Mordecai Honored by the King

Open Your Bible

Esther 6:1-14, Proverbs 26:27, Isaiah 52:1-2, Isaiah 52:7-10

If a king gave you carte blanche and said, “Dream up your own reward!”—what would you create? Haman was sure the king was poised to honor him, so he created his dream reward that could be summed up like this: “Doll me up, and let me ride around town on a fancy horse. Make sure to holler about it, so folks don’t miss my pretty parade!” Seems like such a fleeting thing to ask for. Not that anyone has asked me, but I’d request 100 acres of land and a nice clock radio.

Why did Haman ask for a parade? Setting aside the irony that he was choosing a reward for his nemesis, why did he want to be praised and displayed like a prancing pony? More than a desire for land or clock radios, Haman wanted to be worshipped. Human nature was the same in Persia then as it is in America, or any number of places, today. We are self-worshippers by nature, and the highest honor we can conceive of is simply that the world would bow in awe and worship of our own greatness. 

The greatest temptation of man is the urge to make a god of self. “The fool says in his heart, ‘There’s no god’” (Psalm 14:1). Left to our own devices, we’re all fools, and what we’re really thinking to ourselves is, “There is no god but me.” The foolish pride of self-worship, of course, always ends in its own undoing. This isn’t a judgment that God unnaturally foists upon the prideful. It is the natural and necessary outcome of the way God’s creation works. Self-worship is unnatural. It runs against the very grain of creation, because only God is God. We are not. The inevitable end and consequence of every act of self-glorification is self-debasement. 

We cannot remain atop the pedestals we build for ourselves because we are poor builders. Like Babel, our greatest works of self-exaltation come to an end because our God will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7). He exalts the humble and topples the proud. As Solomon says, “The one who digs a pit will fall into it” (Proverbs 26:27). Haman expected to be worshipped, but instead the king “clothed Mordecai and paraded him through the city square” (Esther 6:11).

All this is so because the proper relation of creature to Creator is trust. Again and again, God declares “Trust in the LORD and do what is good,” and “commit your way to the LORD; trust in him” (Psalm 37:3,5). Haman refused to trust any higher authority than himself. He refused to live humbly in his role. He abandoned both humility and truth, and so blundered into the ironic, yet fitting, humiliation of parading the humble Mordecai through the streets. 

Let us not put our trust either in public parades or private possessions. Trust in the Lord, for all of creation is His. Let us humbly honor Him, for He alone is our God.

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91 thoughts on "Mordecai Honored by the King"

  1. Pam Stayer says:

    I need to grow my trust in the Lord!

  2. Leslie Green-Starr says:

    Only trust HIM (GOD)! ❤️

  3. Crystal Medellin says:

    We must be humble and trust our God

  4. Erin Carr says:

    My gosh this is good.

  5. Lynda Pontious says:

    Haman was all about self. And how he appeared before the people of the land. In his mind no one was greater than he. God’s work in this book is seen.

  6. Brittany Robinson says:

    “The proper relation from creation to creator is trust”
    Loved that line! When we trust we stop controlling the outcomes and remember who the glory goes to.

  7. Brittany Robinson says:

    “The proper relation from creation to creator is trust”

  8. Emily McGhee says:

    It is so true that is is hard not to fall to our flesh side. Think about our feelings and what would immediately gratify them. God asks us to be weak so He can be strong, out Him first and all things will fall into place, love others before ourselves! Such a convicting message.

  9. Megan Beach says:

    We live in a society today, where self is the idol. I look at even my own social platforms and question—is this all about me? If I’m honest, yes. What a timely message indeed. My own destruction is coming from self love in a sense. It’s never enough or I don’t feel like I’m enough

  10. April Cook says:

    Many call this karma. But it is just another word for the results of unnatural acts against the very nature of creation. There will always be consequences. Not always this quickly lol but “what goes around, comes around.”

  11. Nicole Meadows says:

    The timing of the events in this passage is so uncanny. We see God’s hand over it all. The king’s insomnia, tied with the timing of Haman entering the court right as the king is asking who’s in court. Next time insomnia is experience, maybe we welcome it as an invitation into God’s activity.

  12. Mariah Montanez says:


  13. Tammy Patton says:


  14. Nana Verschaeren says:

    I always thought I don’t want people to ‘worship’ me, but than again I want to be a great example for my son, friends and family, so indeed Humans desire to be bowed to. Strange how life works

  15. Rachael Collins says:

    I love that Mordecai’s blessings make sense in the terms of the character of God. But Hamans repercussions are all over the place. Nothing makes sense for him at the moment. Trying to destroy Mordecai, then parading him, then enjoying dinner with the King and Queen. Such a confusing life because there is no plan or reliance on Gods good plan.

  16. Christine Kerr says:

    Did you receive an update? My first pregnancy was a miscarriage, so if this baby is in heaven and you need someone to talk to, please reach out. Praying for you!

  17. Juliana Henry says:

    Did not think this applied to me until “private possessions” came up! God knew I needed this word. My husband and I are hoping to purchase a house and have found there may be obstacles preventing us from getting it. I was crushed.. all my hopes and dreams were tied up in this material item. As much as I want this to work, I have to trust that regardless of what the outcome is, His plan is better than mine.

  18. Sharon Borggaard says:


  19. Karen Roper says:

    How often do I self worship? Upset because I didn’t get a promotion when I thought I should or didn’t get the glory for ordinary work. God is the reward I should be looking at and seeking after and not Welk. May I remind myself of this often

  20. Ashley Icard says:

    Lord, help me to be HUMBLE!

  21. Betsaida Cohen says:

    I needed the reminder that God is my vindicator I need to trust God. He has everything under control. Even my enemies.

  22. Melissa Mcronney says:

    Amen…let us trust in the Lord

  23. Alli Tjernlund says:

    Oof. Why did I need to read this today? I did! Humble me Lord ❤️

  24. Mercy says:

    @ LINDSEY ERWIN: I am praying for you. I stand in agreement with you that the Lord will save your baby. He has a plan of hope for your family. He who starts a good work in you, he too will finish it, for His own glory. In Jesus’ name we dedicate you and your baby into God’s merciful hands.
    Keep us updated with your progress. Cheering for you!

  25. Chelsea Little says:

    God will exalt the humble at the appropriate time!

  26. Bethany B says:

    OLUSEYI, I am praying for you. I too loss my mom a few years ago and that pain is so deep. Although I have had some really rough days, I focus on a few things: she would want me to drag my feet out of the bed and keep going. Rehears what I am here for, and know that she’s no longer suffering, but rejoicing!

  27. Lauryn Webber says:

    I am, however, I just went on the website and read it there.

  28. Lindsey Erwin says:

    Hi ladies! I have the biggest prayer request. I’m begging you to pray so hard. I found out that I am pregnant. A postive HCG level is 5. The nurse said they like to see the level at 50 on the low side. I am at a 10. She’s thinking it’s an early miscarriage and I go back tomorrow to see if my level has risen. Please pray for my sweet little baby and that God can more than double these numbers and move mountains for a healthy pregnancy. Pray for his will to be done and that if it’s having my baby in heaven then pray for peace for me. Thank you ladies!!!

  29. Lauren Bice says:

    I’m having issues too!

  30. Krista Cox says:

    Can anyone access day 9? Mine won’t pull up?

  31. Darci Michelle says:

    Ladies, I wanted to thank you for your prayers! The meeting went well and I think things are going to be okay by the Grace of God!

  32. Lindsey Westlund says:

    @ Heidi Anders

    I think that there is a big difference between being prideful and feeling self-worth. Haman was prideful, and paid for his sin. But desiring to feel worthy is not a sin…because you ARE worthy in the eyes of God. HE sees you and HE sees every accomplishment you make. You are His daughter. His MASTERPIECE of a daughter. The Bible tells us to work for the Lord, and not for man. We may never receive the praise from humans that our flesh craves. And even if we receive praise, our sinful nature will inevitably want more. But that is where we have to remember that our value is not determined by human praise for a job well done…it’s not even determined by the whatever job we did well. Our worth is determined by God. He deemed you his precious, wonderful heir when He made you. When you feel let down, like no one sees what good you’re doing, look at what God says about you in His Word. The more and more that you read about His feelings towards you, the more you will begin to truly believe His feelings toward you, and ultimately, trust Him fully, regardless when people fail you. I hope this helps!!

