Jacob, Heel-Grabber and Inheritance-Snatcher

Open Your Bible

Genesis 25:21-34, Genesis 26:34-35, Genesis 27:1-27, Genesis 27:30-36, Genesis 27:41-46, Genesis 28:1-5, Genesis 28:10-15, Genesis 35:9-13, Genesis 35:22-26

Start each day by reading the passages listed above. Then use the summary and reflection provided here to guide discussion around the daily reading.

Jacob was the younger son of Isaac and twin brother of Esau. God changed this deceiver’s name to Israel, and he inherited the promises made to his father and grandfather. The descendants of Jacob’s twelve sons became known as the tribes of Israel, with each tribe bearing the name of one of Jacob’s sons or grandsons.

What aspects of Jacob’s story do you connect or resonate with?

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67 thoughts on "Jacob, Heel-Grabber and Inheritance-Snatcher"

  1. Brandy Deruso says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave and then god delivers us if we only seek him, Jacob Starr was not his end oh the overwhelming neverending reckless love of God, oh it chases me down fights till I’m found leaves the 99 I didn’t earn it I don’t deserve still you give yourself to me oh the overwhelming neverending reckless love of God!

  2. Cindy Matute says:


  3. kylie richardson says:

    i understand Jacob the most when he made his father dinner and got blessed before his twin brother, Esau because he didn’t want to feel like he was in the background of things anymore because he wasn’t the hunter or didn’t provide much for his family like Esau did.

  4. T Michelle Sherrill says:


  5. Nicole Isom says:

    God will use anyone no matter the sins committed. He will always get the glory in our story!

  6. Terri Honeycutt says:

    I resonate with Israel in that I often am amazed that God uses me despite my many failings and sins. I also am comforted by his story in that God’s plan always prevails even when we think we are alerting his way.

  7. Ashley Harris says:

    I struggle with these types of questions in the Bible too. I saw another post that said later on Jacob faces consequences of his sin. So perhaps his punishment for deception wasn’t immediate, but this inheritance was always in the plan whether he was good or sinful.

  8. Erica Chiarelli says:

    Despite the craziness of this family, God kept His promises, not one ended or failed. We cannot step outside of God’s will or stop what He has planned…we can cooperate or get there the hard way! I want to get there the easier way.

  9. Cheryl Blow says:

    Just a reminder of how God fulfills His promises.

  10. Kimberly Z says:

    @Sharon Jersey Girl I appreciate it your testimony!y grandmother used to do the same thing with me and my cousins. Love your way of using this story to relate. Praying for you all today!

  11. Kimberly Z says:

    @Sharon Jersey Girl I appreciate it your testimony!y grandmother used to do the same thing with my

  12. Kimberly Z says:

    @Sharon Jersey Gorl

  13. Adrianne says:

    I think I see the greed of Jacob that resonates in us all. It’s very similar I think to siblings fighting over money or property after a parent passes. You end up seeing a greed that you never knew was there. Jacobs story is a hard pill to swallow, but we aren’t perfect beings.

  14. Kristi M says:

    Hi Leigh, I know it may seem that God was indifferent to Jacob’s sin, but Jacob actually was deceived by his uncle Laban years later and tricked into marrying Leah. I see this as a consequence of his own sinful actions. Sin always has consequences, although they may not be immediate. Jacob had to learn this lesson the hard way.

  15. AZ Walker says:

    Thank you Kristin and Terri Baldwin for sharing on the story and meaning of
    Esau and Jacob. I needed to learn more on this today! Prayers for Theresa’s husband’s passport and trip and other requests!

  16. Mercy says:

    @SHARON JERSEY GIRL: thank you for the stories of your FIL. The same thing happened with us, and I didn’t know how to deal with those uneasy feelings. I really appreciate your perspective and God uses your words to counsel me :)

  17. Alayna P. says:

    I relate to all of their attempts to take control of the situation and trying to work against God’s plan. I don’t scheme like they did but that it’s hard for me to relinquish control. I also related to Jacob’s justification of his sin. He was a schemer and he went along with Rebekah’s schemes even though he knew he didn’t have to. He probably used the promise of God as an excuse for his sin. He knew God wanted him to have the birthright so his lies and schemes are ok because they are in pursuit of the birthright. I find myself sometime justifying something when I know I shouldn’t. I felt very convicted when I was reading today.

  18. Mercy says:

    What does this story connect with mine?
    I see how Jacob has a manipulative mother. And from my past experiences that have been hurtful enough to say mothers don’t always know best for their children, but God knows best. The Bible tells us stories and the Holy Spirit is the one that teaches us the moral of the lesson. What a messy family story we read today with so many deception and entanglements. I agree that heartaches and consequences are not described here so explicitly. But it is very sad, when hatred is present, murdering is not too far off (Genesis 27:41), Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him (1 John 3:15). I am thankful for so many insights and warning against parenting with favouritism, love with favouritism, how that leads to sibling rivalry and envy, besides hurt and pain, for every child longs for their parents’ love and approval.

    All the comments today are just so rich and good! Thank you dear shes for imparting your wisdom.

    @DOROTHY: where have you been? I was missing you and the comments you often share from your lovely bible. Praying everything is well with you, and nephew.
    @KRISTEN: thank you for sharing the prayers, God bless your heart. Some prayers are too heavy and grievous to lift up alone.
    @THERESA: thank you for what you shared…that God went ahead of us to settle the heart of those who previously hate us and seek our life. Praying for safe traveling to Denver for your husband tomorrow and success with his passport.
    @SEARCHING: amen ❤️
    @RHONDA: praise the Lord that it went well :)
    Be blessed dear sisters.❤️

  19. Rhonda J. says:

    Thank you She’s for all the insights and wisdom!! And thank you for your prayers for Jail today! It went fantastic with 6 girls attending! They seemed to connect and resonate to my testimony, and enjoyed the song selection. I prayed over all of them! They are precious in his sight! May we be humble and think of EVERYONE in the way God sees them, even in our bad judgements and mistakes! We are all works in progress as we see from the study today!! God’s will WILL prevail! BUT- I want to be in alignment with him! Help me Lord!

  20. Leigh Gorham says:

    Thank you very much Kristen! This is helpful insight!

  21. Teresa Donley says:

    There are many aspects of this story that resonate with me. The first is that parents having a favorite child is never good. It causes hurt feelings and sets up a rivalry between the favored and the others. Second, I was struck by how Rebekah schemed to make sure her favorite son received the inheritance and blessing. And, how Isaac was doing what his mother told him. He did push back a little, but it was more in the matter of getting caught than doing the right thing. In the end, I think I’m impressed with the thought that there are problems in every family. And God can use those very problems and conflicts to eventually make his will known. I’m really enjoying this study. Although I’ve always known the stories since I was a little girl, this study is helping me to focus in a different way, and apply them in a more personal way than just a story. There is always something to learn. And God’s Word is alive and teaching me exactly what I need to know every time I open it.

  22. Teresa Donley says:

    Leigh Gorham. I, too, have always been bothered with how the blessing of the man who fathered the 12 tribes of Israel came as a result of sin. But I have to accept that this was God’s plan all along. Truly, what I see as a wrong done to Esau and a great blessing given to Jacob is the way God planned it. I am touched by the fact that God can use good people and bad people to achieve his will, even when it seems unfair to us. I must remember that what man intends for evil, is often used for good by God.

  23. Teresa Donley says:

    Molly R. You say it wonderfully. I can only say Amen to your words.

  24. Terri Baldwin says:

    [9] Esau’s marriage is described as a vexation to both Rebecca and Isaac. Even his father, who has strong affection for him, is hurt by his act. this action alone forever rules out Esau as the bearer of patriarchal continuity. Esau could have overcome the sale of his birthright; Isaac was still prepared to give him the blessing due the firstborn. But acquiring foreign wives meant the detachment of his children from the Abrahamic line. Despite the deception on the part of Jacob and his mother to gain Isaac’s patriarchal blessing, Jacob’s vocation as Isaac’s legitimate heir in the continued founding of the Jewish people is reaffirmed.

  25. Terri Baldwin says:

    .[4] The name Jacob means “he grasps the heel” which is a Hebrew idiom for deceptive behavior.

  26. Terri Baldwin says:

    , Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.”[2]

  27. Kristen says:

    @Leigh Gorham I saw your comment and looked up some things in a study Bible. I read a note that highlights the contrasting attitudes of Jacob and Esau toward the benefits of being heir to the divine promises. Jacob yearns to have the status of firstborn, Esau places no value on it. It says that Esau is a profane, rough- and- ready man of the field who shortsightedly gratifies his appetite and despised the family’s future inheritance. By despising his birthright, he held God’s promises in contempt. It also said that by marrying Canaanite woman he effectively seals himself off from the sacred inheritance. Despite his dishonesty, Jacob has farsightedness to value the inheritance. The parental favoritism caused further discord. (May parents never do this.) I read that the blessing could not be revoked once given. Rebekah’s methods were deplorable(2Cor 4:2) but her concern was to see the elect child be blessed and marry a godly wife were sound. Of course, she should have let God be God and waited! The methods were wrong. He was deceived himself and had to work and pay a price too. I read that he was away from his family for 20 years, and he never saw his mom again. He did have consequences. Hope this helps. May we all learn to wait on God! @Allison and Molly thank you for your words that I need to take heed of!

  28. Molly R says:

    @ALLISON BENTLEY, my EXACT observation!
    We’re so focused on the men, the patriarchs of the nation of Israel in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but the women! In Genesis 3 God told Satan the one who would crush his head was from the seed of the woman. Women have been crucial in God’s story from the beginning – it’s no wonder that women are constantly being minimized throughout history because of evil/Satan working in the minds and heart of mankind- we are an intricate, crucial part to God’s redemption of mankind! It is a bit humbling, though, to read of deceitful woman after deceitful woman… a conviction to give time and space for my husband to lead us faithfully, even when I think he is falling short or not moving fast enough. God can redeem any situation, but I am thankful for the many years he has been reshaping my heart on this very matter. God’s way is better – I don’t need to make impulsive decisions (like Eve), contrive my own version of the solution (Sarah/Haggar), or lie or deceive my husband into choosing the “right” way (Rebekah).

  29. Allison Bentley says:

    I can’t help but notice we have yet another woman deceiving (Eve, Sarai, and now Rebekah). I can’t help but criticize myself- how many times do I think I can control a situation and realize the hard way I can’t? I am also comforted by the fact that Gods plan is always for OUR good and always finds a way!! Praying for you ladies today!

  30. Rachel in CO says:

    What resonated with (read: convicted) me? God has a purpose and a plan. I can agree with God that His ways are best and wait patiently until that plan comes to fruition – even if it seems impossible. OR I can become impatient, take matters into my own hands and hurt myself and others terribly. Ultimately, God’s will will still be done, but how much chaos will I create in the meantime? Eek.

  31. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    What aspects of Jacob’s life resonate with me? I’d have to say what stands out most about Jacob’s story is that having a favorite in the family – reaps jealousy, anger and heartache. And to that I can totally relate. Growing up my father in law had only one brother – the brother was always the favorite. It caused much strife in the family and there was a period that they were estranged and did not speak to each other for many years…fast forward to when my husband and I had children, and then to a number of years later when his sister had a son. He (our nephew) became the favorite. All we ever heard about was the favored grandchild. It was as if our 3 kids didn’t even exist. My FIL never held our kids or payed them any attention when we visited from out of state. Yet the favored grandson was held, played with, admired and talked about all the time. I can’t tell you how hurtful that was to me. It made me angry, it made me jealous. I hated going back home because I didn’t want to see how loved the other grandson was.The very thing my FIL experienced in his own life, he was now repeating – and he didn’t even see it…It has taken me many years and much, much prayer to get past the favoritism. Although at times when we’re home & I still see it I try to remember that God sees and loves my now adult children. And their dad and I love them very much and often tell them. My FIL is not a believer, he doesn’t have the Spirit to convict or teach him. In spite of the hurt and pain he caused in the past, I do love him and pray for him and hope that one day – before it’s to late he will receive Christ as his Lord and Savior…and it really does “exercise” my faith, making it even stronger!

    God is a redeemer and a restorer. In spite of the sins of Issac’s family, God still accomplished His will through them as we see that David comes through the line of Jacob.

    What a merciful, loving God we serve! It’s also comforting to know that even when we mess up – God can take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good.

    Praying for you this week- even those of you whose names I never see, because God sees and knows your needs.
    @Theresa – praying that all goes well tomorrow and that your husband will get his much needed passport and soon be on his way to Zimbabwae! (And also that He replenishes your finances)
    @Sarah D. – continuing to pray for you as you take on your new job, and that God will provide all you need to pay off your student loans.
    @Katie L – continuing to pray for the custody battle with your MIL.
    @Michelle P – so glad you were able to get your car fixed and that your half brother was able to offer wisdom and advice on the repair. Also, may God provide and give you peace on your financial situation.
    @Heidi – praying for your trip – may it be all you hoped it would be! And may God settle your husbands heart as he frets over the costs that are accuring.
    @Lynne from Alabama – praying for you as you care for your husband. May God give you physical, emotional and spiritual strength each new day, and wisdom to make much needed decisions.
    @Taylor – continuing to pray for you. May God in His way and in His time bring someone special into your life.

    Have a blessed Wednesday!

  32. Kristen says:

    @Mercy, I just read your comment from yesterday. I absolutely could replace my name with Isaac’s! I need a Substitute and there is no greater than that has been given! You wrote that you were sobbing as you thought of Jesus being your substitute. That is a blessing to cry over this! When we know the depths of our sins, we are overwhelmed by the price paid and the love and hope that has been given! Thank you for praying for those I wrote about! I really appreciate this! God bless you!

  33. Leigh Gorham says:

    My comments were cut off. Sorry for the double post? Basically I don’t understand why deception and sin (repeated) are rewarded with multiple blessings and no record of rebuke or repentance.

  34. Leigh Gorham says:

    Is anyone else in the position of “why in the world was Jacob’s sin rewarded? Why couldn’t Esau be blessed also? Why was Jacob blessed TWICE? Why is there no rebuke or repentance recorded? Why did God send great blessing to Jacob and his offspring as a result of his treachery?”

    I’m having a hard time with this. I have commentary books but they aren’t with me today. I know we only receive pieces of stories, but I wonder why this recounting was given as it was. I’m struggling with this seeming reward for repeated deception and sin.

  35. Leigh Gorham says:

    Is anyone else in the position of “why in the world was Jacob’s sin rewarded? Why couldn’t Esau be blessed also? Why was Jacob blessed TWICE? Why is there no rebuke or repentance recorded? Why did God send great blessing to Jacob and his offspring as a result of his treachery?”

  36. Kathy Stansell says:

    Just as Jacob was given a new name I have been given a new nature through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When God looks at me now He sees me through the blood of His Son. I love the song “I’m So Blessed” by Cain. The refrain says, “On my best day I’m a child of God. On my worst day, I’m a child of God. Oh, every day is a good day and you’re the reason why.”

  37. Kristen says:

    Praying for you all today! @Searching so appreciate your prayers for all those I wrote about! God bless you!

  38. hannah rodgers says:

    I think I’m resonating with Rebekah as I reread the story of Jacob and Esau. She knew what the Lord had promised from when the boys were in her womb, and each parent each favored a different son. I’m sure there were many arguments about who will carry the covenant God made with Abraham. Rebekah deceived her husband and went behind his back, but I am empathetic to doing the wrong things for the right reasons. God would’ve still been faithful, but in her humanity she tried to take things into her own hands instead of just letting God be God. That’s a lesson that I need to apply in my own life.

  39. Tanya Evans says:

    Jacob did not on his own decide to deceive Issac. His mother because she had received the prophecy that the older would serve the younger decided to make sure Jacob got the blessing.Genesis 27:6-14. It appears the Rebekah and Issac were not united.They each had their favorite. Jacob allowed his taste for game chose Esau as his favorite. Issac and Rebekah were not on the same page it appears.

  40. hannah rodgers says:

    I understand it as the birthright is gaining responsibility for all of your families finances and business side of things. Which is why I think Esau despised it, he was already rebellious in marrying two Hittite women, he didn’t want to hold that responsibility. The blessing is just that, a prayer over your life that the Lord will bless him.

  41. Foster Mama says:

    @ RACHEL, I absolutely loved what you shared! Really resonated with me.

    @ THERESA, continuing to pray for your husband and that God will work all things for good. I also love the passage about the reunion of the twins ….I love how you phrased it that God had been working in both their hearts and lives.

  42. Cee Gee says:

    SEARCHING Yes, your memory is correct! Prayers for your friend! Amen to your response today. It is interesting that we once again see the woman who is the schemer.

    CHELSEA WILSON – great comment!

    MERCY- Thanks so much!

    KATHY STANSELL- Prayers for your group’s mission trip. We have a group in our church that does that.

    THERESA – Prayers for your husband and the trip.

    MICHELLE PATIRE – So sorry for your car trouble. Glad it wasn’t worse.

    RHONDA J – Praying for you as you teach today and for the hearts of the women God puts in that group.

  43. Krista Darcus says:

    Kristine, you got the men made mixed up, which is so easy to do. It was Jacob who was fooled by his father-in-law, not Isaac. But he was tricked into blessing the wrong son. I, too, have wondered why the blessing couldn’t be transferred and why Jacob wasn’t reprimanded.

  44. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  45. Eliz H says:

    I am fairly new here! I haven’t left a comment, but I am so thankful for the insight this group has provided as we’ve walked through the lineage of Christ. I see the story of Jacob so differently today. Rebekah knew before the twins birth that the older would serve the younger. I just can’t help but think that it affected how she treated them. Jacob also stayed home. It’s very possible their relationship was much closer. Definitely don’t agree with her choices, but I can see how this might have affected her.

    I’m amazed at how this story unfolds, and how God knew the hearts of these two. Even though Jacob had a rough start, God knew eventually, he would call the Lord his God. Esau seems like he doesn’t care at times. Like someone posted earlier, Jacob wrestled with God, but he would not stop until the Lord blessed him. There were consequences to his sin for sure…but in that struggle with the Lord, he really found Him. I see that in my life. I’m thankful for God’s grace in that!

  46. Lexy May says:

    Consequences…karma…will always find us.

  47. Lexy May says:

    I think Isaac was so near his death bed and so quick to give a blessing because that was customary. He didn’t wait just rushed ahead. Interesting to ponder that the twelve tribes could have come from Esau. And interesting to note that yes even though Jacob got blessed. He got a taste of his own medicine and got tricked. Consequences…karma…whatever you want to call it…will always find us.

  48. Lexy May says:

    I agree Kristine. I think somehow deep down Isaac knew that something wasn’t right. Voice of Jacob yet smelled and felt like Esau. He asked Jacob so many times

  49. Michelle Patire says:

    @Theresa- I am praying you put down worry and trust God! Your husband’s life is in His hands and he will continue to direct his steps! If this is God’s will – it shall be done!

    @Searching- love your insights this morning!

    They weren’t able to figure out the loss of power issue I had with my car the other day, instead they found some steering issues and tire issues that have resulted bc of it. It ended up being a $500+ bill, so I called my half-brother who is a mechanic to get some assurance before I paid the bill. He was helpful, praise God (also I’m always hoping one day that brother will know Jesus.. he is such a generous person).
    But God was speaking to me so much about my situation through the devotional we had yesterday – and especially @Sharok JG’s comment about trusting God when He asks you to do things that make no sense.
    At this point, it makes no sense for me to have the job I have financially. I am accumulating a lot of debt bc of my car and taxes of self-employment. But God has made it clear that He will pay every penny of it. That might sound insane to some of you, so I hesitated sharing that. But God knows what He is doing and this mission He has me on will be completed. “If it’s not good, it’s not done.” :)

  50. Nancy S says:

    It was Jacob who was duped by his uncle, Laban, into marrying Leah before he was able to marry the woman he most desired, Rachel. Perhaps God used those 14 years of labor to “discipline “ Jacob for deceiving his father.

  51. Theresa says:

    What stood out to me today was all the work and energy Jacob put in to earn something that the Lord had already promised him. What if he had just trusted in God’s word and let him bring the pieces together? It may have saved him years of heartache and separation from his family. One of my favorite parts of Jacob’s story wasn’t included in today’s reading but it’s when he and Esau are reunited. Jacob comes with a procession of people and sends gifts and groups out ahead of him because he is so afraid of what Esau will do. But when the two brothers finally meet there’s only forgiveness from Esau. God had worked in both of their hearts in the years they were apart. Even though God’s plan was for Jacob to carry the blessing of Abraham and have Christ in his lineage, God also didn’t forget Esau.

    KATIE L – continuing to pray for your family.

    SARAH D – praying you have peace about the decision to teach preschool

    HEIDI – praying your trip is going well.

    My husband will be leaving tomorrow to travel to Denver to get his passport. His appointment is on Friday at 8:30 mountain time. Any prayers for God to work the pieces together are appreciated! He’s sent things to Zimbabwe ahead of him to get the coffee roaster set up and train the family there so this will really impact a number of people now if things don’t come together.

  52. Rachel says:

    Just as any great parent wants to pour blessings on their child, a great parent also doesn’t withhold discipline when it’s needed. Jacob was a deceiver and envious. While God greatly blessed him, the consequences to Jacobs actions were also great. He wrestled with the Lord physically and was left with a permanently injured hip. He slaved years for his wife, only to be tricked for years by his father in law. When he finally married Rachel, she died giving birth. His son’s were jealous of each other and sold off one of their brothers. Dishonesty, jealousy and betrayal are steeped in this family line. It’s good to know that even after all of the lies and deception that God provided something so beautiful and good to redeem.

  53. Brownie says:

    It was actually Jacob who was tricked to marry Leah 1st not Isaac. But this by far one of my favorite Bible stories….loved your insights and love reading everyone’s comments❤️

  54. Anna Barger says:

    Jacob is the one who gets tricked into marrying the wrong sister, not Isaac. But yes.

  55. Cathy says:

    Kristine: I think it was Jacob’s father-in-law who tricked him into
    marrying the wrong sister. But your point is good, Jacob like his father misjudged and like both parents played favorites with his children. Yet God is good and works through these imperfect humans.

  56. Cathy says:

    Anne: good observations, especially in your second paragraph. Thank you for pointing that out.

  57. Elaine Morgan says:

    I have been thinking the same things, Kristine.

  58. Cathy says:

    Despite the shortcomings of Isaac, Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob, God chose to use Jacob in the line of Christ and to use his sone Joseph to save His people from famine. It,s amazing how God works! What we mean for bad God can use for good. If God can use Jacob, maybe he can use me,

  59. Kristine Loughman says:

    So many elements I don’t quite get: how easily Isaac was fooled, why he couldn’t just transfer his blessing once the deceit was revealed… it just now occurred to me that this is the second time Isaac’s been duped into a life- altering path. Remember how his father- in-law fooled him into marrying the wrong sister? And now he’s been tricked into blessing the wrong son. Man, this family would have made for quite the reality tv show! Yet it was God’s plan all along, to use Jacob to carry the genealogy of Jesus. Still, it doesn’t sit right that the bloodline got so…icky…right here. I feel like Jacob’s plotting and trickery all worked out and he got blessed for it anyway. Good news for me, I guess, that God can use imperfect people to accomplish his plan. Sorry – I feel like I come to SRT with more questions than insight every day!

