Jesus Walks on Water

Open Your Bible

Mark 6:1-56, 2 Kings 2:11, Ezekiel 34:4-5

When Jesus invited His disciples to steal away, sit, and rest for a while, you can imagine how readily they took Him up on the offer. Some passages in Mark’s Gospel make it sound nothing short of chaotic. With so many people coming and going, the disciples didn’t even have time to eat (Mark 6:31). But they’d seen the Son of God in all His glory, healing and saving and bringing dead people back to life. He was who the prophets said He was. They believed! Most of the time.

Sound familiar? The chaos swirls and the demands of the day rise like waves, ready to wipe out all our best intentions. But Jesus says, “Come away. Find the quiet. Rest a while.” The disciples tried, but chaos followed. When Jesus and the Twelve got into boats and sailed off “to a remote place” (v.32), word spread, and there was a crowd waiting for them when they reached the shore.

Jesus, being the compassionate Son of God, got out of the boat and taught the people well into the night, right there at the edge of the shore. The disciples, naturally, got antsy. “Send them away,” they said. “They must be hungry for dinner.” His response? A gentle nudge forward to faith: You’re right. You feed them (vv.34–37). But feed them what? All they had on hand was some fish, a few loaves…and Him (v.8). It’s Me, you guys. Believe.

After that miraculous feast, Jesus sent the disciples ahead again by boat, but chaos still followed—this time in the form of wind and waves. Jesus walked to them, holy feet on top of the water, and they cried out in fear at the sight. But He told them: “Have courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid” (Mark 6:50). It’s Me, you guys. Believe.

This would be the pattern. Wherever Jesus and His disciples went, people rushed through the streets to find Him, hoping just to brush against the robe of the one who could make them well. “And everyone who touched it was healed” (v.56). And the Twelve saw it all. They were standing right there. Still, they struggled to believe. Still, Jesus had to constantly remind them that He was who He said He was. It’s Me, you guys. Believe.

We’ve seen Him too—up close in our lives and in His Word—changing hearts, healing sickness, and bringing hope to the dark. And still, here in the chaos, we struggle to believe. 

But the Son of God stands and calls to us, just as He called to the Twelve. He calls us to come away and rest for awhile, to remember He is who He says He is. Yes, we are weak and weary, but we are invited to stay near the very Son of God. We can rest in the knowledge that He still has the power to feed and calm and heal.

It really is Him, friends. We can believe.  

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74 thoughts on "Jesus Walks on Water"

  1. Cee Gee says:

    Thank you, AMANDA BIBLE WILLIAMS, for this beautifully written devotional! Your focus reminded me of yesterday’s reading:

    Mark 5:36 – Don’t be afraid. Only believe.

    We can’t hear that reminder too much; from Jesus’ lips to our ears and hearts.

  2. Candice Leanos says:

    Great lesson

  3. Liz Wright says:

    What struck me was that Jesus calls us to “the desolate place” and to “Bethesda” which means in Aramaic “shame”. It is in our desolation and shame that he feeds us (loaves and fish) and comes to us (walking on water). This gives me great hope because it is in the places I scorn and avoid that Christ is present and nurturing.

  4. Jenny DeWalt says:

    What an encouragement this was to me. I really enjoyed the first bit describing our chaos coming against us in waves. Right now I’m in the thick of trying to establish a sleep routine with my newborn. Yesterday I completely broke down and just sobbed—this stage is so hard. We got some encouragement and advice from some family members, and today feels fresh. I had time to sit down and read this devo even tho I’m way behind on the whole plan. And yes, Jesus, I want to believe You, that You can help me right where I am. You can calm my tired baby and my anxious, on-edge soul. Help me believe You. Amen

  5. Brandy Deruso says:

    I will rest in you god!

  6. M. LavonSneed says:


  7. Alexis Mendibles says:


  8. Jyndia Ruff says:

    Yes girl!!! This was me two years ago! And I remember just playing worship music amongst the messy mess and praising God for his faithfulness. Praying for encouragement through God’s steadfast promises in these little years.

