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Open Your Bible

Hebrews 9:1-28, Leviticus 16:6-19, 1 Timothy 2:5-6

A few doors down from us lives a Muslim family with kids similar in age to our son. They are devout—they practice Ramadan, fasting, and have rhythms of learning the Koran with their kids. 

Their family seems to mirror how our family is devout in our faith—we pray together, attend church, and recite the truths of Scripture with our family.  

We are both sincere in our beliefs and catechizing our kids. Which of us is following a true God? This is not meant to be an apologetic devotional, only to ask the question, and remind ourselves—Why do we follow Jesus? 

Is it because He had principles for how life can go well for us? Is it because culturally we enjoy going to church and being part of a community? Is it because we think obedience will lead to a better life? 

Or is it because He died and rose again as our Great High Priest?

The book of Hebrews is a gold mine of biblical doctrine. The early Church knew that what we believe matters, and we should too. What does the theology of Jesus being our sacrificial lamb and High Priest mean for us practically?

First, we can trust in the purifying blood of Jesus today (Hebrews 9:13–14). The Israelites had the Levite priests as mediators between God and man. The tabernacle and sacrificial system served as a physical representation of the bloody and violent nature of sin and what is required for redemption. Let your senses wander to the sights, smells, and noises of the priests sacrificing an animal. Atoning for sin is not tame. Jesus dying and resurrecting covered our sin once and for all. 

Second, we have obtained eternal redemption (v.15). Jesus’s death and resurrection fulfilled the sacrificial law. If you ever wonder why we don’t sacrifice animals anymore, this is why. As the God-man, His sacrifice atoned for the wages of sin, and forgiveness has been extended to us as believers—forever (v.26).

Finally, we can rest in the promise that He will come back for us (v.28). We are weary, aren’t we? Raising a family is demanding. A full-time desk job feels futile. Our broken bodies groan. We feel as though we can’t take one more devastating news story. 

Our Jesus is coming back for us. Let us keep our hearts ever resting in His finished work on the cross, as the “good things that have come” (v.11) as we also look forward to the good things to come.

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44 thoughts on "New Covenant Ministry"

  1. Lois East says:


  2. Sydney Scott says:

    The images really help me remember the blood Jesus shed for us ❤️

  3. Heather Crawford says:

    Sometimes I really just need to be reminded about how ugly and destructive my sin is. It is so ugly and destructive that Jesus had to come all the way down here to make it right. Dang.

  4. Susan Lincks says:

    Wow it was a bloody mess once upon a time.

  5. adaynasmile says:

    We know that while other religions have to work their way into God’s graces and into heaven, we have our way already paid for by the Heavenly Father, and His precious Son, Jesus Christ. It is not because of anything that we have done, but because of what He has done, that allows us to have rest and HOPE secure in Him. If we are devout in any other religion, we have done good works, but we do not have the HOPE that comes from Christ. If we have Christ, we will do things that appear to be good works, simply because of our changed nature from following God. This is different than doing things out of fear or obligation. The one thing that Christ brings and other religions do not, is a promise of a future with Him, a sure foundation, and hope for what is to come. No other religion or belief will ever be able to bring that.

  6. Sandra Nichols says:

    The sure hope that we can rest in. “Jesus is coming back”. ❤❤❤

  7. Ariel Harris says:

    I agree!

  8. Heidi V says:

    @Sarah D. I have not read this book but it comes highly recommended by a couple of friends who struggled with anxiety, it’s called D.A.R.E. They report that it’s a life changing book and a third friend was just speaking about it yesterday saying it is life changing. Apparently there is an app as well. I don’t usually recommend books I haven’t read myself yet, but your request for suggestions made me think of this right away.

  9. Patti McLean says:


  10. Patti McLean says:

    The gospel. Right there.

  11. Jenna Sampson says:

    What a beautiful testimony ❤️❤️

  12. Alex Henault says:


  13. Jennifer Anapol says:

    My favorite thing about the new covenant is that we can meet with Jesus. We don’t need to sacrifice anything to meet with him, since Jesus is our sacrifice.

  14. Mercy says:

    I rejoiced after reading Hebrews 9 several times today. I had to read in different translations to soak it in. Lord I need understanding and I would not stop until I have some. The sacrifice of Jesus gives us such privacy, when transitioning from being atoned to being cleansed. After reading HRT, I realized the possible shame as someone (a sinner) could bear in the ceremonial ritual, in the presence of priests and animals, there was pressure for sure, the sinner could endure the wondering looks of people “what kind of sin this person could have committed?” through the eyes of people. That could be harsh. It could be a possible parade of their own shame for the community of priests to know, with the expensive cost to buy cattles as well. But with Jesus it’s a private acknowledgement of the heart, a private repentance, without the partaking of onlooking eyes and splashing of blood from animals that could cost a few months worth of household income to buy. It’s all between the Lord and the person. It is a gentle process. Something I noticed and liked to point out, His sacrifice is ONCE and for all, but our repentance needs to be CONTINUAL, better yet if it is a daily repentance/ daily self-reflection through reading the Word/looking in the mirror to find blemishes on ourselves, and have God remove, (1 John 1:9), to shift awareness into actions. Mind us, we can’t cleanse ourselves, but we can confess and God is faithful to cleanse. Be blessed dear sisters.

  15. Donna Wolcott says:

    Dear sisters, thank you for all the beautiful comments today and really everyday. I join you in rejoicing and looking forward to being brought home.

  16. Annie says:

    Jesus is coming back for us. The Hope I cling to.

    I pray each of us remembers the Truth as we hear of the sadness in this world. We have the one True Hope to hold on to.

    “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; grief, crying, and pain will be no more, because the previous things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4

    Thanks be to God!

  17. Kimberly Z says:

    @Sarah D praying for you! I too feel like my comments on here can be down so don’t feel bad for it. We are all here to encourage one another. Usually when we are at our breaking point and want to to quit that’s when God will make it clear what he wants you to do. Hang in there!

  18. Audren Bruszer says:

    @L Maddox you are not alone in hearing those lies. The unnecessary shame can feel so defeating at times. Thank you for posting that comment❤️

  19. Rhonda Jury says:

    Dear TINA…I smiled as I read your words. Thank you for sharing. May you have a blessed day in hopeful waiting for the Good to come. ❤️

  20. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    In this chapter of Hebrews the phrase “once for all” is mentioned 3 times. Unlike the high priests of the Old Testament, who had to enter the Holy Place once a year to offer a blood sacrifice for his sins and the sins of the people – Jesus entered one time – once for all! He has appeared once for all, to do away with sin by the sacrifice of Himself. Christ was sacrificed once for all to take away the sins of many – that those who are called (me & you) may receive the promised eternal inheritance.

    What does this mean for me, and all other believers? It means that all my sin (past, present & future) are covered by the blood of Jesus, never more to be remembered! (Hebrews 8:12) Which – through prayer allows me access to heaven, God’s throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16), and one day I will enter into eternal rest – my heavenly home reserved for me! (1 Peter 1:4) Hallelujah! Oh what a day of rejoicing that will be!!

    @Sarah D – praying for you – may God grant you the wisdom & direction to make the right decision, and may He give you peace from your anxiety while you wait on Him.

    @Tina – ❤️

    A blessed Thursday to all my SRT sisters!

  21. Cardiff says:

    He Reads Truth today. Must read!

  22. Sarah Ritchie says:

    LOVED THIS Jennifer. And especially how you added the world has not gotten worse. It has always been heartbreaking. Blessings to you.

  23. L Maddox says:

    Jesus is coming back for me. I had never thought of it this way or heard it put that way, but WOW that feels so intimate and direct for me. This week I feel like the enemy is taking advantage of the little lies I tell myself about not being enough which feels like I’m carrying an unnecessary weight of shame. I’m reminding myself this week that when I feel that burden or hear those lies, remember that Christ has already saved me for eternity and I have the solid and beautiful HOPE of eternity with God. I will also remember this hope, “Jesus is coming back for you,” in those moments. Jesus is in pursuit of me, he hasn’t forgotten me, and he will ultimately rescue me from the lies and shame that so subtly creep in during life on this earth.

  24. Michelle Patire says:

    The concept of Jesus returning for His people is one I lay my hope in. Last night, I reminded myself that “this is not the end of my story” and imagined being in eternity with Jesus and my family – in unity, before His throne. There is no sin in His presence. We are reconciled and unified, by His blood and bodily sacrifice unto death.

    I am in a waiting season, too, Tina. It’s funny, I was telling a friend decently that I have always identified with that word. When I was in school, I remember wanting to put “waiting” as my online screenname. We wait on You, Jesus. We are incomplete until we are with You in glory. My heart rejoices knowing that this is not the end. That You are waiting, too.

  25. Kelsea Terry says:

    Oops it accidentally posted before I could finish writing! I meant to say I am also weary and long for Jesus to deliver the eternal rest we all desire!

  26. Kelsea Terry says:

    Oops it hit send before I could finish writing. I meant to say this really spoke to me. I am also very weary and long for Jesus to bring all of the everlasting rest!

  27. Rebecca says:

    What faith you have, Tina! In all the waiting you didn’t give up on Him, and we know He never gave up on you! What a sweet day it will be when He comes to bring us home. The waiting will be replaced with His presence and peace! Can’t wait!!

  28. Sarah D. says:

    @Taylor, thank you friend!! My bachelors was in Wildlife Biology with a minor in Psychology. And yes that’s right, I’ve changed directions so I’m pursuing a masters in elementary ed.
    Also, are you on the Facebook She Reads Truth group by chance? We could try connecting through there or message on FB if you’re okay with that (I’m always hesitant to give out my info online but may be easier to chat). No worries if not though! :)

  29. Taylor says:

    @Sarah D what is your bachelors degree in? I would be happy to help you think of other jobs you could do instead of your current job while still pursuing your masters. Your masters will be in elementary education? I think I remember you saying that. Praying for you and I’m here for you! <3

    So thankful that Jesus paid it all for us! @Tina I always love your encouraging comments <3

  30. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning ladies! I am sorry to keep coming in here with down comments, but I am struggling. I am so ready to leave my current job. It is hard because my coworkers and management are great, I just do not like the nature of taking calls. I am anxious all day and nervous sweat during the day. The hard thing is that this job pays for my continuing education (masters), and is definitely helping me afford to live on my own. Part of me just wants to quit, because my body and mind are tired of doing this constantly. Sorry to rant, but if by chance you all have any ideas of how I could pay for school through a different type of job that would be helpful. I did apply to a graduate student position, but have not heard back yet. Praying I would keep persevering and remember that God will use even this.

  31. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Jesus came to heal our broken hearts. I am on a quest to retain this state of health. If I hold fast to my faith in Him nothing can break me. Battle wounds and scars from this journey in the wilderness, yes, but never lost, always found and restored in His healing hands. “Christ came as High Priest of the good things to come” (Hebrews 9:11). Have mercy on me o Lord. I have received the “promise of the eternal inheritance” (v. 15). This is the Good News. This is the only news I need. There is nothing new under the sun. From here I look back to the ancient history of the original Church. Established by Jesus. The reliable accounts from the early church fathers. Real stories of martyrs who died for their faith in Jesus. These are the lives that matter. They tell a truth that cannot be altered by our western and modern ways. This truth cannot be cancelled or spun. I am inspired by the Holy Spirit living in me to look beyond what the world tries to tell us through the flickering led screens of our time. The world has not gotten worse. Darkness will not be eradicated until the return of Christ. And He is coming back for us. So, I am opening the books of old, reading the history that exists to reinforce my faith and remind my heart of the One I serve. The living God and King who holds a place for me in His Kingdom. I am His, and He is mine. Nothing can shake this firm foundation. Let the world sling its stones. I hold a shield of faith in a Savior that can never be broken. Maranatha.

  32. Jen B says:

    I am believing in the good things to come. I have been leaning into my faith and trusting Him immensely this week more than ever. Yesterday, for the first time in my career, I was impacted by a reorganization and learned my job is being eliminated 12/2. I had such clarity and heard God speaking to me the day before yesterday that I was to not be anxious and to trust Him. He is My Sovereign Lord. He will work all things for good according to His perfect plan.

  33. Jen B says:

    I am believing in the good things to come. I have been leaning into my faith and trusting Him immensely this week more than ever. Yesterday, for the first time in my career, I was

  34. Danielle B says:

    Oh Tina, I sit here reading your comment with a smile on my face knowing you have found a new joy! How true, it is wonderful to know God is walking with with us daily! Yet how much more wonderful that one day He will return for us and we will united in person for eternity!

  35. Angie Mills says:

    The Old Covenant & the New Covenant (Part 2)

    The old covenant was only a shadow and symbol of what was to come. The high priest entered the most holy place in the tabernacle alone once a year only and never without blood to make atonement for his sins and the sins of the people. However, all of the gifts and sacrifices offered couldn’t perfect the worshipers’ consciences.

    Jesus ushered in the new covenant. Jesus Christ, our Great High Priest, entered Heaven itself by His blood and stood in the presence of God for us, obtaining eternal redemption through the removal of our sins by the sacrifice of Himself. Not only that, but His blood cleanses our consciences from dead works.

    We will receive the promise of the eternal inheritance because Jesus’ death has taken place to redeem us of the transgressions we have committed against God. Jesus will appear a second time, not to bear our sin (make atonement for us), but to bring salvation (safety) to those who are waiting for Him.

    The Lord was gracious in opening my eyes to His redeeming work at an early age. I put my trust in Jesus’ redeeming work for me at the age of six. I remember as an elementary school child looking up into the clouds while playing on the playground at school and thinking, “Is today the day when He is coming back? Will He come right now?” I am so ready to see Him! I have worked faithfully and continue to follow Him because I love Him and I couldn’t imagine doing anything to hurt Him; but at the same time, I still long for His return.

    We should share this good news of Jesus’ redeeming work by which He made atonement for us and His salvation so that others will be ready for and anticipating His return along with us.

    Keep looking, She’s! He is coming!

  36. Melanie says:

    Oh my goodness, Tina….. thank you for those words. Don’t ever doubt that in all those years of waiting that God is using you to touch others with your wise and thoughtful words!!!

  37. Churchmouse says:

    Jesus coming for me is a reality I once couldn’t imagine and now it has become a longing of my heart. To see His face, feel His embrace, priceless.

  38. Aimee D-R says:

    Oh Lord Thank You for Your sacrifice for my life. Amen

  39. Sundayschoolteacher says:

    He’s coming back for me! Praise be to God our Father! ❤️

  40. Inses De Braganca says:

    Serving god through Jesus Christ is our ultimate purpose. Through him our lives on earth can be as in heaven and heaven will be guaranteed.

  41. Heidi says:

    Wow… He just keeps reaching for us… To anyone who struggles with the thought that you could ever get to a point where God is just “done” with you/your actions/your “failures”- stop. There is just zero evidence to support that. It is ONLY. a lie from your enemy- from His enemy.
    In the beginning, mankind failed, God came searching for them- not to show angered authority but to cover and protect them despite the circumstances that had to occur… Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Caleb, Joseph, David- with more in between and after- these are flawed ppl whom God said, “you’re still Mine” and continued to pursue. He wants relationship with us because WE bear HIS image- anywhere we go, we literally carry Him into that place for others to have the opportunity to see and experience their God. Where you step is holy because HE is in you and HE is holy. God has said it- there is nothing that can separate His love from you. I want to encourage anyone struggling accepting that with this- who is here for your good, who is here for your demise? Call out the lies of your enemy and refuse to give him power. Instead, BE empowered by the God who will never leave you or not see you or not deeply want you… ❤️

  42. Kristen says:

    Good Morning, Everyone! I know that we are past Hebrews 5, but I was reading the commentary on the Enduring Word site. I encourage you to look it up. You may be more amazed by Jesus and His sacrifice, obedience, His compassion, and even more amazed by what He endured. What a Savior! He is matchless in every way! Prayers for you all today!

  43. Kelly (NEO) says:

    The “good things that have come” (v.11)! The good things are already here! Redemption! Forgiveness! Mercy! Eternal life! Restored relationship with my Creator! Hallelujah

    TINA ❤

    KACIE HARLAN – Do you have a church family in Montana? Praying the Lord will give you clear guidance for next steps.

  44. TIna says:

    At the age of 3, my parents separated. My brother and I became wards of court until it was decided that Daddy could have custody of us. We went to live in Africa for the next 13 years! As I grew older I prayed for my mum to come for me.


    When I was 16, Daddy sent me to England to spend time with my mum and new siblings. It didn’t go so well, I wanted to go home to Daddy.

    Waiting to go home.

    At various stages of my life since, I have waited, for my baby to arrive.

    I have waited at the hospital to be put back together again.

    I waited for divorce papers to arrive.
    I have waited for life to be better.

    I have waited for good news on my daughters health.

    I have stood, waiting by her graveside wanting it all to be a dream.

    I have waited.

    I still wait..

    BUT GOD…

    Today, my eyes were opened. I have never really thought about Jesus coming back for me/us.. its never really been my thinking. I have just been gratefully glad that I have Jesus to walk through life with and the preciously good things that have come my way.

    So you can imagine the leap in my heart, when I read (properly)of the promised return of Jesus.. yes, I knew He was coming back, i had read and heard this said, but I had never put it into the context of coming back for me!

    Game changer right there!

    Already there is a feeling of change, of something different going on around me. In those early days of waiting, I had images of what joy I would feel to see mum again, or to return home to Daddy, or even the great news that my girl would get her transplant..
    This feeling today is one of joy absolutely and wonderfully wrapped in the Hope of things to come..

    For that, my heart sings.

    Thank you Jesus. Thank you. Thank you.


    Thank you KASEY MOFFETT for this eye opening read today.. God bless you!

    Happy Thursday dear hearts, Happy Thursday wrapped in love and Hope of things to come.. Hugs..❤