  60. Searching says:

    What aspects of Jacob’s story do you connect or resonate with?
    Doing things my own way is the first thing that comes to mind. Praying I listen/look for the Lord’s guidance instead.

    Oh my at the poor choices, deceit and lies in these verses! Esau, so dramatic, the text says he was exhausted or weary – not “about to die” as Esau said. Jacob, taking advantage of Esau’s hunger. Esau, choosing to marry a foreign wife wasn’t enough of a bad decision, he doubled down and married 2 of them. Rebekah, despite being told by God how things would play out between the brothers, decides that she could help God by lying to her husband and bringing Jacob in on the scheme. And Jacob saying in 27:12 Perhaps my father will feel me, and I shall seem to be a deceiver – seem to be?? And on it goes.

    In the end, God’s plan will not be thwarted … we continue to see this play out time and again. Lord, once again, I pray that You would guide me and that I would resist the temptation to attempt to “help” Your perfect will with my poor decisions.

    I don’t know if Gen 35:29 will be part of tomorrow’s reading but I thought it was interesting to read that after Isaac dies, he was buried by both sons, Esau and Jacob.

    KATHY STANSELL – praying for the mission trip, safety in travels and in the work itself

    KRISTEN – how tragic! praying for your high school friend’s family and especially his children, and for those who step in to take care of them. Also praying for Linda & granddaughter, and Jan, for healing and that they know Christ as savior.

    CEE GEE – thank you for checking. no news yet, she’s waiting on follow up tests. And am I remembering correctly that you mentioned at some point that you are in upstate SC?

    RACHEL – thank you for correcting our thinking! That we should be concerned about God using us to bless others rather than focusing on where our blessing is.

    MERCY – liked your comments yesterday, in God’s guiding us when seeking out people. And needing Jesus as our substitute, so very thankful.

  61. Penni says:

    I’ve always thought Esau wasn’t the brightest guy. Selling your birthright for a bowl of soup? I don’t get it.

  62. Aimee D-R says:

    Sibling rivalry exists from then. So does wanting what isn’t yours. BUT God still redeems. Amen

  63. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Jacob took matters into his own hands to bring to pass what the Lord had told his mother (which she probably told him often since he was her favorite) about the older serving the younger.

    God had a plan for each child before they were born, yet Isaac and Rebekah could not trust Him to bring it to pass in His way or timing. Brokenness begets brokenness. :(

  64. Mary Ann Graves says:


  65. Anne S says:

    In the 2nd paragraph above, it should be Gen. 27:20 that Jacob says, “the Lord YOUR God.”

  66. Anne S says:

    Although it’s not in today’s reading, Genesis 27:29 is one of the key passages in the life of Jacob, since Isaac’s blessing echoes the Abrahamic blessing in Genesis 12:3. Without even knowing it, Isaac gave the blessing to the one who would carry the Messianic line.

    It’s also interesting to note that in Gen. 27:21, in speaking to Isaac, Jacob says, “the Lord YOUR God” (emphasis mine.) It’s not until Jacob has an encounter with the living God in Gen. 28:21 that he says, “…the Lord shall be MY God.”

  67. Chelsea Wilson says:

    I could understand Jacob being bitter, I mean he was a twin! There was not years between them but seconds. Also both parents chose their ‘favorite ‘ and told them to explicitly obey their words. I’m not trying to defend Jacobs actions, but I am seeing the story from a different view today. I see two parents wanting the best for their favorite child, but I’m not seeing where the children obeyed the voice of the Lord… it wasn’t until Jacob left his home that he heard the voice of the Lord. Sometimes we need to get away to hear the voice of the Lord more clearly than those around us who maybe want the best for us, but are not heeding the voice of the Lord themselves. Let’s heed the voice of the Lord over any other voice!