Jesus Prays in the Garden

Open Your Bible

Mark 14:17-52, Hebrews 5:7-8

One day while I was shopping, I walked past the stationery section and noticed a journal with this quote on its cover: “I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” The journal did not cite the source, but the quote originates from Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Frankenstein. And although the cover was cute and feminine in design, these words were spoken by Frankenstein’s monster.

For some reason I stopped and stared at the journal for quite some time. It was the kind of inspiring statement that has become ubiquitous in our culture today. But like many of our most popular affirmations, it is not actually true. The truth is, no one’s power comes from being fearless, because no one is truly fearless. To be human is to experience fear at some time or another, which is why these words could only be spoken by a non-human monster!

No, the presence of fear does not make us less powerful. It is what we do when we are afraid or distressed that either empowers or undermines us. There is no more poignant example of this principle than Jesus Himself. In verse 34, Jesus confesses to being “deeply grieved to the point of death,” begging God to remove the cup of His suffering, for it to pass from Him (v.36). And in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus is described as being so anguished that He sweats drops of blood (Luke 22:44). 

Jesus takes up His cross, but this strength does not come from the absence of grief; it comes from intimacy with the Father. Jesus chooses to spend His final hours on earth by praying to His Father, and it is this—not fearlessness—that prepares Him for death (Hebrews 5:7–8). 

In a culture of self-help mantras that are, very often, dishonest, it is important that we hold them up to the reality of God’s Word and the humanity of Christ. Fearlessness sounds like a noble goal, but it is an impossible standard to achieve, and therefore, an empty source of personal power. In Christ, we find a better gospel: we are free to be real human beings, and we are reminded of where true power lies.

If I had the chance to rewrite that journal cover, I would probably replace it with a different set of borrowed words:

“My grace is sufficient for you, 
for my power is perfected in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Our power does not come from ourselves, and this is good news. Whatever you are facing, take it to the only real source of power. Take it to God in prayer. 

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68 thoughts on "Jesus Prays in the Garden"

  1. Susan Lincks says:

    I give my soul you, God!!

  2. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord thank you for your grace!

  3. Colleen Politanski says:

    Thank you my Jesus

  4. Melissa Mcronney says:

    Lord help my unbelief

  5. Terany Garnett says:

    Jesus you are so kind. Mark has opened my eyes to see you as the Son of Man. You were created from a connection that God wants with us. You taught us the most important things about where our hearts lies. We made you happy, we wanted to know you but didn’t and still don’t understand how much you love us. You prayed real emotions and you went through things but didn’t give up bc the story had a beautiful ending/ a life where man could reside with you- you are great to me. Your life and Job’s is so sad but it gives me the drive to stay with God because He is real and He do love me more than anything but I want to be a slave to His sovereignty. He keeps my mind safe but my flesh will suffer

  6. Julie T says:


  7. Stacy J says:

    Our prayer is powerful because we pray to our all powerful God. Through Him all things are possible.

  8. Ldub says:

    What always strikes me about this passage is how human Jesus is. He didn’t dance and sing to the cross, he was in anguish anticipating it. Jesus really gets us in our suffering.
    And I love that he asks the disciples to watch him pray. I wonder if he wanted them to observe his humannness, observe him being real with God…

  9. Alexis Mendibles says:


  10. Nicole Calvert says:

  11. Mercy says:

    As I read this passage, the feeling of heaviness accumulated in degrees, I braced myself to keep reading, for the floodgate of extreme suffering and distress was about to open. I never noticed the bizarre account of the young man in the linen cloth before, who got stripped when Jesus was arrested, and then he fled naked. The symbolic shame of those who abandoned the Lord is recorded here -just plain nakedness- though not too long ago they affirmed they would die with him and not deny him. In the face of death, shame seems like a better option right? In the garden of Gethsemane, the “Oil Press” at the foot of Mount Olives, the usual place where Jesus had taught great things about God’s Kingdom, and here he would be “pressed” to the extreme. And also at this place, He would ascend to Heaven in great glory. In same manner, He shall return one day.

    Many times in our walk with Jesus, we too find ourselves at the Gethsemane to be pressed and squeezed, where we agonize with loud cries and tears (the students are not greater than the Master, if they persecute Him, they too will persecute us). What do we do? PRAY. Let us draw strength from the Sufficient Grace to go forth. Though the cup may not be passed from us, rest assured that He hears us because of our reverence. When you are at your own Gethsemane, remember this ultimate example of obedience we read today. Although he was the Son, he learned obedience through what he suffered (Hebrews 5:8).

