I Am the True Vine

Open Your Bible

John 15:1-10, Psalm 80:1-19

Text: John 15:1-10, Psalm 80:1-19

This is part of a 10-day series on the person of Christ in the 2016 Lent study.

Last September, one lazy afternoon during Shabbat, I strolled along a path through a biblical garden in Israel. We’d been there for a week, staying at that gorgeous kibbutz overlooking the Emmaus road, inspired by the garden and the community that lived and worked there.

As I walked alone, the wind picked up from the east around 1:00 pm, fast and furious. I stopped in my tracks, as if Jesus were about to stroll around the bend, white robe and hair flowing, to offer a bear hug. A girl can dream, yes? Minutes later my eyes landed on a branch dangling in front of me; I was standing beneath a grape arbor canopied with a roof of vines overhead.

I looked more closely and noticed a tiny leaf, torn almost in two. At the bottom of the leaf a green vine had wrapped itself in a ball around the torn part, binding the tear and holding the leaf close against itself. I got choked up. For years I suffered with panic disorder while living in New York City, and I’d always describe myself as “untethered,” flailing and fleeting like that torn leaf.

I ran to gather the rest of my group, to show them this gift of analogy. Our guide, Arie, joined us with bright eyes and zeal, eager for any teachable moment. He shared that the nature of the vine when it touches something, is to begin wrapping itself around it, making them one.

That year, I’d been reading Andrew Murray’s Abiding in Christ, excavating my soul and learning how this vine-and-branch thing worked. My encounter with the little vine that day reminded me of this passage from the book:

Wandering one: As it was Jesus who drew you when He said, “Come,” so it is Jesus who keeps you when He says, “Abide.” The grace to come and the grace to abide are alike from Him alone. . . The chord of love that drew you near. . . . holds you fast and binds you to Himself.

My entire life I thought my closeness with Jesus was dependent upon me. But Jesus’ love draws us in for one thing: to come into His presence and His rest. That’s it. How many of us could use a little soul rest? And when we do come, the Vine takes the reins from there. He pulls us close and tethers us to Himself.

The greatness doesn’t stop there. This tethering becomes provision, meaning all the nutrients of heaven are offered to us right now, to renew us and bring us back to life. Jesus gives us everything we need in life to push back the darkness (2 Peter 1:3). He gently binds us to Himself. He brings forth fruit, grown from the life He’s given us, to then bring nourishment to the world. Jesus does it all. Fruit never comes from our own making—it grows to the measure we let Him grow it in us (John 15:5).

What a beautiful relief! The Old Covenant was about what we bring to Him: our annual offering, our covering of sin to become restored with God. But the New Covenant is all about what Jesus brings to us.

His offering. His blood to cover our sin. His righteousness credited to us, declaring us right with God. May we stop striving today and rest in the grip of the Vine’s loving-kindness.

Rebekah Lyons is the author of Freefall to Fly: A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning. She is a mother of three, wife of one, and dog walker of two living in Nashville. As co-founder of Q Ideas and founder of Q Women, Rebekah’s passion is to embolden women to live their unique calling as they thoughtfully engage faith, relationships, and their community. Her favorite pastime is interacting with readers face-to-face with a discriminating cup of coffee in hand.

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83 thoughts on "I Am the True Vine"

  1. Bethany E. says:

    I never finished the Lent plan before Easter and am so glad I’m coming back to read the rest of it. This reading, both the Scripture and the devotional revived a spark in me that wanted to abide and receive nourishment from The Vine even though this season is light and easy to bear. The last season was so hard, I had no choice but to draw close to His side. I still have no choice now that things are “easier.” We abide not because times are rough but because He is our only source of true nourishment. Thank you, SRT!

    1. Amy says:

      I’m right there with you! Such a blessing!

  2. Natalia says:

    I lived in that community! So blessed to have read this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    With tears I thank you for this beautiful post that spoke just what my prone to wander heart needed, Blessed assurance Jesus is mine, ours because of Him, Jesus only, Jesus ever.

  4. Ashley says:

    I have always held myself to extremely high standards. A decent amount of that has to do with my upbringing, however, a good portion still has to do with my personality. I’m a type-A, extremely detail-oriented, sometimes OCD, perfectionist. Pray for my husband! But, all joking aside, the person I am hardest on is myself. All of the qualities listed above, are fine, when used in a Christ-like way. Just a little self-reminder that criticism is not Christ-like. Legalistic expectations are not Christ-like. Demeaning and demanding words are not Christ-like. Even since I have been saved, some of these unchrist-like tendencies seem to be clinging onto me for dear life, not wanting to die. All I want to do is be a better, more loyal follower of Jesus. I want to please Him. I want to stop failing. I want to bear more fruit. The most awesome truth is that Jesus does it all. Fruit never comes from our own making—it grows to the measure we let Him grow it in us. Halleluiah! All I have to do is actually LET GO and let Jesus grow in me? What a relief. Ladies, please serve as a reminder to me about this–for I never want to get stuck in works of the flesh!

    1. CJ says:

      Amen! From my heart to your words. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Rest… Learning to do this. I’m the worse at it but praying it’ll become how I live bc Jesus has done all that is needed to guarantee my salvation so that I can rest. Resting in Jesus being enough tonight.

  6. Michelle says:

    I love this devotional today. One of my favorites so far, because it is a much needed reminder for my heart: he is holding himself to me, not the other way around. Rest. I am secure.

  7. Terri says:

    I love the image of the torn leaf and the vine wrapping around it, drawing it close. When we are torn and broken He is the vine that wraps around us holding us together, drawing us near, giving us comfort. I find that with the Bible, it is my vine my connection to Him, when I open it, especially in times when I feel most torn and broken, it draws me near, comforting me, giving a sense of being wrapped in His peace. I pray for more people to discover the comfort of His word.

  8. Tiari says:

    “May we stop striving today and rest in the grip of the Vines loving-kindness.” Amen! I’m so filled and blessed by Him who cares so much for us. That when the world tells us we need to strive, our great God says, no, just remain in me and I’ll allow you to thrive. I’ve been so grateful this week for the rest that He provides and today just confirmed it for me. How clever and great you are, Father!!

  9. Rosemary says:

    Thank you for the Andrew Murray recommendation! I immediately looked him up, and downloaded to my Kindle (PSA: he wrote in the 1800s so all his work is public domain now, and free!) I am really enjoying this book. Thanks so much for the tip.

  10. Ashley says:

    Ladies – I just published my new blog; a christian lifestyle blog about my journey with God. Please check it out athttp://www.savedforsomething.com & like my FB page at http://www.facebook.com/savedforsomething. I would appreciate you sharing it with any friends who you think would enjoy it! My husband & I travel the country for a living, and I’m a foodie, so my posts are always diverse & never boring! Thanks so much for your support! <3 xoxo, Ashley

  11. Grace says:

    Girls, can you please pray for my friend? He has never had a personal relationship with Christ but is starting to look into his faith again. He needs the Lord in his life so badly and I want nothing more than for him to know how much he is loved by God.

    1. Sarah says:

      Ill pray for you too <3

      1. Grace says:

        Thank you Sarah

  12. Sarah says:

    Girls, can you please pray for a guy in my university? He doesnt know Christ and wednesday we talked about how God influences your life and I really hope I can be a witness to him again! Not in my own strength, but in Gods.

