Memorial Stones

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Joshua 4:1-24, Joshua 5:1-9, Exodus 14:21-25, Exodus 14:30-31, Colossians 2:11-12

It only takes a quick glance around to see how much we like to set up memorials. We build rock towers to display human creativity, erect statues on behalf of war conquests, attach plaques to park benches, and place headstones at gravesites. Each time I visit a new city with a friend (or even when I take a solo road trip), I make a playlist that honors the journey. Listening to it is a memorial to the wonders we witnessed and the many melodies that moved us along the way. 

We don’t want to forget the events of our lives. We want to remember what we have gained or achieved, as well as what we have lost. While not everything we’re tempted to memorialize is honorable, these tangible markers connect us to our past and our present, and possibly even cast a vision for the future. Our identity is closely tied to our memory, and that makes it worth talking about.  

In Joshua 4, we find an intriguing story about how God instructs Joshua to have twelve men select twelve stones from the Jordan riverbed (Joshua 4:1–3). This happens right after He makes a dry path for the Israelites as they carry the ark of the covenant (v.7), hearkening back to Moses and the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea. 

When I first read this account, I was a little confused by all the directional cues—the coming and going, picking up stones and balancing stones on shoulders, and then carrying these same stones back to camp. Like the little children referenced in this passage, I echoed their hypothetical questions and thought, What’s the deal with all these stones? (Joshua 4:21).

Examining the story, we discover it’s less about the stones and where they’re being taken, and more about remembering the Lord’s strength and provision. In following Joshua’s instructions, the twelve men representing the twelve tribes of Israel are participating in an act of remembrance. “This is so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the LORD’s hand is strong,” says Joshua to the crowd, “so that you may always fear the LORD your God” (Joshua 4:24). Through miracles like this one, God’s faithfulness is revealed to generation after generation, and it’s important not to forget it.  

I want to be known for remembering who God is. If our identity is intertwined with our memory, then we need reminders of who we belong to—every single day. We are God’s people. We are not orphans left to care for ourselves, but beloved children grafted into His family. The local church reminds me of this. Road trip playlists remind me of this. Whether it’s crossing the Red Sea, the Jordan River, or the gravel street across from my condo, I can worship the Lord knowing His hand is strong and He is a trustworthy Deliverer. 

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94 thoughts on "Memorial Stones"

  1. Lindsay Parks says:

    Though there may be obstacles, the Lord shows us our strength through his so we know that he is always guiding and always with us.

  2. Alayna P. says:

    I want remember all that God has done for me so I can praise him in gratitude.

  3. Carrie Yarnell says:

    I want remember what God has done for me and be thankful for the things He has done for me!

  4. Poppy Waskett says:

    Praise the Lord my soul and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your sins, heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion so that your youth is renewed like the eagle. Psalm 103
    Gods word directs us to remember and not forget ALL his benefits, it reminds me to reflect and thank and meditate on Gods goodness, power and love, remembering what he has done for his people and for me and that puts past, present and future in God perspective. To him be the glory.

  5. Poppy Waskett says:

    Praise the Lord my soul and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your sins, heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion so that your youth is renewed like the eagle. Psalm 103

  6. Bethany Chandler says:

    “If our identity is intertwined with our memory, then we need reminders of who we belong to every day.”

  7. Stephanie M says:

    Stephanie may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty, that Stephanie may fear the Lord Stephanie’s God forever.

  8. Anastasiia Sibirtseva says:


  9. Donna Rowse says:

    Prayed for you today Havana. You are not “too much” and you are not “not enough”. You are who you need to be because of Christ. He will guide you step by step in the right direction. Be at peace today. ❤️

  10. Carrie Swanson says:


  11. Havana Mitrik says:

    I’ve been feeling like I’m out of place. Imposter syndrome is hitting me extra hard and it makes me feel like I’m a fish out of water or some sort of freak. I don’t know what I want to do or what my life will be. I can only begin to know who I am through and in Christ. My identity is with God not the world

  12. Paula Strong says:

    So good to remember how he is guiding us. Being home with my immune compromised daughter gets lonely. God is here with me. He is guiding our lives. If he can part a sea and make the ground dry he can protect my family.

