Day 5

Invited into Rest

from the I Will Give You Rest reading plan

Luke 14:1-24, John 6:35, Ezekiel 20:10-20

BY She Reads Truth

Start each day by reading the Scripture. During this reading plan, we’ll then use the summary provided here to guide our discussion around the daily reading.

In His teaching and ministry, Jesus reminded people about the heart of the Sabbath. More than a rule or a law, it was always intended to be a regular reminder of His true rest.

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  1. Lea Berberi says:

    Last week one of our pastors said that not every time you will open the Bible you will feel something. God is still working in that time and shaping you even though you don’t feel it.

  2. Della Sanderford says:

    It is sometimes hard to see Him if our eyes are on our problems. Read His word and rest in the fact that being in the word will heal your heart and give you renewed strength. God is good!

  3. Kenzie Harms says:

    Let me always take that much needed rest.

  4. Gabrielle Vanderwolf says:

    Worship music, bible journaling and just talking to God about it, it helps so much. God understands me better than anyone else and it’s a great honor that He me and helps me through it.

  5. jessica ladelfa says:

    I admit that at times I struggle to let the earthly things on Sabbath but when I do it is so restful and freeing. I also am thankful that the lord has helped me in realizing rest and being with him can be done in so many ways for spending time alone in scripture, to talking a walk outside, or baking up something and talking to him. Rest with him can come in so many ways.

  6. Makayla Joseph says:

    Oo love what you said about rest not being a burden. Clearly God and Jesus didn’t see rest as a burden and something that is necessary regularly not taken just because exhaustion hit. I want to be more intentional about rest and reserving the sabbath to be with God rather than allow feelings to suggest that rest is a weakness.

  7. Hannah Antkoviak says:

    In both of those, the men had good things (rest) offered to them but they didn’t take it. Gods grace ad peace are open to us all freely but we have to be willing to let go of earthly things and take them.

  8. Marlyne says:

    I thank you for reminding me that in Christ we shall never be hungry or thirst again. That scripture spoke wonders to me because I realized that I find myself not being consistent with putting God first and finding rest in the Lord. I’ve carried the weight for so long that it’s hard to surrender it all to the Lord. I’ve surrendered burdens only to pick them back up just because of a sudden change in the situation that didn’t change for the better; which was my thought at the time. Everything happens for a reason and God you know it all. I will keep the Sabbath holy in remembrance of you and your promise to us your children. I will rest in you. Thank you for the devotional

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