  33. Heidi Anders says:

    This part of the study today is something I struggle with. I struggle with is it okay to be the kind of person who desires to be noticed not always but once in awhile for how hard you work or is it wrong? My work place does this employee of the month thing. When I learned we were starting it I did not like it. I have battled being compared to others and always it seems never being enough on top of my siblings always having favour with one parent or the other. I have beat myself down and have been bitter over this thing as well. I know the word says not to do things to be seen by man as well so I guess that’s where my struggle is and I’m not sure how to allow God to give me peace in it.

  34. Truth Seeker says:


    Yes, I can relate to and understand what you are going through.
    I also trust people easily and wholeheartedly throughout my life.
    I also have been horribly betrayed by some and it has left me reeling.
    But God ! (Thanks Tina for this wonderful phrase that changes everything !)
    God let me know that just because one person has done something to me I am not to hold their sin against another.
    I am to be wise and discerning using the knowledge God has given me but I am not to think all people will do the same to me.
    Each person God brings into my life is to be received without my holding back and not accepting them because someone else betrayed me. We are to look at all people through God’s eyes with love and acceptance. Yes, they may betray me along the way but God also says

    Romans 12:19 ESV
    Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

    Hebrews 10:30 ESV
    For we know him who said, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay.” And again, “The Lord will judge his people.”

    Deuteronomy 32:35 ESV
    Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly.’

    Romans 12:17 ESV
    Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.

    Proverbs 24:29 ESV
    Do not say, “I will do to him as he has done to me; I will pay the man back for what he has done.”

    Proverbs 20:22 ESV
    Do not say, “I will repay evil”; wait for the Lord, and he will deliver you.

    God is with you always and He holds you and your family in His righteous right hand.
    He will take care of the wrongdoers and we are to continue on following Him where He leads.

    It is not about us but it IS all about HIM !

    Praying for God to heal your hearts and that you will lay your cares upon Him

  35. Megan L says:

    I really needed to hear this. My work recently forgot to recognize me for an achievement that usually results in recognition, and I was upset about it. I see now what’s really important.

  36. Mary Nhar says:

    Trusting has always been too easy for me. I trust people so easily and so whole heartedly. Two years ago my trust was betrayed in the most horrific way. I mean, I would understand death more than what was done. My family and I are still recovering. Now, I struggle to trust in God with all my heart, but it is something I am working on every minute. Prayers appreciated.

  37. Connie Beers says:

    I’m so thankful for being apart of this group and bible study praying for all

  38. Connie Beers says:

    I’m very thankful to be apart of this group and pray

  39. Mercy says:

    @OLUSEYI : Praying for your whole family during this difficult time. May God comfort you and bring supernatural strength. God loves you so much. He knows your pain.
    @Darci: praying for your job situation. May God clear out every obstacles and hindrances on your behalf, and give you favor, kindness with the people you work with, and grant you peace and joy at your workplace.

  40. Edith Arroyo says:

    Amen, my best friend just lost her mother to Covid. She’s just lost her brother in a tragic motorcycle accident just 6months ago. Please pray over her and her family. They have gone there these past couple of months.

  41. Mercy says:

    What a great conviction and warning. It is true that human nature ALWAYS has a tendency to worship ourselves, whether secretly or openly. We crave acknowledgements for “our” achievements, not giving credit and praise to our God who enables us to do all things. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall (Proverbs 16:18)- Haman’s life proves this. Pride is such a DEADLY trap. Thankful for this alarming reminder.

    Today’s reading also shows another flip side that was not highlighted, it is how HUMILITY greatly exalts Mordecai. He was humble under the hand of God and in due time the reward and honor was bestowed richly, in divine timing. Proverbs 18:12 says “Humility comes before honor”, and “with humility comes wisdom” (Proverbs 11:2).

    May we have God’s grace and wisdom to always choose humility over pride. Let humility be our nature and attitude.

  42. Pam Williams says:

    Praying for our dear sister and her family in this sudden loss of their beloved mother. May you know God’s comfort in the days as the confusion and numbness wear off.

  43. Brittany Reyes says:

    Romans 8:26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes[a] with sighs too deep for words.

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom! The Lord is with you and the spirit is interceding for you when you can no longer find words to pray!
    The Lord is mourning with you and holding you in His hands! Find comfort in him. Lean into Him. Rest in Him.

    Today’s chapter shows us that God is working even when we cannot always see it. You may not feel him but he is closer to you than you can know!

  44. Dorothy says:

    Rebecca, thank you for reminding me that it is the Lord and the Lord alone I need to worship. I don’t need what others have. If I have faith and love and the Lord Almighty that is all I need.

    Lord, help me to put You before all else. Remind me that You will provide all my needs. Amen.

    Have a blessed day sisters.

  45. Linda says:

    Oluseyi, this verse came to mind as I read your request: In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know how we ought to pray, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words. And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.

  46. Bridgette says:

    I stand in agreement with Donna and all the other sisters ❤️

  47. Nancy Singleton says:

    I echo the prayers of you all, sisters in Christ. Trust in the Lord with all your heart…

  48. Danya MacDonald says:

    WOW, lots of reversals in this chapter! Haman who thought he had power and the favor of the King starts to see that’s not the case. Even his wife seems to turn on him. The King who seemed ambivalent toward him earlier, feels differently now. Actually the king makes a fool of him when asking what would you do to honor someone. LOL

  49. Donna Wolcott says:

    Dear sister Oluseyi, praying for God’s peace to flow over all of you. You don’t need words right now, He knows your heart. Your sisters here will do your praying. Deepest sympathies.

  50. Sarah D. says:

    Well, some exciting news haha. I applied yesterday for an online Master’s of Elementary Education! I am still trying to hold everything loosely, because it depends if I can get a job or graduate student position that will pay for school. But I’d been thinking and researching it a lot, and I started to see how I have the traits of a teacher, and I was already considering something related to education in the wildlife field…and I’ve felt that I would enjoy being an elementary school teacher. College has been hard in trying to figure out what I want to do as a career, and I feel like I’ve have found something that may come more naturally to me compared to biology related things. I’m glad I pushed myself to take the hard science classes and am thankful for all that I’ve learned…praying that God’s will be done!! I’m excited! Trusting God is so hard, not even two weeks ago I was crying out to him about how I don’t know what the future holds. I still don’t know, but I’m choosing to trust him one step at a time. He will provide. <3

  51. Maura says:

    Praying for you and your family Oluseyi. I am sorry for your loss of your sweet Mama. May you feel His love and comfort around you all and find His peace for your heart. Thanking the Lord Kelsey for His provision for you and your little one during this time, and asking for His best for work for you, He knows your heart and your gifts, may He bring the right opportunity before you. Praying Darci, for His grace poured out as you meet with your coworker, that whatever misunderstanding or offense can dissolve as you talk things through. I have had such meetings, and am thankful for the things God taught me when I had made assumptions that were not correct and the grace someone had for me. God is good. Angie as always I find such joy in your words. I too was bothered by the choice Haman made. But, thought it so interesting that though I doubt Mordecai would have chosen such a reward, that Haman who was so offended by Mordecai not bowing down to him had to call out praises before him. So much to learn in this, pride such a deceiver to us, so harmful when we consider that anyone should bow before us. Give us wisdom Lord that we may humble ourselves always before you and others.

  52. Sara Woolley says:

    Ginny, I was thinking something similar to you but couldn’t put it into words. The only thing I would add is that I struggle with criticism because I want to hear praise all the time. I veil it in the fact that I just need encouragement, but I am realizing from this story that that is bologna. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Melissa CoeKhazanedar says:

    How mortifying and humiliating it must have been for Haman to dress Mordecai, a man he despised and wanted dead because of his refusal to bow to him, in the royal robes and parade him around, the reward he had chosen for himself!

  54. Nads says:

    @OLUSEYI: You have my heart with you and yours. Let your SRT sisters pray doubly for you to make up for this time when it is hard to find words…but, know that your Father hears the groaning of your heartbreak as prayer, AND gathers yours tears with one hand as He holds and honors your Mama with the other.

  55. GramsieSue . says:

    As I look back over my life (61 years), I see so many times that God was at work. Even as I sought after my own goals – He turned things around and placed me in a better situation. His ways are so much better than mine!

    I am so thankful that God is in control. Especially during these uncertain times.

    Praying for each request mentioned. God is so good!
    Blessings to you all ❤️

  56. Jen S says:

    It has been on my heart the past couple of days (and after yesterday’s sermon especially and now this devotional) to do the same thing. But I don’t think I’ll wait for Lent. I need to start now!

  57. Grace Stevenson says:

    Lifting your family up in prayer this morning ❤️

  58. Makayla White says:

    I loved when the author said “we cannot remain atop the pedestals we build for ourselves because we are poor builders”.
    I would do well to remember that I must remain humble ♥️

  59. Mari V says:

    Praying right now Olusey! I am so sorry for y to hear this. I am praying that God’s people will surround you and your siblings. I am praying for wisdom for the coming days. Please be assured that your sisters here are praying for you.

  60. ADB says:

    Oliseyi, Darci and Kelsey, praying for you now.

  61. Allison Bentley says:

    @oluseyiA I am praying for you that you lean into God and TRUST His plan!! Sending a hug your way!

  62. Churchmouse says:

    Elevation and promotion of self has gone to a whole different level with the rise of social media platforms. There is an addictive quality to them, intentionally devised by the sites’ developers. It’s a sly strategic manipulation. I dropped social media last year as a Lenten sacrifice. By Easter Sunday I knew I would not go back on them. The freedom and the peace was refreshing. I had more time in the Word which is a far better use of my time.

  63. Mari V says:

    He alone deserves all the glory! No one else. Just our God!

  64. Jennifer AndersMiller says:

    I’m praying for you and your family, asking Holy Spirit to call out to God when you have no words and that the peace of Christ will fill you and yours during this time. Please tell yourself that your Heavenly Father has not abandoned you, even if you’re heart feels very alone. Losing your Mama is awful, I truly know from experience, but I pray that He will provide you the emotional, spiritual, and material support you need during this time and as you move forward.

  65. Oluseyi A says:

    Please sisters pray for me and my family as we go through the toughest season of our lives. My mom went to be with the lord yesterday after a brief illness. She’s has raised us, her five children alone for the past 19yrs after my dad passed. I’m in so much pain, confused and I can’t even pray. The future feels scary knowing she won’t be here. I have questions but with no answers. God bless you as you put us in your prayers.

  66. Ginny Keteles says:

    I find I am not so unlike Haman, but maybe in less subtle ways. It comes stealthily as in self protective mindsets. I have my own persona of who I want to be, but as soon as someone pokes a hole in that through a scolding or a reminder of a failure, the shame kicks into gear. That is raining on my parade! Thankful God reminded me of this through Haman. Recognition enables me to confess it and let it go.

  67. Sarah Bowden says:

    “The greatest temptation of man is the urge to make a God of self.” Wow, those are powerful words today!

  68. Katie Schisler says:

    Praying for you, Darci!

  69. Katie Schisler says:

    Jaedyn, Thank you for sharing an update. Continued prayers for your dad, Trevor and your family.

  70. Kelsey Rodrigues says:

    I am a single mom with out a job right now. God is so good and is providing for us in this season and I thankful. He is allowing me some time to rest. I am putting my trust in Him to continue to provide and make a way for me and my little. I will not be anxious for He has a plan and I need to “wait” on it to be revealed. Yet, waiting does not mean sit idly. I still need to put in the effort and actively trust that He will show me the way! Help me to trust in your perfect timing, God!

  71. Angela White says:

    It’s so common and easy these days to get caught up in the glory and show of life on social media and such…people make money by glorifying themselves so it seems like a good thing to do but here we see the opposite happen. We see a man sought after glorifying himself be humiliated instead… I’m sure if we saw less people seemingly gaining everything by glorifying themselves we would be less tempted and interested in the same thing. Instead we have to fight our human nature and tell our flesh to sit down and be quiet.

  72. Angela White says:

    Still praying for your dad, jaedyn! Thank you for the update!

  73. Farabove Rubies says:

    Still praying for your dad Jaedyn

  74. AnneLyn P says:

    Praying for your meeting today, Darci.

  75. Stacy J says:

    Help me not try to trust in myself or trust in what I have. I trust in the Lord who is my creator, Father, and provider.

  76. Audrey Kennedy says:

    We are self-worshippers by nature.