  13. Hannah Pellicer says:

    Learning more about His provision every day!

  14. Mari Sanchez says:

    I love that we’re able to clearly see that God’s plans for our lives are so much bigger than anything we can ever dream up! So much more reason to fully trust HIM and allow HIM to lead the way. We also see what obedience can do. If we just listen, trust, and obey. HE is faithful!

  15. Rachel Dunn says:

    I love this. So many focus on taking away things, but it’s good to add in Positive things!

  16. Tracy Mattison Brandon says:

    I stand in awe of how God clears the way for us to cross over into the place where He has called us. I will never forget the many ways Gods power has been displayed in my life. I will continue to trust in and follow God’s strong hand.

  17. Andrea Chapman says:

    His hand is strong! Amen

  18. Ms Amy* says:

    This is such a good idea! ❤️

  19. Meredith Medford says:

    This year, to help me remember God’s faithfulness, I have started writing ways He has blessed and shown off for us on little pieces of card stock and putting them in a jar. It might be an answered prayer, a beautiful, calming sunset, or a word from a friend at just the right time. I want to look back at the end of this crazy year and WORSHIP Him for His faithful love.

  20. Jamie Trice says:

    I praise you God for always having your strong hand to guide my life.

  21. KS Wilson says:

    I loved reading about how the author uses music playlists to remind him of the moments in his travels. For Lent I have committed to listening to positive/uplifting music for at least 15 minutes everyday… now I am going to create a Lent playlist! Each day a song will be added that marks each day of my Lent 2021 journey!

  22. Ruby Everett says:

    I love todays reading. It reminds me of our Mother Daughter banquet at my church a few years ago. “Retrieving the stones from your Jordan” we handed out journals and emphasizes writing down your stories of where God has worked in your life. So your children and grandchildren can read and see God’s hands and faithfulness. Such a blessing to find things written by your Mother, after she’s gone that shows her faith!

  23. Trixie Jackson says:

    I loved this passage. I’m in a phase in my life where I don’t know how I’m going to come out of the other side – and this makes me feel like the Israelites who didn’t know how they were going to cross the Jordan. But the miraculous hand of God will see me through the exact way It saw them through. I just need to remember that God always provides and deserves accolades and memorials when He does!

  24. L V says:

    Reading about the stones reminds me of the little row of sea glass I have set up on my windowsill. I love sea glass and I collect it each time I find some on the beach. Later they decorate my house and are little reminders of past trips. They remind me of where I’ve been.

  25. Rachel Boyes says:

    I will preface this by saying that I’m not a biblical scholar by any stretch, but that I see fear more as respecting the awesomeness and power of God. Love can be too easily confused for the way we feel about our family and friends, and the way you look to and feel about the Lord is entirely different.

  26. Kitty Mc Donald says:

    Wow to be Joshua. I underlined the words ….and tge Lord told Joshua n the Lord said to Joshua. Can you imagine that!! One day!

  27. Erika Hinojosa says:

    As I begin reading for my first time , very excited And interested by the way, why do I come across “to fear the lord” so often? Why “fear” should it not be just “ love”. ?

  28. Sheila Smith says:


  29. Kate Condran says:

    I love this passage and have used it as a model when sharing my testimony- the memorial stones in my life are places where God has been faithful and I want to remember His faithfulness in that season.

  30. Aurelia Jackson says:


  31. Monique Wanner says:

    Angela, thank you for this insight. It really hit me. When I’m straining to hold steady on what God asked me to do, I need to look around and realize the miracles He is working in the meantime.

  32. Sydnie Smith says:

    “While not everything we are tempted to memorialize is honourable…”. Wow. The Lord spoke to me through that passage. I’ve been trying to memorialize something that isn’t worth memorializing, but what He has done for me, is. ❤️

  33. Amber Strickland says:

    This was 6 years ago….so we remember today.

