Jesus Is Crucified

Open Your Bible

Luke 23:13-25, Mark 15:16-20, Luke 23:26-43

In this narrative of Jesus’s last hours, we encounter a slew of hard hearts. Sin has clouded with unjust vengeance the vision of those who once saw Jesus heal the blind and broken. Jesus, who was celebrated with a welcome fit for a victorious general, is now treated as a criminal—more guilty than Barabbas, a known murderer. 

The officials treated Jesus as a joke, a troublemaker, a heretic—unable to see true power in humility. When everyone around Him was mocking Him, Jesus was a calm presence, offering mercy: “Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34).

Instead of asking for justice and wrath—even as the officials tempted Jesus to ask for God’s help to bring him down from the cross—He goes so far as to ask God to forgive them. Amid pain and persecution, Jesus offers forgiveness.

I’ve experienced what it feels like to have people spread lies about my character and intentions. I have felt them judge me, say hurtful words about me, and wish ill things for me. It’s easy to want God to persecute them instead of offering them forgiveness. Yet the only truly innocent one showed us how we can be merciful when we experience persecution, rejection, and hurt—we pray. 

Only through Jesus’s blood can we hold the pain our enemies bring us and God’s free gift of forgiveness simultaneously. With a knowledge of God’s saving grace through Jesus, we can pray for our enemies knowing it is not within our power to offer forgiveness, but God’s. Phew. It takes the pressure off. As we wrestle with our limitations to forgive, we can trust that God can carry us gently through the process of healing and reconciling. When we are the wrongdoer waiting anxiously for someone to accept our apology, we can come to Jesus knowing that he has already canceled out our debt and called us “free.” 

Who is Jesus? Jesus is merciful. He has the capacity to have compassion in our pain and extend a hand, offering a second chance to those who “do not know what they are doing.”

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56 thoughts on "Jesus Is Crucified"

  1. Ada McCloud says:

    How do you protect against a hardened heart?

  2. trina beckwith says:

    Amen. Such a beautiful lesson

  3. Susan Lincks says:

    Amazingly beautiful

  4. Portia Strange says:

    It really struck out to me that while he is hanging on the Cross, physically exhausted, hungry, thirsty, emotionally spent, abandoned, denied, betrayed, psychologically agonized, He still calls God His Father! Lord forgive me if I’m reading too much to/adding to Scripture. How beautiful! Even in the midst of persecution, hurt, & pain, Jesus still recognizes that God is still His Father. In the same way when we, as Christians, are in the mist of persecution, hurt, & pain, Holy Spirit help us to remember and to believe that God is still Our Father.

  5. Lolly Regan says:

    Lord bring me to confession of my sins

  6. Amanda Browning says:


  7. Maddie Hodgett says:

    Today’s reading felt so powerful. They’re verses I’ve read before and I’ve known the story my whole life, but today I really noticed Jesus’ humility shining through, and it blew me away

  8. Natalie Knutson says:

    Needed this today ❤️

  9. Natalie Knutson says:

    I saw this story in a new way today. My husband and I have been working through false allegations for 3 years now. It is really difficult to know how to react when people are not treating you fairly and when they turn their backs on you. But Jesus gives us a beautiful reminder here. Even though these people had turned their backs on him and hung him up on that cross he still prayed for their forgiveness.

  10. Kimberly Z says:

    @Anne praying for you! Letting go of stuff in the past is HARD! But give yourself grace! I too have had to learn to let go of things and I understand how difficult it can. You’ve got this!

  11. Kimberly Z says:

    @Taylor good luck with your young adult group! I started one of those recently as well and I was nervous too! But honestly I just kept telling myself nothing but GOOD could come for a young adult group just trying to become better friends right? In a time in my life where singleness has really hit me hard I often realize that I am longing for a strong community of people to be surrounded by. Praying it goes well for you!

  12. Kimberly Z says:

    @Kenta Rafferty love your post today. I agree it is truly amazing to see how much pain and suffering and beauty there was yet he chose to just simply pray for them. Something I can also chose to do in my anger and suffering whether it’s with somebody else or myself. I find such comfort knowing Jesus has so much compassion for us. Praying I can be the same way for others as well.

