Jesus Lived, Died, and Rose from the Grave

Open Your Bible

Matthew 15:29-31, Luke 18:31-33, John 19:28-30, Mark 16:1-7, Romans 5:6-11, Philippians 2:5-11, John 3:16-17

This is the big show. This is the central truth of our faith. We can quibble over infant baptism and transubstantiation and ordination, but all Christians must come together and agree on these points. God came to earth in the form of a man, and this God-man lived, died, and was raised from the grave. They called Him Jesus. While we were helpless and lost in our sin, Jesus died to save us completely (Romans 5:6).

It is the truest and most real fairy-tale story ever known. The Church is the princess trapped by the pretending ruler of this world: a dragon who seeks to hoard all he can. The hero slays the dragon once and for all through a mighty and earth-shaking sacrifice. The dragon vanquished, and the hero rescues the princess and brings her to his beautiful home. And they lived happily ever after.

Notice who’s who in this story. We are the church and the princess: the bride of Christ. What does the princess have to do to make the story come off properly? The answer is…nothing.

We’d like to think we get to play a champion’s role in the story, but no matter how politically incorrect it may be, we, the bride, are helpless. We didn’t slay the dragon. We awaited the coming of the hero to save us.

As unflattering as it is, we are helpless apart from Christ. If that weren’t enough to make us uncomfortable, Paul reminds us we were also ungodly enemies of God, undeserving of rescue (v.10). The Church is the beggar bride, who has gotten overly comfortable living with the dragon. It is Christ who makes us holy, Christ who makes us lovely, Christ who washes us clean and removes the dragonish stench from our garments, preparing us for His kingdom.

In His life, He emptied Himself of glory, walking in perfect righteousness and enduring every earthly sorrow. By His death, He fully satisfied God’s just wrath against us, washing away our every sin. 

By His resurrection, He defeated death and hell and secured newness of life for those who believe. 

By His ascension, He advocates for us before the throne of grace, guaranteeing our eternal inheritance.

The great story of the gospel is the story of Jesus Christ. His life and death, His resurrection and ascension—this is the gospel. He is the gospel. Thanks be to God.

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51 thoughts on "Jesus Lived, Died, and Rose from the Grave"

  1. Ada McCloud says:

    I love this so much! How amazingly beautiful.

  2. Danielle Patrick says:

    I love this one! Just mind blowing that we have received redemption and that it happened in this way.

  3. Marcey KIEBERT says:

    Amen and what a realization that we were deemed ungodly in God’s eyes and that Jesus was the hero we played no part, other than the damsel in distress…my pride weakens there and needs to. Thank you for your words and making it simplified and so humbling to my spirit!

  4. Kristy Frame says:

    Amen. This is the gospel. Jesus Christ. Thank you God for your extravagant loving-kindness.

  5. Brandy Deruso says:

    Thank you Jesus!

  6. Jennifer Lumley says:

    This! The Gospel…we are so undeserving but because of His love for us we can spend eternity with Him

  7. Olivia Pannell says:

    Love this!

  8. Amber Candis says:


  9. Melissa Mcronney says:

    Thank You Jesus

  10. Leslie Warnick says:


  11. Christel Fleming says:


  12. Terri Baldwin says:

    “The church is the Princess trapped by the pretending ruler of this world: a Dragon who seeks us all”. I love this description of our fallen world we live in. “Lord have Mercy on Me! I am a sinner! Admit sin and affirm belief in Jesus as our Savior and Lord”.

  13. Anna Hall says:

    Thank you Jesus for saving us!

  14. Stormi Messmer says:


  15. Kelli Carlson says:

    Thanks Gwineth for the podcast recommendation! I love Tom Mackie and will check it out :)

  16. Mary K says:

    Thanks for the devotion today. I feel like this warmed my soul with happiness and humbled me. Sometimes I feel like I can never repay or be thankful enough for what Jesus did that day on the cross and everyday since. I hope to be like Jesus “obedient even until death.” We are truly blessed to have a savior who loves us so much.

  17. Jennifer Anapol says:

    This devotional is very similar to the our sermon at church yesterday. I love that I don’t have to earn my salvation, and I can just come as I am to God. I pray that I would live this truth out in my life and lead others to accept this truth in their own life.

