Living Water, Come

Open Your Bible

Exodus 17:1-7, John 4:1-26, John 7:37-39, Revelation 21:5-7, Revelation 22:17

My freshman year of high school, my friends all decided to take PE as their elective. Though I was much more suited to the yearbook class I ended up taking for the rest of my high school career, that first year I succumbed to their peer pressure and the chance to get more time with friends during school hours. Much to my chagrin, the class was taught by a coach who firmly believed there was no better way to warm up the body than with a one-mile run.

On the first day of PE, I emerged from the girl’s locker room with trepidation as my school-issued gym shorts stickily clung to my legs in the Alabama August heat. I remember thinking that being the last to finish the one-mile loop around our school would be the worst thing to ever happen to me (if only we could hug our 15-year-old selves, right?). So I ran, sprinting around that track as fast as my never-ran-a-mile-before legs could carry me. And when I finally came to the end, the only way to describe how I felt is to use the words of the Israelites as they wandered through the wilderness: “Why did you ever bring us up from Egypt to kill us…with thirst?” (Exodus 17:3).

While in that story there is a very clear physical need for water, I can also remember the desperate need for living water screaming from my soul. I can recall believing all the insecurity and identity lies, and what poured from my depths was a desperate hope of being liked and wanted by my peers. 

I think in many ways that’s why we love to tell the story of the Samaritan woman at the well in our Bible studies and our churches. We sense the same longing in her that we feel in ourselves, that ache to belong that brought her and her jar to Jacob’s well at noon. She encounters Jesus and leaves with the living water of the Messiah flowing from her. Even if nothing changed on the outside about her circumstances, she carried this gospel confidence into her town and gifted them the good news of the Messiah’s arrival. And it changed many lives.

It’s no accident then, that only a few chapters later, John writes Jesus’s words as He teaches at the Festival of Shelters: “The one who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him” (John 7:38). It’s like our hearts have hot and cold faucet taps: I can turn on the scorching tap of rejection, shame, fear, etc., or I can let the cool, refreshing tap of living water flow over and out of me. Jesus will be the living water either way, but there’s a very clear difference between a heart that’s living as if it trusts in the living water it already has, or the one that keeps going back to the hot water and feels its burn. As we think about what it means for Jesus to be our living water this Advent, I pray His love flows into those places where your heart is most longing to be seen, known, and loved.

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75 thoughts on "Living Water, Come"

  1. Karen Breaux says:

  2. Wanda Woehlert says:

    I pray that God’s love flows into those places where my heart is most longing to be seen, known, and loved.

  3. Whitney Francis says:


  4. Thanks for finally writing about >Living Water, Come – She Reads Truth -She Reads Truth <Loved it!

  5. Cindy Johns says:

    (My take away from yesterday)

    That spoke to me so deeply and then I had to go back and reread everything after those words again because my brain just kept repeating “she encountered Jesus” over and over and I had absolutely no clue as to what else I had just read.

    I love when the Lord does that…. When he just lets words leap off the page at you, or almost flash at you like a neon sign.

    She needed water.
    He is the water.
    What an encounter it was.

  6. Kyleigh Kimball says:

    May I turn to Him at so moments of doubt

  7. Dianna McFarland says:

    Seek Him first—go the way that I must go daily. BE in the behavior of The Living Water flowing through me all day. Living thirsty for Him on a daily basis.

  8. Terri Baldwin says:

    The chapter underscores God’s unending mercy, provision, and protection in times of desperation and conflict. Despite our doubts and grumblings, God’s grace abounds. The miraculous provision of water and the victory over the Amalekites remind us of the power of obedience, prayer, and God’s promises.

  9. Kathryn Wright says:


  10. Venus Glass says:

    To be seen, known, and loved. Wow! So many times I think no one gets me. But when I come to Jesus I know he sees me, knows me, and loves me. He is my God, my Truth, and my refuge

  11. Mary says:

    Lifting you up now, Tiffany.
    I pray that the Giver of all good things, our Emmanuel, will be very near to you and fill you up with the peace that passes understanding. You are not alone.

  12. Ariana Strickland says:

    I love how the author of the devotional describes turning the ‘hot and cool taps on and off’. It paints a clear picture in my mind and is a beautiful way to look at our lives and using Jesus as our living water.

  13. Tiffany Lanning says:

    I really need prayer for my anxiety. I feel like it’s taking over and ruining my marriage. I know that i stress my kids out and i just hate so much that this is a struggle for me. I’ve tried counseling .
    How do i stop this ???? please pray for me !

