Day 12

Need and Abundance

from the Everything New reading plan

Genesis 2:18-25, Genesis 3:7, Genesis 3:10-12, Genesis 3:16-23, Revelation 7:10-17, Revelation 19:4-10

BY She Reads Truth

After reading today’s passages, use the guiding content below to help you reflect, respond, and engage with one another.

In the beginning, after their sin, Adam and Eve were sent from the abundance of the garden to work the earth with hardship and suffering. In the end, clothed in His beauty and splendor, God will provide everything His people need and free them fully from the suffering that takes place here and now. 

In prayer and in the comments, reflect on any images from today’s passages that were familiar to you. What images point to the different or “beyond” nature of what’s to come?

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83 thoughts on "Need and Abundance"

  1. Katherine Herrington says:

    Even when we sin, God meets our needs and longs to give us abundantly more in the end!

  2. Dori Brown says:


  3. Afua Tobigah says:

    God spoke to me yesterday, how He wants to use my sense of clothing as ministry. I thought I was making this up in my head . Then today i read this , and the words are jumping up to me in a different ways . Everything matters to him and would be used by Him

  4. Donnica Bell says:

    Thank you Jesus for providing, I ask for your continuous mercy and glory Amen

  5. Jennifer KaneJasper says:

    The parallel of clothing struck me. Initaially clothes in nothing, man wore fig leaves, God provided garments of skin, and Revelation describes clothing of fine linen.

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