  18. Gwineth52 says:

    Dear Shes. For an exquisite exposition & sermon on “It is finished”, please listen to Dr. Tim Mackie preach on “Jesus’ Final Words” @ The Bible Project podcast series, “Exploring My Strange Bible”. It’s 38 minutes long, recorded early in Dr. Mackie’s church ministry; freshly minted from seminary. Infused with heart. Leavened with love. Rich in hubris. ( Plus a small peek into the city of Portland, Oregon & attention to a God of impeccable timing & marvelous humor.) Praise today for the One who died so we might live. And in Memorial for the men & women fallen in battle for the preservation & protection of our nation’s soil & soul. Selah.

  19. Dorothy says:

    Now, thanks to Rebecca, I will know how to explain what the Gospel is. Her last four paragraphs — especially the last one will allow me to explain it in terms many people will understand. She also got my attention at the very beginning by saying, “all Christians must come together and agree on these points. God came to earth in the form of a man, and this God-man lived, died, and was raised from the grave. They called Him Jesus.” WOW!!! This is so true, this is what unites all denominations of Christianity.
    The Scripture for today included Mark 16:1-7; this is the only story that is in all four Gospels (Matthew 28:1-10; Luke 24:1-12; John 20:1-2;11-18). Our sermon yesterday was about this. What a God thing!!!
    In my devotional Bible was written this prayer I want to share with all of you my sisters, “Dear God, Help Your daughter celebrate what You did for her on the cross. Help her to let go of whatever holds her back from Your joy. In Jesus’ name, amen.”
    Sisters be blessed and share the Good News of the Gospel to those around you.

  20. Lexi B says:

    “The Church is the beggar bride, who has gotten overly comfortable living with the dragon. ”
    Yes we have! And I let that dragon have too much say in my life: arguments, jealousy, pride, anger, lust- all just symptoms of a dragon that has too much reign in my life. Praying that I let God have his way so that the junk will be cleared. SO thankful that we have a savior who willing died for me, despite the junk.

  21. Churchmouse says:

    For many years now it seems the emphasis has primarily been to “just believe and ask Jesus into your heart.” And of course that is the entrance into God’s kingdom. What seems to be less emphasized is what should follow. Believers have the Holy Spirit within and so our words and actions should reflect this inner transformation. There should be acres and acres of fruit to draw others to come and eat. So often our words and actions are not much different than those who don’t know Jesus. This should not be so. It should not be us vs. them. Jesus’ followers will be known as His because of our love for one another, especially those with whom we disagree. There is only one true enemy of the Christian faith and he is a defeated foe. He is smoke and mirrors, a lot of hot air. Let’s not think we will win others to Christ because we have the louder megaphone or a particular platform or because we pound our chests and declare that God is on our side. Disparaging rhetoric and condescending attitudes block any opportunity for dialogue, let alone receptivity. Yes, believe the Gospel and then live like you do. Believe and be like Jesus. (I need to remind myself of this daily. Maybe you do too.)

    Dear USA friends, please pause and say a prayer for all the Gold Star families on this Memorial Day.

  22. Heidi V says:

    So many wonderful insights shared this morning! I paused after each gospel reading this morning and visualized each “scene”. Something I really hadn’t done since Easter. I think it will take my lifetime here on earth and more to fully grasp All that we have in Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I’m so grateful to SRT for curating these studies. They are such an important part of my spiritual growth and understanding of the Bible. Happy Tenth Birthday SRT!!

  23. Blessed Beth says:

    Thank you so much this brought tears to my eyes and I couldn’t wait to share it with my husband!

  24. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Amen Molly R

  25. Anne Jones says:

    Thank you for this devotion this morning. It Is written So well capturing the beauty of what Jesus Did for us.And how much God loves us.

  26. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    “They put them at His feet, and He healed them” (Matt 15:30). As Jesus heals, He points to the God of Israel, drawing eyes away from all other gods, giving glory to the true and only God who can save. His hands dripped with love and sacrifice upon multitudes who did not yet know Him. And He healed them, sitting on a mountain. Highly visible, yet humble. Accessible to everyone. My heart sees this scene, and folds in honor to Him. Glory to the God of Israel (Matt 15:31). In the final moments of His suffering on the cross, Jesus receives sour wine for His thirst (John 19:30). He gave up all comfort and power to save Himself, there are not enough words to describe this level of love. He poured Himself out as the sweetest wine for our thirst that cannot be quenched by anything else. Eternal relief came in His resurrection (Luke 16:6). God proved His love for us (Rom 5:8). I love Him, and I am reconciled. I am saved by His life. He was bound and died for my freedom. My heart, mind, and body, all is His. Bound by the promise of faith. He laid down His life for mine. So I will lay mine down for Him in response. Jesus showed us self emptying love and asked us to follow Him. Not a command, but a beckoning. I can do no other thing. No more grasping and taking, I am free to receive life in peace and trust. He fills anything I lack. On this Memorial Day, I remember the sacrifices of lives that made our country free. I stand with my own veteran who lives with losses in the name of freedom. I lift my eyes for wisdom to the name above every other name (Phil 2:9). America is changing, yet our forever home is the same. I still love our red, white, and blue flag waving the symbol it was sewn for. I honor the lives sacrificed to make this country free. Praying for strength and courage in the hearts who love Jesus here and around the world. May we lift up His name and point others to His glory. Until… Maranatha.

  27. Cindy Hanna says:

    After working on a wedding most of last week…Rebecca’s devotional hit home. There was even a castle at the venue! Haha. Is it any wonder that the Gospel is so often referred to as “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. Only it’s NOT a story. It is living, breathing, redemptive TRUTH. This “beggar” princess rejoices in being saved by Jesus the prince of all peace. Amen.

  28. Michelle Feneide says:


  29. Kelli Carlson says:

    5 Adopt the same attitude as that of Christ Jesus, 6 who, existing in the form of God,
    did not consider equality with God
    as something to be exploited. – Philippians 2:5-6 (yes the enter key is getting me!! Thanks to whoever shared that tip…) I wanted to share my reflection on this verse. It is a great reminder to not be like Satan who wanted to be God. Even God Himself chose weakness for love. Wow! How our God loves us!

  30. Sabrina says:

    I’m tired this morning and it’s been constant interruptions from my kids as I try to get some soul-fuel in His Word.

    And then just like that, He shows me the way He laid down His life for those He loves— “obedient even unto death.” Even while I’m acting up and fully feeling selfish this morning. His love is complete. My inheritance secure. His salvation for always. I’m so grateful for His perfect love.

  31. Kelli Carlson says:

    5 Adopt the same attitude as that of Christ Jesus, 6 who, existing in the form of God,
    did not consider equality with God
    as something to be exploited. – Philippians 2:5-6

  32. Molly R says:

    It all reads like an epic battle, good vs evil, the strain of the fight, the pull of sin, the repenting, redeeming, renewing…. but today as I read such familiar verses, what struck me was: He died ONCE, rose ONCE, ascended ONCE. IT IS FINISHED! The depth of His power, His love, seemed to jump of the page today. His one act of obedience and redemption covers ALL, FOREVER! I may feel like it is a constant battle, but that is my own humanity trying to grasp the completed work, this side of heaven. I allow the lie of condemnation to fill me with doubt that it was a “one and done” and not something more vulnerable. It allowed me to read in a childlike way, simple awe, simple thankfulness, no overthinking. Amen!

    “For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus ‘EVERY KNEE WILL BOW,’ of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians 2:9-11

  33. Sarah Stephens says:

    What stood out to me in the reading in Mathew was “they put them at his feet, and he healed them.” Thinking of surrender. It is when we lay it down, surrendering to Him that we find healing. I think of Jesus trampling over “sin and death”.

  34. Jessi says:

    Diana, I agree, I wish more people had your outlook.

  35. Antoinette Burnett says:


  36. Marquel McCabe says:

    Today I feel grateful.

  37. Kristie Paradis says:

    Amen and amen! ❤️❤️ Knowing what Jesus did, what He is doing, and what He will do…how can I not endure every trial with boldness and with contentment?? My suffering in no way compares to what He went through, and He did it willingly!! Why would I not be uncomfortable, if it meant glorifying Him?? It is not about me, my wants and desires, it is about being the hands and feet of Jesus, sharing Him with others, being bold in His name, no matter what.

  38. Charlie says:

    The dragon image brings to mind the powerful story in Lewis’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, when Eustace has become a dragon. Aslan claws away his dragon skin, often painfully, until finally, Eustace is a boy again, but made fresh and new, bathing in the clean water to completely cleanse him. The Chronicles of Narnia are such a beautiful retelling of the gospel story!

  39. Diana Davis says:

    Jesus was humble, willing to give up His rights in order to serve people. We also must lay aside our rights in order to serve others. I have a hard time seeing, “It’s my right or I deserve such and such” on social media. I don’t deserve anything. I don’t have a right to anything, yet I am loved and forgiven through my belief in Christ. Thank you Jesus!

  40. Diana Davis says:

    Jesus was humble, willing to give up His rights in order to serve people. We also must lay aside our rights in order to serve others. I have a hard time seeing, “It’s my right or I deserve such and such” on social media. I don’t deserve anything. I don’t have a right to anything, yet I am loved and forgiven through my belief in Christ.

  41. Foster Mama says:


  42. Foster Mama says:
  43. Kelly (NEO) says:

    On this day that we honor those fallen while protecting freedom, it is so fitting to REMEMBER the One who died that I might be free from sin and eternal damnation.

    Thank You, Jesus❣

  44. Michelle Patire says:

    Wow. It’s crazy so often the gospel gets skewed in my own mind. The enemy is constantly trying to convince me God’s heart is for wrath, not salvation.
    I wrote down 1 Thessalonians 5:9 a few weeks ago to remind myself the truth.
    “(9) For God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, (10) who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him.”

    God I thank you that Your heart is better than I believe it is. I pray to continually be humbled by the nature of the Lord’s heart.

  45. Karen says:

    Amen and amen!!
    “The Church is the beggar bride, who has gotten overly comfortable living with the dragon.”
    John 3:16 is the most famous verse in the Bible. Father may we, the Church, take v.17 just as seriously! If you didn’t come to condemn, why do we spend so much time arguing with each other and with “the world”? Heavenly Father, please always upset my comfort with the dragons of pride and self righteousness! Never let me forget the log in my own eye!

  46. Searching says:

    Wow. Taking time to read through today’s Scripture and let the enormity of His pain and sacrifice sink in, or as much as my human mind can grasp. Every step and breath He took during His life was leading up to His sacrifice for everyone, me, you, us. Wow. Do most of us sacrifice anything, anything at all, most days? Even our time … Do we cringe or grumble when someone asks a favor, maybe just to pick up something at the store? Lots of work needed on this gal. Thank you, Jesus, for everything.

    TINA – amen!!

    SARA SHEETS – re: multiple postings. If you are using the app to make your comments, the enter key/return key/arrow is usually the culprit. Stay away from that (incredibly hard!) and it will likely solve the problem.

  47. Jo says:

    Amen, Tina, I echo your heart’s cry ❤️ Ephesians 2:9 “…not by works so that no-one can boast”- it’s all Jesus, His gospel, I surrender all to Him, my blessed Saviour.

  48. TIna says:

    While we were still sinners, OUCH!.

    While I was STILL doing wrong, He lay down HIS life for me, for us, for those who walk in darkness…

    Oh my goodness, there’s a sting right there! I feel it everytime I read or hear these verses.. tears roll down my face as I write..

    So so very thankful that I get to do life, because Jesus came down to earth for me. GAVE His perfect life for this prolific wretch of a sinner. He DIED for MY sins. He ROSE UP from the dead, as promised, so I would know the DEPTH of his love and to give me a new life in Him. He ascended into heaven to ‘prepare a place for me. ME! US!

    I know I love my children hard..

    BUT GOD..

    No judgement, no condemnation, no questions asked.. just gave so I (we) could have an eternal home, always..

    Forever grateful.

    Forever thankful.

    Forever loved..

    Forever my Jesus..

    Thank you Jesus. Thank you.


    Happy Monday dear hearts.. Happy Monday so very much wrapped in love and prayers.❤

    1. Richelle Parks says:

      Wonderfully put. Thank you for sharing.

  49. Mary Ann Graves says:

    Thanks be to God !

  50. Carol Rimmer says:

    ‘The great story of the gospel is the story of Jesus Christ.‘