  34. Amber Strickland says:

    Coincidentally, today happens to be a memorial day for my family. After 3 plus years, our international adoption was recognized in our state and given her state birth certificate. God had been so good to us and answered so many prayers. We have several “remembrance” days throughout the process….I love looking back and seeing that he is faithful.

  35. Nancy Hoffman says:

    Reminders woven into my daily life help me remember the faithfulness of Almighty God which ALWAYS exceeds our need.

  36. Melody Bates says:

    This reminds me of all the momentos I have kept (my son’s younger years, my graduation medal, things from early on in my marriage, etc.). These things mean a lot to me.

  37. Jennifer Collings says:


  38. Mercy says:

    Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth. I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old (Psalm 77:11).
    But watch out! Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen. Do not let these memories escape from your mind as long as you live! And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren (Deuteronomy 4:9-10)

  39. Denise N says:


  40. Lisa C says:

    Thank you❤️

  41. Marisol Marrero says:

    My identity is intertwined with my memory. Thank you for this reminder today.

  42. Pamela Randol says:

    Many times I don’t take the time to read the feed. I get impatient with the pressures of scheduling my time. But I am grateful for the little nuggets when I do take the time thank you Kristen, Angie, and Carlee N… I praise God for all the little seeds that he takes time to plant in our lives Through our brothers and sisters. We take care of each other weeding and watering pruning. Watching each other grow and mature in his love.

  43. Emily McGrath says:

    We are not orphans but beloved children grafted into God’s family! Remember ❤️

  44. Cynthia Johnston says:


  45. Cynthia Johnston says:

    Oh, to have been Joshua and Caleb, who were the only ones to see both the parting of the Red Sea and the Jordan River! God in His kindness showed those born in the wilderness what he did for those who died in the wilderness to strengthen their faith and reveal His power. May we place memorial stones in our lives to mark God’s faithfulness to us.

  46. Audrey Kennedy says:

    Remember WHO you BELONG to each & every day. For He is STRONG and a TRUSTWORTHY DELIVERER. ♥️

  47. Churchmouse says:

    Countless STACKS of stones. Please excuse the typo

  48. Churchmouse says:

    My husband and I had the opportunity to travel to the remains of a concentration camp not far from Berlin. Countless attacks of stones were there, a poignant reminder to “never forget.” Whenever I read today’s account in Joshua, I weep. The celebratory stone memorial placed on the bank of the Jordan River is in such sharp contrast to the memorial stones we saw placed near the remains of crematorium ovens. I’m moved to pray for the peace of Israel. Join me, sisters, in praying “never again.”

  49. Cristina Higgins says:

    Thank you Pamela for giving me another view point to think and ponder. I have been so blessed by this community of believers! Thank you my sisters. I look forward to meeting you some great day.

  50. Chris Swan says:

    Loving this study and everyones comments!! My list of memory stones is very long (I’m 72) and have lived a full blessed life!! Looking for ways now to share my stories of God with others.

  51. Gloria Lopez says:

    Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing.

  52. Cristina Higgins says:

    Kirsten, my heart goes out to you and I praise God who brought so very many blessing to you when you didn’t even know how much you needed him. Last month my son died from cancer. As in the church you were invited to we were praising God and thanking Him that we had Jay for as long as we did. There was a woman there who was a Christian, but had never heard the invitation given in a church gathering, much less a funeral, or the reason why we give it, until his funeral. She said she had “heard” why Jesus was our Savior, but she had never seen so many who “knew” and praised Him even in sorrow. Praise our loving God who always gives so many memories to remember Him!

  53. Brandy Deruso says:

    Thank you lord for being my deliverer!

  54. Taylor says:

    “Faithful you have been, faithful you will be” from the song Ever Be by Elevation Worship came to mind as a read this devotion. We can trust Him because we REMEMBER His goodness, His love, His provision, His faithfulness, His attention to detail, His love for His people. <3

  55. Kylie K says:

    It’s so easy to be only focused on what is right in front of us today- we toil and spin with worries and fears and “will this pain/struggle ever come to an end?”… God knows we will forget the times he has carried us out of past struggles- that’s why we need stones to remind us. May we never lose the wonder, oh the wonder of his mercy!