    1. Venus Glass says:

      Father God in the name of Jesus. Help our sister Tiffany as she seeks you for healing in her mind and in her heart. Just like the Israelites looked to the serpent and were healed let us look to Jesus who died for everything that concerns us. That died for the sins that so easily besets us. Lord as we learn to keep our eyes on you give us the rest you promised us. Let us rest in your love because perfect love cast our fear. Our sister is fighting for her family bind everything that comes against her family and her sanity. Help her to look to you in Jesus name

    2. Emma Rageth says:

      Praying for you, Tiffany! I know how draining, discouraging and exhausting the struggle with anxiety can be. Praying that God gives you the peace you need in this season and the strength to keep fighting!! Don’t give up!

    3. bianca harro says:

      If you haven’t read the book Calm my Anxious Heart. I recommend it for anxiety

    4. Genny Ryley says:

      Praying for you Tiffany! I know how painful and isolating anxiety can be. Asking Gods love to come like a healing balm to you so clearly whenever anxiety rears its ugly head. I ask for full healing for you. I pray your family extends you supernatural grace and that the sting of guilt that you’re not being or doing enough would be completely removed in Jesus’ name!

  14. Claire B says:


  15. Adrienne says:

    GRAMSIESUE… I live about an hour or so NE of Kansas City (in a rural area between Weatherby and Maysville). Let me know if you ever head to KC!

    DOROTHY was in the KC area too… are you reading with us during this study, DOROTHY? (I am guessing not, as you post regularly.)

  16. Shelby Arevalo-Daszkiewicz says:


  17. Adrienne says:

    ALLISON BENTLEY… I listened to the podcast today… I think you might not be surprised tomorrow… continued complaining. And I echo you… I need to stop it!

    Dog prayers again, please? (I know you must be thinking AGAIN… it’s only a dog!) Our “little dog” did not come home with our “big dog” today. Please pray that Ronnie shows up (and not hurt). Thanks, sweet She’s!

  18. Hannah Carroll says:


  19. Kristi McNeall says:

    Love this!

  20. Kimberly Z says:

    Happy Tuesday! Thank you all for the sweet messages about my uncle! This devotional like for many resonates with me too. Our sweet (naive haha) younger selves!

  21. Michelle H says:

    Amen! ❤️

  22. Christy Moye says:


  23. Madeleine says:

    Hey dear sisters, would appreciate your prayers as I’m struggling with intrusive thoughts and feelings, exhaustion, and feeling distant from the Lord and my daughter. Thanks so much.

    1. Emma Rageth says:

      Praying for you, Madeleine! I can relate to the intrusive thoughts/feelings and exhaustion. Life can just be so heavy at times. Praying peace, comfort and joy over you as Jesus walks with you through this season!

  24. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I pray that I would come to God instead of the things of this world to satisfy my heart’s desires.

  25. Traci Gendron says:

    KRIS and TINA – I feel you wrote my story. I too was the woman at the well. Married 3 times (I hate to admit that)..But in my 30’s I was so unhappy and cried out to God. He rescued me and has not left my side.

  26. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    I too remember my high school years all to well. I had gotten far from God and did whatever the popular crowd did so that I could “fit in” and be accepted. My rebellion and walking away from God lasted until I was 21. BUT GOD!…He stepped in, called me back, invited me once again taste the water from the well that will forever quench my thirst. I am so grateful & blessed that God did not give up on me or leave me to wallow in my sin. He called me back. Praise God! Thank you Jesus for Your living water, and for inviting me to the well that never shall run dry!

    Thank you for all who show up at these studies and offer words of wisdom, love and prayer. I look forward to getting to know you all by reading your posts. I echo all the prayers mentioned in Searching’s post.

    Have a blessed day – may watch over each and every one of you and blanket you with His love.

  27. searching says:

    wow, this devo brought back so many memories of high school years and none of them good. As I thought back to the days of not fitting in, I saw the beginning of seeking all the wrong things in all the wrong places – my faith was barely existent at that age and being popular seemed SO important (not that I ever was). These Scriptures remind me of WHO I belong to, and the rejuvenation of Living Water pouring over my parched soul.
    TINA – Had we been on the same continent, we might have crossed paths as we turned our backs and ran from all that was God and good. But God … Amen.
    RHONDA J, your words ring so true “trying to get her thirst quenched in her own way, not even knowing really that is what she was needing …”
    And KRIS, so thankful that “He reminds me that I have been rescued, redeemed (bought back from the evil one), forgiven, restored, blessed.”

    CEE GEE – love what you pointed out. Like eating for ourselves, our faith is personal and no one can have faith for us. And as we need to feed ourselves food regularly, we need to feed ourselves with/study God’s word regularly. So thankful for you and our other sisters here!

