Israel’s Adultery Forgiven

Open Your Bible

Hosea 2:14-23, Hosea 3:1-6, Jeremiah 3:12-13, Romans 5:6-8

I love being on the right side of an argument. 

Being “righteously right” is more satisfying to me than a dark chocolate-covered pretzel (and those are pretty good). Sure, I’ll forgive you—just as long as you know I’m the one administering the mercy, and you’re the one admitting your shortcomings. It’s restoration on my terms and with my limits. You’re welcome.

Not super attractive. Not to my kids, not to my husband, not to the people I work with, and not to the One seated on the mercy seat. 

But mercy isn’t about our righteousness. We don’t grant mercy because we are more and someone else is less. We grant mercy because we have been granted mercy. Period. We watch God, in His Word and in our own lives, act in mercy toward us every day. He requires us to repent, but He doesn’t make us grovel. He invites you and me, just like He invited Israel, to return from how very wrong we are. He makes us righteous because of the righteous One who died in our place. Because we have been shown true mercy, we can begin to show the same.

Do you see the way God demonstrates mercy to His people in today’s reading? Israel is wronger than wrong—deeply unfaithful and offensive—and God makes plans to allure His unfaithful bride with tenderness. And my favorite: He promises to make the Valley of Achor into “a gateway of hope” (Hosea 2:15). 

God makes it easy for us to come home too. He laid out the welcome mat for unfaithful Israel in spite of their wandering and unwillingness to return His faithfulness. God’s unrelenting love was just that—it never stopped inviting. And it never stops inviting and pursuing us today. Not only does God’s faithful love save us, it also teaches us. It shows us how to show mercy—how to be unrelenting in our tenderness, offering gateways of hope because the same has been done for us. 

As we read the book of Hosea, we learn no one is beyond the reach of God’s forgiveness. No one is too wrong to receive mercy. God may bring judgment and consequence for our sins, but His ultimate aim is restoration, as demonstrated even in the way He renamed Hosea’s children. 

He calls us His people too. He calls you His person. His Word teaches us—from Eden’s fig leaves to Hosea’s family to the very line of David—that God is in the eternal business of turning condemnation into restoration. This restoration is for us to receive and for us to offer to others. Being righteously right won’t get us anywhere, but joining the Father in His business of restoration is work worth doing well. Receive His invitation today, friend. Receive His mercy. 

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107 thoughts on "Israel’s Adultery Forgiven"

  1. Teri Specht says:

    Amazing how much God loves us.

  2. Mikayla Bowers says:

    “It never stops inviting.” Man

  3. Palesa Ntsie says:

    We grant mercy because we have been shown Mercy. Period.

  4. June Pimpo says:

    God never stops inviting. Wow

  5. Keila Wallace says:

    God doesn’t make us grovel when asking for forgiveness. That really struck me.

  6. megan widder says:

    Absolutely Beautiful. I have chills!

  7. Brittany Korver says:

    Very humbling to be reminded of how easily God welcomes us back and forgives us. I know I need to be quicker to forgive, not because I’m better than someone else, but because it’s the example God has set for us!

  8. spring bowen says:

    What a blessing to know that God is so merciful and wants us to come to him

  9. Heather Noble says:

    I loved the verse where God says “I will not be angry forever”.

  10. Heather Schmudlach says:

    Thank you Jesus. Thank you

  11. Heidi Mailand says:

    Amen Katie. I struggle with the same, and so does my eldest. Sometimes we can be ruthless in our thoughts toward ourselves!

  12. Heidi Mailand says:

    This is a good teaching about how to show mercy to others. Walking through a situation with someone now, it’s a good reminder I’m not the ‘sinless’ one.

  13. Patrice Robinson says:

    I do not have to be righteously right I just have to extend the same mercy to others that is waiting on me each morning

  14. Rachael Leatherman says:

    From a fellow “perfectionist,” your words spoke right to my heart. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Lynda Pontious says:

    I love how He loves me and shows me mercy, even in my sin, I repent so I may experience the full glory of God.

  16. Abby May says:

    ❤️ So good! hope you guys are having a joy-filled day:)

  17. Faith Pratt says:

    Just what I needed today!