  12. Amanda Turnbull says:

    I love today’s devotion! I have a podcast and we just discussed this topic. Today was affirmation of the message God gave us to share!

  13. K Swenson says:

    “Jesus takes up his cross, but his strength doesn’t come from the absence of grief, but from intimacy with the Father.” Wow! This is powerful! Having PTSD, I sometimes equate being well with the absence of grief, but I should gain my strength from His continuous presence with me. Beautiful truth. Blessings to all of you!

  14. Jennifer Anapol says:

    Rest in his strength my sisters:)

  15. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I loved the devotional today! As someone who struggles with fear, it’s comforting to hear that Jesus was fearful before he went to the cross. It’s also comforting that I don’t have to muster up enough strength to be the person God has called me to be. Even in my weakness, God gives me strength. I may argue that we can become even more strong the weaker we feel.

  16. Sam says:

    It’s beautiful to think of Jesus singing to His Father that night despite what he knew he going face in just a short time.

    The pains of death surrounded me, and the pangs of Sheol laid hold of me; I found trouble and sorrow. Then I called upon the name of the LORD: “O LORD, I implore You, deliver my soul!” (Psalm 116:3-4)

    For You have delivered my soul from death, My eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. I will walk before the LORD in the land of the living. (Psalm 116:8-9)

    You pushed me violently, that I might fall, but the LORD helped me. The LORD is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation. (Psalm 118:13-14)

    God is the LORD, and He has given us light; bind the sacrifice with cords to the horns of the altar. You are my God, and I will praise You; You are my God, I will exalt You. (Psalm 118:27-28)

  17. Jenna says:

    Praying for you and your family, L Bryant.

    I really loved today’s reading. Even in the face of their sinfulness, Jesus loved Judas, Peter, Mark and all the disciples. Jesus loves sinners like us.

    It was because Jesus loved sinners like us that He came to die for us. The cross is the only way. God never stopped being in control. In the Garden, Jesus set His face toward the cross and the Father strengthened Him.

    For the joy set before Him, Jesus endured the cross. God’s judgment has passed over us because Jesus bore God’s wrath and the penalty for our sin. Hallelujah! He saves! Easter is coming!

  18. Churchmouse says:

    Mark 14: 34. Jesus tells Peter, James and John to “remain here and keep watch.” The root word for “watch” in Greek means “to pay attention to avoid calamity.” Jesus knew that these three disciples had no power to prevent His crucifixion. He also knew that temptation was nearby: the temptation to flee, the temptation to deny, the temptation to question all that Jesus had told them about what was going to happen. The disciples chose to sleep rather than pray “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” I myself do not often linger on that portion of the Lord’s prayer but I’m challenged today to do so.

  19. Laurie Crary says:

    I Bryant…. Praying the Lord will act in your life and the lives of your family in a mighty way!!!

  20. Victoria E says:

    Amen Heidi!!

  21. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    Praying for you now dear sister, l Bryant.

  22. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    Yes, Kelly M. I’m right there with you. Praying continuously for my children and grandchildren. All we can do is plant the seed.

  23. Jennifer Ficklen says:

    His grace is enough and I’m so thankful for that. Jesus was going to the cross and He knew it. Instead of being fearful and scared He stopped and prayed to God. He poured it all out to Him and let God know how He felt. What a perfect example for us. Give it to God and He will get us through it.

  24. Kristen says:

    L.Bryant Praying for you and your family.

    I recently listened to a teaching called, The Last Temptation taught by Tim Keller. He talks about what happened after the Last Supper and in Gethsemane. This is so important to know, and I wasn’t aware of what Jesus was going through! Please listen to this.You may be even more amazed by Jesus after.

    I also heard a teaching called: God Our Only Hope. There are powerful truths about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

    Finally, I couldn’t find the comment about messy prayers, but I did see a response about coming in prayer and acknowledging Who we are praying to. I was reminded of a teaching by Dr. Charles Stanley called, Where To Turn in Time of Need. He says that God wants us to come. We are told to come boldly to His Throne of Grace. (Of course, only because of Jesus’s Sacrifice can we come.) However, he says that we should come reverently. He challenged the people to go to God that night and pray this Scripture( Hebrews 4:16) aloud to God, even though He knows. He said, we get on our knees simply because of Who He is. He is Righteous and Holy. He said this can transform their prayer life. Here is the link:
    Watching and listening him preach is better than my paraphrasing.
    Blessings to all.