    1. Janny says:


      1. Sarah says:

        Thank you! :)

  13. Beverly says:

    “Remain in my love.” To remain. To abide. To stay in His love. This is the place my heart longs to dwell in, always. But sometimes I get distracted. My heart wanders away from His love. Chasing the cares of this world or the approval of others. Trying to fill my heart with things that are not meant to fully satisfy me – rather than praising Him for these gifts. Basing my worth on how I perceive myself or other’s opinions toward me – rather than resting in His favor over me. I can so easily lose focus of Him when I am not remaining in His love.
    But He is the true Vine. I am grafted into Him, into His love, because I believe. He is my salvation through grace by faith. I am always connected to His love. This connection is not dependent on my circumstances nor on my feelings. I may even feel that I wander away from His love for a time, but He never wanders away from me. He IS faithful. He is true. He is love, ever-patient love toward me. These are His promises. His grace and mercy overwhelm me.
    Grateful that He does not lose focus of me, ever. My sight may shift, but His does not. I am always in His sight. His loving kindness brings me back into His love. Over and over. I may feel far, even though He is always near. I may feel outside of His love, even though His love is everlasting toward me.
    Thankful that His love over me is never dependent on me. Because He knows my heart intimately, He knows that I truly desire to abide in His love. Only His love. To worship Him for His good gifts. To seek His favor above all else. Maybe this is how my heart learns to abide: In gratitude to Him. Through praising Him. By remembering He is my steadfast hope, my true Vine. Forever He is mine, I am His.

    1. Beverly says:

      Oh, how my perfectionist heart struggles. But God is good.

      1. Lovefourfitch says:

        Thanks for sharing. Is like you put into words what I was feeling right now. So thankful that His love covers me always and that he knows my heart. I always want to be in His love and walk side Jesus but sometimes we do get distracted and let our minds take over by the worries of this world. Only His love breaks those walls we build.

    2. Wow that’s beautiful, who is this by?

      1. Beverly says:

        You are kind, Eliza. “Remain in my love” is found in John 15:9. The rest is my perfectionist heart seeking truth amid my own idealisms and expectations…

  14. Reeve says:

    I found the line about the leaf being bound together by the vine to be so beautifully delicate and tender. For various reasons, my first reaction to God is to often imagine Him as angry and disappointed… instead of a tender, deeply-caring God who wraps us in His arms and heals us, making us one with him. I’m a visual learner and loved being able to soak in the picture of this vine protectively wrapping around the broken leaf.

  15. Kathy says:

    When I started reading today’s message and I read that the author said she had suffered from panic attacks while living in New York City, I thought “I know who is writing this message.” I am reading Rebekah Lyons book “Freefall to fly: A breathtaking journey toward a life of meaning.” A writer had mentioned the book in a earlier message, a very good book!

  16. Becca says:

    What rest for my soul this was today.

    1. She Reads Truth says:

      Thanks for joining us today, Becca! We love having you in our community!


  17. cinback says:

    This metaphor of the vine wrapping itself around anything that it touches challenged me this morning. In order for Him to bind us together I need to get close enough to Him – to TOUCH Him. The onus is on me to draw close to Him, then He promises to wrap Himself around me and nourish me. But I have to make the first move. I have to decide I want to get close to Him. Not just in my head and my heart, but I need to physically place myself next to Christ. Every day. SRT is helping me to do this and I thank you.

  18. Logan Christine says:

    The vine metaphor has always been my favorite to describe our relationship with Christ. It’s so clear in it’s teaching. Thank you for your story Rebekah! I pray that I would abide in Him so that He can heal my tears.

  19. Midge74 says:

    Praying today that I will abide in Christ. I often feel like the leaf that is barely hanging on, always just trying to get through this one thing to go on to the next. I am missing the joy that Christ gives. Father, help me remember that the Vine has wrapped around me and is holding me up. “I will never leave you or forsake you.” I know this truth, have experienced it, but quickly forget in the small everyday struggles of life.

    I so appreciate all of the wisdom, sharing, and transparency of the SRT community. May God richly bless you all today.

  20. Jeanne says:

    I so love John 13. With all the busyness of life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel you’re in control and directing where you’ll go next, instead of seeing that the Lord already has a vine for you that grows and bears fruit. He knows when and in what ways we’ll grow, exactly when we should.