  18. Tricia Kovely says:

    “God’s faithful love saves us and teaches us to show mercy and unrelenting tenderness to others” so good!

  19. Liesl Tan says:

    Restoration is God’s word for me in this season of spiritual recovery. To repent of my own disobedience and receive His mercy without a guilty conscience because of Christ. And then to seek forgiveness and also forgive those closest to me whomI have unrighteousky hurt as well. What a blessing is this word of God today.

  20. Ciera Moistner says:

    SO good!

  21. Iyanna Wallace says:

    Condemnation to restoration. WOW!

  22. Laura Stephens says:

    “Unrelenting in tenderness” that’s what I needed to hear when the kiddos are exhausted and grumpy and out of sync.

  23. Holt Ferguson says:

    Wowee, I needed this

  24. Katie says:

    For the perfectionist mind and heart, a reminder that there is loving and merciful restoration is life changing. Each day I have to let go of the chains I hold myself in to perfection without grace and this is a reminder to let go of what holds me back from what God has provided me… mercy, love, and redemption. His love has nothing to do with me; I do not have that kind of power to influence what God deems True.
    Mercy is to be given to others yes, but we must not just remember we are given mercy but actually accept it and give it to ourselves.

  25. Katie Bennett says:


  26. Sandra Wall says:


  27. Jessica Bledsoe says:

    Thank you for sharing this!

  28. Amanda Wiebe says:

    Yes! I too am a teacher and that is such a good reminder!

  29. Sarah Hodgson says:


  30. Becky LaGrand says:

    This is so good! Many times it feels good to be the one handing out the mercy- “I was right, you were wrong.” Thank goodness He doesn’t show mercy to prove us wrong. This reading makes me rethink this human approach to mercy and realize it feels better to be redeemed.

  31. Daniela Ramirez says:


  32. Bailey Bowers says:

    Needed this reminder so deeply today. As a teacher teaching sinful, broken little humans, I need to be reminded often that I GET to offer them the same grace and mercy and patience Jesus offered me when I didn’t deserve it.

  33. Elise Toussaint says:


  34. Mary Macdonald says:

    I love the way the Lord uses Hosea’s relationship to show us how far he will go to redeem us. Hosea didn’t have to pay for Gomer she was his wife. Hosea went the extra mile and bought her out of her whoredom. This reflection of what He would later do for us is incredible. It gives such a understandable story for us to see that no matter what we’ve done in sin the Lord will always welcome us with words of allurement.

  35. Kristen St. Aubin says:

    I hope that if I can help others in any way, it would be to show them, to offer them, the same restoration that I was shown.
    I have a bad habit of thinking of someone specific when I read devotions. “This person really needs to hear this! This is perfect for their personality/their situation/their attitude.” But then I remember being told that i need to stop jumping to someone else and look at my life first. Am I offering restoration and forgiveness to people in my life?

  36. Miss Leonie Annor-Owiredu says:

    I have been WAITING for this study. I am so blessed by the word of God and your musings. It’s helping me to realise that I have been yearning to be pursued and coming up short after overextending myself and I am now realising that God’s been pursuing me all along.

  37. Morgan Niebuhr says:

    Amazing word. Thank you!

  38. Haley Bondurant says:

    Good reading!

  39. Cynthia Johnston says:

    Thank you for sharing that you read this book over the summer. We are studying it now in our Bible study and it has blessed my understanding of Jesus’ heart toward me.

  40. Abigail Berger says:


  41. Briana Bennett says:

    When he renamed Hosea’s children, i lost it. Our God is so good. He gave me a new name, and for that, imso grateful.

  42. Brittany Reyes says:

    Happy birthday! What a great realization! You have been loved like that all along!! ❤️

  43. Avery S says:

    I’ve always loved that word, Penny!

  44. Avery S says:

    Christ died for the ungodly. THIS is the good news!

  45. Penny W says:

    In 2:14, where this translation uses “persuade” other translations use “allure.” Spurgeon on I will allure her: “This is a singular kind of power: ‘I will allure her;’ not, ‘I will drive her’ not even, ‘I will draw her,’ or, ‘I will drag her;’ or, ‘I will force her.’ No, ‘I will allure her.’ It is a very remarkable word, and it teaches us that the allurement of love surpasses in power all other forces.
    I loved the beauty of that. God is wooing His people.