  13. Kenya Rafferty says:

    How many times have we been in the position of “not knowing what we are doing?” As humans, most of our lives are lived that way. Jesus forgives all those treating him so terribly because he sees their humanness. Their imperfections. And he weeps for them. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking moment that he wanted them to see the truth so badly that on his death, he would pray for them. What an incredible example of what to do with people in our own life we desperately need to forgive. We’ve all been there (and living in the flesh Jesus understands) and so in that we can also forgive. Even in pain. Even in sorrow. And if not forgiveness, we can always pray.

  14. Alayna P. says:

    If Jesus can forgive those who hurt Him, I can forgive those who hurt me. It’s hard, I pray that the Lord helps me to forgive.

  15. Claire B says:


  16. AG says:

    Jesus forgiving those who were doing terrible things to Him is astounding. I love this community because I would not always pick up on some of the things that take place in the readings without the comments, devotional and podcast.

    My roommates and I are starting our own small group tonight. Please pray that this group will take off and benefit us all and lead us closer to the Lord!

  17. Anne S says:

    Hi all- could you please pray for me to forgive myself for some things in my past? I need to do this in order to heal from some trauma. It’s a process, and I would really appreciate your prayers. Thanks!!

  18. Mercy says:

    Forgiveness is the key to release us from despair of betrayal and hurt. May we take the spec out of our own eyes. It’s a reflection how the Lord feels, as the scenes change, rewinding back, we were the ones that betrayed and hurt somebody in our ignorance. And that somebody either forgave us or hated us. What a relief when we were forgiven, and our mistakes were not mentioned or highlighted. What a misery when we were not forgiven and penalized. It’s a choice. Forgiveness is such a costly and gracious gift, revealing strength and maturity of character. Lord, help me with such maturity and grace to bestow forgiveness, and maintain the purity of my heart free from hate, stinking bitterness and anger…for Your Glory.

    @Taylor and Sarah D: for your small group gathering, may you learn more about God and be influenced by other people’s faith, story and encouragement :)
    @Kelly Neo, Cee Gee, Searching: thank you for the many wisdom!
    @Changed life: grace to forgive and reconcile with your sister, healing for your sister from such bad breakup.
    @Victoria E: how are you feeling? Hope you are well sister.

    My son’s teacher has finally returned to class after 7 weeks of mysterious absence from illness. Thank you ladies for praying alongside with us for her recovery. Praise Jesus for the power of unity through prayers.

    Be blessed dear sisters.

  19. Jennifer Duggan says:

    I guess for me — reading this was a reminder that the behavior we see in people today — has been around since the Bible. I don’t say that to be funny — but people can be animals — relentless in their own justification of what they think is right — even when it’s obviously so wrong. I shouldn’t be surprised these days with the way society treats, in particular, marginalized groups. They treated Jesus the same — and He still forgave them anyway.

  20. Dorothy says:

    Any time I read the Scripture of where Simon of Cyrene carrying Christ’s cross I think of a song titled, “Watch the Lamb” by Ray Boltz. It’s on YouTube and it’s so unbelievable.

    Bailey’s last paragraph just really “caught my eye” and made me think. Forgiveness, God and Christ have the ultimate say so on that. I never thought of it like that but it is sooo true.

    BUT GOD…!!! BUT GOD…!!! Sometimes it is so hard to forgive.

    Be blessed and know ultimately it’s up to God to grant forgiveness, sisters.

  21. Changed Life says:

    Reading these scriptures reminds me that we are called to forgive those who hurt us. I try to keep this front and center in my relationship with my sister. We were very close as children, growing up in a dysfunctional home. We are now in our 50s and have never been more distant. She has been through a very painful breakup with a narcissistic man and is working through a lot of trauma. She sees narcissism in everyone, including me. Her comments and judgements have hurt me so much. I pray that I can focus on forgiveness and patience as she works through her issues. This has gone on for three years now. Dear Jesus, help me to forgive as you did and to be willing to draw close when she is ready.

  22. Cindy Hanna says:

    @ Dorthy. Praying for you and the situation with Finley and her family. May you find rest in your upcoming retreat

  23. Lexi B says:

    This whole scene just amazes me. I can’t imagine the unspeakble pain and suffering our savior went through. To carry the cross after being beaten, and mocked…I am blown away by our saviors love for us. He carried it to Calvary for us. And on his journey there, he comforted the women lamenting for him, saved the man on the cross beside him and forgave those who did this to him. I am in awe of all of it and so thankful for His sacrifice.

    Thank you all for praying for my situation with finances and my car! The good is that I was able to find a part for my car for the mechanic to install vs them building a whole new part. Saved me so much money! My banking situation got solved as well; just had to have some hard conversations because of it. My non confrontational self hated it, but it was a good lesson for me nonetheless.

    Taylor- excited for your women’s study; I hope you have a blast tonight!
    Michelle P- I hope you enjoy your worship night. I have had the same feelings before about mine and it is amazing on how God meets me there, especially on the nights I don’t feel like going.
    Dorothy- praying for Finley and family
    Lehua K-I hope things have gone well with the transition in your job.

  24. Allison Bentley says:

    28 Jesus turned and said to them, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children. 29 For the time will come when you will say, ‘Blessed are the childless women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!’ 30 Then
    “ ‘they will say to the mountains, “Fall on us!”
    and to the hills, “Cover us!” ’ – Luke 23:28-30

  25. Ann Johnson says:

    …beatings. What if the soldiers and guards had been wearing body cams? Would I be able to view the scene? Would I own my part in letting it happen, through complacency, inaction and silence?

  26. Ann Johnson says:

    I’m thinking about the brutality of Jesus’ beatings. What if the soldiers and guards had been wearing body cams? Would I be able to look on that scene and own my part in letting it happen, through inaction and silence?

  27. Rebecca W says:

    Thank you Jesus! Remember me when you come into your kingdom! So hard, but beautiful to wrap my mind around all He did for us. May His truth and love fill me to overflowing, and open the eyes of my heart to always remember!
    @Tina and JenniferlovesJesus praying that you are both well. Miss your words of wisdom and encouragement.
    @ Taylor, Michelle, Sarah- may you find enduring friendships as you seek to know Him more!
    Praying over all my sisters today. ❤️

  28. Ann Johnson says:

    I’m thinking about the brutality of Jesus

  29. Donna Wolcott says:

    Cee Gee, thank you for what you shared this morning. So many times I question God mercy, letting go is so very hard sometimes. I believe in my heart but my mind churns. Prayers for those requests spoken and on hearts.

  30. Regina Clinton says:

    Thank You Father, for sending Jesus to pay our debts, Amen

  31. Nicole V says:

    Often reading through the gospels, I wonder where I fit. When I would read this passage as a younger person I would often see myself as one of the women watching and waiting (his followers). Now as an adult, I realize I’m probably more fickle than that. It’s more likely that I’d be like Peter and denying Jesus when things got scary or even worse maybe I’d be one of the people joining the crowd yelling crucify him.

  32. Jeanie Mclellan says:

    Thank you God, for all the second chances you have given me

  33. Paula Mullinax says:

    Taylor- you are going to be amazed at how much you will be at home at the YA gathering. You will know them already, by the Spirit! Excited for you.

  34. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    In today’s reading in Luke 23:25, I thought it interesting that it says, “Pilate granted their demand and surrendered Jesus to their will.” But it wasn’t their will that was being satisfied, it was the will of the Father – as we read yesterday in Luke 22:42. God is the Master Planner. It was His plan since the beginning of time. Praise God, He made a way for us to be forgiven! Thank you Jesus for not coming down off that cross – it is the only thing that stands between me and eternity lost! Wonderful, merciful Savior!

    A blessed Wednesday to you all!