  56. Rachel from Texas says:

    I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for Texas. They have helped lift my spirit. Keep them coming. The Houston area seems to almost be back on power – but water is a different story – especially in the city and in Austin. Many under boil notice and with damages to their homes/businesses from busted pipes. We did eventually lose power last night at 7:30 and began prep to sleep all in one room with our toddler. Thankfully it was a true rolling outage and came back on my 9pm. I know this to be the exception and not the rule for most. Hopeful we are at the end of this. Praying for sunny days ahead.

  57. Holly Kuchera says:

    This is good, Carlee. Amen.

  58. Kayla Albano says:

    When we remember what God has already delivered us from (or provided for us!) in our past, we can better trust Him to deliver us in our future.

  59. Maura says:

    Kristen, thank you for sharing how God gathered you in and met you in your sorrow through others. He is so good to us. I do believe it is true that it is in our brokenness that His light can be seen the brightest. For when we are weak, He brings His strength and we are strong. God’s grace, mercy, provision and love. So much to remember, a dear friend in college who made me understand that while I knew of Jesus, He wanted a personal relationship with me. Our Father who gave His son for the love of us sinners. I grew up Catholic too, so while I knew all of the stories in the Bible, I had never understood until my friend that God meant to be so much more than a story, but my salvation, my song my strength. There is so much to be grateful for this day. Praying for all of you my Sisters and me, that our eyes will stay on the One who walks on water, no matter what storm we are in it will not overwhelm us as we look to Him and trust that He is the way through and has already declared the victory. Hugs to all of you who are in the midst of battles, remember He has you and is fighting for you.

  60. Catherine McVey says:

    Kristen thank you for your amazing testimony. May God continue to lead you and bless you ❤️

  61. Monica H says:

    As I read the thoughts and experiences you all share, I am struck by how God speaks to me not only through His word but through the testimony of others. As you all recount your experiences, it serves as a memorial to God, His faithfulness, His power and His tender loving care. He truly is doing “10,000 things” all the time and so many of the blessings we need to recognize are sprinkled all about…even in the post thread of our devotions. Thanks be to God for His provision and thanks to all of you sweet ladies for your willingness to cooperate with Him in big and small ways. You may never know on this side of heaven how your testimony hear has encouraged another sister…like me.❤️

  62. Katie Schisler says:

    Sorry. The quote is “If our identify is intertwined WITH Our memory.” Not without. The post doesn’t make sense otherwise!

  63. Stephanie W says:

    God uses this passage for a few things (and I’m sure I’m missing more!)
    – Remembrance for Israel
    – establish Joshua as the new leader. Proving that the Lord is with him just as He was with Moses
    – a new miracle for a new generation.

    The Red Sea miracle happened a long time ago. The only people to have crossed the Red Sea as adults were Joshua and Caleb. Everyone else were little children or not yet born. They had heard of the fame of God but they needed their own “Red Sea” crossing to inspire their faith for the new generation. See Numbers 14:26-38

  64. Katie Schisler says:

    “If our identity is intertwined with out memory, then we need reminders of who we belong to – every single day.” These words struck me in a few ways. First, yesterday someone from my old youth group posted on Facebook that the Christian artist Carmen passed and if I and others remember putting on a musical of his called Revival in the Land. It sparked conversation about traveling across the state performing it or loading up on a bus to see Carmen in concert. Most of these people I have absolutely no contact with anymore. But one “stone” brought us back to beautiful memories of growing in God as a teenager.
    Second, this quote made me think of how out of sight, it of mind I am. I’m not a particularly nostalgic person, I guess I’m someone who likes to look forward. Also, in the past few years I’ve made an effort to declutter doing the whole Marie Condo thing. I appreciate her perspective. However, I notice she has even less sentimentality than me. I do think we hold on to too many material things, but here in Joshua we see God telling them to not just rely on memory, mark this occasion. There are a few things in my life that when I physically pick them up I am whisked to a memory and now that I come to think of it that memory is something that has formed my identity. Thank you God for giving us tangible reminders of intangible moments!

