Jesus Forgives and Heals

Open Your Bible

Matthew 4:12-17, Mark 1:14-45, Mark 2:1-28

Have you ever heard of Lectio Divina? It’s an ancient Scripture reading practice that invites you to read a passage four times as a way of meditating on and praying through Scripture. On your second pass, the practice prompts you to meditate on the word or phrase that resonates with you most. In today’s reading, that word for me was “immediately.” 

Jesus called Simon and Andrew to follow Him, and immediately they left their livelihood and followed Him (Mark 1:16–18).

Immediately Jesus called James and John to follow Him, and they left their father and made Jesus their teacher (vv.19–20).

Immediately leprosy left the man who approached Jesus for healing (vv.40–42).

At Jesus’s command, immediately the paralytic whose sins Jesus had forgiven took up his mat and walked (Mark 2:1–12).

Here, in these phrases, we see Jesus immediately taking the initiative to bring His Father’s kingdom near and people immediately responding with surrender, awe, and even opposition. The narrative is in constant motion as Jesus teaches, heals, and forgives those who come to Him. However, it wasn’t Jesus’s activity in today’s reading that caused me to slow down and meditate on the word “immediately.”  It is Christ’s seeming inactivity in my own life that causes me to stop and ponder, asking: 

God, why does it seem like my life is in slow-mo? 

Why have I not yet healed from past pain? 

Why do I have to go to counseling to do the seemingly never ending work of change? 

Why haven’t You healed my friend from chronic pain, depression, and night terrors? Is she not worthy of Your immediate compassion and relief? I know You can do it. Is it that You’re not willing?

And I’m not just frustrated with God. I’m also frustrated with myself. Why don’t I respond to God and His Word when He calls me to follow? I long for the immediate activity I see here in these verses. 

Friends, I know I’m supposed to give you some encouragement or corrective truth that gets you through the day or the week. But, all I have to offer today is my confession of frustration with the seemingly slow pace of life and a hope in Jesus that, at times, is dimmed by the darkness that continues to loom on Earth. As I continue to meditate and talk to Jesus, I invite you to go back to today’s passage and do the same. Consider what in your life you wish would happen immediately. Draw near to Him with honesty, trusting He will comfort, correct, and respond to your longing in His good and perfect timing—even when the process of sanctification is slow. 

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137 thoughts on "Jesus Forgives and Heals"

  1. Sienna Rubin says:

    We all crave the “immediately” I pray we can all find some peace in God’s plan now.

  2. Aidan Mannering says:

    I’m in a hard period of waiting right now – waiting for things not be so tough, to find where I’m supposed to be right now. Everything feels overwhelming, and there are days where trusting that God is working, despite seeing the “immediately’s” that are so often told in his word, is hard. But I know that my God is good! He is working in our favour ❤️

  3. Megan says:

    Love the honesty of these thoughts. Very vulnerable and incredibly real. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Lucy Griffin says:

    He came for sinners like me. His teachings are light though his ways mysterious— the one I long to follow

  5. Ada McCloud says:

    I want so much “immediately”

  6. Rita Beedy says:

    Yes! Same here!!

  7. Rita Beedy says:

    Immediately… Do I respond at all, let alone immediately? He is still calling me/people out of “everyday” and into service… Papa that my ears will be open!!!

  8. Alesia Shaw-Pulley says:

    Lord this was powerful. I sometimes feel the same way frustrated and as if I’m not worthy of God’s love and

  9. Rylee Cummings says:

    This really put things into perspective for me. I never thought about MY responses to God when he asks something of me. It’s easy to be frustrated when you aren’t getting what you ask for. But it can be the same for God if you also aren’t doing what he asks of you. I’ve read this passage a few times and never have I thought about it this way. Great read. Thank you so much!

  10. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord you are a healer thank you Jesus!I will trust in the Lord all my days and I will be satisfied with you Lord cause you know what’s best for me all of my good days out weigh my bad days I won’t complain I will not get weary but I will trust in the Lord always and forever and Lord I’ll be satisfied with you! I know you got me! Hallelujah! Some trust in horses sone trust in chariots I choose to trust in the Lord who has never left me! I’m satisfied! I’m satisfied! I’m satisfied! Glory!

  11. Lorie Hale says:

    @trina @Lilly thank you guys so much for posting your perspective on this. In the past was my answer from God was “wait” or even “no” my immediate response has been one of self loathing. I must not be good enough or loved or I’m being punished. But reading your responses has helped me to think about MY immediate. I need to immediately know God has a plan, immediately know I am loved, immediately know God is good. Thank you guys so much for you honesty and sharing your heart here ❤️

  12. Lorie Hale says:

    Thank you for writing this. It made me think of my immediate responses to God. My immediate response to God’s “nos” or “waits” has been a feeling of not being worthy or truly love and those responses have kept me stuck I think. I need to change that. Your response has made me think about my immediate response instead of His and I need to change it. I need to immediately believe in his goodness and immediately trust in His timing and immediately remember His faithfulness and His word. Thank you again for you honesty and perspective on this.

  13. Chelsea Thode says:

    Also, loved sisters in Christ, when the darkness seems greater than the light and the hope of Jesus seems slow or lost…look for earthly reminders that he gave us, such as the sun. It rises every morning. Look for it and see the promise that it affords us that Jesus rose once and for all and He is coming again! Let that first sunlight of the morning fulfill your heart knowing that the light of Christ returns. Wake up early and catch its first presentation of light over darkness. Soak it up deep into your soul as it fulfills the morning and turns night into day.

  14. Chelsea Thode says:

    PTSD and CPTSD along with depression, etc. can wreak havoc on a person leaving them to fend off night terrors and a whole host of other symptoms. There is a cure! Overcoming PTSD by Kayleen Wright has the answer! Dear Ones, get connected to others who know how to heal from these awful diagnoses.

