Living God & God Most High

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Genesis 14:17-20, 2 Kings 19:14-18, Psalm 91:1-16, Jeremiah 10:10-11, Hosea 1:10, 1 Timothy 4:10

In this Names of God reading plan, we are learning more about God by studying the names given to Him in Scripture. Rather than having our writers share their own reflections on these passages, we’ve instead provided research-rich content to aid in your study of each day’s featured name of God, including the background of the name(s), a brief explanation of the character of God emphasized by the name(s), and a reflection question to help you dig deeper into the text.


Living God & God Most High
Elohim Chay, El Elyon (Hebrew)

Scripture Reading: Genesis 14:17-20, 2 Kings 19:14-18, Psalm 91:1-16, Jeremiah 10:10-11, Hosea 1:10, 1 Timothy 4:10

Elohim Chay, “Living God,” and El Elyon, “God Most High,” are two of the most frequently used names for God in the Old Testament. The name Elohim was paired with adjectives that describe the God of Israel. These two names, though different, are related. They are used to emphasize the unique nature of God: He is alive and greater than all others.

The very notion of a living God distinguished Elohim from idols constructed of wood or iron. The Israelite God was—and is—living and active in and among His people. Similarly, the name “God Most High” elevates the God of Israel over all other gods. These names are reminders that God is active and superior to all other objects of worship.

God’s superiority over all other gods and idols

What do these names teach me about God?


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68 thoughts on "Living God & God Most High"

  1. Jessica Hill-Tompane says:

    I used to pray Psalm 91 over my husband when he was in special forces, deployed and being actually shot at, pursued by the enemy, etc. This passage was dead on applicable. It’s funny now because it’s just as applicable to both of us in our lives today. He is running a start up and I find myself praying the same things; not actually being shot at, but figuratively yes. Same with me and running my firm of 10 years, as well as not fearing regarding pregnancy/health concerns right now. I take great comfort in these passages at any stage of life; that those who dwell in the shadow of the almighty have his protection and have no reason to fear. God is good; we can trust in His refuge. I needed to hear that today.

  2. Shelley BidwellBrooks says:

    He lives. That is my foundation of faith.

  3. Eryn Murray says:

    God is the only living God that cannot be carved into an idol. He lives!

  4. Bridgette Alvarez says:

    I’m reminded today that God is everything that I need, everything that I desire. I need protection from diseases and my enemies – He is my defense, He is my shield and buckler. I need a place to rest in time of trouble – He is my refuge and my fortress, He meets me in the secret place. I need assurance that He is fighting for me – He lets me see my mountains fall on my side and He doesn’t allow me to be harmed, His angels surround me. I need to know that good conquers evil – He makes it so I will tread on the lion and adder, dragons too. I need to know that He hears me when I pray – He not only hears me but He answers me, He assures me that He will be with me, deliver me and honor me. I desire long life and the beauty of salvation – He promises that too. Yes, He truly is the Living God, God Most High, God Over All ✨

  5. Trinity says:

    I find it so beautiful that we have a God who is both alive and active. Not alive and stagnant, not alive and watching from the sidelines, but alive and active. He participates in life with us if we allow. How lovely is my God!

  6. Kylie Warden says:

    All the idols of today are dead, never giving us the satisfaction we crave. But our God, is alive, and he can leave us feeling overjoyed.

  7. Callie Coe says:

    This makes me think about the “idols” people worship today. An idol is anything we love, serve, or fear more than God. God is so much higher and greater than the things of this world. He brings eternal satisfaction and eternal peace and hope, while the things of this world are only temporary. Thank you, Lord, for being the Most High and still caring for us.

  8. Candice Graves says:

    My God is loving with all power and might in is hands! Amen!