  65. Erin D says:

    This was such a good reading today. Thank you for the reminder that I belong to God and I am here for His glory. Use me, Lord! I’m yours!

  66. Katie Schisler says:


  67. Kirstyn Wright says:

    What strikes me about the stones is that the 12 tribes carried them on their SHOULDERS. This represented the weight of their journey that they were literally laying down and then memorializing. And it points (in my mind) to the ephod that the priests will wear. It also had 12 stones on it representing the tribes. And it was worn over the head so that the weight of the tribes would be on the priests shoulders as he went in the Holy of Holies. How beautiful Scripture is.

    1. Melody Bates says:

      Good insight, I had never realized that.

  68. Katie Sloan says:

    Always love this passage!

  69. Mari V says:

    The memory is an amazing thing. It’s good so that we can remember where we came from so that we never forget. I never want to forget where I came from, where I was and where I am today. And then there are those memories that we forget that we don’t remember. I was in a situation, not a good one and for the life of me I can’t remember exactly what happened. A close friend told me, that maybe God is protecting me from that memory and that’s why I don’t remember. God is good. A good father who loves and protects His children.

  70. Chelsea Nix says:


  71. Carlee N says:

    Whenever I read this passage, I am always struck by God’s instruction to put the stones down. I think about how many times I’ve had God work miracles in my life, and I want to continue carrying the stones. Perhaps as a penance, or me trying to “do my part” in the miracle. I forget that God has instructed me to put them down and just remember. We weren’t meant to carry those stones as our reminder. We are to put them down, moving forward in our lives with confidence knowing that the Lord that is with us is powerful, and to come back to those stones to renew our faith.

  72. Pamela Randol says:

    When I started reading this passage I was looking for the significance of the stones just as in the devotion.… But then I was continually drawn back to the circumcision.…Was anyone at all struck by the tie of circumcision throughout these scriptures? Sacrifice of a portion of ourselves to show our loyalty and our commitment in our covenant with the Lord. And then Jesus Christ being the ultimate circumcision of our sin in and of our hearts so that we can be spiritually bonded with him really overwhelmed me! That portion of the circumcision is a blood sacrifice and is thrown away from us to make us holy clean before the Lord! I am so overwhelmed by your goodness Lord! I am in awe of how uses all the details of his word to reveal himself and to help us grow deeper if we continue to read and search him out.

  73. Sarah Luehof says:

    One of my favourite ways to practice remembering God’s faithfulness is to have a family day each august during our family camping trip. We go on a hike, have a lunch, and then we all write or draw (mostly for the kids) “memorial stones” of what God has done in our family’s life over the last year. I keep them all together, and then the idea is over the years, we’ll have this family record of God’s provision for us, even in the hard times. We’ve done it two years in a row so far. I borrowed this idea from Sally Clarkson, who talks about it in more detail in her book The Life-Giving Home.

  74. Leslie Limardo says:

    This is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. Since I first read it a few years ago it really got me thinking about what I choose to remember. Since then I’ve made a conscious effort to really remember what God has done for me in each season either through journals or through an object. This practice has strengthened my walk because I now have the Bible as well as my own memory stones to see Gods hand in my life. The same way the Egyptians and the Canaanite Kings lost heart and courage because of what they saw we should be strengthened and joyful by what we see in our own lives as well as the Bible.

  75. Nicole VazquezNorcross says:

    Love this story of a sign to remember him by!

  76. Mom to many says:

    Thank you Angela for bringing my attention to those holding the ark. What a job! I appreciate your reminder that sometimes it takes all our strength to hold fast to our faith and often the miracle is not seen in the midst of a trial or struggle.

  77. Bonnie Smith says:

    Kristen, thank you for sharing your story, what a beautiful testimony to the grace of God!!

  78. Tina says:

    @KRISTEN, Sending you some love and hugs wrapped in prayers for God’s loving arms to continue to holding you close in this sad time..
    God be with you..❤

  79. Tina says:

    I do a lot of looking back!

    Not because I can’t move forward, but because, with each looking back, in pain or healed, in lack or plenty, lost or found, in sorrow or joy, in the wilderness or the land of plenty, there is a ‘memory stone’ to remember what God has done!

    I look back not to be morbid, but to rejoice at where he has brought me now. If I were to be honest, I would be disrespectful to God, not to remember the truth of my being here still.. the grace afforded me over the years, the provision of mercy and love when all seemed bleak..the parting of my own personal red sea, to make a way of freedom for me…
    I carry my ‘memory stones’ close, so I can recall, remember and be reminded that God did, continues to, and will always do… because His hand is stronger and mightier than any other that I might slip my hand into..

    But God…

    He is God..

    My Father in heaven..

    My Redeemer..

    My Saviour. My ALL!


    Blessed Thursday sisters..wrapped in love..❤

  80. Angela Sutherland says:

    I can’t help but think about the men holding up the ark all that time…how tired and sore they must have been. The burning in their muscles as they shook from exertion while holding it steady. All the while, the miracle was taking place around them, God making the way for His people. It made me think about all those monument moments in my life…looking back I see the miracle clearly! But sometimes in the moment, even when we see God is at work, we are in the middle of the weight of it all and just the focus of holding onto our faith. Exercising faith in the midst of storms, even when God is working the miracle, can take all the strength we have to not give up. So in the moment you may not fully appreciate the miracle until you rest and remember. It’s not a clear parallel, but maybe just an encouragement to anyone in the middle of the wilderness season, about to step into the promise. Hold fast to faith! God is with you, all around You and always working!

  81. Brooke Galmarini says:

    I created a memory board in my room with pictures of my family, friends, pets, past accomplishments, etc. to remember that the Lord is good! I always tend to look at what is next, but having those little reminders helps to remember all that He has provided and what he will continue to provide ❤️

  82. Stacey Wilson says:

    Love this!!!!

  83. Jeannie Wilson says:

    We need to remember God’s faithfulness and tell of it so that it is not forgotten to future generations.

  84. Lucy Goodwin says:

    Thank you for sharing with us ♥️

  85. Joanna Griffin says:

    Thank you for sharing! This brought me to tears, He is so much better than we can even imagine.

  86. Julie Allison says:

    Great idea, Rebecca! ❤️

  87. McRae says:

    At our Women’s Retreat last year, there was a quiet room where you could go to pray – but also to make meaningful crafts that will remind you of God. One of those was a “stone station” where you could choose a stone and write a Bible verse on it.

    It’s small, so I chose part of Ephesians 2:5 “…by grace you have been saved.” It’s a wonderful, tangible reminder I can hold in my hand and feel the weight of God’s love for me. I loved reading today’s devotion and thinking that my memorial stone is tied back to those who chose stones from the Jordan River.

  88. Rebeca Kipp says:

    I am working on putting together a remembrance wall at my house. There have been clear miracles in my life that I often over look when life gets tuff. So I have decided to lay those moments of Gods goodness before the entire family. So that we can all look at them and find strength when life gets hard, or when life is good.