  15. Mindy Siskey says:

    I’m always intrigued by the response of the Pharisees to the works of Jesus. It feels like we are surrounded by Pharisees these day. I love how Jesus reminded them that the Sabbath was created for man, not man for the Sabbath. What I get out of that is rules were created for our safety and well being, but “Christians” get so caught up in the rules that we almost take them as idols. The purpose and intent behind what we do is so much more important than merely following a rule. The ultimate goal is to bring souls to repentance through Jesus. If the rules get in the way of that, we are focusing on the wrong thing.

  16. Drew Warren says:


  17. trina beckwith says:

    As a student in college, I struggle with this. I am a junior and I feel lost for what life is to bring me. I am ready for the next step, but I’m not yet in the place to take it. I will not know what law school I am going to until the fall, I do not know what part of the country I will be living in, I do not know what the Lord has planned on me. I’m this confusion, I find myself often praying to Him for immediate results. I hope to do well on the test the next day or get an internship I have just applied for. Todays reading has helped me to realize that I am the one who needs to immediately trust Him and His plan for me and know that this is what’s best. Amen

  18. Leslie Haynie says:

    I love her honesty.

  19. Taylor Wilde says:

    I am encouraged by how you’re reminding us we can always go back to the feet of Jesus. We can boldly run to His throne room if grace with our concerns and we can intimately share the darkest parts of our hearts….knowing we will be met in love. Praying for you and the She Reads Truth community this week!

  20. Taylor Wilde says:

    My encouragement from this is that you are reminding us that we can always go back to the feet of Jesus. We can boldly

  21. Lily Loveland says:

    Jesus delayed when asked to go to Lazarus. He also allowed a delay when heading toward the little girl who was sick in bed. Scripture says specifically that he wanted to bring Lazarus back to life in HIS time. He did it on purpose.

    I think it’s a very worthwhile endeavor to know God’s heart intimately and without hesitation, and it would always be good to respond to His call in the Spirit, with an AMEN and an immediate “go”. But He doesn’t always do things quickly, and there IS a component of purposeful delay sometimes on his part. And that’s ok with me!

  22. Kyle Hopkins says:

    Thank you, Yana, for your honesty in your weekly reflection. ❤️

  23. Kyle Hopkins says:

    Thank you for your honesty, Ayana

  24. LeAnn Schmitt says:

    Thank you for the bold honesty!

  25. Amanda Browning says:

    Yama Conner spoke no truer words! I have be struggling these past three weeks with my patience. Patience with my 3yo twins, patience with myself at home and at a new hospital. I know God will answer my prayers in His time. I pray for patience!

  26. Melody Bates says:

    Such refreshing honesty

  27. Nicole Isom says:

    “The Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” I thank God that my sons were tossed and spread out as far as the East is from the West, the North is from the South.

  28. Kristyn M says:

    I’m a few days behind in my readings, but this message came at just the right time for me. As others have said, its refreshing to hear other believers speak honestly about their struggles in their Christian walk. It helps to know I am not alone in my feelings. I needed to hear this. Thank you.

  29. Marnie Bartleet says:

    Thankyou for your honesty It is refreshing to hear of others spiritual struggles. And it is encouraging to work through my one

  30. Susan Lincks says:

    I completely understand this. I often wonder why things aren’t happening at my pace. I admit, I have given up on believing things will change that I ask for. With this said, I am not saying my faith in God has diminished. I still believe in God’s miracles and His desire to help His people out. I just don’t think I ask for worthy things or that God intends to rescue me from pain. So, I just deal with what I am given.

  31. Sarah Morrison says:

    Amen sister!

  32. Fátima Padrón says:

    Gana, a friend shared a devotional today that you may find comfort in “When you bring Me prayer requests, lay out your concerns before Me. Speak to Me candidly; pour out your heart. Then thank Me for the answers that I have set into motion long before you can discern results. When your requests come to mind again, continue to thank Me for the answers that are on the way. If you keep on stating your concerns to Me, you will live in a state of tension. When you thank Me for how I am answering your prayers, your mind-set becomes much more positive. Thankful prayers keep your focus on My Presence and My promises.”

  33. Lea says:

    Thank you for honestly expressing your own spiritual struggles. That in and of itself is encouraging.

  34. Ashley Pessolano says:

    Say it louder for those in the back! Right on time, as I wait anxiously for immediate healing—but know everything happens in His time. I plan to come back to this tomorrow and meditate on those words for my life. ❤️

  35. Cindy Mirra says:

    So the word “immediate” also struck me from today’s readings but in terms of how when the disciples were called they immediately followed Jesus. May I find the strength to always immediately follow him!!

  36. Jennifer Duggan says:

    Two things struck me here — how I selfishly want things immediately — but I’m
    Not so sure that when God commands me — I’m really all that immmediate…I need to remember that — and be better — and overall more trusting

    Second, I was stuck by people taking the roof off of Jesus’ dwelling to bring someone to Him for healing. What struck me about it was for the first time — I realized at this point — Jesus literally had NO privacy — and for a regular person that would have been insane! Fame does stuff to people — but Jesus never complained and took the service in stride. Just wow.

  37. Jennifer Duggan says:

    Two things struck me here — how I selfishly want things immediately — but I’m
    Not so sure that when God commands me — I’m really all that immmediate…I need to remember that — and be better — and overall more trusting

  38. Jennifer Duggan says:

    Two things struck me here — how I selfishly want things immediately — but I’m

  39. Foster Mama says:

    Hello my Sisters,

    I am a day behind with my reading and several days behind re: comments (and have been thinking about a few of you in particular so wanting an update)…

    But WOW!! What a meditation today!!! Oh @ YANA CONNER …you pierced right through to my heart ❤️. God bless

  40. JoyV says:

    Today’s scripture and devotional were full of good thoughts but the comments of everyone responding blew me away. I get so much encouragement from all the comments that are shared. Some of you really open your hearts and share what is there, good, bad, and everything in between. Some of you share such wisdom. Some of you share what you are learning from other studies and sources. Some of you are so raw and honest about your doubts, your sins, your fears. All of your comments are nuggets of gold reaching out and touching others.