  25. Maura says:

    L Bryant praying for you and your family His abundant provision and blessings. Please reach out to your church, let others know and ask for prayers. Accept help where you can. Your faith is beautiful, I understand these feelings. Lord God please come close to this family bring them your provision for you are the God who provides, the God of miracles, I ask Lord your love poured out and for L’s husband restoration and removal of shame, You are our strength in weakness. May L and her children and husband see and feel all you bring to them in this time. Thank you Jesus that we can lay our fear down at your feet as we trust in you. Amen. Hugs dear Sister, you are not alone. Kelly M praying for you. i have to remind myself that God holds my children, grand children and visually in my mind place them at the feet of Jesus. For He loves them more than me, He is fighting for them, He is the One they need and He will pursue them with love. Hugs to all of you struggling with fear, remember to know He loves you and will help you let go as you focus on Him. I have been in this fight, and sometimes still battle, but He is victorious!

  26. Jane K says:

    @Bryant, I pray for you and your family that God would surround you with His perfect peace that surpasses all understanding. I also am asking God to put a hedge of protection around you and your family that you would be covered on all sides from satan’s attacks. It’s tough on us moms when our children suffer. I’m committed to praying for you, Bryant.

  27. Mikayla HopeChildersAdams says:

    Love this!

  28. Mari V says:

    Praying for you now, I bryant.

  29. Shaena Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing. I can relate to so much of your story. As mothers we feel this pressure to keep everyone going and happy. When we have so many struggles and setbacks it can be so hard to count our blessing. I love that you are listing the positives as a way to keep you going. This side of heaven can be rough but When you keep your focus on Christ he will see you through. You will be in my prayers today!

  30. Renee Kosted says:

    I bryant…praying for you! May God’s peace strengthen and comfort you!! You are not alone! God is near. ❤️

  31. Lynn Siewert says:

    This is beautiful.♥️

  32. Shaena Elizabeth says:

    My Grace if sufficient for you, for my power is perfected in weakness! What an uplifting verse. So comforting to know that Jesus, in his humanity, felt true human emotions. He felt anguish, he experienced betrayal, he became angry….he understands our humanity! We can bring all of our pain, disappointment, and mess to him and he can empathize with us. I pray I bring my full self and all my mess to Jesus even when I feel the urge to run and hide and “try harder” on my own. Help me to remember that his Grace is sufficient for me because his power is perfected in my weakness.

  33. Mari V says:

    “My grace is sufficient…..” thank you Jesus for Your Word. On this side of heaven we will never have absence of grief (thank you Sharon for this Devo) but that’s OK because Jesus is walking right alongside us.

  34. ADB says:

    L Bryant, I am praying for you and your family.

  35. Heidi says:

    Oh friend i want to encourage you…!! I’ve been in the same boat for a season and I know the pain and frustration and hurt and confusion and desperation and depression and ETC! God knows too. I swear He really does…
    I heard recently in a podcast the concept of “Pain as a promotion”… that God has such faith in YOU- we live in a broken world- hurt is surrounding everyone in one way or another. YOU have been entrusted to the season you are in right now because God knows YOU will carry it out and live it out in a way that brings Him glory. I know you would never choose this for yourself, I fully believe God doesn’t choose any of this for any of us! However, when it is laid upon us to suffer through some things, we have the opportunity to show those around us how to suffer with Jesus. How to suffer while having full hope in a God that has saved us and is here to save them as well.
    2 things- take time to listen to the two part podcast series by Lisa Harper where she sits with Shelley Giglio and listen to the end!! :) (podcast is called Life with Lisa Harper)
    Take a look at the study of Job by Lisa Harper.
    Pain is a sad reality in our broken world. It’s temporary and it’s not in vain if we live it out to bring Him glory.
    He has you. So tightly…

  36. Katie Getman says:

    Jesus takes up his cross, but his strength does not come from the absence of grief; it comes from intimacy with the Father ”
    Love love love this line. When we have grief in our hearts, no matter how long it lingers, we can still have intimacy and strength that comes from the Father. So freeing and beautiful.

  37. Stephanie W says:

    At the recommendation of a few of you I listened to the SRT podcast the past few weeks on Mark. Highly recommend!