    Praying for:
    PAM – healing/resolution of tough church issues
    GRAMSIESUE – Steve’s upcoming treatment plan and rehab stay. Thankful for diagnosis, finally!
    MARI V – daughter’s health
    KIMBERLY Z – comfort for your family over loss of sweet uncle
    MICHELLE PATIRE – Brenna’s spiritual health! Thankful for her physical health after accident.
    TRACI GENDRON – your stepchildren, that they will come to know the Lord. May they see Jesus as they see how you live. Agree that it can be challenging to be around others at times, the staunch nonbelievers especially. Many times I struggle in my words and actions in those situations.
    JULIA MCFARLAND – that you will add many more years to the 5 years of eating disorder recovery! thank you for your testimony!

  28. Allison Bentley says:

    The last two days I have noticed the Israelites COMPLAINING to Moses and feel I need to ask myself (and maybe some of you too) – who am I complaining to? What are they going to do with my complaints? Lord keep me focused on You and Your work in my life- help me to hold on to the “cold water truths” so that I will thirst no more and be content with my circumstances. Happy Tuesday She’s !!

  29. Cheryl Blow says:

    So thankful got living water Jesus provides! Where would I be without my Lord! More of Him and less of me.

  30. Kim Wideman says:

    That closing paragraph spoke to my soul. I so often allow that hot water of self-imposed condemnation to flow into my secret, insecure, longing-for approval places. I pray today that all any of us feel is the cool, refreshing water of the Hope and full acceptance we have in Christ! ❤️

    1. Wendy Johnson says:

      Yes and amen!

  31. Keli Miles says:

    Thank you Lord for your living water! Amen! ❤️

  32. Foster Mama says:

    Thank you @ KAYLA DE LA TORRE

    Other than the important spiritual merits of your meditation, I felt every word of:

    “I remember thinking that being the last to finish the one-mile loop around our school would be the worst thing to ever happen to me (if only we could hug our 15-year-old selves, right?). So I ran, sprinting around that track as fast as my never-ran-a-mile-before legs could carry me. And when I finally came to the end, the only way to describe how I felt is to use the words of the Israelites as they wandered through the wilderness: “Why did you ever bring us up from Egypt to kill us…with thirst?” (Exodus 17:3).”

    Thank you!! You put a huge smile on my face! Oh, to hug my teen self through many of these types of situations!

  33. Kris says:

    I agree – The Chosen has given us realistic comprehension of the story of the woman at the well. And Lisa Harper has a wonderful teaching about her, too! I think we’ve all been at a place of searching in the wrong places, but thankfully, God has gotten ahold of us and given us the living water talked about here. There are times when I just can’t thank God enough for all He’s done for me. Just this morning, as I sat in my living room having coffee and spending time with Him, I was overwhelmed with the depth of my thankfulness towards Him for all He’s done for me. Every once in a while He brings a memory to me of what I was like in the past, and I just shake my head in shame. But then He reminds me that I have been rescued, redeemed (bought back from the evil one), forgiven, restored, blessed. I honestly have no need for anything. He has truly given me everything I need for life. Yes, the Living Water has toughed us all.

  34. Lakechia Smith says:

    His love flows through me healing all the areas that needs and thirst for Him the most❤️

    1. Keli Miles says:

      Amen! ❤️

  35. Pam says:

    I haven’t posted for a while but I am so loving these reading and they are helping me through this time. The Advent studies from SRT are always top on my list for December. We are going through some tough stuff related to church and hurting deeply. Yet God has been using this study to lead and minister to me. This morning I kept noting the availability of Living Water- for the right now. Though the situation might not change, the Living Water is with my husband and I through this. He says “Come”. What an amazing gift He has given us.

  36. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  37. Gayle Craik says:

    Amen! God gives us all things that we need. Lots fill me with your living water & heal me again.

  38. Rachel says:

    I love the continuation of the story in John 4: “…So the woman left her water jar and went away into town and said the people, “Come, see a man…” (v29). She was amazed by Him and His offer to her – to HER – of living water and the first thing she did was go tell others so they could know Him, too. Lord, make me more like this woman.

  39. Cee Gee says:

    KAYLA DE LA TORRE – Thank you for this! I am reminded of these words: Revelation 3:16 – “But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!”

    How many days do I have both taps open simultaneously! Father, forgive me for giving in to the feelings and moods that are not pleasing to You.

    LEXI B, ANNIE – ❤ sorry for the missed word (can) in that comment! I had my finger in the wrong place and deleted most of the comment and hurried to type it again before I forgot it. ☺

    GRAMIESUE – Hallelujah, you have a diagnosis and treatment plan! Continued prayers as you make the most of this Christmas season. Hugs to both of you. ❤

    TINA – Your heart! Sister, I love you and love who you are. I think you should be on the writing team for SRT!!! ❤

    Prayers for each of you! ❤

  40. GramsieSue says:

    Adrienne, we live just outside of Springfield MO in a little town called Nixa.
    We are waiting for the biopsy of his nerves to be complete and then we can begin the new medicine. Praying there are no more bumps in the road…
    But God
    Yes, if there are more bumps He will help us over them.
    He lets us drink from His river of delights. (Ps 36:9)
    Hugs to all ❤️

  41. Mari V says:

    I believe this is why we are all here. We all crave and desire this Living Water and community. I look forward meeting with all of you every morning. I may have mentioned already that a few of us moms and daughters are reading this Advent together (on our own), and commenting of a group chat and meeting next week. I know its hard for our teen girls as they are loaded with homework, but looking forward in meeting. Speaking of teen girls, please continue to pray for my daughter’s asthma/cold. She has some relief. AND thank you for praying as she does not have to take the Government Final which was a huge relief for her. HAPPY TUESDAY sweet She’s! I’m SO happy to be here with all of you.

  42. Rhonda J. says:

    Gm, I love the “woman at the well” story. “The Chosen” really portrays it well. I relate to the woman, trying to get her thirst quenched in her own way, not even knowing really that is what she was needing to fill the whole only the Lord can fill. Then the encounter happens and you feel the restoration, the quench that Jesus fills! I am so thankful He brought me to Him, the only true, living water, the only way.

    Prayers for my SHE’s!
    GrammsieSue- you continue to be on my mind. Praying for you and Steve.

  43. Lori Lackey says:

    Refresher of souls- living water come to me- fill me in the morn…

  44. Michelle Patire says:

    Kimberly Z- I am sorry for your loss. I pray you and your family stay near to the Lord. That you recognize His love and voice as you walk through this busy season. Peace be to you and your family. ❤️✝️

  45. Michelle Patire says:

    Laura Dianne ❤️

  46. Michelle Patire says:

    I love Revelation 22:17 NKJV-
    And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirst comes. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.

    The Spirit (God) and the bride (His body, the church) both say, “COME, you are invited to eternity at peace with Christ who made you and loves you! Come!! Now is the day of salvation! You are invited today!”
    It’s interesting that the disciples baptized in John 4, not Jesus. It is a partnership. Both Spirit and the Bridge inviting people into the kingdom of God.
    Let our hearts be tender to those who God is inviting through us. Let us stand fervent and awake, preparing the way like John the Baptist, as we wait for the second coming of our Lord. Let us hold fast to our crowns and stand firm in who He says we are. Let us stay planted in the church and stick close to those who are wavering. Lord, we rely on you.

    Praying peace to you @Gramsiesue. I was thinking of you as I was sitting in the hospital with my best friend. God bless your faithfulness to be at Steve’s side day in and day out in hospital rooms. The Lord sees you and hears every thought and prayer. ✝️❤️
    Praise God, my friend Brenna is well after her car accident Sunday PM. I will probably go see her today, after work. So thankful to see Jesus moving in her story. She knows she is a miracle.

  47. Laura Dianne says:

    I can only remember one time in my life when I felt like I was truly thirsty – like if I don’t get a drink of water I might die – type of thirst. That experience has never left me because I was hiking in the wilderness of Israel with my husband when we lived there and we got off-track and were walking in the hot sun for most of the day. Our canteens were empty and there wasn’t a house or road in sight. It was dire. Fortunately, we did find a road, and then a home, and a dear woman who gave us water. But I will never forget that feeling of thirst and then that feeling of drinking water and being revived, relieved, hopeful again that all would be okay, happy and fulfilled. The Living Water of Jesus is a perfect parallel. I want to live my life always grateful for His Living Water that fills me and gives me hope.

    Thank you, MICHELLE PATIRE for your words to me and your prayer. Our situations ARE similar and I love hearing how you witness to your family in such a loving way. May God continue to use you and guide you. Bless you, dear sister and prayers for you as well.

  48. Erica Chiarelli says:

    Thank You, Jesus for seeing our deepest wounds, secrets, sins, and loving us still. Bringing them to the Light so they can heal and we can be free!

  49. Adrienne says:

    Praise Him for that, JULIA MACFARLAND!

    The woman at the well reminds me so much of my favorite resurrection account (where Mary thinks Jesus to be the gardener, and then He calls her by name).

