Jesus Promises the Spirit

Open Your Bible

John 16:1-33, Isaiah 32:14-18, Joel 2:28-29, Romans 8:12-17

To parent is to watch a child grow more independent, so that one day, they’ll live healthy, productive lives of their own. Independence, autonomy, self-sufficiency—these are the goals, at least in Western culture. But not so in the upside-down kingdom of God. If anything, the point is to grow more and more dependent upon our Father. Living under the delusion of self-sufficiency can keep us from being truly productive for the kingdom, which was never meant to be done without the King. We’ve been down that road only to find that apart from Him, there’s really nothing good to be found (Genesis 3, Psalm 16:2). 

Thankfully, God’s pursuit of us and His glory never stops; the logistics just become far more complicated. After the fall and without the sacred space of the garden, there was nowhere for God and His people to safely commune. A new sacred space would have to be set apart, so that no space—whether by sin or deception—would stand between Him and us. From creation to the garden, tabernacle to temple, from Jesus Christ Himself to each one of us as members of His Body, sacred space has been where God’s holy presence safely dwells with His people. 

Now, imagine losing His presence. 

I can picture His disciples sitting there before Him, eyes wide and hearts stuttering, as Jesus assures them of the persecution they will face because of their devotion to Him (John 15:18–21). They needed to be prepared, so they wouldn’t lose heart when incredibly hard times came. But now the real news: “I didn’t tell you these things from the beginning, because I was with you. But now I am going away to him who sent me” (John 16:4–5).

Come again?

Of course, Jesus wouldn’t just be going away. He would die a humiliating death in our place, and three days later, be gloriously resurrected. It would be a victorious act of spiritual warfare to secure our place in God’s kingdom. Still, He tells them, “It is for your benefit that I go away, because if I don’t go away the Counselor will not come to you. If I go, I will send him to you” (v.7). 

The power of the Holy Spirit would now dwell in God’s people. The Spirit would be with them always, strengthening and comforting them in the face of persecution. Step by step, He would guide each of them individually and as one body, as they set out to share the gospel across the world, carrying out the great commission and establishing the Church (Matthew 28:16–20). And so it is with us.

Jesus Christ, God incarnate, came to dwell with us. After the ascension, He sent His Spirit to dwell within us. Now, “the Spirit himself testifies together with our spirit that we are God’s children” (Romans 8:16), and for those who belong to Him and His kingdom, nothing can separate us from His love (v.38–39).

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53 thoughts on "Jesus Promises the Spirit"

  1. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace…” John 16:33 I think that what most people in the world are looking for today is peace. Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace with each other. But the problem is they don’t know where to find it – so that leaves them looking in all the wrong places. It is in Christ alone that our peace is found. My prayer is that I always remember that Christ is my peace, the only true and lasting peace, and that I would boldly share that truth with those who are lost, anxious and searching. May each of us shine the light of Jesus in this lost and seeking world!

    @Angie – praying for your mom as she meets with this new doctor. May God give him the wisdom and guidance he needs to treat this very complicated heart situation in exactly the way it needs to be done. Prayers too for your safe travels and peace, without anxiety over the drive.

    @Taylor – I have been praying for you for sometime now and will continue. May God calm your anxious heart and give you His perfect peace concerning this new relationship. Praying that you will have a spirit of surrender. Remember too, that if this is of God – everything will come together, but in His timing. If it’s not His will – you wouldn’t have wanted it anyway. He sees, He hears, He knows your heart & it’s desires. May you feel His leading, presence and peace.

    To all my SRT sisters – I love reading all the comments, they are insightful and inspiring! I pray for all your requests as I read them! Wishing you all a safe, happy and blessed weekend! ❤️

  2. Beverly Watley says:

    This whole chapter just shows God’ love for us and how easy it is to recieve his love. His love makes us love one another.

