Jesus’s Last Supper

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Luke 22:1-38

Every time my attention is drawn to the scene of Jesus’s last meal with His disciples, my thoughts are filled with awe over the guest list. Even though Jesus knew Judas was preparing to betray three years of friendship for a purse filled with silver, He didn’t disinvite him or ask him to leave before He administered what we’ve come to know as the Lord’s Supper. Instead, He still extends Judas a piece of bread representing His body that would soon be broken. 

Then, there is Peter. Jesus knows, despite Peter’s current undying devotion to Him, that in a matter of moments, when Jesus’s defeat seems imminent, Peter will desert Him. I’m not sure whose betrayal was worse. How could he deny knowing Jesus after seeing Him raise Jarius’s daughter from the dead? After Jesus so graciously healed his mother-in-law of her fever? How, after witnessing Jesus’s transfiguration as He spoke privately with Moses and Elijah? Yet, Jesus extends to Peter the cup representing His blood and bids him to drink. The other ten who would moments later fight over which one of them should be the greatest in God’s kingdom. What a trainwreck!

Jesus’s body was broken for those who betray Him for lesser temporal goods and experiences. Jesus’s blood poured out for those whose devotion to Him will wane under unpleasant and frightening circumstances. His body exalted to a cross for those seeking to exalt themselves before the eyes of others. He was humiliated by those filled with vain and self-centered pursuits. These are the ones on His guest list. 

I know you’ve probably heard it before, but indulge me and let me say it to you again. No matter what you have done, Jesus extends you an invitation at His table. He bids you to bring your sins to Him and feast on the salvation He has brought about through His body and blood. There is more than enough bread and wine to cover it all. So, lift up your shameful head and take your seat at Christ’s table, rejoicing in the one whose body was broken and blood was poured out for you. 

If you struggle to believe Christ’s grace is sufficient for forgiveness and your salvation, turn your eyes to this guest list, allowing it to stand as a testimony that there is more than enough room for you at the table. Take a seat and eat.

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53 thoughts on "Jesus’s Last Supper"

  1. Drew Warren says:

    There is more than enough room for you at the table❤️

  2. Ada McCloud says:

    There is room at the table

  3. Rhiannon Schmidt says:

    So interesting that he told them to get a sword! My mind jumped to Ephesians 6:17 where we are told to put on the armor of God, including the sword of the Spirit. Could this be more than literal? Could he be acknowledging that they would need the Spirit after he is gone? I know the Holy Spirit has not come yet, but maybe it is a sign of what is to come.

  4. trina beckwith says:

    I loved this reading. It was beautiful and was exactly what I needed today.

  5. trina beckwith says: