Day 25

Hezekiah, Reformer and Restorer

from the The Genealogy of Jesus reading plan

2 Kings 18:1-8, 2 Chronicles 29:3-11, 2 Chronicles 30:1-7, 2 Chronicles 31:1-8, 2 Chronicles 31:20-21

BY She Reads Truth

Start each day by reading the passages listed above. Then use the summary and reflection provided here to guide discussion around the daily reading.

Hezekiah was the twelfth king of Judah. He reoriented the people back to true worship by cleansing the temple, reinstating the Passover, and re-establishing the priesthood. God answered his prayer to deliver Jerusalem from the hands of their enemy, Assyria.

Reflect on Hezekiah’s interactions with God. What stands out to you?

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  1. Terri Honeycutt says:

    6 For he held fast to the Lord. He did not depart from following him, but kept the commandments that the Lord commanded Moses. – 2 Kings 18:6. This is what stands out to me. He was successful because he trusted God to lead him and he held fast to him. He didn’t trust his own wisdom over God’s like his father had done.

  2. Susie says:

    So important to give God our first fruits!

  3. Marina Sayadian says:

    Cathy, I think Ephraim and Manasseh were singled out because they were the leading tribes, according to my bible commentary.

  4. Marina Sayadian says:

    Cathy, I think he singled out Ephraim and Manasseh because they were the leading tribes, according to my bible commentary.

  5. Lois East says:

    He did it with all his heart.

  6. Erica Chiarelli says:

    I love reading about Hezekiah, it gets almost depressing to read one bad king after another. It is so beautiful to see his example and very encouraging. No matter who your pare ts are, anyone can change and be different. Follow God no matter what!

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