Jesus Rises from the Grave

Open Your Bible

Luke 24:1-53

Sometimes, in everyday conversations, you learn the most about someone. There is something about walking alongside a companion in step, in rhythm, in sync that welcomes vulnerability. When we draw near to a friend by walking beside them, sitting in their presence, or sharing a cup of coffee, our true selves are revealed. In ordinary moments, the extraordinary becomes known.

In today’s reading, we see that Jesus revealed the most extraordinary truths about His character in everyday moments. In Luke 24, Jesus walked alongside two of His followers the day He rose from the grave, a day full of the uproar of confusion. Jesus’s tomb had been found empty that morning, and two of His closest disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus trying to make sense of all that had happened. The stories they had heard, the events they had witnessed, and the questions behind an empty tomb were all conflicting and confusing.

What is our response when we have trouble making sense of the resurrection story, whether believing it ourselves or trying to make it understandable to someone else? Instead of only attempting to convince someone else of this truth, we can live out His presence within us in the everyday. We need to allow Jesus himself to draw near (Luke 24:15). 

Jesus met those who were having trouble understanding who He was by walking on the road with them and having conversations with them. Allowing those He walked with to ask questions and recount what they believed. He gave them excerpts of stories they knew from the Scriptures they had learned. It was the truth of the words He spoke that made the difference—the prompting of the Holy Spirit within Him.

Weren’t our hearts burning within us while he was talking with us on the road 
and explaining the Scriptures to us?
—Luke 24:32

His Spirit, the whisper of His drawing near, sparks that burning in our hearts. The truth that Jesus is alive and has risen from the grave is revealed not only in words but in the witness of a life changed. 

A conversation can arise, causing confusion or controversy regarding the resurrection while walking trails, in the coffee shop, or on a neighbor’s porch. These are places where Jesus Himself can draw near.

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39 thoughts on "Jesus Rises from the Grave"

  1. Susan Lincks says:

    Jesus is everything.

  2. Tara B says:

    May I be a witness of a changed life through Him! And may I be so engrossed in His words that my children see Him in me and want the same for themselves everyday. Happy Sunday She’s!

  3. Cathy says:

    Separation truly hurts….but Jesus gives us peace when we commune and share time with him. I am grateful for the times my heart burned within me….knowing his love and grace. So reaffirming!

  4. Debby Blake says:


  5. Kimberly Z says:

    Happy weekend she’s! Praying you all have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Julianne Pictou says:

    Jesus can appear in the confusion. To guide us. To talk to us. To draw near to us. He wants to be with us during the hard parts.

  7. Claire B says: