Day 24

Jesus Is the Firstfruits of the Resurrection

from the Because He Lives reading plan

1 Corinthians 15:1-28, Colossians 3:1-17

BY Rebecca Faires

I spent much of my twenties running a high school theatre department. We had so much fun. There are few things that bond people together like putting on a show with limited time and resources. One year we produced a spoof on Shakespeare. There was one line, shouted frantically by a young man dressed in an ornate Elizabethan dress as Juliet, that still makes me laugh: “SWEAR NOT BY THE MOON!”

In Shakespeare’s original play, Romeo and Juliet, young Juliet uses these words to warn Romeo to be careful with his vows, to not swear his love by the “inconstant moon,” which is ever-changing in its phases. Turns out Juliet’s warning is actually profound and timely advice for more folks than just Romeo.

What we swear by is what we put our trust in, and it’s easy to misplace our trust. Maybe you don’t swear by the moon, but are you inclined to swear by your bank account, your job, your retirement plans, or your carefully scheduled week? It’s tempting to hope in things that are ultimately destined to fail, but when we try to build upon the unsteady foundation of our own whims and wistful thinking, we end up disappointed.

Paul’s address to the church at Corinth, however, leaves no question about where we can lay our hope and fix our trust. He clarifies that the gospel does not fall short in any way. What is this gospel hope Paul speaks of? It is simply this: Christ was crucified for our transgressions and raised from the dead (Romans 4:25).

If Christ has not been raised from the dead, then we are much to be pitied (1 Corinthians 15:12–19). Like foolish Shakespearean moon-swearers, we have put our trust in something unreliable. How ridiculous would it be to trust in a god who dies and has no power beyond this earthly life? And so, if Christ has not been raised, then our faith in Him is as worthless as faith in the stock market or faith in the moon.

But Scripture is unequivocal: Christ has been raised from the dead. This declaration is no fool’s hope, but the sure foundation of our faith. Our faith is confirmed by fulfilled prophecy and eyewitness accounts. We can bet everything on Christ. Because “He has been raised from the dead,” we don’t have to swear by the moon or anything else. Our hope is secure in Christ’s resurrection.

Jesus Christ died and rose again for us. This is good news for the whole body of Christ, because “if the firstfruits are holy, so is the whole batch. And if the root is holy, so are the branches” (Romans 11:16). Because He has been raised, we who are united to Him by faith also have the guarantee of resurrection life, an everlasting and sure hope.

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19 thoughts on "Jesus Is the Firstfruits of the Resurrection"

  1. Monica Davis says:

    Thank GOd for Jesus!

  2. Brianna Bogner says:

    The love of Christ is so amazing . All He does for us and all He asks for in return is for us to trust Him and follow Him

  3. Brenna Page says:

    Recently I read an article that said 46% of people who called themselves Christians do not believe Jesus rose from the dead. Clearly there was a HUGE memo missed somewhere with this 46%. Just another indication we are in the end days. Jesus most certainly rose from the dead and He is up there right now loving me. Thank you Jesus for all you have done, are doing and continue to do for your faithful servants!

  4. Regina Hampton says:

    Excited to start this lesson

  5. Steph C says:

    The resurrection of Christ, the life that He gives, this is where my hope is found. This is my confidence in an uncertain world. He is my hope. My anchor. My refuge. ❤️

  6. NanaK says:

    We are one in Christ: “Christ is all and in all.”
    We are God’s “chosen ones, holy and dearly loved.” We are not separated by color, race, gender, or even denomination in His eyes. In this lost world where everyone seems bent on having a classification to set them apart, my prayer is that we, as the body of Christ, will truly “put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity,” and work together to bring the lost to our Lord and Savior.

  7. Mari V says:

    My hope, Your hope, Our hope is secure in Christ’s resurrection!

  8. Melissa Eaton says:

    BOOOOOOOM! That’s what I shouted after reading this Day!!! So excited and fired up to know that my hope is in a God that conquered DEATH! “How ridiculous would it be to trust in a god who dies…” YES! That statement made me shout in thankfulness for His power, His conquering power and now lives in US!!! Aaaaaah so thankful for His resurrection power! May you all bask in that today and always, WE HAVE HIS RESURRECTION POWER LIVING IN US!

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