  9. Makayla Bennett says:

    Definitely in the chaos right now.. of my own making. I have really enjoyed these reminders to take to the quiet and spend time with God. Between a handmade business, toddler, and moving every few weeks for work, it gets hectic but God is in the center of it all. All I have to do is set boundaries and make time for rest. I did that this weekend and it was so so good. I even feel more ready to take on this week.

  10. Elizabeth Martin says:

    Taylor – I’m praying for you. God will honor your obedience. It doesn’t make it easier but it’s worth it.

  11. Stacy J says:

    I’m right there in the chaos with you. I have 3 young children (7, 4, and 1). I can never get up early enough to get time to myself but somehow when I do get 5 minutes to myself during the day I often spend it trying to quickly get something done. This was a good reminder of how Jesus values rest in the midst of chaos. He is calling me to rest in Him during those small quiet moments of the day.

  12. Jen Brewer says:

    I love your words Ashli! Stay at home mom of 3 year old and 8 month old here and can relate to so much of what you said. Got behind on being in the Word this week and missed it. Thanks for sharing and your encouragement ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Paula Strong says:

    The verse that stuck with me was verse 11. In my version it said “Quietly withdraw, don’t make a scene. Shrug your shoulders and be on your way.” So many times I get so angry and want to shake some sense into our world. We need to be like Jesus. Easier said than done. I have to really limit my time on social media. I am working on a quiet spirit.

  14. Terany Garnett says:

    It’s amazing to see Jesus who had so much compassion to teach when He was tired and even when Jesus got frustrated He still held the mission in mind

  15. Chelsea Little says:

    Such an awesome reminder! Move past the offense because someone somewhere else needs the healing you bring!

  16. Monique Simmons says:


  17. Melissa Mcronney says:


  18. Schenelle Guebara says:

    @jeanniewilson this is such a good idea

  19. Schenelle Guebara says:

    This is such a good idea.

  20. Beverly Watley says:

    I am so happy and blessed to have found this community app.

  21. Bridgette says:

    JENNIFER ANAPOL, Amen I agree. I’m expecting a miracle today. God is good

  22. Jeannie Wilson says:

    @churchmouse- yes, I agree with your comment that we need to praise before we petition. I’ve made a conscious effort to do this. I actually started writing my “I’m thankful for…” and “I’m praying for…” in my Bible study books at the start of each day. So, I think it might be neat in the future to look back and see my praises and prayer requests and I can reflect on what God has done.

  23. Mary Stilin says:

    Amen. This spoke straight to my spirit this morning. I need to come away with Jesus more and seek rest for my spirit and let him remind me who He is. And I need to soak it in on the daily, I’m the ease of the morning and the chaos of my afternoons. I’ve been struggling with my anxiety again recently, and this is the reminder I needed.

  24. Karen Roper says:

    Just believe. This chapter spoke to me regarding honour. It started in His hometown with people getting offended because they thought they knew Who Jesus was. But the chapter ended with many being healed. Just like Jesus sometimes we have to shake off offence and move forward. Why? Because over the next hill are more miracles to perform and more destiny to be lived

  25. Sumire Arai says:


  26. Jennifer Anapol says:

    This devotional is just what I needed to hear today. It’s so funny that we have all read about how Jesus has shown up in these mighty ways in the Bible, but sometimes it’s hard to believe he would show up in our lives in the same way. I pray that I would take the Lord at his word and believe that he will show up in miraculous ways today!

  27. Jill says:

    @Joy. I found this note while looking for an answer to the Kings verse: Mark 6:15 (FSB): He is Elijah Second Kings 2:11 records that the prophet Elijah did not die, but was taken up into heaven alive. As a result of this and Malachi’s prophecy many Jews believed he would return someday

  28. Mercy says:

    The nature of ministry is always busy and fast paced, meeting tons of strangers and feeding them, real food and spiritual food. One of the commands Jesus told his disciples when sending them out in pairs is NOT to bring anything, no money, no bread. The people are hungry Lord, yes, you feed them. Did He tell them to do the impossible? Seemingly yes. Does this seem like lack? To the naked eyes yes, but through the lens of faith no. The Lord is our Shepherd, and we shall not lack. The “nothingness” state God sends us out to this lost world is backed up by His vast “yet to be seen” provision, the 5 loaves and 2 fishes multiply as the need arises. And so, In Him we trust.

  29. Brookd Graham says:

    Great word for me to hear this week.

  30. Elizabeth Hagan says:

    @kirstyn Loved reading your insight. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Sarah says:

    I second this…

  32. Victoria Ebiana says:

    I will pray Della. I need the same prayer for my work and life daily.

  33. Mari V says:

    @Ashli…. how sweet are your words. Cherish those times with those little ones. And you have such great attitude.

  34. Mari V says:

    Taylor, I’m praying for your broken heart. Know that your pain won’t last forever and that you are making a wise decision. And I know you know that Jesus loves you more than anyone could ever love you. Hang in there. And Trust.

  35. Karin Bridle says:

    Our Country is in a terrible mess and I get very anxious. Thankfully this study and Joshua emphasizes to Have Courage. Do not be afraid. Believe. Wow this study is no accident. I know SRT pray constantly for God to lead them. He answers.

  36. Connie Beers says:

    Prayers for you Taylor

  37. Bev says:

    Someone posted yesterday the repetition of “12”: the woman bled for 12 years, the girl was 12 years old.
    Now today, there are 12 baskets full of bread and fish. One for each disciple. God provides.

  38. Mari V says:

    Praying Della.

  39. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    I am right there with you.

  40. Della Ramsey says:

    I am having a very stressful day at work! Please pray that I will be ever mindful of the lord’s peace. Thanks

  41. CeeGee says:

    TAYLOR, tender hugs to you and prayers for your heartache as you venture into this new lane. Congratulations on landing the job! Keep trusting and leaning into the LORD and focus on doing your best and letting His light shine through you. Heavenly Father, please place a trustworthy friend in Taylor’s path as she works through this new beginning, someone who will respect her feelings and with whom she can open her heart.

  42. Katarina Friedman says:

    What a great reminder today. It’s Me, Believe! So often I think where are you God and why is this happen? I might not always get the answer of why but he is always right beside me wanting to give me rest and communion with him. Thank you for this reminder this morning

  43. Stefany Head says:

    I remember this. Great job savoring those little faces. And also, great job giving yourself grace in this season of life. Your greatest obedience to God is your faithful service to your family. Awesome job, momma!!

  44. Shannon Darrow says:

    Thank you @churchmouse I needed that reminder too!!

  45. Shannon Darrow says:

    Today’s readings reinforced to me that belief and faith isn’t always obvious or what you think it should look like. Those who reached for his robe were such believers because of hardship. Sometimes we get lax on faith because we don’t “need something”, but reality is we always need faith in order to be light. And God knows this world needs light always!

  46. Taylor says:

    Hey SRT fam, I could really use some prayer today. I officially accepted my first OT job in Delaware and signed the contract yesterday. However, that pretty much seals the fate of my relationship (meaning my boyfriend and I are going to break up soon) and while I know it’s all God’s plan and He has my best interest in mind I’m still heartbroken. I cried so much yesterday and couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything yesterday once I signed the contract because of what it means for my relationship. It’s a tough season to walk through but I know I’ll come out okay on the other side. This is truly a hard exercise of obedience – but again I hold fast to God’s love for me and that He has something/someone so much greater in store. Just asking for prayers for my heart today because it hurts a lot.

  47. E _ says:

    I can be so much like the disciples (or the Israelites for that matter.) There’s moments when my faith is so strong, and I’m ready and willing to do anything Gods calling me to do. And then there’s moments of the exact opposite, fear and faithless, questioning why God puts my in certain situations. Then I get frustrated with myself for going back to that place. Is it just human nature? As much as I’d love a strong faith 100% of the time, I’m thankful for the teaching moments where I feel God presence saying, “Hey! It’s me! I got this! Stop worrying!” The fact that He’s been doing this with humans throughout history is astonishing and wow!! The love that He has for us! What He continues to do to ensure we turn to Him! Thankful.