  89. Kristen says:

    I wrote about what God did starting at the gathering after the burial of my baby on another devotional app that I read. Here’s what I wrote. Our baby had passed away, and we just buried her that day. My sister in law’s father in law asked me to go to his church. I woke up that Sunday and my milk came in. I had no baby to feed. I went to his church. I grew up catholic and this was very different. I didn’t know God’s Word, and I didn’t even really know why Jesus died and didn’t really know about God’s power, sovereignty, and how to see Him rightly. People were clapping and praising. One woman in particular caught my eye. She was worshiping and seemed so happy. I figured she must have a perfect life. That’s why she could praise. I looked up to God, and asked why did you bring me to this place? That same woman came up to me and told me that God said to move to Him and not away. She said she normally doesn’t come up to people like this. The pastor started to preach and it was like the message was just for me! (I know that is how God works now, but I didn’t know that one message could be preached and hit each person the way God knows they need. Amazing!) That woman came along side me to help me during this time. She wrote me a letter, she gave me Christian music, talked to me, and helped me. She didn’t have a perfect life. She had a miscarriage at one point and had money problems too. However, she was able to praise Him. That Sunday started my journey of learning about God. In the time that followed I longed to be in church and hear the messages. I listened to teachings on cassette too. This was a lifeline. Another woman at that church adked me to come work at her daycare by God’s prompting. There, they prayed, I heard Christin music, and found out that the lady’s daughter had also lost a child. I Thank God that He used people to help me, gave me the right place to work for so many reasons, and that lead to meeting others that helped me at that time too. How wonderful is our God that works in all the details and used that exact woman to approach me and give me a message I and all of us still need today.. Run to Him and not away! Thank You, Father for all you have done and the people that You have placed in my life. I knew next to nothing about You. I was lost, but didn’t know it. I was so devastated at the loss of my daughter. Where would I have been without You and Your Divine Providence in so many areas and situations? I am actually remembering more ways that You were providing for me that I don’t always think about. You have been so good. Thank You for each and every way that You protected and helped me. I never wanted to lose her, but I wouldn’t have gone to church that day or heard Your Word. The rest of my life has been on a different course since that day. I’m sorry that I haven’t really thought about all the details and things I’ve forgotten about or haven’t thought about that helped too. Please help me to see You and thank You and praise You and not take things for granted. Thank You for drawing me to You. Help me to grow in Your Truth and help me to do Your will. In Jesus Name Amen.
    Today I’m thinking There’s even more that He has done! I have a memorial box of cards and her pictures. (She was stillborn.) A friend’s mom, that also lost a baby, had a baby pillow with a little rabbit inside engraved with her name. Others gave me ornaments with her name at Christmas. I also received a card a year later remembering her birth. That meant so much to know she wasn’t forgotten and I wasn’t either. I keep thinking of ways God helped me through this time and used her life to set me on life of learning His Word and learning that salvation is by Jesus. I really didn’t know how lost I was. I also know that I will see her again! Someone recently wrote that God is always doing 10,000 things in our lives. I can’t remember who wrote that, but thank you for that reminder. Wow! What an amazing, powerful, and awesome God! He needs nothing or no one, but still cares for us more than we can fathom.

  90. Dorothea Miller says:

    Photo albums turn into a memorial for us now. A tangible reminder of our past. We need to include a memorial book of God’s answered prayers and give it some wording for future generations!

  91. Angie says:

    I am thinking of the practical this morning. When we were building our home 20+ years ago, a large pink stone was dug up. We claimed it as our Ebenezer stone to remind us of God’s faithfulness and guidance in the build. That stone is set at our entranceway to remind us of the grace and provision of God. Interestingly we chose pink landscape stones all around it. Unusual. A visual that God is in both the big and little parts of our lives.
    And while memorials are good, I must always remember that they are “things” that represent the true treasure, our faithful God. Years ago I had a cross necklace that I loved. It was the one piece of jewelry I always wore. Then a young girl who had been one of my students was being baptized. I knew in my heart I was to give her the necklace. I didn’t want to, honestly, and yet I did. The necklace was a thing, a legacy/memorial to hand down. The true treasure, beauty, is in the Savior it represented.
    Lastly, I was thinking about how (in my brain) it would have seemed wiser to be circumcised before crossing the Jordan, separate from their enemies. Always, God knows best and has a plan. The crossing of the Jordan bound enemies in fear of the awesome power of God. Some of the men might have grumbled, complained, or even questioned on the other side, but after seeing God’s power and provision walking across the dry Jordan, they were ready to obey whatever God said. And, after all the emotion and energy of that trek, 3 days of rest was a great time to heal, worship, and praise God for His provision, not to mention the walking around the Jericho walls (to come) each day once, building up to seven times, was also probably great for their healing. God thought of it all…He always does. That is worth remembering.

  92. Melissa Wayne says:

    I’ve been going through a season of waiting and it’s been hard. Hard to remember that God is faithful. But He has also given me something tangible to have around, to remind me of the blessings He had given me and that there was more to come, but that I had to still wait. I pray we will all have reminders in our lives that help point us to what God has done for us and will continue to do for us.