  46. Penny W says:

    In 2:14, where this translation uses “persuade” other translations use “allure.” Spurgeon on I will allure her: “This is a singular kind of power: ‘I will allure her;’ not, ‘I will drive her’ not even, ‘I will draw her,’ or, ‘I will drag her;’ or, ‘I will force her.’ No, ‘I will allure her.’ It is a very remarkable word, and it teaches us that the allurement of love surpasses in power all other forces.

  47. Liann Alfaro says:

    ❤️❤️ he is my God! Loving this study

  48. Angela Flowers says:

    What a great reminder for all of us, that we are never too far gone for the Lord. How he loves us!

  49. Megan Prado says:

    2:19 spoke to me – it’s my birthday and what I’ve always wanted most… to be loved unfailingly and completely. God is teaching me that I find that in HIM not in men.

    1. Miri am says:

      Happy Birthday Megan! I can share those sentiments! Time and again he shows how faithfully and wondrously he loves us!

  50. Emily Best says:

    Although Israel was unfaithful, God declared his love as unfailing. This is Mercy. Mercy is something I seek from my husband and from all, but how quickly and freely am I to give it? Not only did this make me reflect on my relationship with others and my shortcomings with giving mercy, but on how merciful am I in my own marriage. God’s continuous pursuit of his people and his unconditional and unfailing love made me consider my own pursuit of not only God, but my husband and my marriage. How quickly am I to turn to worldly distractions?

  51. Kelly says:

    Adrienne – I listen at the end of the week on our grace day as a wrap up. For me I want to hear what God says to me in the week’s reading before I am influenced by what the podcast conversation says.

  52. Changed Life says:

    I love how Rachael describes forgiveness in her devotional’s first paragraph, on her terms and her timing. Aren’t we all like that at times in our life? We expect people to grovel when they are sorry and for them to try really hard to never commit the same offense. But what about us?

    The comparison of Gomer to those following God are eye opening! How many times have I been unfaithful? When I have lunch with my not so Christian friends and I allow myself to make judgements about mutual acquaintances or those around us. Am I living in a way that glorifies God? No way. Dear God, give me the strength to live a life that glorifies you and turns away from the sin behavior I commit to be accepted and remain friends with those I might be better off without. Only you are the way, the truth, and the life.

  53. Adrienne says:

    I usually listen to the podcast at the beginning of the week. Some sisters listen at the end. Thoughts? And I am so glad I am His person!

  54. Tamara How says:

    Agree, it’s such a good book and I’m rereading it now. Good to be reading Hosea and see God’s faithful and gentle love for us in His word at the same time :)

  55. Traci Gendron says:

    I listened to the podcast last night. Francine talked about how faith does not come naturally. It takes commitment and time. She said “My arms are open all the time, just turn back to me. God” So good! Also we grant mercy because we have been granted mercy – period.

  56. Sky Hilton says:

    I fall more in love with God everyday when I encounter/read His ability to forgive all of us. I just wanna be WITH Him forever.

  57. Sky Hilton says:

    The beauty of God lies of His ability to forgive. How different the world would be if we could all forgive like Him. After all of the rebelling the Israelites had done, God was still there, loving them, and ready to easily forgive them when they came back to Him. God has forgiven all of so many times, and many of those times, we don’t deserve it. That’s why he is an amazing God. What’s even better is that through His forgiveness, we are betrothed unto Him forever. It simply goes to show us that at the end of the day, if God has to discipline us, He is doing it out of a place of love, and not hatred, like the enemy would make us believe. When we come to Him, and admit our faults- He still LOVES us! I am so grateful!

  58. Andrea P says:


  59. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love that God is in the business of reconciliation. I love that He is faithful even when we are unfaithful. He fulfills his promise, even when we break our promises. I pray I can show this type of mercy to those around me.

  60. Amy Bishop says:

    I am reading back over chapter 1 and I noticed something. The NKJV uses the preposition by in verse 2. God really wanted the reader to know that He was choosing Hosea for this purpose. God was with Hosea every step of the way. He felt Hosea’s pain in this broken relationship.

  61. Chris Swan says:

    I just now had time to listen to this weeks podcast. As usual— wonderful! What Redeeming Love Christ gives us.

  62. Dorothy says:

    WOW!!! What a powerful, exciting and meaningful devotion Raechel wrote. The last paragraph says so much it “made my head spin”. To know that my God loves and wants me so much is so “mind blowing”. And that He sent His One and Only Son to die for me and my sins, oh my gosh, how do I grasp all of that. But God, You want me to share all this never ending love not only with my family and friends but with strangers and my enemies, WOW!! Unbelievable, that’s what His love and devotion are to me. God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are so awesome, wonderful, loving, caring, exciting and praiseworthy. I’m ready to be sent out to spread the word — I think.
    God, I praise You and love You for all You have given me. I worship You and Only You. When I stray remind that You are the One True God, who knows, sees and hears all. Remind me You are with me ’til the end. Amen.
    Sisters have a blessed, wonderful, awesome and God-inspired day.

  63. Mari V says:

    “Chiropractic adjustment” As someone who worked for a chiropractor for many years, I Loved that perspective ERB!!

  64. Rhonda J says:

    It is amazing how God reveals your story and redemption story little by little. I remember when I first decided to read through the bible, this was when my mom passed around 7 years ago, and seeing her read her bible every morning (see what an example you can be to your kids when you don’t even know it!?). I had always been a Christian yet I never dug into the bible?? When I tried, I just wouldn’t get it! It was more that I was trying to read it “to read it”, and I wouldn’t understand or grasp much of the old testament. She Reads Truth has helped tremendously over the following years of that task I started out to do! It is gripping, sad, happy, love-filled, purpose-filled, and foretelling.
    Now I have added the SRT podcast, and those add another amazing outline and insight to what we are studying. Usually, I wait till the end of the week, but hearing it today really helped me put Hosana in perspective and set the tone. I really want to read the books of the guest of the show now!
    I pray for and encourage all of you that are just starting the Bible study with us to stick with it, and you will soon love studying the word, and seeing it reveal all sorts of potent and relevant changes in your life.

  65. Connie Ruff says:

    So so true!

  66. Jennifer Ficklen says:


  67. Melody Bates says:

    @Cynthia Johnston—our ladies group did that book over the summer. It was very good.

    Thanking God for His mercy in the day to day things of my life is something I have challenged myself to do. The more I thank Him for giving me mercy, the more I can give mercy to those around me.

  68. Victoria E says:

    Cynthia Johnston thank you for this recommendation. I too feel this way sometimes

  69. Maura says:

    This book of Hosea, has always fascinated me in the obedience and sacrifice of Hosea toward Gomer. How great the Father’s love for us! That is the kind of love that only comes from God and we can only have it through Jesus. Shannon Rouillard, you hit the nail on the head,Amen, what grace. I used to always read with a perspective of Hosea, but I realize it is Gomer, who I should identify with in the immense love of God coming after me, and His open arms always waiting. ERB, I love your thoughts on would you do what Hosea did? That realization of all that God has done over and over in the old testament and then the sacrifice of Himself for the love of us, Mindblowing indeed. And in your comparison of Jonah, yea even Jonah when he ran from God, could not stop our Almighty’s love from finding him. Such grace and such love. Joining your beautiful prayer Angie, asking for the grace and love to be more like Jesus. And for me to pursue the things of God, that others would see, and feel His presence in me. Please pray Sisters for me to see the doors He wants me to walk through as I look for a place to live, I would love complete affirmation from the Holy Spirit. Our God is so Good. May we be full of praise.

  70. Cynthia Johnston says:

    To better understand God’s love pursuing us to be his daughters I highly recommend the book, Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund. I used to think that God was so angry or disappointed in me. I misunderstood how He viewed my sin and constant failings as I pursued my idols. I am such a Gomer in my adulterous heart. This study and Ortlund’s book have shifted my thinking and I want to share this you all in SRT.

  71. Nicole Stiles says:

    Thank you Lord for making it easy to come home and desiring to restore my life. Such good news. We all need that kindness ♡

  72. Allison Bentley says:

    My full text did t show up. God is going to bring us out Egypt (our comfort zone- however bad it may be we still feel “in control” there) and into the wilderness where we will depend solely on Him and can finally hear his commands!!!

  73. Brooke Parker says:

    Susie H. — That stuck out to me too! Praise God!! Shannon Rouillard— me too!! Tears! ERB— thank you for your insight and thoughts this morning, we get to see the beginning and end of these stories & we MUST remember these were lives lived, faithfully following God’s command. Melanie and Jessica Fehland I am praying for your family! Angie— I felt your words deeply this morning, I pray your prayer for my life too! Thank you!! Prue Anne — yes!! Searching— thank you for your thoughts! Praying for those who are unable to live safely ❤️❤️❤️ and all the women who commented & didn’t comment who are here reading along—praying for y’all! Stay strong in the truth of God!

  74. Allison Bentley says:

    Hosea 2:14 “I am going to persuade her, lead her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.”
    This verse stood out to me today for so many reasons. I heard get out of your comfort zone (i.e. the wilderness) so that you can hear the tender words of God. How often do I stay in Egypt where it’s bad but at least I feel in control!!?? Lord help me to follow YOU into the WILDERNESS so that I may HEAR your words!!!

  75. Allison Bentley says:

    Hosea 2:14 “I am going to persuade her, lead her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.”

  76. Haley McGinnis says:

    It’s amazing all the different ways God can touch all of our hearts with the same devotional. He used this to speak to a very specific issue in my life right now and it just amazes me.

  77. Nads says:

    ERB, I love that you spoke the truth, convicted my heart AND gave me a chuckle….and it’s still only 9:30am for me!!

    SARAHJOY (and so many others) — we’ll put!!

    I don’t often feel “worth” pursuing because of my willful stubbornness…but, He does it anyways!! Wow, Lord! Please don’t stop, don’t leave me, betroth me to Yourself and never let me go until I’m with You ❤️

    (Please pray for my niece… COVID has really taken a toll on her already “wallflower”-like disposition and she seems to have forgotten how to socialize even with her small group of tween friends, even for small gatherings…so something like Youth group would most certainly be out of the question….my sister is heartbroken and struggling. Pray if God has a role for me in this, that He would remove any barriers.)

  78. Susie H says:

    “He requires us to repent, but he doesn’t make us grovel” So glad that though we struggle with our sin he sees us as his bride.

  79. LeAnn Hansen says:

    “Being righteously right will get you nowhere, but joining the Father in restoration work is worth doing”-AMEN! Lord remind me to be restorative in my words and actions, just as You restore us

  80. Cindy Reiter says:

    God gives us grace…period. It is not of our own doing. Thankful for that reminder.

  81. Kathy A says:

    Thank you ladies for your thoughts. Rachel, Brooke and Prue Ann, your thoughts certainly rang true to me this morning. Thank you Lord Jesus for your mercy, tenderness and being my gateway of Hope. Amen.

  82. Eileen Dowd says:

    Thank you ERB! I won’t forget anytime soon your saying that God gave you a “chiropractic” adjustment in your thinking! Reading Hosea this week has been so eye opening for me and certainly humbling. Thank you ladies of SRT!

  83. Mara Plato says:

    “He laid out the welcome mat…. He calls you His person.”

    1. Nicole Stiles says:

  84. Brooke Parker says:

    16 “And in that day, declares the Lord, you will call me ‘My Husband,’ and no longer will you call me ‘My Baal.’ – Hosea 2:16 ! MAN! Again, this hit me to the core. We (I am) constantly are attributing the good the Lord provides us to other gods— wealth to hard work, success to time spent working, blessings in our life to what we did to accomplish those things, REST to self love. Rather than, wealth, success, the ability to work hard, the job we have, the blessings we have, the rest we can truly rest in (etc.) is all to be attributed to the LORD because we are His, and everything we have is from Him. Maaaaan so convicting! Praise GOD! Also, I loooove the timeline points from Raechel on the podcast. If Hosea was around 765-725 BC, 10 years earlier, the first Olympics were held in Greece, & 760BC Jonah was called to go to Nineveh! Ammmaaaazing! Grace & Peace to you ladies. Praying for you all & I am so thankful for our community here.