    Caution: Let us not put our trust in public parades or private possessions.

  77. Crystal Eichhorst says:

    Yes! They also must have heard about the Jews God to believe that Mordecai would prevail. He reaches even those who shut their ears to him

  78. Kerri Howard says:

    Praying Darci!

  79. Dianne Pacewicz says:


  80. Ren C says:

    This is a great example of God’s faithfulness to those who love and obey Him. Those who are prideful and tear others down to build themselves up will answer for it in God’s perfect timing.

  81. Kristen says:

    I am convicted. I realize that I want people to praise me for what I know or have been saying or doing. In the Scriptures we see Haman as a disgusting enemy. I’m ashamed to say that I am like him. Please forgive me, God for this. I would not know anything or be able to do anything unless you allowed it. May my motives for the things I do be pure and to give You glory. Please change me in all the ways that aren’t pleasing and don’t align with how your child should act, think, or speak. Please make the meditations of my mind and the words of my mouth be pleasing to You. Obviously, I can’t do this without You. Amen!
    This devotional can go with the teaching from Ephesians from the First 5 app from Proverbs 31 Ministry. It talks about working with integrity and as unto the Lord. Also, doing the right thing when no one is watching. Here is a link:

  82. Alysha Dors says:

    I was also drawn to the comparison of what Haman’s advisors and wife said to him. I thought I was really interesting how quick they were to change their mind about the whole situation.

  83. Angie says:

    Early in the king’s reign Mordecai heard of an evil plan to assassinate the king and did what was right to stop the evil. Whew! And life went on. Time passes until one night, unable to sleep the king, is reminded of Mordecai’s unrewarded faithfulness and honors him with his own personal parade.

    I was feeling kinda good about myself because I thought, Yuck! I would hate that! and whew, that must mean I don’t struggle with self-worship…good. So, what would I want, I would pick to go to children’s hospitals and nursing homes and have all the things available to me to do nice things for the children, their families, and the elderly to ease their burdens. Sounded like a really fun and good thing, (maybe even a little bit holy). And then a little voice said, “Why do you want to be the one to deliver the gifts?”
    Dog-gone-it. I long for a pure heart. I long to honor God with my life, to lay down self, and fully dwell in Him. I fall short. And yet, God’s love does not change. His patient working in me, teaching me, helping me draw closer to Him and become more like Him, is consistently continual. His mercy and grace amazing.

    Like Mordecai, I pray that when I see evil and have the ability to stop it, I do. Not for reward or acclaim, but because it is right. Then go on with life. Step by single step. God does not waste anything. I will simply lay my trust in Him for yesterday, today, and my tomorrows, for they are His. Mordecai will receive a greater reward at the end of Esther’s story. No matter what honors are, or are not, placed upon our life by God in this world, a greater reward is waiting for us at the end of our story. All because we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Because we are covered in His righteousness and made holy whole in Him. Whew, and thank you Jesus! Amen.

  84. Sherri says:

    Praying for you Darci.

  85. Beth Dalton says:


  86. Deborah Bassoff says:


  87. Searching says:

    I know God’s timing is perfect and wow, does it come together here! The king is dealing with insomnia and decides to use reading (or in his case, listening) as a cure, the passage he hears leads to a belated (God’s perfect timing again) thank you to Mordecai. The king didn’t go looking for Haman – he just “happened” to be hanging around, ready to provide input.

    Another thing that caught my attention was that Haman’s wife and his “wise” friends were quick to throw out the gallows idea, and now were just as quick to tell him he was doomed without acknowledging their involvement.

  88. Darci Michelle says:

    Please continue to pray. I meet with some one today at my job who is upset. Pray that we both come with open hearts and minds to hear and listen to each other and to come to a solution that is the best for both of us.

  89. Darci Michelle says:

    This is so good. Thank you for sharing.

  90. Esthera Cotoarba says:

    “We cannot remain atop of the pedestals we build for ourselves because we are poor builders…”. Learning more and more that my foundation is in Christ the cornerstone who holds everything, including me, together…

  91. Esthera Cotoarba says:

    “We cannot remain atop of the pedestals we build for ourselves because we are poor builders…”. Learning more and more that my foundation is in Christz the cornerstone who holds everything, including me, together…