    I’m wondering how some of you ladies seek God in decisions that seem unclear?
    I’m in a situation right now where, very suddenly, I have to choose between two jobs. The first option has been the one I’ve been preparing myself for for the past month. It’s at a familiar place with staff and students I love, and part time. I’m an artist who’s been trying to start a business selling work ever since graduation, but have been too busy with other jobs to pay the bills. Now is my opportunity to get that going, and I have my days planned out where I can do both (plus have the morning to read SRT and pray).
    My second option was just brought up out of the blue, to work full time. It’s in an unfamiliar place, but they desperately need help and it would add to my resume. However, it would consume my days 6am-6pm, plus planning on the weekends. No time to do personal work.
    I’ve had these choices since Monday, and have to decide by tomorrow. I’ve been praying and seeking God what feels like nonstop. I’m listening but not hearing anything. Where does He want me to go? Where is His vine leading me? In what area am I meant to bear fruit? I don’t feel that I’m getting a clear answer, perhaps because I know God will provide for me in whichever I decide. What do you ladies do when you’re making a tough decision, and aren’t sure where God is taking you?

    Thanks for any thoughts <3

    1. Jeanne says:

      ^^^ Oops, I meant to say John 15, as in where Jesus references the fruit and vine! :)

      1. Sarah says:

        Jeanne – this is such a difficult place to be in! Sometimes God’s silence when we are pursuing Him for answers and direction is Him saying “wait”, as has definitely been the case in my own life. Could either opportunity need to “wait”, even if it seems ideal now? I think we often have to choose between better and best. Abiding in the Lord is a lifestyle of worship to Him, so fruit in your life should be evident regardless of where you’re at, if you’re truly abiding in Him. And it definitely sounds like thats your heart’s desire, praise God! I would ask myself and pray over where I could best serve the Lord with the talents He’s given me, and what would bring Him the most glory. I’m praying for you today that Lord will guide you and give you peace as you wrestle with this decision.

        1. Jeanne says:

          Thank you so much for your thoughtful advice. As an update– I decided to go with the second job offer, after much prayer, anxious decision, and advice from others. I waited until the very last moment I had been given to call the new school, and was told that they had to go with someone else who knew it would work out for them.

          So, I went through all that anxiety for… something! I know God was using this situation to show me something. Maybe to say “yes, this is the time for you to pursue personal work”, but also to teach me something about saying yes to things that are hard to do. I’m sure it will be more clear as time goes on.

          I really loved what you said about doing what would give God the most glory. This second job offer is in a school that definitely needs some help, and I believe I could have brought a lot of light and peace there. I’m always going to keep that thought, of where I could serve God the most, with me for all situations to come <3

    2. Sarah says:

      Dear Jeanne,
      Honestly I woudlnt know what to do either (apart from making a pros and cons list and you seem to have that one already) so Ill pray for you and the people around you, so that they will be able to give sound advice and listen to Gods voice in the middle of this chaos.
      Love, Sarah
      PS: I love your name!!

    3. Susan says:

      Praying for you. I struggle with making decisions & which choice would be the “right” choice & maybe there is no “right” choice. In my experience, after I’ve prayed about the decision, I will go with the choice that brings peace to my heart. I hope this helps!

    4. Nicole says:

      Hi Jeanne! When I saw your post, I immediately felt led to respond. I just walked through a somewhat similar situation where I was seeking a new job and ultimately couldn’t decide if I truly should leave my old one! I really loved my previous job in retail; like your first option, it was filled with incredible people and tasks I enjoyed. However, it was a crazy schedule and two hours of driving every day. I couldn’t find balance. I prayed and talked to God for nearly a year before He presented me with the job I have now – corporate retail environment (still what I love to do and still great people!) with a regular schedule and evenings/weekends off!