  35. Cee Gee says:

    KELLY NEO, I did read through Leviticus (and study) but didn’t remember about the specific offering for sins of ignorance. Thank you for mentioning that! I did a search and found a long sermon :) by Charles Surgeon on the topic. He ended with this comforting remark:
    “My dear hearers, you are bound to confess your sins to God; but if pardon were offered you upon the condition that you should mention every sin you have committed, not one of you would ever be saved. We do not know, and if we ever did know, we cannot remember all our shortcomings, and all our transgressions; but the mercy is, though we do not know them, HE does, and he can blot them out. Though we cannot weep over them with a distinct knowledge of them, because they are not known to us, yet Jesus bled for them with a distinct knowledge of them all, and they are all put away by his unknown sufferings,— all cast into the deeps where an angel’s eye can never trace them. By his agonies immense, unsearchable, endured for us, and by his merits, infinite as his divine nature, our Redeemer has taken away that thick darkness of iniquity which we were not capable of comprehending. O believing sinner, the debt thou knowest not thy glorious Surety has nevertheless borne and discharged for thee. Blessings on his name. Rest in him, and then go thy way and rejoice. Amen.”
    THANK YOU, BAILEY T. HURLEY, for another excellent devo – “Who is Jesus? Jesus is merciful. He has the capacity to have compassion in our pain and extend a hand, offering a second chance to those who “do not know what they are doing.”

    May we all continue to put our hands in the nail-scarred hand.

    Praying along with the requests.
    TAYLOR and SARAH D- asking God to guide your heart and spirit as you seek out friends and fellowship!

  36. Michelle Patire says:

    @Lexi B– your response yesterday to my comment convicted me as well! There is a worship night at my church tonight and I am going. I was kind of dreading going for some reason. It felt like another “obligation” but I always force myself to go to these because I know they are beneficial. I haven’t had time to worship in my room recently… My sister has been in it a lot sick or just decompressing. So now I know I should go to this worship night for sure!

    @Brenda- I also struggle with people pleasing. I thought I had gotten over a lot of it, but yesterday it was brought to my attention that I still care a little too much about how others receive me. I have went through times of rejection, but I guess there is still this measure of acceptance I search for in others. May the Lord break us of this!!!

    @Taylor– glad to see you’re going to bible study!! I am in a young women’s group at my church that has been beneficial. It will help to have community around you to help understand Scripture and the issues of life they touch on :) May the Lord help you stay consistent and feel safe in that space.

    Lord, we have all been the thieves on the cross. We all struggle to do good all the time. Forgive us and help us to live to please you. May we have eyes to see when people betray us, that God you don’t. And You have compassion on us all. Help us to have character like Jesus that is humble in face of our betrayers and mockers. Only by your Spirit– in Jesus name. Amen.

  37. Rhonda J. says:

    These parts of the readings, the scripture, is so,so powerful and impactful. So much to process when you break it down. The mocking, and being spit at, wrongly accused, abandoned by friends and the people he had healed…it just breaks your heart. could he save us all, if not for the cross! It is what everything is based on, for you and I to have security in an everlasting life, with our Heavenly Father, to be in Paradise with Jesus!!

    I thank him everyday for this sacrifice, the perfect lamb, blood shed for us. Lord, help me to live in reverence for this gift, to praise you as the Almighty King that you are, the gift of eternal life. Each day is also a gift to show others, tell others, be your hands and feet, and live for your glory. Life changes when we understand this. We are born again, on fire for you Lord, and I want anyone I encounter to know how much my life is for you. Nothing else matters in the long run, except love for other, a light for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  38. C. says:

    Forgiveness is so powerful. I’m so thankful that He has forgiven my sins. And I’m so thankful that He helps me work on forgiving those that that I need to forgive. It’s not always an easy thing to do. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers! Continuing to pray for all of you ❤️

  39. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a good day. Praying for you @Taylor! I went to my small group last night. I was nervous, but we had fun. It has helped that I continue to go so that I can get to know the people more over time. There were guys there last night which was why I was nervous haha, but hoping this will help me get more comfortable just hanging out around guys. Seems trivial but it’s something that doesn’t come naturally to me. Praying for you all!! Hoping I get better with my mornings, I haven’t been waking up as early as I should to have a good amount of time for my devo. Work in progress!