    One thing that was mentioned this week was that the young man who runs away naked (Mark 14:51-52) was likely John Mark – the author of Mark!

    They also likely held the Passover dinner at John Mark’s mother’s home (Mary) – who later held a house church in her home (we read in Acts.)

    1. Katie Getman says:

      Thats great info! I didn’t know there was a podcast. Il check it out!

  38. Allison Bentley says:

    @Pure Anne thank you for sharing! Love how the story is so intertwined !

  39. Janna Klinghagen says:

    Heidi- AMEN!!! What revolutionary thoughts and truth spoken!

  40. Angie says:

    Recapping the Mark scripture: Jesus tells them one of them will betray Him. I appreciate that they ask, “Is it me?” NOT, “Is it him?” They want it not to be them, (as they proclaim they will not fall away), but in truth wonder if it could be.

    Then they take the last supper. Most morning I have a cup of coffee (that I make into a latte), a piece of toast, and a hard-boiled egg for breakfast before school. This morning as I ate, I imagined the latte being my Lord’s blood, and the bread and protein in the egg being His body. (I apologize if you think this is gross or if it is sacrilegious in some way, I do not mean it like that, just sharing…)I thank Jesus for such simple reminders in the every day of body and blood that fill us. I thank Him that we will one day dwell face to face with Him at Home, only because of His work for us on Calvary.

    Then we have Peter’s declaration he will not fall away and the trek to the mountain to pray, where they fall asleep over and over. I’ve read a couple commentaries about Jesus time in prayer. A friend reminded me of the one…as Jesus was praying he saw the cup before Him. The pure gold chalice was first filled with all the sin of the past, then all the vile, evil of the present, topped off with the sin to come in the future and any sin within the heavens. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, saw what would be poured upon Him and still said, yes. The 2nd reading I thought of was how the disciples sleeping over and over again…though they tried not to, had to be a reminder to Jesus of the weakness and humanness of the ones he would carry that cup for, and the admission that we are not able to save ourselves.
    Finally, as Jesus is taken, and the ear is cut off, He still pours out love and heals the one who is taking him. He continues in the purpose before him.
    He is our Savior, in all the yesterdays, today, and in the tomorrows before us. What love.

  41. Shannon Darrow says:

    @Deb Ireland! It might be the best decision you ever make!!

  42. Kathy M says:

    A couple of things struck me this morning in reading the scripture, I wondered if Peter had stayed awake and prayed, would have had the strength to not deny Jesus.
    And in the devotional. “Jesus takes up His cross, but this strength does not come from the absence of grief; it comes from intimacy with the Father.
    Things for me to meditate on today.

  43. Deb Ireland says:

    We are going to check out a private school today. As a public school teacher of 16, this is a big step for my family and me. I struggle with fear of not knowing what the future is so I really needed to hear this today. God is so good!

  44. Adrienne * says:

    I agree, Jill. One of my fave verses and a guide to live by each day.

  45. Heidi says:

    JENNIFER WING- I love that question. And I think both are true, and you’re right so often the “messiness” is judged as “wrong”. Our lives are so messy just in their existence- why would God refuse to hear a messy prayer??!! He wouldn’t. I think there is some truth to “order” of prayer- ONLY meaning that we start with a moment of recognition of WHO it is we have the privilege to be speaking to. And I only say that because if we cover our prayers in acknowledgment of His greatness, it lends perspective to the pain we’re bringing Him. It helps US to have a clearer perspective and understanding that He is so big and yet so accessible and near… idk- that’s been my experience lately. My grief takes on new perspective when I take the time to recognize His holiness. In the midst of grief it actually brings a tinge of gratitude into my heart..❤️

  46. Melanie Talbert says:

    This is what I needed to read today as well.

  47. Mike and Diane Morrison says:

    LBryant…praying for you and your family. May your stress be relieved and Christ intervene.

  48. Mikaela Lodahl says:

    Churchmouse, your words are always so beautiful and an encouragement to me. If you see this message, I’d love to connect. You can find me on Facebook!

  49. Mikaela Lodahl says:

    Yes! God is such a perfect and loving Father!