      The best advice I received in this season was to consider what will mean the most to me when I’m 80 – a job in retail where I never see my family, or a job with a consistent schedule where I can fill my weekends with memories? When I looked at it that way, the choice was simple. God has provided the opportunity for me to pursue my passions and my family, and I am praying that He will provide an answer for you, too! <3

  21. Caroline says:

    Thank you Jesus for making us fruitful because of you! I love how you saw Him in the wind and in the nature. So thankful that He is always around and ready to produce new fruit in us.


  22. Christina D. says:

    It sounds like I join the chorus today in that this post pierced my soul so deeply and perfectly. The past few months have been a sweet time of abiding but the past few weeks I have felt distant and ambivalent toward almost everything. Life seems long and hard and my family is living in the midst of a huge transition with no real end in sight. I know the Lord is in control and I know the timeline is in His hands. I know it more than I know anything else. But I’m tired. Today I planned on asking for prayers to help me move out of this apathy. But God! “As it was Jesus who drew you when He said, ‘Come,’ so it is Jesus who keeps you when He says, ‘Abide.’ The grace to come and the grace to abide are alike from Him alone.” The invitation is from Him, the tethering is from Him. “My entire life I thought my closeness with Jesus was dependent upon me.” It was as if my soul breathed a literal sigh of relief. I don’t have to muscle up the strength to drag myself back to Him in this time. He never left. And He draws me close. It all starts with Him and remains with Him. Lord thank you for these words today. For the women who share these convictions and come together to know each other and know You more. Thank you for drawing each one of us near in the most perfect unique way.

    1. Kim says:

      “He never left.” Three powerful words. And He never will! Thank you for sharing your thoughts today.

    2. Melinda says:

      Wow Christina, reading your words felt like reading a page out of my own life! I can relate on every point… Family in transition , feeling apathetic over the last few weeks, etc. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, they spoke to me. Jesus keeps us when He says abide! Amen!

  23. Leenda324 says:

    Wow. Wowie wow wow wow. Yes some soul rest is much needed. Thank you for this powerful, humbling analogy. this

  24. Rochelle says:

    “My entire life I thought my closeness with Jesus was dependent on me.” –> wow, I needed to hear that today, because I recognize this striving in myself! Thank Jesus I have a place to rest in Him.

    1. She Reads Truth says:

      Thanks for joining us today, Rochelle! Praying rest for both of us today!


  25. Hannah says:

    So much I needed reminding of this morning. He is the vine. I am not.

    Something else the Lord brought to my attention – growth takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. I wish it did, but then I am reminded that if it did happen that easily and quickly, I don’t think I would seek and allow the Lord to prune me the way He does when I know growth is a waiting proccess. In the waiting, I know I can’t get by without pressing into my Lord. He is producing patience in us in the growing and waiting process. Which I find very difficult many times.

    But – when the moment comes when I begin to see the fruit from a long and difficult pruning process, even if it’s just a little bud, it is so encouraging and reminds me that the process is so worth it. And when the fruit begins to grow, it’s in many places on the tree. Not just one place.

    Whatever changes happen in your life, have complete faith in your Vinedresser.

    1. Emily says:

      Thank you for the reminder that growth takes time. It fits perfectly with today’s message.

    2. Kim says:

      Those were some of my thoughts today too – time. Fruit doesn’t appear instantly. It can take an entire season to develop.
      And pruning is necessary to produce better/more fruit b/c it opens the branches up to more light! We can trust in the one true Vine and the Light!!

  26. Caro says:

    Wonderful truth! Resting and growing in the knowledge of who HE IS and not on what i am.

  27. Jenn says:

    Psalm 80 was well played today! :-) it raised my voice in prayer for our nation. 3 times: “Restore us, God, God of Hosts, Yahweh, the God of Hosts, look on us in favor, and we will be saved.” And thanks, Rebekah, for sah-weet thoughts about abiding!!! I’ve been praying how to encourage my sister who is struggling under her own power to have a relationship with Jesus, and this is the treasure of insight I’ve been seeking. It made my heart happy and allowed me to rest in HIM today in my own relationship.

    1. Salamander says:

      Jenn, the relevance of the Bible to restore our Nation is so real! You spoke the words I was thinking, i’m also praying for my sister who struggles with this as well. Isnt it amazing how God will give us insight that renews our relationship with Him and with others?! Praying for you and your sister, have a beautiful day!

  28. churchmouse says:

    Every morning when I read the selected Scriptures and the SRT devotion, I think, “this one is for me.” And “this is the best one yet.” And then tomorrow becomes today, and I’m proclaiming the same things again! SRT, and the sisters who comment here, you are being used mightily by God! Thank you! You daily provide “soul rest.” Much needed. Much appreciated.

    1. Megan says:

      Thank you for all your insightful words! Your words have been so encouraging everyday! I am beyond thankful for this community of ladies!

  29. Langston says:

    Thank you so much, SRT, and you, ladies, for helping me deepen my relationship with Jesus. I’ve never really had a church family, but now I understand what it means to have sisters in Christ!

    1. She Reads Truth says:

      Langston, we’re so grateful you’re part of our community! Love to you!


  30. JulieG says:

    I love that we can rest in Him! Praying for you Abby!

  31. Abby says:

    Sitting here in the midst of divorce, after emotional destruction in my marriage, and God’s tender leading over these recent days that I look hungrily everywhere around me for the definition of my worth – this writing blew me away. I’ve described how I’ve felt as being the one lone leaf on a branch in a gust of wind – what I didn’t remember to include in that picture was the Vine. He binds up the broken-hearted. And His wrapping around us, always moves towards us, has already defined my worth. I am not a leaf alone and torn and in danger of blowing away. I am a leaf torn but held.

    1. Dupree says:

      Love this! I can so relate! Praying for you!

    2. Amy says:

      Amen, sister. His mercies are new every morning, thank goodness.

    3. Emma says:

      Praying for you Abby! He calls you worthy and redeemed!

    4. churchmouse says:

      Your openness reveals your tender heart. Thank you. Though bruised, you are strong. And brave. And the Father binds you to Him in a loving embrace. You are held!

    5. Rochelle says:

      Your perspective put a lump in my throat. What a beautiful picture to keep in mind. Praying for you today, Abby.

  32. Kristi says:

    “He brings forth fruit….to then bring nourishment to the world.” Wow! First time I’d pondered this. Those who are not attached to the vine cannot bear fruit by themselves. So it is our job (“they will know you are my disciples”) to bring fruit to them. So, too, with those who are attached to the vine but not living fruitful lives. Without us sharing our fruit with them, they also have to live life without it. And all of this so that OUR joy may be complete (John 15:11). The way the vine dresser weaves it all together is just too much to take in sometimes!

    1. churchmouse says:

      Oh and let that fruit that we share with them be the sweetness of hope and love, not judgment and condemnation! May they taste and see that HE IS GOOD! (feel free to sing “He’s a good, good Father” right now!)

  33. Hailey says:

    This was amazing! I loved reading about the ‘nature of the vine,’ Jesus’ “come” and “abide,” and being reminded my closeness to Him doesn’t depend on me. And, of course, the imagery of Jesus coming around the bend!! :) Thank you SRT – so encouraged by this scripture and devo today.

    1. Kim says:

      I loved the image of Jesus coming around the bend to give a big hug too! It brought instant tears to my eyes!! :)

  34. ~ B ~ says:

    This makes me think of something I read that has always stuck with me as perfect description … In paraphrase it is, “The saved sinner stands prostrate in adoration; adoration of the cross, adoration of the blood. He/She does not look away but stands in awe, overcome with emotion, of Christ’s sacrifice knowing the inexplicable way Jesus tethered their dying soul to His.”

    The gratitude I feel over Christ choosing this for me is overwhelming. His love securing my heart and binding me forever to the One with whom I can not imagine my life without.

  35. Shannon says:

    I’m so thankful for this picture of the torn leaf on the vine. It does speak so much about Christ’s love for us and how He draws us into His love. I have a grapevine growing on a fence in my garden and I cannot wait to watch it grow this summer and get a reminder everyday as I walk by it. I thought it was interesting that in John today, we are called to remain in the vine (Christ) but it is God the Father who does the pruning.

  36. Kelly S says:

    The comparison of old and new covenant speaks directly to my “do more” heart. I try to make the fruit grow–and grow fast–through my resolve and discipline.

    This season in life, God is showing me that *I* can’t do anything on my own. The harder I try, the more frustrated I get at the lack of results. As I (slowly) learn how to stop showing God how awesome I am and start focusing on how AWESOME He is, I find I am more content with slow growth. He is pulling me in and teaching me to find my strength and joy in my connection to The Vine.

    My eyes should stay fixed on The Vine, not on the fruit that may or may not bloom. I can’t look two directions at once. I will fix my eyes on Christ and rest.

    1. valerie says:

      very well said!
      your comment spoke to me – thank you for sharing!

    2. Theresa says:

      I can identify with you so much here! Thank you for sharing Kelly.

  37. Kristine L says:

    I’ve always viewed the “I am the Vine” analogy as kind of threatening. “Remain in Christ or be pruned away! You’ll be judged by the amount of fruit you bear!” But my perspective has shifted today, thanks to the visual of that little torn leaf. Often I don’t feel like I’ve produced much fruit. I identify way more with that little leaf, barely hanging on, just glad that any part of me can still touch the Vine. How wonderful to know that Jesus is meeting me more than halfway, wrapping himself around me, giving me the time and space to grow into him.

    1. Kristin says:

      Well said, Kristine!

    2. Melinda says:

      Love this! I have felt much the same way!

  38. Laura says:

    Oh wow… What a simple, profound message this morning that my heart needed to hear xo

  39. Sara says:

    I can not even begin to tell you how much the Lord spoke to me through this! How much I needed these words to my soul! I felt Jesus saying over and over, “Abide In My Love”, so I looked up the definition of abide. Abide: accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation). May we accept His love fully!! Thank you so much for your words and service to our King!

  40. DanaF says:

    Such freedom in this for me, a goal setter, a list maker, knowing I am free from the burden of my checklist. My Jesus is my sanctuary, it is He that cares for me:)

  41. Tina says:

    I looked more closely and noticed a tiny leaf, torn almost in two. At the bottom of the leaf a green vine had wrapped itself in a ball around the torn part, binding the tear and holding the leaf close against itself. I got choked up. …. Choked up…, I have tears running down my face…I had this real and tangible picture of a broken me ( the torn leaf) being lovingly bound and held by our Saviour, Jesus (the vine)…Gosh what a gift, what for sure, an analogy…totally and utterly beautiful…Thank you Rebekah..
    Resting now in that picture of Jesus drawing ME close, being in his presence, and just resting, knowing I am rooted and safe, shadowed by the Almighty God, where nothing can steal or trample …

    Verses 3,7,19 of Psalm 80, repeat the same plea.. ‘…Bring us back..to you..Almighty God! Show us your mercy, and we will be saved! ( emphasis mine).
    I will make this my plea, my prayer today and throughout this week…Show me your mercy Lord God…Wrap your life saving, binding arms around me and mine, Thank you Lord God, Thank you Jesus..
    Every praise to you Lord God…every Praise..Amen.

    Praying you know rest in in His loving, healing and binding arms today, dearests…Be Blessed..xxx

    1. candacejo says:

      Wasn’t it just so, so good?! I am a striver…always trying to “do better” no matter how many times I hear that isn’t the way it works. He did it all!! I may read this ten times today. Thank you for adding your prayer, Tina. May the Vinedresser bless you abundantly today. ♥