  48. Maura says:

    Again we have so much Mark to look at. John the Baptist’s death always crushes me. This morning I wonder when we/I are lost in the sin of self how we/I might react in thoughts or ways that would be so sinful. And how others caught up in sin might react to us/me in such a viscous way that sometimes I have felt so demeaned by someone’s word’s or anger thrown at me just in the service of my job. But God, if I am close to my Jesus first of all the Holy Spirit convicts me quickly if I am in the wrong, to make it right. So thankful. And second He helps me find grace even when I am shaken and hurt by such treatment. For sometimes it is a misguided fool, like Herodious’ daughter seeking the approval of someone other than the Lord that sins in this way. Bullying, selfish motives and anger have no power to tempt us to sin or destroy us through other’s sin when we trust and rest in and remember it is Jesus who walks beside us, who is in the boat with us, who is our Shepherd Who always had and still has “the power to feed and calm and heal.” Lovely Amanda. From HRT today this was so worth sharing about the miracle of feeding the 5,000. “Through this miracle Jesus was showing them that He is our provider, the Bread of Life. John 6:35 He could’ve brought bread down from heaven, but instead He chose to work through the existing resources of His disciples in order to feed thousands.” Mark 6:38-44. This so struck me today, He chose to multiply that which they could give them. This is what Jesus does Sisters, takes what little we have and when we give it into His hands makes blessings and love aplenty for those we encounter, those we are caring for whether the elderly parents, the sick or even those sweet little ones we might have that wake us in the morning. Ashli and Heidi, your words blessed me. Those interruptions are what life is all about sometimes, praise God He meets us there with joy and His peace in the busyness. Jesus to your day Sisters for He has much for us in it. Hugs and Love! Thanks for letting me ramble.

  49. Mari V says:

    “He has the power to feed and calm and heal.” – Amanda Bible Williams. I needed these words this morning. I need a healing from the pain/discomfort I’ve been having. (Which is better this morning). My God continues to provide for my kids and I. Trust me we are well fed even when they don’t like the food I make LOL. I just need to be “calm“ and trust God that this discomfort will go away and trust He will continue to provide. My God has never let me down. God is so good! He knows exactly what I needed to hear this morning.

  50. Churchmouse says:

    The devotion today reminds me of the importance of taking time to praise before I move on to petition. It’s in my praise that I recount all that God is doing in my life. Belief is built stronger by praise.

  51. Jennifer Ficklen says:

    In the chaos Jesus stands and calls us. This gives me great peace. Thank you Father!

  52. Jill Lee says:

    I appreciate your insight Kirsten Wright, especially the backdrop of grief which I have never considered as the context for the rest of the chapter. That makes Jesus’ instruction to the disciples more meaningful for sure. Thank you for sharing!

  53. Anna Cyr says:

    This is beautifully written. Thank you!

  54. Angie says:

    I began typing, “The son is shining already this morning,” and thought opps, wrong “son,” except then I realized, not really. How kind of the Holy Spirit to remind me that the sun outside is shining…but the “son” inside is also shining in and through our lives, in our attitude, and actions.
    Ashli V., Heidi, other young moms who are doing your best to make time for Jesus in the middle of babies…I remember that busy, sleep deprived, often chaotic time of flexibility, full of challenges and blessings at the same time. It is a time of transformation. It reminds me of a potter at the wheel, gently allowing the force of the wheel to push against the soft clay while His hand guides and molds a shape that will serve the purpose He has for each vessel, each life. When we are going through it, we do not realize at the time that the vessel formed will be filled with Living water and poured out in service and praise to our God the Potter.
    It so beautiful and refreshing to witness the women of God you young moms-in-the Word are. Excited for the women of God we continue to be as we step forward, in His strength and power at our jobs, in families, in social situations, in our churches to pour His Living water upon a thirsty world.
    Earlier this week the Holy Spirit reminded me I am called to scatter seeds generously. Today His reminder was that His Living water will be poured upon them and the “son” will shine to warm them and cause them to grow. Only my Father God could be so loving, so intentional, so good, to take these random thoughts and gently form them together in the soft clay to make this vessel day by day, formed by His hand.

  55. AnneLyn P says:

    Thank you, Kirsten Wright. I like your summary.

  56. CMS says:

    I love the reminder in today’s reading, “it’s me you guys, Believe”. I also read the devotionals, and love how they often use the same scripture or topic. Today again! Same story, but different perspective.

  57. Nicole VazquezNorcross says:

    He is so faithful to us and we need to remember it. He has been our guiding light and our path. It is hard at times to believe all that he has done and not be amazed. He healed people that believed in him, people he did not even know. He did not judge anyone or put anyone out. That is what I need to be better at in my life. I need to be open to all people in my life.

  58. Miriam says:

    I am wondering what 2 Kings 2:11 has to do with the Mark reading for today? I would love it if the SRT staff would link all the verses read together in the devotional. There have been times when there’s one passage that doesn’t seem to fit and leaves me questioning why we read it with the others. Just some feedback :)

  59. Angela Sutherland says:

    I wish I was more like the people who followed Jesus just to touch his robe! But I’m definitely more like the disciples and tend to always question, even unintentionally. The practice of remembering His faithfulness to me is becoming so important to help steel against the unbelief that can so easily creep in when circumstances swirl like the waves around me. He was my anchor then, He is my anchor now! It IS Him! I choose to believe!!

  60. Ashli V says:

    Man, this hit home for me.

    I’ve got 2 babies 2 and under and it seems like chaos all the time here. So many needs, so much noise, so little sleep, so much mess. Whenever I feel like I have a moment to sit down or set my alarm extra early to try and revel in a little bit of quiet before my day starts, somebody is awake 5 minutes later (never fails!). Or needs help on the potty, or needs a snack or is fighting with a sibling…but I digress.

    I know this time is so short. This stay at home mom gig is a blessing and a privilege, even on the days when it doesn’t feel that way. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to model Jesus to my children and to grow and pray with them. I already see so much spiritual growth in them (and in myself!) pray it continues. Parenthood, I’ve decided, is a giant lesson in unlearning selfishness.
    So of course I will continue to set my early alarms in the hope that one morning they’ll both sleep in and I can drink a non-reheated coffee and enjoy the word of the Lord uninterrupted. But for now I’ll cherish these little faces that wake me up so early, because I know they won’t be little for long. :)

  61. Lucy Goodwin says:

    @rebecca, not sure either – but I’m reading it as Old Testament to be fulfilled thru Jesus but we’re not there yet

  62. Deanna says:

    Mark 6:52 stood out for me – “…for they did not understand about the loaves, but their hearts were hardened.”

    They were right there. RIGHT THERE WITH JESUS, and they still didn’t understand the magnitude of the miracles that were being performed. They still doubted, still questioned. The note in my study Bible indicates that calling their hearts ‘hardened’ refers to rebellion, not merely ignorance.

    How many times have I seen miracles in my own life? Just waking up each day is a miracle – but how hard does my heart get through the day, dealing with my teens, work, and family issues? Such a great reminder to me to stay focused on what’s right in front of me.

  63. Catherine Jackson says:

    Come Away // Jason Polley — great song about the Lords invitation to come away with Him! Happy Friday ♡

  64. Tracy Mattison Brandon says:

    As a church administrator and minister, I can definitely relate to being so busy with constant ministry needs throughout the day that I forget to eat. Making time to still away is a must for my mental, physical and spiritual well being. Thank God that He still has the power to feed and heal and calm my soul.

  65. Crysta says:

    @Blessed Beth

    Have you tried journaling? I struggle with sleeping too. When I wake up, I start writing letters to God. I’ve been doing it for about a month. I went from sleeping three hours to now roughly six, and sometimes seven. You don’t have to write to God. You can write to whomever.

    I hope that helps.

  66. Joy Stark says:

    It seems like the 2 Kings gives us more context for why people thought Jesus was Elijah? Thats the only connection I’m seeing there. But Ezekiel 34:4-5 feels like a parallel to Mark 6:34- that the people were lost without a shepherd. Plus, Jesus came to do all the things the Israelites hadn’t done in that Ezekiel passage, to heal the sick and bring back the strays, etc. And Jesus still had compassion on the crowds BECAUSE they were like sheep without a shepherd. He is the Good Shepherd.

  67. Crysta says:

    Heidi you’re really hard on yourself. You’re doing WAY BETTER than you think you are. Hug yourself, and pat yourself on the back.

  68. Crysta says:

    Wow to that perspective Monica! I never thought of it that way. ❤️

  69. Crysta says:

    Thank you Amanda for your breakdown. We must believe. It’s easier for me to believe when things are working out, and I always struggle when the winds and waves of my life feel so final. I’m learning they’re not. I’m choosing to trust this process is designed to draw me closer to Our Savior. That’s worth it for me. I love Jesus with my whole being.

    Mark 6:56 stood out the most for me.

    “Wherever he went—in villages, cities, or the countryside—they brought the sick out to the marketplaces. They begged him to let the sick touch at least the fringe of his robe, and all who touched him were healed.”
    ‭‭Mark‬ ‭6:56‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    This is like the unnamed woman that was bleeding for twelve years in Mark 5. Jesus was on his way to heal Jairus’ daughter, when the woman bleeding touched his cloak to be healed. The woman bleeding for twelve years was in a desperate place. Now we’re in chapter 6, and there’s many that begged Jesus to touch his fringe to be healed.

    Begging can be seen as a desperate place. I’ve gone to the Lord many times in a desperate place. And I’m learning as I reflect, it’s drawn me closer to him. I feel closer to God since experiencing my recent leave of absence from work, because of my hospitalization. The Bible challenges me, and I love it. I’m wondering if our faith capacity increasing is tied to the level of our desperate we are? More like when we run out of the I’s, (or options) in our life; then we run to our true living water source: Jesus.

    The woman bleeding for twelve years tried it all, and she was determined to try something risky, which is touch Jesus cloak. Back then bleeding made women unclean. What the woman did was risky. The woman spent all her money and she was on empty. When we are on empty that’s when Jesus steps in. The same way Jesus healed the woman bleeding for twelve years, is the same way Jesus fed the crowd, and is the same way that Jesus walked on water.

    The same supernatural wonder that caused Jesus to walk on water, is the same wonder that pulled Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind. (2 Kings 2:11.) Jesus will always be the answer. Jesus being the answer also ties into Ezekiel 34:4-5. Without Jesus, we are lost. We are sheep without our Shepard. I know I’m lost without the Lord. I wouldn’t be breathing without Jesus. I can’t speak for anyone else. I’m loving this Mark plan! ❤️

    I hope everyone has a safe and lovely day!

  70. Blessed Beth says:

    Thank you Amanda for reminding me in the closing paragraph that His call is to come away and rest. At least one night a week I am able to sleep for three hours and then I am able to sleep no more so I get up and start my day. I over eat and over do and everything becomes a blur. From now on I will focus on the fact that He knows we are weak and weary and not be so hard on myself.

    “But the Son of God stands and calls to us, just as He called to the Twelve. He calls us to come away and rest for awhile, to remember He is who He says He is. Yes, we are weak and weary, but we are invited to stay near the very Son of God. We can rest in the knowledge that He still has the power to feed and calm and heal.

    It really is Him, friends. We can believe”
    This paragraph is going on my board

  71. Heidi says:

    I feel like i set such good intentions in my morning… then life interrupts the second someone wakes up in my house.. ;) I sit and reflect on my shortcomings from the day before, praying for the encouragement and help to be different today. Transformation is a slow process for me- and sometimes I regress! But today I’m praying again- God encourage your goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness in my heart and in my mind. Let them be the driving, motivating force behind my words and actions.

  72. Robyn Rhymer says:

    I think the link with Ezekiel 34:4-5 is the reference to Elijah in chapter 6 of Matthew. But I don’t know about 2 Kings 2:11.

  73. Rachael Collins says:

    Praise God. I love the emphasis on stealing away to get rest. Sometimes you have to! Jesus said!

  74. Monica Sprague says:

    I was thinking that Ezekiel is demonstrating how far removed from God the children of Israel had become and so they were taken away into Babylon and Assyria. In Mark, Jesus is doing all the things the Israelites failed to do in Ezekiel and the people flocked toward wherever Jesus was and even to where they knew he was going to be. Jesus was bringing the people back to God. I could totally be off but that was my impression as I read Ezekiel.