  50. Kelly M says:

    I haven’t had much fear in a while, due to a pretty hard set of life circumstances that have grown my faith, dependence, and purpose to glorify God in all I do. By no means do I do any of this perfectly, but I feel confident each day that I am here for the Lord. We’ve recently moved and as I watch my kids get older and interact with lots of nonbelievers in our extended family, new neighbors, and even their own dad I am starting to feel fear. Fear for the future, for them making bad choices, not choosing to follow God, their dad not allowing them to be involved in church programs, etc. It’s hard to stop and pray sometimes, but boy do we NEED to! I’d be a crazy mess without my dependence on God. And as this nation leans more towards calling wicked good, I want to fight even harder to give my kids to the Lord and do everything I can to point them to Him.

  51. Courtney says:

    Praise God for His sufficient and awesome grace!

    On this Maundy Thursday, sisters, let us always remember to serve with humility, always seeking to emulate and glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in all we do.

  52. l bryant says:

    As I have read, prayed and studied the lessons presented here everyday I so often have felt that the scripture’s message fills in exactly what I am dealing with at that exact time. Today was one of those times!!
    Today I ask for everyone’s prayers as I am hurt, discouraged and afraid of so much that is happening within my immediate family. My children are all being faced with extreme challenges and I hurt as their mother. We have (for years) and are continuing to deal with multiple health issues and the fear, pain and even the costs are terrifying. We are having financial difficulties and despite working harder it seems it is never enough to cover the basics. My husband feels he has let everyone down.
    This constant anxiety I feel is creating a depression within me and our family and anger seems to come from many conversations.
    I remind myself that I am not alone and that My Savior will be there carrying me through these very rough times. I just wish he could stop the constant tears and the tightness in my head and neck every time i think of just how bad things are getting. I have always heard the old saying “bad things happen to good people” and I have lived it for what feels like the majority of my adult life.
    I have written a list of all that is so good in mine and my family’s lives. Meditating on that is helpful. My prayer is that with the rebirth that we feel at Easter I will feel the courage to stand tall and not allow all of these challenges to take me to a darker place.

  53. Jill Lee says:

    My grace is sufficient for you because my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Cor 12:9 So thankful fir this today!

  54. Miriam says:

    Reading this chapter, I try to picture those moments in the garden. I see a scene of chaos with the disciples as a hot mess–Judas marching in with the crowd, the disciples not able to stay awake to pray (despite Jesus encouraging them to pray several times), a disciple then cutting off someone’s ear with a sword and then finally all of the disciples leaving Jesus and fleeing (though just a few hours earlier they were all confident that they would not fall away). What a mess! And then you see JESUS. Yes, He was anguished and sorrowful, to the point of sweating blood. But all the while, He was turning to God the Father, giving everything over to Him. You see JESUS healing the man’s ear that was cut off. Surrendering in humility but strength. He is the rock throughout here, the constant, determined to obey in humility. I’m so thankful He didn’t join the disciples in their hot mess! But so many times I do! And I simply need to look at JESUS and stand by HIM in all circumstances and especially in such chaotic times.

  55. Jenn Burris says:

    “In Christ, we find a better gospel. We are free to be real human beings, and we are reminded of where true power lies.” – such a powerful statement. I’m so thankful we have a Savior who will love and dine with his betrayer fully knowing he will betray him, a Savior who models that God can handle our laments and our grief, and our pain, a Savior I can identify with. Today I was so struck by this reality that if Jesus could be so vulnerable with the Lord why don’t I? God doesn’t need my grin and bear it, he wants me to come to him as I am and find grace and strength.

  56. Shannan says:

    I have been working on my scuba certification and between juggling marriage, ten kids (5bio and 5bonus), a full time job in neurosurgery at a level I trauma center, church and choir it’s been hard carving out time to do it…my husband has been very encouraging and i’ve taken a few hours here and there on Saturdays beginning in January.

    It was exciting and going very well in the heated pool, but my first open water dive was a different story…the water was frigid and that shock alone was a challenge to overcome and then diving down 30 feet and having fish bumping into you and seeing this dark hazy cave in the distance (vortex springs where many divers have mysteriously died)…left my heart racing…i pulled my mask off to demonstrate replacing my mask and being capable of blowing the water out of it to clear it with my nose and suddenly a gust of water shot up my nose and I could not breathe… All of a sudden this one’s seemingly exciting adventure turned into what felt to me like life and death and it was just downright scary.

    We surfaced to begin our second open water dive and refilled our tanks and I honestly did not want to go back down. I could not believe it but I was actually afraid. I stopped and prayed for God to give me peace and remembered that being brave doesn’t mean an absence of fear it means you do things your scared of…so i dove again and I’m glad I did…

    obviously this is just a very simple illustration of fear when we all know the enemy has placed opportunity for fear in much greater proportion woven throughout our lives. However as we see Jesus respond to it he is the greatest example of how to handle it. He turn to God for power and that’s a great reminder to all of us of what we should do when we are faced with anything fearful. We should not run and hide as the temptation is (Mark 14:50…”and they all forsake Him and FLED”) but instead we should stand (prayed up in GODS power) and fight. Be brave today!!

  57. Michelle Patire says:

    My heart has been so troubled with worry this week. I read Proverbs 31:25 yesterday that spoke that the woman of noble character “has no fear of the future (NLT)” or “laughs at the the time to come (CSB)” and felt sad I could not identify with this, but determined to find that in myself. It is comforting to note that it is so human and understood by Jesus to have fear. But yet, I know He asks us not to fear. I am having trouble letting go of it. May I remember that He intercedes for me in my weakness, that as that passage in Hebrews goes onto say- He is our great high priest.
    I’m also encouraged by the story of Gideon. Who continually sought God for proof that He was trustworthy. Lord, would You hear our cries for proof that You are trustworthy?
    Help me to know Your grace, today.

  58. Heidi says:

    There have been so many times in my past I have begged – B.E.G.G.E.D! – my Father in heaven for something i see great value in. Some of the times I would even attempt my best to really search the thing i was asking Him to do and make certain it was a good thing. And many times? The thing I was asking WAS good… and not just for me, but good for those I loved as well. When told “no”, my heart broke and my anger infused and depression set in. I know longer knew this “God” i had trusted. Because He? Was absent and had no clue what He was doing. (In my perspective obviously). I never once sat and meditated on the fact that in history, God denied His own son. And denied him on something that was going to result in unspeakable pain, suffering, and ACTUAL abandonment from his Father (something I will never have to face or experience ever..). I still don’t have understanding as to why He’s found it necessary to say No to some of the things He has. But, on the topic of true strength, I can truly testify that real strength comes in hearing the “no”, believing His ways are sincerely higher than ours, and sticking with Him anyway.
    He may say no- but I can trust in His timing and goodness.
    He may say no- but He will sit right next to me through the entire trial.
    He may say no- but there is an eternity of “yes’s” waiting for me on the other side of all of this.
    He is good. Strength comes from believing that even in the face of conflict and pain.

    1. Linda Gilbow says:


  59. Jennifer Wing says:

    It’s so interesting that in most the instruction on prayer popular in church grief and lament are not part of prayer. Yet, all through Scripture and the Psalms and Jesus’ prayer here we see honest grief and heartfelt lament. Is it possible that rather than prayers poured out following acronyms, God wants the messiness of pain, hurt, anxiety and grief poured out honestly to him so he can sit with us in the midst of pain and begin bringing healing?

    1. Linda Gilbow says:

      Yes!!! This has been on my heart for years. Many Christians believe they aren’t trusting God when they are “feeling”. The Psalms express raw emotion and let us know we are to pour out our hearts to God. Jesus in Gethsemane is the prime example. It also shows that God’s will is sometimes difficult to accept. We do wrestle with God.

  60. Tracy Mattison Brandon says:

    I love to see the humanity of Jesus described in the Bible. It reminds that he identifies with my times of anguish, fearful times or when soul is troubled. It also shows his response-prayer. Calling on or praying to the Father during such times reiterates that we can’t make it through alone and we are indeed need of the Father.

    1. Linda Gilbow says:


  61. Blessed Beth says:

    How blessed we are “fear not” appears 365 in the Bible, once for every day of the year. Something we must work on everyday.

  62. Terri says:

    God says at least 69 times in the Bible to “Fear not “. From Gen 15:1 to Abram to Rev 1:17. Seems like it is important to God and our power through Him. Even in Ruth 3:11. It is a choice and command of the Lord.

  63. Prue Anne says:

    Even as the world is about to cave in around him we find Jesus seeking out the father’s presence, praying. I’m reminded of when he was a boy lost by his parents hanging out at the synagogue “where did you think I would be but in my fathers house?” (luke 2.49) And for us, “to whom would we go, Lord, for you hold the words of eternal life” (John 6.68). I pray that in my hours of need I might always remember to turn to Him, where else could I go? X blessings to you all on this Maundy Thursday sisters x

  64. Elizabeth Gibson says:

    My grace is sufficient for you…amen!