  3. Eileen Soto says:

    Lord, may I rely on you fully. Holy Spirit guide me, make things clear so that I know your direction. You are so faithful God and I am your servant. I want to do your will and make an impact for Your Kingdom. In Jesus Name, Amen!

  4. Allison Mitchell says:

    Angie, your contemplations on this passage were so thoughtful and beautiful! And Tina, I love your comparisons to a love letter. I’m so grateful that I get to read God’s love letters (the whole Bible! :)) everyday. Sometimes it’s so hard for my brain to understand how much God loves us. But I get it in my heart, and somehow, I just know… you know? And how grateful am to have the Holy Spirit so that I can understand these words and God’s grace and love! It is such a wonderful gift. May the Holy Spirit be renewed in all of you today, and may you be filled with love for God, each other, and wisdom. Happy Friday!

    Taylor- Still praying for your heart to be settled. I’m inspired by your faith and commitment to our Lord’s plan.

    Tricia- I pray that your surgery goes well and that you can find comfort and peace in God’s healing grace.

    Lynne- I’m praying for you and your husband that you may be calmed by God’s love, and that the doctors working to help heal him will be filled with wisdom and compassion so that they might help him.

    To everyone else, I pray that you might have the joy that comes from trusting and abiding in Jesus’s promises. Have a blessed weekend!

  5. Mikki says:

    “In fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering service to God” (vs. 2). Jesus and his disciples were seen as radical people, and the Pharisees and others were doing what they believed was correct, what they thought their god would have wanted them to do. In today’s society, radical people are not accepted nor respected. I had to be honest with myself and ask if I would have believed in Jesus during his time because he was so unique and brought so many new ideas. It was a big heart check moment for myself. Just because something is different doesn’t mean it is bad or wrong.

  6. GramsieSue . says:

    This is such a great study of the book of John. Your comments really show the truth. Update on Steve: he was discharged from the hospital yesterday. He has two weeks of recovery before getting the 34 staples removed from his head. The tumor is a glioblastoma- very aggressive, not curable. We are already working with our local cancer specialists here in Springfield Missouri. They have scheduled him for a CT scan and consultation on Feb 10, the day after he gets the staples removed. I am also planning to get him registered at Mayo Rochester to compare their treatment plan. If anyone has any insight I would appreciate you sharing it with me. My email is [email protected]. Average life expectancy is less than two years. Prayers are appreciated. Hugs to you all. ❤️

  7. Mari V says:

    Angie, I needed to hear that! Thank you. I’m off to work/school myself right now.

  8. Rhonda J. says:

    Good Morning She’s!

    Today’s scripture is so beautiful. I ponder each sentence, they are so full of love, hope, and encouragement. Life is so hard and confusing but if we can just hold tight to Jesus’s words, and know that we have something greater than He with us physically, which is mind-blowing, we have the power of the Holy Spirit. Why has it taken me so long to really get this?! The same power that walked on water, healed the blind man, and all the indisputable miracles, is living IN me. But unless we take hold of that truth, and see it and know it- it is void. I always imagine getting to heaven, standing before our king, our maker, and feeling so ridiculous for wasting so much of my life not knowing, not living and doing for Him. He has SO Much for us, ways to use us, to help the hurting to guide the unbelieving, to be world-changers, community-changers, family-changers! Let’s live like we know and understand the gift that we have!

    Prayers for you Taylor, I love your young tender heart! And boy do I remember those feelings you shared! But oh how I wished I would have waited for God’s directions in my young dating years! So many mistakes (sin!) that I wish I could erase! Two marriages ended in divorce because I followed my own desires rather than the Lords, which always ends in destruction and heartache. So try as hard as it may be to lean into the Lord and not your own wants. You have so much more wisdom and heart for God than most of us and young people today!! I feel in my spirit that you would be a great leader at church with the young women and teen girls!

    Thank you all for sharing your hearts here, it is a great blessing for this fellowship! I hope more will keep commenting even if to say hello.

    Have a great day!