Day 11

Judah, His Brothers’ Keeper

from the The Genealogy of Jesus reading plan

Genesis 29:31, Genesis 29:35, Genesis 37:1-5, Genesis 37:14, Genesis 37:18-20, Genesis 37:23-28, Genesis 41:46, Genesis 41:55, Genesis 41:57, Genesis 42:5-14, Genesis 42:20-21, Genesis 43:1-9, Genesis 43:15, Genesis 43:29-31, Genesis 43:33-34, Genesis 44:1-5, Genesis 44:14-34, Genesis 45:4-10, Genesis 49:8-10

BY She Reads Truth

Start each day by reading the passages listed above. Then use the summary and reflection provided here to guide discussion around the daily reading.

Judah was the fourth son of Jacob. He proposed that they sell their brother Joseph into slavery rather than killing him, a decision that resulted in Joseph being separated from his family for more than twenty years. When Joseph tested his brothers in Egypt, Judah offered his own life to protect his younger brother Benjamin. The tribe that descended from Judah eventually came to represent the whole of the nation of Israel. 

Consider the details of Judah’s story. What aspects are surprising or unexpected?

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52 thoughts on "Judah, His Brothers’ Keeper"

  1. Cindy Matute says:


  2. kylie richardson says:

    it surprised me that God chose that brother because he got put into slavery by his own brothers and then God ended up leading Judah back to his brothers.

  3. Ashley Banks says:

    What I took away from this:
    Judah means: praise
    Joseph means: Jehovah (God) will add
    Benjamin means: son of the right [hand]

    We know based on scripture that Jesus sits on the right hand if the Father in heaven.

    So.. “Praise; God will add [the] Son of the Right hand”
    this whole conversation featuring these three men is a prophetic regarding Jesus even in their names. I just love how creatively detailed God is ❤️

  4. Terri Honeycutt says:

    It was surprising to me but it shouldn’t have been that God again uses the one who failed in a big way to follow God. However, he obviously in the 20 years since that act had remorse and had sought to follow God which was demonstrated in his care for his youngest brother. God can use what is intended for evil for His Good. Again, nothing not man, not evil can thwart God’s plans

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