Grace Day

Open Your Bible

Romans 5:1

Take this day to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
—Romans 5:1

Weekly She Reads Truth podcast episodes correspond to the current community reading plan.

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42 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. Olga Morrison says:


  2. Chelsi Hamilton says:

    Humility is perfect quietness of heart. It is to expect nothing, to wonder at nothing that is done to me, to feel nothing done against me. It is to be at rest when nobody praises me, and when I am blamed or despised. It is to have a blessed home in the Lord, where I can go in and shut the door, and kneel to my Father in secret, and am at peace as in a deep sea of calmness, when all around and above is trouble. -Andrew Murray

  3. Claire B says:


  4. Marie Baxter says:

    Good morning! This is my first time participating in a current plan! I have been reading SRT plans for years now but have never been a part of an active plan.
    The reading about church discipline was really spot considering the current Gateway issue. I’m mind boggled on how these things happen. However God is always present and faithful. Praying for any followers of Jesus who are hurting from this.

    1. Rhonda J. says:

      Oh wow..welcome Marie! That’s awesome that you have been reading SRT for so long, but not in real time! Do you still read through the comments? We are glad to have you with us!
      I am saddened by the Gateway news as well and just floored when you hear things like that. We really have to be careful about following a Pastor and raising them up for Glory rather than God! Same for worship teams and singers/bands. And ourselves since I’m listing…Pride, Sex, and money..seems to be the downfall of most.

  5. Cee Gee says:

    : allegiance to duty or a person : LOYALTY
    lost faith in the company’s president
    : fidelity to one’s promises
    : sincerity of intentions
    acted in good faith
    : belief and trust in and loyalty to God
    : belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion
    : firm belief in something for which there is no proof
    clinging to the faith that her missing son would one day return
    : complete trust
    : something that is believed especially with strong conviction
    especially : a system of religious beliefs
    the Protestant faith
    I found interesting the comparison between BELIEF and FAITH.
    BELIEF may or may not imply certitude in the believer.
    Example: my belief that I had caught all the errors
    FAITH almost always implies certitude even where there is no evidence or proof.
    Ie. an unshakable faith in God

    (copied/pasted from Merriam-Webster online dictionary)
    Search my heart, O God, and reveal any places in me that don’t express ‘certitude’ so that I can rest in Your peace that comes with that all-in faith/’certitude’.
    Have a blessed weekend SHES! ❤

    SEARCHING – Thank you for sharing your personal pondering on living the change:
    You said, “This statement from yesterday’s devo ‘we are fully changed by Jesus’ … made me think, am I living that change? Lord, please help me to see where I am not.” Amen! I have missed you, sister; glad you are here today! ❤

  6. Mari V says:

    So grateful the peace of God that we all have as believers! I cannot do life without my Jesus! I’m a little tired today. Waiting for my friend for our long run walk. With little sleep, but that’s OK. We walk and pray and laugh and cry it’s all worth it.

  7. Mari V says:

    Happy Saturday, sweet She’s!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  8. Catherine McVey says:

    Happy Saturday She’s! Love all the comments this morning. It’s been a good week in the Word. Lot’s to think about. Praying over all the needs as I read them! Have a wonderful weekend!!❤️

  9. Cheryl Blow says:

    What more could we desire than peace with God? He is faithful.

  10. Lynne from Alabama says:

    Good morning, sweet SRT sisters! Thank you all for your continued prayers for Jack and I. We are hanging in here. His lymphoma continues to grow and his dementia continues to make him very dependent on me. It’s been a little over five months since the oncologist gave us his 4-6 month prognosis. It’s hard to keep doing everything with that in the back of my mind. I am a planner/organizer and it wakes me up in the night thinking of details that will need to be handled in the future. My prayer is that Jack will not suffer or be in pain at the end. He isn’t in pain now. You guys are helping to hold me up! ❤️

    1. Gwineth52 says:

      Dear Lynne
      See in your mind’s eye over a hundred of She hands helping to hold you up. Keep your head to the sky, our sister in Christ.

      1. Kim Mullins says:

        praying for you and Jack

    2. Cee Gee says:

      Sending prayers, love, and hugs! ❤

    3. Rhonda J. says:

      I really just can’t fathom dear Lynn…that breaks my heart when you say the above. Knowing your dear, husband of many years and life partner…I just don’t know how you do it, I am so glad we are able to pray for you and God is responding to those and giving you strength, I sure would give you a long, long, long hug if I could, and just sit and have coffee with you, and let you cry, laugh, scream…all just holding your hand. Thank you for sharing with us your hard journey, and for checking in today.

    4. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

      Lifting you in prayer Lynne. ❤️

    5. DeeDee says:

      Praying for you, and Jack, too Lynne. ❤️

  11. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    Justified by faith, period! Nothing else on our part – it’s all Jesus. And the result, the peace of God.
    The world wants peace, they search and search in all the wrong places – all they need to do is turn their face toward God.
    Father God, I lift the lost of this world to you. I pray that you would turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to You, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith. In Jesus name, Amen. (Acts 26:18)

    @LAUREN GW – praying for your daughter to overcome her anxiety and healing and help for your husband.
    @LAURA DIANE – continued prayers for Taliah and for your son.
    @SUSAN – continued prayers for Wyatt’s healing.
    @ADRIENNE – praise the Lord for the good test results. Continued prayers for your health.
    @MIA FAITH – prayers for your grandson, and continued prayers for your and your family.
    @MAER BAER – prayers that God continues to bless your marriage with love, joy and peace!
    @TINA – hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating with your sister, you are missed!

    Happy Saturday sisters, may you walk in the light of His love today! ❤️

  12. Kathy says:

    Good morning ladies. I am praying for all of you and would love your prayers also. My husband and I are leaving today along with 4 other adults and 16 high school students to go to Work Camp in East Bank, West Virginia. We will be doing home repairs for those who are unable to do it for themselves – elderly, single-parent, low-income.
    It’s an incredible week, but exhausting in every way. We stay in a school, sleep on air mattresses, take showers in the locker room and eat camp food. We work on crews with students we don’t know, at the home of a person we don’t know, doing a job we don’t know how to do. Then we come back to the school and have a time of worshipping and praising God. And He is faithful and good.
    Please pray for safety as we travel and while we’re at camp. (Teenagers and power tools – anybody?)
    Pray for God to move in the way only He can move. That lives will be changed forever.
    Pray for me that I will be present in the moment. That I will be open and accessible and that I will have the courage and boldness to share Jesus with all those I encounter.
    Please pray for my husband, Roger. He will be leading the worship this week and will also be working on a crew. Please pray for physical strength for him.
    Thank you for your prayers. I will try to keep you updated.

    1. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

      Prayers for all of the above! Sounds like a tiring but amazing week coming up. It will be long, hard and laborious, but oh my -be prepared to experience blessing after blessing! Not only in meeting new people and all that you are accomplishing, but in spending so much time and close quarters with your church group. You will come away changed – for the good! Much prayer for you and your group as you embark on this homeland mission.❤️❤️

    2. Kristin says:

      Sounds like an amazing trip. I’ll for sure be praying.

    3. Lynne from Alabama says:

      Kathy, I am praying that God will hold you and your group close this week! May you see His hand in every aspect of the trip and may you feel His supernatural strength in this physically difficult task! ❤️

    4. Cheryl Blow says:

      Praying for all of you while you are doing this great work!

    5. Mercy says:


    6. Rhonda J. says:

      Kathy, many prayers for a fun, blessed week!! I remember when you had that scare a few years ago with your husband (if this is indeed the Kathy I’m thinking of!?) I wanted to do a first mission ever this Fall but don’t think it will be doable with so much chronic pain, which is sad, but I do believe I am working a lot in the mission field in my city!! Have a blast and we can’t wait to hear about it!

    7. Kim Mullins says:

      hope you have a wonderful week Kathy! I’ve been on many youth trips! I miss it! just go with the flow!

  13. Rhonda J. says:

    Good Morning, Happy Saturday She’s!

    This study is so practical for us in this time. How did the church go off the rails in the last decade or two? It saddens me. The place that is supposed to be for fellowship, learning, and growth has become a zoo of crazy in the wide lens. Luckily there are good believing churches. But, all the letters to the churches are there from Paul for this reason! Of Course God knows how his stiff-necked people go astray in all of our fleshly, prideful ways. God forgive us, God forgive America, God give us grace and mercy once again. Lord, I want us to have the values again that we had in the 80’s. Yes I lived in the Bible belt. And yet, I do recall now that we talked about each other’s churches, and had non-believing I guess nothing was ever perfect for the church…ever. Wishful thinking, and even now..But God’s word tells us all the problems there would be right!! How amazing is that! I shared on our Facebook group a great sermon by a good pastor on things that should be expected to keep our perspective on the church and false religions and so on, on par. It helps us remember prophesy that is right spot on, and why then we cannot be discouraged by those things happening.

    It’s good to hash it out though through our thoughts and comments! This is a beautiful place to be every morning.

    1. Gwineth52 says:

      Hey Rhonda J. The saying goes “ when there’s a fire in the house (church) we’ve all got work to do”. A bucket brigade of believers.

      1. Rhonda J. says:

        that’s good!

  14. Aimee D-R says:


  15. Searching says:

    Good to see you, SARAH ❤️ Totally agree in taking the pressure off yourself, focusing on friendships and waiting to see God’s plan evolve with whoever would be His best for you.

  16. Searching says:

    A bit of disarray in my schedule for a couple of days and needed some quiet time to gather my thoughts – finally got some this morning!
    The Scriptures this week – wow – so timely given the world we’re in, and from reading the comments I see I’m not the only one squirming and pondering.

    This statement from yesterday’s devo “we are fully changed by Jesus” … made me think, am I living that change? Lord, please help me to see where I am not.

    KELLY (NEO) ❤️ yesterday’s comment, amen! Thank you.

    Happy belated birthday, LAURA DIANNE, and what a priceless gift to receive communication from your daughter. Continuing to pray.

    And happy belated anniversary, MARIA BAER, praying for continued blessings in your marriage.
    Always praying for our marriages, sisters.

    MARIA B & LANIE HEFFERLY – thank you for your comments, day 4 I think, on pride of self.

    SUSAN JOINER – thank you for update on Wyatt. Praying for his recovery and for good results from the pathology reports.

    MIA FAITH – echoing others’ comments of how good it is to see the relationship between you and your grandson, that he would open up and talk with you. Continuing to pray for you and your family ❤️

    CEE GEE ❤️ thank you for your testimony of speaking up in opposition to the “help“ the vendor was offering.

    MERCY ❤️ thank you for your research on the different church audiences portrayed.

    Praying for our caregiving sisters – LYNNE FROM AL, GRAMSIESUE, NANCY S, LINDA IN NC.

    1. Maria Baer says:

      Thank you! And I love your question— are we living that change?

  17. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning ladies, happy Saturday!! Praying for you all. Would love your prayers, today some friends from church and I are going to the lake! I’ve realized I have been so nervous around my “friend” I like, and I’ve recognized I just need to take the pressure off and be a friend. He is coming today, and the more I get to know him, the more I see what a good guy he is. If anything, it’s encouraging to see godly guys and to be friends with them. I’m so thankful for some of the community I’ve had recently through the young adults group we helped start at my church. Please pray that I would just be myself and have fun, and not be “in my head” about things. If God wants it to happen, it will happen. Praying if this is someone he wants me to get to know more, that the Lord would make it clear. In the meantime, praying that I would just focus on being a friend and caring for others, rather than putting the focus on myself.

    1. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

      Sarah you have a good heart and a good attitude. It’s so hard to wait and I know at times it’s a struggle, but keep doing what you are doing and let the Lord lead.
      Praying for your day at the lake – have a wonderful time enjoying the fellowship of other believers (and your “friend”).
      I continuously pray that God will bring that special someone into your life. ❤️

    2. Tami says:

      Sarah, as I read your post I thought “let go and let God”. Sometimes the more we reach for something, the harder it is to obtain. I know the waiting is hard, “be still”. Xo

    3. Laura Dianne says:

      Praying for you to relax and be yourself. We all love you as you are – and your friends and your “friend” will too! I have learned in my longer-than-yours-life that letting go of MY control and letting God lead and guide is ALWAYS the best way. Have a wonderful day today!

    4. Lynne from Alabama says:

      Sarah D—What a healthy attitude to have! God is in control (and we are not)! Our pastor often reminds us of this! Enjoy your day at the lake and just be yourself, no pressure and no worries! ❤️

    5. Cee Gee says:

      Praying you feel peace and trust in your heart today! Relax and enjoy your day of recreation! Thank you for sharing how God is working through this waiting time.❤

    6. Kim Mullins says:

      so good to hear from you sarah! hope your day at the lake is amazing

  18. Mary Ann Graves says:

    Peace, thank you

  19. Julia C says:

    MERCY – Thank you for sharing your point of view yesterday, clarifying that there are two sets of audiences with completely different issues. On another note: can I ask which Bible study resources you use? I love my SRT bible and read the Enduring Word commentary, but I would love to dig deeper
    MIA FAITH – Joining my sisters in prayers for you and your family. I cannot imagine the pain and grief you are going through. Praying that you all experience God’s presence, comfort, and peace. ❤️
    SUSAN JOINER – Continued prayers for little Wyatt and a hopeful pathology report.
    MARIA BAER – One day late, but happy 9th anniversary! God is good!
    LAURA DIANNE – Thank you for sharing Taliah’s name ❤️

    TAYLOR – Missing you, praying all is well
    LYNNE (& Jack), GRAMSIESUE (&Steve) – You are in my prayers as well
    TINA – Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your sister!
    LAUREN GW – Continued prayers for your family

    In the words of Paul: Grace and peace to all ❤️