  41. Sara m says:

    Thank you, Yana. I needed your authenticity and rawness today more than I did encouragement. I needed to feel solidarity in the waiting. Thank you

  42. Rachele Johnson says:


  43. Rene Savage says:

    I’m a fairly new christian and learning every day. I just watch the newest episode of the Chosen and it covered this teaching. So cool to see things knit together.

  44. Hannah Brown says:

    I’ve been praying for a friend to want reconciliation after years of hurt. We are meeting on Saturday

  45. Tasha Colley says:

    @Traci – I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I cannot imagine! Last night, I heard a quote: there are 3 answers to every larger. 1. Yes. 2. Not yet. 3. I have something else in mind. I have been in a space of asking for a miracle that I never got. I never got what I asked for the way I asked for it. But God showed up in other ways. It took (what I considered) a long time, but I had to remember it was all in God’s perfect time. And even if my prayer wasn’t answered in the way I wanted, God’s plan… his answer… is far better than what I could ever imagine. I don’t know what would be better than still having your son around, but I pray that you have that faith to know God does have something better in mind.

  46. Melissa Mcronney says:


  47. Kimberly Palmer says:

    Hi. If you are the sister who posted Enduring Word commentary in another post, God Bless you. I am truly enjoying reading his commentary and it is really blessing my life. Thank you so much!

  48. Alexus Cehelnik says:


  49. Jordan Stover says:

    I’m a mom of two (3.5 years and 4 months) I wish for a full nights rest. Hasn’t happened in 3.5 years but would love for it to happen immediately.

  50. Victoria E says:

    What a great devotional and I love everyone’s comments. Praying for many of the requests here , Heidi V, Mari V, Tasha, Kristen Lee.

  51. Alison Lynch says:

    I loved todays reading and devotional. The first time I read through the scripture I didn’t pick up on how many times it emphasized “immediately” but reading through it the second time it really stuck out what immediate justification the people had with Jesus while he was here on earth. As I wait for things in my own life to come to fruition- I can’t help but also wonder why things aren’t happening immediately. Yet we know what a short time Jesus had here and what an impact he had to make with so little time. I think that’s why his actions at the time were immediate. Our time here and our wants and desires have more time to come to pass. It’s not that Jesus is no longer answering prayers immediately but he knows the better timing for all we pray for and seek. Todays reading reminds me of what a miraculous God we serve and how his timing is perfect even when we don’t understand it ourselves ❤️

  52. Christine Cobos says:

    So true , Amen

  53. Christine Cobos says:

    How often I question why ? Am I not worthy , but truth is I know all things are possible with God. I have to trust him fully even when it feels dim

  54. Kenya Rafferty says:

    Wow there is so much in todays readings. I love the contrast between Jesus as human and Jesus as God. He feels feelings that humans have – overwhelm, exhaustion, pity, empathy. But He commands himself in a way that is all God – grace, understanding, inclusion, forgiveness, love. There is so much beauty in this contrast because it displays who Jesus was meant to be and it also paints a picture of how we can attempt to live in the world. As humans, accepting what we see and feel and do but acting in a way that glorifies and exemplifies God. One way we can do this is to know scripture like Jesus did and continue to reference to it.

  55. Brittany Nicole Montaigne says:

    This resonates with me so much as a mother. As a tired mother of a two year old who works 40+ hours a week…we yearn for those days when our babies are more self sufficient…we want them to happen immediately. But when we sit and ponder and meditate on the little things – we realize that if we rush and get those immediates – that we miss the beautiful in betweens. This taught me that in the word of God, and as a mother – I need to be more patient and wait for Gods time because for him, he doesn’t want miss the in betweens on my as a daughter in Christ.

  56. Mercy says:

    I too shared many moments of unknown confusion or lack of clarity or direction from God. BUT GOD… clarity comes with hind sight, the journey is the teacher. Every step is ordained, even the mistakes belong. Power is an inside job. Good things take time and much patience. A diamond is formed by taking external pressure again and again. When the pressure cracks all the layers of us (designed to), the Holy Spirit will take over. The end of us is the beginning of God.
    @Angela Van Dyke: praying for complete healing & deliverance from anxiety and pain after pregnancy.
    @Molly R: for your parents, healing for your dad, and strength for your family.
    @Cindy Hanna: amen to your prayer.
    @Yana: thank you for painting the raw and rough narrow road of a Christian. I love your boldness to be truthful and real.
    @Theresa: “there’s enough Jesus to go around”. Indeed! Thank you so much for this :)
    Be blessed dear sisters. “Trust…and lean not on yourself” (Proverbs 3:5)

  57. Olivia Walker says:

    Yeah, I haven’t heard good things about that particular practice. I was surprised when I read that too.

  58. Alayna P. says:

    Today’s reading and devo really struck a chord with me. And Yama, thank you for your honesty and vulnerability ❤️

  59. Hali Y. says:

    Lexi B, that is so good! There is always going to be waiting, but to know that “soon” is promised does bring comfort. thank you for sharing!

  60. Barbara Thompson says:

    I realize our understanding of immediate,is limited.God’s timing is beyond the knowledge of what we currently see,feel and think.
    Our faith,trust must be,that God is in control.All things may not be good,but God will use the circumstances to work together for our good and His glory.

  61. Dorothy says:

    Until today I hadn’t heard of “Lectio Divina” when Yana mentions it in her devotional, it seems like an interesting concept. As far as what I wish “would happen immediately”, I’m not really sure there is anything. My health is good, my relationship with my siblings and my son and daughter-in-law is good, I have a job I like to do, and a grandson on the way. God has blessed me in many ways and I’m very, very thankful for that. I have friends that I enjoy being around and two church congregations I attend.

    Father God I thank You for all You have blessed me with. Watch over my sisters and help them through there struggles, You know what they are. In Christ’s name, amen.

    Sisters, I do have a prayer request, in July (yes that’s a ways off I know) my lease is up and I plan on moving closer to my son, d-i-l, and grandson, I’m trying to decide whether or not to cut back my work hours even more. It will be a further drive for me and I will only have six months before I can start getting Medicare by that time. Thank you for praying for me.

    Be blessed and be patient for God answers all prayers, maybe NOT immediately or the way we want but He does answer ALL prayers sisters.

  62. Debby Blake says:

    Love this very frank devotional today!

  63. Lexi B says:

    Yana, thank you for your honesty- I know I have asked these same questions to God and found myself without the ability to encourage others, let alone myself. I know God welcomes our honesty, gives us a chance to truly speak with Him, without holding back.

    I did a little digging into the word- immediately. Looking at the definition, synonyms of immediately, the word “soon” is a synonym of immediately! Soon to me, is a waiting word. It is not fast (in my mind). It will happen “soon”. Jesus is coming, “soon” . But it is also a promise of things to come. It is just wild to me that both of those words immediately and soon, which seem to me to hold such different meanings, are in the same word family. That just really stuck out to me today. If God has promised something to us, it’s coming. It gives me hope in the waiting.

  64. Kristin Haakenson says:

    Thank you for sharing a devotion of such beautiful camaraderie and honesty. The more we can acknowledge this paradox of patience, which I struggle with constantly, the more we can open up to this message. I’m also so glad that you shared lectio divina – this ancient Church practice is so important in cultivating both the universal and personal message spoken to us in the Bible.

  65. Donna Wolcott says:

    Just for info: Lectio Divina in western Christianity, is a traditional monastic practice of spiritual reading, meditation and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God’s word. Some look on it (scripture) as not texts necessarily to be studied but the living work. If any of you have been on a spiritual retreat sometimes this method is used. I have and it can be a powerful feeling of connection with God.

  66. Kimberly Z says:

    Loving this devotional today. In a season of learning to trust God it can be hard! At church this weekend the message was about remembering the gifts God gives us that we cannot see. Remembering how loved I am by God even during my season of hard times and waiting. Praying it’s a good week for all of you!

  67. Stephanie says:

    I’ve read along with SheReadTruth for almost as long as they’ve been sending out daily reading emails. I’m saddened by how they seem to no longer vet who they have write their devotions or keep the readings centered on God rather than self. After some digging into “lectio divina,” I am concerned by such a practice being promoted by SheReadsTruth. In this methodology, the self becomes the object of study and interpretation. In this approach, objective truth takes a backseat to personal encounter. What matters is not necessarily that God be worshiped for who he is in the beauty of his majesty, but that God be experienced by the reader. Inherent to its practice are elements that lead the reader away from the meaning of the text and toward the reader’s own subjective intuition. A reading of Scripture that is truly spiritual is one that will be submissive to the voice of God as he has delivered it once-for-all through the intention of the biblical writer.

  68. Bunny Lightsey says:

    I too loved this lesson! But I looked at it from a completely different view! While I have read many comments about Jesus is quotation mark immediately quotation mark, I looked at it from my immediately! Peter and Andrew only had to hear his voice and they immediately stopped what they were doing and follow them. How many times have I heard his voice and did nothing? That’s what brings the tears to my eyes in my life. Lord may I be immediate when you call.

  69. daria griffith says:


  70. daria griffith says:

    The question I had most after the reading was about demons- so often we read about Jesus casting out demons, but I’m

  71. Angela Van Dyke says:

    Since pregnancy up until a year and a half later with my one year old, I have suffered physically and mentally almost daily. I was never the same compared to pre-pregnancy. It is really hard to pass each day with different pains and hormone-caused anxiety. There are many times that I wondered that when will I be healed and when will God stop withdrawing himself from me. I am very thankful to have my husband to continually supporting me and reminding me of God’s promises to us if we believe in Him. All I can do for now is to get by each day with patience and believe that eventually God will heal me.

  72. Carly S says:

    Good morning! I’ve read through the comments and lifting you all up in prayer. I loved today’s devo, and loved getting to read everyone’s comments and know that I am not alone in the way that I feel. Waiting on God to act and fulfill His promises is really hard. And when I wonder about it or question it, I can feel abandoned by God. Like He has just left me here to figure it out myself. But I know that’s not true! So today I’m working on not believing that lie, but also being able to talk to God about how I feel.

  73. Traci Gendron says:

    YANA – thank goodness for your words. I was feeling angry reading todays scripture. Why wasn’t my son healed?! We had supported research for a stem cell transplant trial. Tanner was to be patient 3. He didn’t pass the respiratory tests. That was a death sentence. All we had worked for was right at our fingertips and it was taken away. How am I supposed to believe in miracles?? Do they even still happen and if, why were we not allowed one.

  74. Lolly Regan says:

    I resonate with this devotion so deeply. Lord allow me to trust your time line, your will, your desires, your plans over my own even if it means that my life is not healed or fixed or changed immediately. Lord help me to truly experience the feeling of you being enough. Of you pardoning my sins to be enough… some people get to be healed miraculously from paralysis and some get just the pardon of sin but Lord, that is all we need to know you are good. Help me to live in that. Amen

  75. Mari V says:

    Good morning again, SRT beautiful She’s! Earlier, I was voicing my comment. It was in a bit of a hurry as time was getting away from me and I had to run a couple of doors down for my ride to work. I hope I made sense as I forgot to put periods here and there, and was rambling.

  76. Cindy Hanna says:

    Dear Lord I pray that you will provide just enough “immediately’s” to all She’s in “seasons of waiting”, that we may not be discouraged or lose hope.

  77. Julia Gibson says:

    Exactly the words I needed today as I wait for a call about a new job opportunity

  78. Mari V says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! First of all, good morning sweets, SRT she’s!
    It’s extremely, extremely windy today. Kind of scary.   I so appreciate Yana’s Honesty and transparency. Some of the things that she was saying our thoughts that have been going through my head. I am not angry with God. At least I’m trying hard not to and I’m trying not to question HIM. Just before starting my devotion this morning, I keep going over my head. Why did I get into this accident? Why is it taking so long to Process my claim? I’m without a car all over again, and having to ask people for rides. Quite humbling again. But God… My precious God, protected my daughter, and I. My vehicle can be replaced. Please pray I don’t have extreme expenses. That is my main concern. As we’re having issues with the party at fault that I sit here and I’m grateful! Time got away from me. I mainly want it to be an extent gratefulness to my God, Jehovah Jireh, my provider and thankful for all of you here who I know are praying for me and my kids.

  79. lisa chapek says:

    I was struck by the word immediately as well especially since it came from Marks description. The one who once turned back on a missionary journey with Paul and Barnabas, must have seen both the blessing and honor to the Lord in immediate obedience. Especially in response to His immediate care for us and the tidal wave of the coming of the kingdom of heaven. One other thing struck me. Jesus talking about new wine and old wineskins. Since He’s always doing something new, I need to make sure I’m not trying to receive it with old wineskins (the way I expect it to be, the way He’s done it in the past, tradition, my way of perceiving my pain or difficulties). If I do, I spoil both His provisions for me and my own heart. Lord, give me Your perspective. Create in me a clean heart that can receive Your new wine.

  80. Allison Bentley says:

    What stood out to me is that Jesus never gave up- imagine how tired he was? Jesus- the modern day royal/celebrity who is constantly followed by people who were demanding so much (not all bad) and waiting for Him to “mess up”. The followers wanted answers, the sick wanted healing and poor Jesus probably just wanted quiet! This makes Him even more perfect in my view. He had the patience to continue doing the good work BUT with a gentle and loving heart!!! Lord I pray I love like Jesus!!!

  81. Regina Clinton says:


  82. Zoey Ferens says:

    Immediately resonated with me as well

  83. Joy says:

    My pastor’s sermon yesterday was about some of these same passages where Jesus is healing people. He explained that Jesus’ primary purpose in these miracles was not the physical healing itself but the process of bringing outsiders in — since those who were sick or disabled were excluded from community as unclean. Jesus has done this same thing for all of us through His death on our behalf: made us clean and welcomed us who were outsiders in many various ways into His family as beloved insiders. He has met our deepest need. And He calls us to follow his example: inviting, welcoming and loving people around us who are different, struggling, suffering, off-putting, etc.

  84. J M says:

    Thank you for your honesty! We are all imperfect people looking to Jesus and waiting for healing in some form or another. Lord, be with us as we patiently await how you will work in each of our lives.

  85. Molly R says:

    Oh Friends, today was when we were going to head back to homeschool co op and get back to a regular routine after a nice long break, but I woke up to a string of text messages from my mom letting me and my siblings know that our dad (who has Parkinson’s) fell last night and has broken his right hip and his right shoulder (in 2 places). 5 years ago he broke the same shoulder in a fall, too! He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and is now awaiting an orthopedic consult before surgery at least on his hip. Given his Parkinson’s my mind is reeling with how he can recover from this, AND the last time he was in a rehab facility for his broken arm/shoulder 5 years ago the care was SO poor that he spiraled into a deep depression. I am supposed to go and teach my class at co op today and my mind has been completely blind-sided with this news. My parents live locally to me, so I will be seeing how I can get into see them. This will be the first day of a very LONG road, but amidst the unknowns right now I can’t help but to be SO very thankful for some special and blessed visits with them over the holidays. My dad had been in better spirits and a mental state than he has been in a long time, and I felt like I got to talk and share with him like I hadn’t been able to in a long time. I’m wondering if that was a gift from God knowing this situation was coming. Thank you, sweet She sisters. I appreciate very much being able to bring this to you and trust that you are holding me up from all over the world. Pray for my parents. This is going to be a hard season.

  86. Jennie Dodge says:

    You are not alone. My friend bought me a bracelet that is the word “patience” in morse code.

  87. Jazmin Stallworth says:

    Living apart right now) I want the reunification process to be immediate and it’s not and it feels like every gets worse before it gets better and that’s hard to live with everyday. I know that this is something God will use for his Glory and the fact that I’m still here means He’s not done yet but it still doesn’t make it any easier. “Immediately” is a reminder that my timing is not perfect, faith is believing that it will happen even though I can’t even begin to imagine how. My immediate response to the fear and anxiety and doubt should be and will be Jesus, that’s what He’s calling me to, how soon will I cry out to Him and believe Him… Immediately not waiting until I’m falling apart but right now, in this moment, at the first lie of the enemy.

  88. Donna Joy Vickers says:

    Good Morning ~ overwhelmed and agree with Yana. I often think that it is me and GOD is requiring me to do something and I am missing the mark. I truly feel this forever now. Most time I ignore the feeling because that is not from GOD. I do know that reading the word, being in the word, knowing the word seems to be the SUPER POWER because the enemy can’t get to me when I am Armed with the WORD!

  89. Valerie Thomas says:

    Thank you for your authenticity. I’ve asked myself some of the same questions lately and been left with no answers. I’m reminded of Isaiah 57:14-19 which speaks to God’s faithfulness, love, mercy, patience, and graciousness in those moments of falling down. He is with us in those moments the most, His spirit helps in our weaknesses. God is always moving and working behind the scenes. May God bless abundantly and keep all of us in His grace, blessed be the Lord our God! ❤

  90. Jo Richardson says:

    I love the honesty ❤️

  91. Jazmin Stallworth says:

    The devotional today was spot on for me. I’m going through the hardest season of my life with my family being separated ( my husband,daughter and myself are all

  92. Brandy Tausch says:

    WOW. Thank you.

  93. Michelle Patire says:

    I wanted to post from the Enduring Word commentary of Mark 2- regarding when Jesus is questioned why His disciples don’t fast like John’s or the Pharisees.

    “Jesus’ point was made clear by these examples. You can’t fit His new life into the old forms. Jesus traded fasting for feasting; sackcloth and ashes for a robe of righteousness; a spirit of heaviness for a garment of praise; mourning for joy; and law for grace.”

    So good! I have been meditating on some of these verses mentioned from Isaiah 61:3

    @Kristen Lee — May the Lord give you the strength to renew and confront your thought life. This is something I struggle with too, thinking positive. I think @Taylor mentioned the other day about practicing gratitude. I remember reading her comment and laughing bc the night before, I was trying to go to sleep but was dwelling on negative parts of my day. So instead, I forced myself to think of three things I was grateful for that day. After that, I must have went to sleep! Lol. It works! I also need to continue to practice this throughout the day. May God help us both, Kristen. There are good things happening during your school day– May you have an “immediate” focus on them!

    @Tasha- thank you for sharing this vulnerable part of your story. May God continue to help your faith grow and may His Word speak to the very depths of your heart… so that you know Your God sees and hears it all, and still He loves you. May you grow in the awareness of His deep love for you and your husband <3 God bless you!!

  94. Rhonda J. says:

    “No matter what our inner condition is, we should bring it to God. There is a hymn that says, “Just as I am.” This means that we should come to God just as we are without trying to improve or change our condition. Our attitude when we come to God should be to come just as we are.”
    (Copied from googling Just As I Am Hymnal)

    The devotional today reminded me of my favorite hymnal growing up! Of course, at the time I liked just the melody, but now as an adult, the words really resonate with me, like you all. Life is such a journey of ups and down, but every moment God invites us to come…Just as I am.

  95. Margaret Wooten says:

    Thank you for being real.

  96. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    What stuck out to me in these readings is – When Jesus called Simon, Andrew, James and Levi, they left whatever they were doing to follow Him – their families, their careers and their home. Which caused me to pause and ask, “Do I leave everything to follow Jesus?” Following Jesus is not just a one time thing that I do and now I’m good. It’s daily following Him. Spending time in the Word. Spending time in prayer. Submitting to, and obeying Him on a daily basis. This was a good reminder for me – follow Jesus today, and everyday!

  97. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  98. Melanie B says:

    How long, oh Lord! The waiting is so hard.

  99. Charlie says:

    Thank you, Yana, for this very honest, vulnerable devotion today. For me personally, this is exactly the kind of truth that gets me through the week — knowing that others question and wonder and IT IS OK. Thank you for being vulnerable.

  100. Jeanie Mclellan says:

    PTL we can respond immediately to God’s plan for me today.

  101. C. says:

    I love how honest and real this is. It hit home for me. I’m currently going through some struggles and I keep praying that God will get me through them. Sometimes I have to stop and remember that things are all in God’s timing. Not my timing. And sometimes what I’m praying for might not be what I need. It does get frustrating! It does feel like life moves in slow motion sometimes! It can be easier said than done to let go and give it all to God. I am the type of person that if I ask you to do something and you don’t do it, I will just go do it myself. Except it doesn’t help anything. Because it wasn’t the right time or it wasn’t supposed to happen a certain way. And then I remember this is why God is in control and why I’m not in control. When I step back and let God lead me where I’m supposed to go and do what I’m supposed to do, I feel so much peace. Like I said before, it’s all on God’s time. Not my time. Praying that we are all able to give our worries, stress, and struggles to God. And that we remember it’s all on His time. ❤️ Sorry for rambling so much! This just really hit me this morning.

  102. Jeanie Mclellan says:

    Please help me to respond immediately to whatever God wants me to do in listening to him throughout my day

  103. Maria Baer says:

    Oh my goodness— I appreciate the honesty of this devotion. I sometimes feel that I should feel “a certain way” as a Christian, but sometimes I’m frustrated too. I can relate to this devotional so much, especially the “I wish I could bring you some encouragement, but some days…” My prayer today is for all of us to come to Jesus with an open and transparent heart. He already knows what’s in our heart, so let us just confess with our mouth to Him how we are feeling. He walks with us, and I am sure He is ready to listen.

  104. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    “…of His peace there is no end.” (Isaiah 9:6b). The prophet was right, “Light has dawned” and “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light” (vv 1-2). This was the experience, seeing the light, and what follows must be obedience. The first word to us from Jesus was “repent”: “From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17). Why is my first reaction to the word repent one of recoil and avoidance? I almost kept reading to find another way to begin this journal entry. I immediately recognized the shadow of my pride. I do not want to sit in the darkness, so I press in. The Greek word for repentance is ‘metanoia’ which means to have a change of heart or mind. The Greek word for sin is ‘hamartia’ which means to miss the mark. So to repent is to get back on target. When we understand repentance this way we can comprehend it as an ongoing, positive, and creative process. (From Thirty Steps to Heaven). Even as I write, I begin to exhale and breathe easier. I experience the gift of peace once again. What changed? My heart. My mind. My focus. From defensiveness to humility. That’s the process. That’s what Jesus was preaching. That’s what John was preaching in the wilderness. It was an urgent message from the beginning for good reason. It is where peace begins. It is putting faith in Jesus alone. “Your faith has saved you, go in peace.” (Luke 7:50). Repentance and forgiveness leads to healing. This is what Jesus gives. Healing. Salvation. Peace. He calls us to follow Him, to turn our hearts away from everything else and turn fully to Him. When I gaze too long at anything else, peace fades and unrest creeps in. So the process of following Jesus continues in the way of goodness and joy. It is the way of peace. So I remember to keep looking up to heaven as I travel through each day, good things, hard things, mundane things. My roots are in Christ and my branches will bloom with peace, love, and a continual hope of things to come. Maranatha.

  105. Rachel says:

    Matthew 4:16 – Isaiah prophesied, The people which sat in darkness saw great light – to them which sat in the shadow of death, light is sprung up. That is a lot of sitting before the light comes. A long period of waiting. We are fortunate that we get to wait with the Holy Spirit guiding and directing and comforting. Remember, see you Tuesday!

  106. Rachel from Texas says:

    This reminds me of the episode (season 3. Ep 2) in the Chosen when little James approaches Jesus wondering why he has not yet been healed when he is being sent to preach & heal. Watch it if you haven’t yet & it is something you are struggling with. Jesus is not through with you yet! Be encouraged!

  107. Libby K says:

    I love the rawness of our devotion today. It’s a reminder that all of us feel this way at sometime or another in our walk. Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggles.

  108. Lisa says:

    Thanks for this entry. Knowing I’m not alone in feeling frustrated and questioning of God’s seeming silence is encouraging. I am struggling with some physical issues and constant pain that makes it hard to function well in my life. It’s exhausting to be doing the right and correct work on all fronts – spiritual, emotional, physical- and see no progress. God is good. I love Him and worship Him. AND I’m really tired and long to be healed.

  109. Karrie says:

    Lately I have been thinking that God is using this time in my life to teach me to slow down and be patient, to give up control and to wait until He decides it’s time for change. What I am waiting for I have no control over. I tend to try to control all situations and I need to give that up and trust in Him and stop fighting it. It’s been a very long 2.5 yrs and I have learned so much about myself but I have also used this time to grow closer to God. I am no longer the person I used to be and I thank God for helping me thru this hard period. There was no immediate changes, but rather a slow process of getting to know God better and also learning about the person I am. Thank u Searching, Rhonda J and everyone else for keeping me in their prayers.

  110. Taylor says:

    I definitely resonate with this devotion as well. Many of you know my season of waiting/longing to find someone to share my life with. My pastor preached a very encouraging message on 2 Corinthians 1 that God is a God of comfort and resurrection. His comfort bring encouragement, emboldens us, and gives us perseverance to face our afflictions. I can turn from my own limitations to a God who has no limitations, and losing hope in myself will bring me comfort as I rely on God’s strength. Even if God doesn’t do what I ask or it takes longer than I want, I can still put my trust in Him and believe and pray boldly for deliverance. Because I’ve seen the faithfulness of God in my life, I trust I will see it again. May it be so Lord!

  111. Theresa says:

    In today’s reading, I was struck by the pace that the narrative moved at. It seemed like Jesus was a whirlwind of activity: calling disciples, preaching, correcting Pharisees, eating with sinners, healing, praying, the list goes on and on. As I read through these passages I felt God nudging me as if to say “there’s enough Jesus to go around.” That may seem like a strange thing to say, but I realized that I often view Jesus as a limited commodity. As if there’s a limit to how much of his presence or his healing I can have. And along with that, I let doubt creep in. Why would he care about my needs or what I care about when there are certainly bigger problems in the world that need him more. I’m thankful for a God who doesn’t have limits. Who can care about the “big” problems of the world but still sit with me in the morning and care about my day. Who wants to fill me with his Spirit and meet my needs too. Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!

  112. Rachel_espinoza says:

    Perfect timing in battling my anxiety

  113. Summer Stevenson says:

    This resonates with me for sure!!! So good !!!!

  114. emily says:

    this could not have resonated more. thank you for sharing.

  115. Carrie Fehrman says:

    I too noted how many times ‘immediately’ was written. I definitely understand the frustration when things are not immediate. There is beauty in waiting- especially waiting on God’s timing. That’s not to say it’s not hard, boy is it ever! But resting and relying in the faith that is God’s work in your life, you’ll notice less frustration and more peace when you reframe it.

  116. Victoria Flores says:

    This definitely hit home for me. God has been very faithful to me and my family and has brought me through some struggles but I have a dear friend that is struggling and I hope so strongly for God to pluck her out of it but I know I need to be patient and let Him do His Will behind the scenes. I’m believing that a breakthrough is on its way for her!

  117. Victoria Flores says:

    This definitely hit home for me.

  118. Cheryl Braxton says:

    I often feel the desire to respond immediately to my Lord but my head gets in the way and I rationalize as to why I ‘can’t.’ I come up with excuses as to why I can’t

  119. Aimee D-R says:

    Needed this honesty. I need You, Jesus. Amen

  120. ML says:

    I can Rstotally relate. It seems like answers to prayer take forever and yet I know this builds my trust. Waiting and abiding alongside you…

  121. Samantha M. says:

    The supplemental reading resonated so much! Because earthly parents aren’t perfect it’s easy for me to assume my spiritual Father acts the same way. But I was reminded today that Jesus is “deeply moved” by our honesty and our expressed desires. I’m awe struck the God of the universe WANTS to hear from me and cares about my concerns, no matter how small in the grand scheme of things. Our God cares to help us succeed in the things we care about – even if in my case that is as simple as getting a new home furnished and to keep our dog from barking at every delivery truck that passes by ;) if our Waymaker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper and Light in

  122. Pamela Aileen says:

    I had such a different view of todays reading. I saw how people constantly needed Jesus to “do for them. Like children. Jesus had to go to the desert for quiet peace. Isn’t that true!! Lol. We get up early or go to bed late to find quiet. We hid in the car for just a few minutes to collect our thoughts. But He never was impatient. Always making them think about their negative attitudes. Oh for that to be me.

  123. Elaine Morgan says:

    Praying for your family, Heidi V. Father God, please consider our sister Heidi and her husband and protect him from contracting Covid. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. ❤️

  124. Searching says:

    Struck by YANA’s devo more than any other one that comes to mind – the words read as honest and vulnerable, real life.
    I read through today’s Scriptures, looking for the instances of ‘immediately’ that she mentioned. What jumped out at me were the responses to ‘follow Me’ … the called disciples dropped everything and did just that, followed Him. Some leaving boats and nets as they were, Matthew walking out of the office. They must have felt the power of His command in their very souls. No questions or hemming and hawing or wait just a minute or maybe next time.

    KRISTIN LEE – praying for you and your school, that the positives would be highlighted and draw your attention, that those around you would see your joy.

    TINA – thank you, dear sister, for the hugs that are much needed! Love you ❤️

    Prayer request for a friend with high blood pressure and double vision. No help was received from weekend ER visit so will seek additional help today.

    Thinking about HEIDI, FOSTER MAMA, MELANIE, MARTHA HIX, KARRIE, LYNNE FROM AL and others this morning- praying for y’all.

  125. Tara B says:

    What honesty! I can relate as well. Immediately is a word that stuck out to me me. I pray that my eyes see Jesus first and foremost in all situations. HEIDI V, lifting you, your daughter and husband in prayer!

  126. Tasha Colley says:

    Over the past several years, my faith has been tested to the point of almost turning away from Christ completely. I started down the path of disbelief in this faith that was always ever ingrained in my being. Thankfully, I have been journeying back to Jesus over the past couple of years, but I feel like it is taking forever to get back where I was before. I have had to remind myself that my faith is going to look different than it did before. My faith now has cracks and crevices that didn’t exist before, but those cracks have been glued back together and provide a new depth and understanding that wasn’t there before too. I have been struggling lately that this journey “back” is taking forever. Years!! I am consistently getting up early every morning spending time on prayer and scripture. I have started going back to church. My husband and I read scripture at dinner every night. But I am having a hard time “feeling” it, you know? I’m going through the motions, but I’m not sure it’s reaching any depth of my soul. And then church yesterday. I was powerfully moved on epiphany Sunday. Pretty perfect, I would say. Remembering my baptism and taking steps before the congregation to light candles in prayer was a HUGE step for me. I’m that moment, I could plainly see (and “feel”) the work God has been doing these past years. May I cling to that moment when others feel stagnant. Yes, there is still movement in the waiting. He uses those moments as well.

  127. Kris says:

    Thank you for being transparent. It’s encouraging to know my sisters are struggling with this too.

  128. Kelly (NEO) says:

    O Miss Yana, thank you for putting a voice to the struggle we all have but are usually too proud to admit.

    Satan repeats what the leper said “if you are willing” in our ears to cause doubt. May the Spirit increase our faith and courage to proclaim the Jesus was and is willing (2 Peter 3:9). May we trust His timing.

  129. Carol Rimmer says:

    It says in Mark 1:36-37,
    ‘Simon and his companions searched for him, and when they found him they said, “Everyone is looking for you.”’
    I wonder if this included the crowd that arrived after Jesus healed many people the evening before. Would they be those who still continued to believe in Jesus even though they hadn’t received the healing they desired? Are we those who continue to believe in Jesus even though we haven’t received the healing we want? Is Jesus alone enough for us?

  130. lily robillard says:


  131. Jenny Hampson says:

    Love your honesty and clinging to Gods Word

  132. Dana says:

    Yana, thank you for the honesty and vulnerability. A good reminder that our walks are not so different just unique to our own experiences. Grateful for this space where we are free to be real!

  133. Alisa W says:

    As soon as Yana started talking about the word “immediate”, my mind went to how things don’t seem to be happening “immediately” in my life as well. I have a portion of Isaiah 25 taped next to my mirror. It talks about how we have to wait for the Lord.

    9 On that day it will be said,
    “Look, this is our God;
    we have waited for him, and he has saved us.
    This is the Lord; we have waited for him.
    Let’s rejoice and be glad in his salvation.” -Isaiah 25:9

    Not everything is immediate. Everything Jesus was doing at the time that Mark was writing about was immediate to them at the time, but Israel and all humanity had been waiting for this time for years. Waiting is important too.

  134. Kristen Lee says:

    I need a more positive outlook, immediately. The school I work at is a very negative space with lots of complaining and micromanaging and can be very frustrating. God, give me a heart to look at the positive aspects of each day and celebrate them.

  135. Jo says:

    Thank you Yana for your honesty, you write how we all feel at times for ourselves and for our loved ones.
    We have read in Luke how Elizabeth and Zacharias were righteous before God and yet Elizabeth had been without child for many years. Paul wrote in Corinthians of his own “thorn in the flesh” that he had asked the Lord to take away which then led to one of my favourite verses in the bible:
    “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness ” 2 Cor 12:7-9.
    He is my healer but also He’s my very present help in time of need and my Overcomer in the waiting. Have a blessed Monday, She’s xx

  136. Naomi Hull says:

    I’ve felt particularly challenged by the phrase ‘obedient response’ for this year. To not overthink any little nudges from the Holy Spirit, but to just respond and do it/not do it! The big picture resolutions or goals to work on feel overwhelming, but when God spoke that phrase to me, I thought, now that is something I can work on!