Day 14

Grace Day

Isaiah 25:9

BY She Reads Truth

Advent is a season to intentionally slow our pace, contemplating and celebrating the first coming of Christ while also anticipating His promised return. Take time today to pause from the busyness of the season to catch up on your reading, make space for prayer, and rest in the presence of the Lord. 

Revisit “Advent Rhythms” on pages 18–19 to help reorient your rhythms of rest and celebration.

On that day it will be said,
“Look, this is our God;
we have waited for him, and he has saved us.
This is the LORD; we have waited for him.
Let’s rejoice and be glad in his salvation.”
—Isaiah 25:9

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  1. Cindy H says:

    What a special idea Dorothy! ❤️

  2. Susan Lincks says:

    I wait for You, Jesus, forever!!

  3. Christine F says:


  4. Sydney Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing Dorothy- I hope you have a Merry Christmas, I’m going to use this idea to write letters to my

  5. Krista Branch says:


  6. Dorothy says:

    Let us all REJOICE this Christmas!!! Yes, I know from experience it is hard to rejoice the first to few Christmas after loosing a loved one — and it’s been even harder the last couple of years because of COVID — but one thing I learned from a grief group I attended is have family members write down memories of the one who you are missing. The first Christmas after my son died I handed out special paper and asked family members to sometime during the day to go somewhere alone and write a letter to my son. After they wrote the letter they stuck them in his stocking, I had asked my mom to hang it for that reason. I will let you know it took me until New Years Day before I could start reading them. My younger son couldn’t even write his at first; I didn’t get his until after the first of the year. Another suggestion was to make or buy some ornaments that family members can write on — foam and wood ones are good for this — and have them write the persons name and something special or a special memory.

    Yes, rejoicing can be hard at times but think about it would your loved one want you to be sad during the holidays and What is the true reason for the celebration. One day you will be celebrating and rejoicing in Heaven with them.

    Be blessed and rejoice because one day you will meet Christ, God and your loved face to face.

  7. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:


  8. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    O Lord my God, I will glorify You; I will sing a hymn to Your name, for You have done wonderful things, an ancient and true counsel. So be it O Lord. (Isaiah 25:1). The prophet calls me to respond to the Ancient of Days with total obedience. I too can respond with “So be it Lord” held in the hands of my prayers for mercy. I yearn for Him. Humble and trusting, I bow to Him in the face of hard things. I bend my heart in obedience and say thanks for the mystery of peace that comes in the chaos. Sometimes my heart hurts when the bending of obedience pushes hard against my pride. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. Why this, or why not that? Why me, or why not me? My independent soul often wants its own way. Lord have mercy on me, a sinner. This humble prayer gets me back into God’s rhythms of grace every time. I am no better, no more perfect, no more deserving than anyone else. Yet Christ gives me all that I need. More than I need. Enough to give away. Waiting on His provision is not in vain. He does give, and give, and give. All through the Bible we read of thirst, calling out to God for help, hard things. There was much waiting, and there was much fulfillment in prophecy when Christ came. “Then it will be said that day, “Behold, this is our God, in whom we hoped and rejoiced exceedingly; and we shall be glad in His salvation.” (Isaiah 25:9). Christ came, and He is with us now. And there is still waiting for the final prophecies to be fulfilled when He will again “wipe away every tear from every face.” Once and for all. (v. 8). Today I can say Christ IS born. He IS with us. And He IS my true hope that I hang my desires upon because of His mercy and love that never fails. I will wait on Him. I will keep coming back to Him. I will turn my whole heart to Him. Until He comes back to catch me and heal all things in me fully. Until then… my heart will cry out, “Maranatha!”

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