    He knows YOUR name, sweet sisters, let Him fill you with His living water, so you will never be thirsty again! And share it with others… your cup will not run out.

  50. Julia MacFarland says:

    Thankful for this and for my fifth year of recovery from an eating disorder. Only by God’s grace! I’m thankful he ordered my steps to Celebrate Recovery a 12 step Christ-centered recovery program in 2017. I am thankful that He most definitely is my living water and in Him I find healing. I love how the writer mentioned “hot water” and “cold water”. Each day is a new opportunity to put my best foot forward toward His water so that I don’t get burned over and over by poor decisions and things that would draw me away from Him.

    Lord, thank you for the living water you give. Please quench my thirst for you. Help me be purposefully present and attentive to you alone during this Christmas season and all throughout the year. I love you Lord and thank you for healing me. In Jesus name, Amen!

  51. June Pimpo says:

    Oh, may we recognize our need for the water of The Word to daily wash us and quench our thirst. Thank you Jesus.

  52. Paula DavisStitt says:

    Beautiful thoughts to start the day. Thank you God that you have given us living water for our thirsty souls!

  53. Patricia Lefner says:

    I loved this reading. I cried thinking of Gods love for us that he would never let us go thirsty. I think because I was thirsty for his word. Haven’t been read for a while and I was very thirsty for him.

  54. Sherry says:

    Tina, Thank you for sharing your story and your faith with all of us. He continues to meet us at ‘our well’ . But God!

  55. Aimee D-R says:

    Father renew Your Spirit in me. I need You. My heart cries out in Jesus name. Amen

  56. Char Hight says:

    I loved this one! Living water. Cool and refreshing. And it cost nothing. Just believe, trust, and obey. What a blessing it is to know that we have living water from the Alpha and Omega. Thank you God for giving us living water. The hot and cold taps imagery was perfect for this.

    1. Keli Miles says:

      Amen! ❤️

  57. Tara B says:

    Good Morning She’s! Thankful for Living Water that flows each and every moment within me given by God’s love, mercy and grace. Have a wonderful day!

  58. WENDY WILLIAMS says:

    I love the believing in Living Water; with heart knowledge and mind we can fill our cups daily but we have to share that cup with others for Him to live. Amen

  59. Kristine Loughman says:

    I love the image of the hot and cold taps of water. Which one am I going to turn on – scalding hot shame or anger, or the cool, refreshing water of Jesus? Beautiful! Have a wonderful day, She’s! I went back just now and read all of yesterday’s comments. How we all long to slow down, find our still moment in the holiday chaos, and focus our eyes on Jesus. What a privilege to share this space with all of you!

  60. Deanna Rasch says:

    Morning, SHEs. Thank you, Lord, for this day and all days.

  61. Kelly (NEO) says:

    “I pray His love flows into those places where your heart is most longing to be seen, known, and loved.”

    Lord, flow also into the dry, desert places of my heart, that new life may spring forth.

    MAE – sorry for your family’s loss. Thankful your daughter’s F-I-L is whole and healthy in heaven.

  62. Elaine Morgan says:


  63. Tina says:

    I have often compared myself to the woman at the well. I have been married 3 times with a few flings thrown in for good measure. No,I am not proud of who I have been, but that is my story.
    The woman at the well could have been me, and for sure represents me in many ways. I have in the past looked for love, acceptance, belonging, in some dodgy places. I may not have taken to drink or drugs, but I’ll tell you what, that does not make me feel any better as recall the rebel that I was..

    BUT GOD..

    Thank God for God.. And His forever love, that gave me/us His Son, to redeem, even a person like me! I am not sure who I’d be now, had I not been met in my sorrow by God..
    Up until them, I lived free, happy and gay, nothing wrong with any of those, as God wants us happy and joy-filled, but those without God, are just empty, a bit like 1 Corinthians 13, says ” a noisy gong or a clanging bell”
    I was saved, am saved and continue to be saved, because Jesus gave me a way out of my wayward-ness.
    We met at ‘my well’. He gave my heart new purpose, good reason, showed me love in a way I had never known, a comfortable love that set me free, a joy-filled love, that was not dependant on what life threw at me, or my performance, pure, whole and given so freely and at cost, but not to me,but for me.

    “The One who believes in me, as the scripture said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him/her”.

    Lord Jesus, I believe! Fill me afresh today and in the days to come as life gets manic, and may I always have my eyes on you, Lord Jesus, my living Hope.


    May the Joy of the Lord,always be your strength, dear hearts, wrapped in love and hugs and prayers requested or otherwise..❤

  64. Alisabeth Jordan says: