kristen. If we are truly seeking with our whole heart to be obedient to the Lord the Holy Spirit will guide us in the way that we need to go. It is so comforting to know.

  115. Rose J says:

    The sheep ignore the thief and robber because they know it’s not the voice of their Shepard. They follow the one who they love and know and he keeps them safe. ❤️ I pray I am able to reject the voice of the deceiver and know and follow the voice of the one who loves me.

  116. Kristen Brady says:

    When our heart is to obey, He’s faithful to redirect our steps if needed.

    I love that He doesn’t give up on us when obedience is hard for us. He’s just constantly redirecting and training us to see more as He does.

  117. Deborah Bassoff says:

    ❤️ I love Isaiah 58:11 – He will satisfy…he will strengthen…
    God is with us in our obedience every single step of the way. We are never alone in this!

  118. Julie says:

    I love how the Lord invites us to receive,to be blessed,to have MORE of Him through obedience. Giving over and giving ‘up’,to Him and His glory means we experience more relief knowing He is God and we are not. We have to learn to hear our true names. He s exceedingly,abundantly MORE than all we can ask or imagine. Thank you for your care in cultivating and expressing your thoughts Bailey.