  40. Aimee D-R says:

    Father I am a sinner, thank You that I am righteous in Your sight by the saving blood of Jesus. King Jesus, the lamb that was slain, how I long to see You return as the Lion of Judah! Your people await your return! In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

  41. Christine F says:


  42. Maria Baer says:

    So many things about the crucifixion to unwrap, but the moment when the thief in the cross says to Jesus “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom” always moves me so much. To me this is the Gospel in action— a sinner turning to Jesus for forgiveness, to become a child of God. Because I truly believe that while he did not specifically asked for forgiveness, Jesus knew what was in his heart. I always found relief that up there on the cross, one of the men acknowledged and understood that Jesus was the son of God and the sacrifice he was making. Thinking from my human perspective I always think that, if there was any doubt in Jesus’ mind, this moment must have been a relief for Him. Because until His last breath, He was converting sinners in darkness to children of the light.

  43. Elaine Morgan says:

    Father, forgive me for the sins I do not know I am doing. Please reveal them to me that I may repent and turn from my evil ways. Place mercy in my heart for those who try to persecute me that I may forgive them as you have forgiven me so much. ❤️

  44. Taylor says:

    Sitting here in awe of the love and cost Jesus took so us sinners could spend eternity with Him. Thank you Jesus <3 I loved the quote from today's devotion: "As we wrestle with our limitations to forgive, we can trust that God can carry us through the process of healing and reconciling."

    I have my first meeting with a young adult Bible study group through a local church tonight! I'm excited but also nervous because I don't know if I'll know anyone. Praying the Lord blesses this season and brings more community with other believers. I hope everyone has a blessed day <3

  45. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    I wonder what the criminal on the cross felt like when Jesus told him that he would be with him in paradise. Such relief such joy, even in the midst of trial.

    I am praying for your requests. Dorothy, I pray that you would Find resolution with Finley in the family.

    Have a blessed day sisters. 

  46. Danielle B says:

    I my humanness, I am blown away at how calm Jesus was as they tortured and mocked Him. He has to part of the triune to respond that way because my nature would want to fight back. Lord when I am faced with adversities, mocking, and attacks may I seek you, your will and your strength.

  47. Searching says:

    The power of forgiveness. When we repent, we are redeemed and set free by Christ’s forgiveness of our sins. When we forgive others in our day-to-day life, we are set free by releasing the anger toward those who have wronged us and turning them over to God. Not saying it is quick, easy or painless, or that we even have to tell them we have forgiven them, or have to forgive them face to face, completely forget the wrong, become best friends with them or place ourselves in danger – just that when I can let go of the anger it helps me more than holding onto it hurts them. It has taken (and is taking) me years for some hurts and initially felt almost impossible to pray for them or the situation. Thank you Jesus.

    DOROTHY – praying for the situation with Finley and her sister, and for wisdom for what to do.
    SHARON JERSEY GIRL – praise the Lord! Praying for your in-laws.
    C. – praying for your car repair
    TASHA COLLEY – thank you for your testimony, “my faith has a depth it didn’t before”
    TARA B – praying for healing for your boss’s dad

  48. Andrea P says:


  49. Alison Webster says:

    When I am wronged, my godly / eternal perspective frequently flies out the window, but Jesus was hanging on a cross, brutally there, saying, “Father, forgive them; they know not what they do.” My prayer was to remember and not forget like Him.

  50. Tara B says:

    Father, help me forgive, show mercy, Grace and love like only You do. Thank You for your Grace, mercy, love and sacrifice on the cross. Amen

  51. Krystyn Carey says:

    Father, forgive them. They do
    Not know what they are doing. Father, forgive us — we do not know what we are doing.

  52. Krystyn Carey says:

    Father, forgive them. They do

  53. Kelly (NEO) says:

    For those who read Leviticus, remember what the sin offering attoned for? Sin done in ignorance (“for they know not what they do”)

    I have often wondered how Barabbas felt after his release. Did he understand who Jesus was? Did he change his ways and become a follower of the Innocent One who took his punishment? I pray so!

    Praying for your requests ❤️

  54. Brenda says:

    As a people pleaser, I often get caught up in when I feel like someone doesn’t like me. In reading todays scripture I realized that Jesus had to allow a large group of people not to like him. They also didn’t see him for what he truly was and being God, he knew that and still handled it with humility and grace. If I am truly trying to model my life after Jesus, this is a better reason for me to do the same and let go of what others might think about me.

  55. Dana says:

    Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise

    Lead me by Your Will. Amen.

  56. Mary Ann Graves says:

    Amen. Thank you for your forgiveness