  85. SarahJoy says:

    ANGIE – I appreciate your comment. It’s so easy to see what what others do and how others fail. It takes effort and honesty to look our own sin in the face. Thanks for putting that into words.

    RUTH LONG – I think from our perspective it’s easy to see God’s use of imagery as degrading to women. I believe the symbolism of desiring His wayward people is the point. Unfortunately, those mentioned as shamed for their adultery in the Bible are only women, so I can understand why that hits wrong. Most importantly, we need to see how God cared for women throughout the OT and NT and included them in the story (and even in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew!). Women are seen as whole humans even when the culture of the time does not. May this cause our hearts to ache for women in other countries who are not given that dignity by their cultures. Thank God that He has included men AND WOMEN in His redemption!

  86. ERB says:

    I get that the whole marriage between Hosea & Gomer is an example of God’s people and their (our) unfaithful and promiscuous ways…and I can see God pursuing the people and wanting better for them. And I LOVE that!!! …but I do have to admit that even though I see this, and am thankful for it, I keep asking myself…
    Would I do what Hosea did? Would I marry a notoriously promiscuous and unfaithful man because God asked me to? Would I be willing to be the kind of example that God was requiring of Hosea: to love and remain faithful, no matter what? I mean… THAT takes a LOT of FAITH and TRUST!!! Plus, being able to DISCERN and KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, the VOICE of God and to be CONFIDENT in it!!! Confident to the point where I would do something TOTALLY and COMPLETELY outside of the norm and be comfortably CONFIDENT with and IN it!!! I mean… WOW!!!! Hosea sacrificed EVERYTHING…ALL of it, for the GLORY of God!!! *mind completely blown*
    …to be honest, I would WANT to do/be what God asked of me…but I don’t think I’d walk it out the way Hosea did. I’d probably be more like a Jonah…hearing but not willing. That realization is quite sobering!!!! And a lot to think about… I am pretty sure God just gave me a HUGE “chiropractic” adjustment!! …you know… the kind that’s painful, but is oh so needed!!!! Thank You God!!!

    I am also just getting this: Unromanticise Bible stories. LISTEN to the scriptures. Put yourself in the characters place. They didn’t know the outcome, like we do! In other words, shift your paradigm and CHANGE your mindset. Yikes!! Lord help me!!

    Sobering stuff today!!!

    2 Corinthians 12:9-10 “But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

    1. Chris Swan says:

      Amen!!! Thanks for sharing.

  87. Elaine Morgan says:

    Lord, let me have the same measure of mercy towards others that you have given to me! I am always blown away by the fullness and completeness of Your love!!

  88. Shannon Rouillard says:

    “Go again, show love to a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress……”

    This is one of the saddest verses in the Bible. It brings tears to my eyes and makes me so sad for Hosea. Yet, change the names around and there I am. Thankful for the pursuit of God.

  89. Shannon Rouillard says:

    “Go again, show love to a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress……”
    This is one of the saddest verses in the Bible. It brings tears to my eyes and makes me so sad for Hosea. Yet, change the names around and there I am. Thankful for the pursuit of God.

  90. Shannon Rouillard says:

    “Go again, show love to a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress……”

  91. Taylor says:

    So thankful to serve a God who’s in the business of restoration instead of condemnation. Hosea 2:19-20 really stood out to me where God says “I will betroth you to me forever…” As someone who is single, it gives me comfort to know that God wants me, God pursues me, God wants to be with me forever. I hope to experience that kind of love through marriage one day, but in the waiting I can put my hope that God calls me His person.

    Also made my own reflection question today: How can I join God in the business of restoration? My initial thoughts were in my job as an occupational therapist I spend my day “restoring” people’s strength, balance, and endurance so they can engage in meaningful and necessary activities. Another thought was through the fall groups my church just started. I’m doing a women’s group and a young adult group and I think joining together with other believers for fellowship and encouragement can strengthen us to go be a light to the rest of the world

  92. Jillian Lee says:


  93. Jillian Lee says:

    Thank you God that you never stop pursuing and running after me even though I turn from you over and over again.

  94. Jillian Lee says:

    Thank you God that you never stop perusing and running after me even though I turn from you over and over again.

  95. Melanie says:

    Live that God forgives us a s gives us a way out. He wants restoration. That stood out to me. I have been praying for restoration in my family and when I saw that word it really stood out to me. God is working even though I can’t see it!!! Glory to God. May I not get weary or distracted in the waiting amen. Please continue to cover my entire family in prayer

  96. Jessica Fehland says:

    NO ONE is beyond the reach of God’s forgiveness. (As a sister to a now atheist brother, this is HUGE.) Thank you God for your UNRELENTING love!

  97. Kelly says:

    Danielle – the Lord renamed Hosea’s children! And one day He will rename us (Rev. 2:17).

    In His mercy, we were purchased and brought back to life (3:2; 6:2).
    Welcome to all you new ladies!

  98. Angie says:

    Showing mercy because we have been shown mercy.
    How often do I become weary in situations? Tearfully I cried this weekend and said, “Sometimes I just get so tired of being gentle and patient. Sometimes I just want them (my students, my teens, my friends, strangers, people in general) to try to do right, instead of either giving excuses or simply doing what they want in the moment and worrying about the results later. It is so hard.” Parents model those choices for the kiddos in my classroom. My teen ladies struggle with it in their homes and schools. And apparently, as the scales fall from my self-righteous eyes, so do I.
    Yep, Jesus and Savior, God and Father, Holy Spirit especially the mercy should pour out of me for you continually, consistently, lovingly show it to me. How you pour out mercy, over and over, beyond measure. If anyone has the right to grow weary in our constant turning back to promiscuity to other gods of this world, it is You our pure and holy Trinity. For You are righteous and yet Your great love choses to show mercy. I long to be Your Light in this world. I long to not be seen, but You noticed in the every day moments. I long not to operate out of my own strength, but the power of Your redemption, Your mercy, and Your grace towards me poured out and overflowing upon others. May it be so my God and my King. Positive I cannot do this on my own. Cover me with your armor Lord. Protect my brain with your helmet, my heart with your breastplate, give me balance and stability with your belt, may my feet stand firm in your peace, protected by the shield of your salvation and armed in battle only with the sword of your Word and Spirit. In your precious and holy name, Jesus, I pray. Amen. Selah.

  99. AG says:

    Our Lord is merciful and forgiving and for that I am thankful!

  100. Laura says:

    “He calls You His Person”.. .. I love that.
    Thank you for your constant pursuit of us Lord, even While we fail you.

  101. SEARCHING says:

    CHRIS SWAN – thank you for the eye opening comments yesterday! Name our sins when we pray, confess and ask for forgiveness, OUCH!
    How often do we say or hear that everyone sins, no person is perfect, sinner saved by grace, etc.? How often do we list our sins when praying?
    Oh, sure, listing the more recognizable/visible sins is likely common, but what about the sins that are more subtle, or known only by us (and of course God!)? The wayward or vindictive thought or action, the snub to a neighbor, withholding praise when due … you know what I’m talking about.
    Praying to be more aware.

    RUTH LONG – I’ll jump in with my thoughts on your comment/question yesterday, that God using women as examples reads like shaming, coming across as cruel/violent and separating that from the painful stories of women now.
    For me, the difference is in choices. As I read about Gomer yesterday, it reminded me of some of the passages/lessons in Deuteronomy – there are consequences to our choices. Hosea didn’t throw her out or force her to leave, nor did he keep her at home against her will. She chose to leave, chose her lifestyle – maybe she felt unlovable, living the known life away from Hosea and God vs the unknown life of being safe and loved, “too good to be true”?
    Praying for those in today’s world who are being taken advantage of or unable to live safely.

  102. Julia Guice says:

  103. Prue Anne says:

    I will make the Valley of Achor / (translates to “Valley of Trouble”) a gateway of hope… He is in the business of miracles – restoring and redeeming in the mess. The Valley of Trouble in Him become gateways of hope ♥️ praise the Lord, would you reveal yourself to me, again, your grace, your mercy and your unending love.

  104. Clarene Radford says:

    I receive Your Mercy Lord.

    Your Beloved Daughter,