Grace Day

Open Your Bible

Isaiah 42:1

Take this day to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

“This is my servant; I strengthen him,
this is my chosen one; I delight in him.
I have put my Spirit on him;
he will bring justice to the nations.”
—Isaiah 42:1

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35 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. Donna Wolcott says:

    Prayers for all who requested and for those silently on hearts. May God’s peace and comfort be felt.️

    Coming from a full on blizzard RI

  2. Cathalina Kung says:

    Kristin, praying for healing as you draw closer to Jesus. Praying He guides your steps and provides the clarity you need in the coming days. Cling to Him and allow Him to change you from the inside out.

  3. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Sometimes the chapters get harder
    The pages we turn bring more tears
    Our Suffering Servant was strengthened
    He showed us how to face our fears
    Our Father in Heaven knows the story
    His affections are written in promises
    The Spirit was placed upon Him
    In Him there are no lasting misses
    Love letters written through history
    Ancient paths to freedom revealed
    As we turn our hearts to the signature
    By His beautiful scars we are healed
    Journey this world waking wisdom
    Stay close the The Word that is true
    He will bring justice to our nations
    His hands will make all things new
    Losses and heartbreaks collected
    Shadows seem to blot out our way
    But within the darkness we have the Light
    My eyes see the hope come what may.

    Behold my servant, whom I uphold,
    my chosen, in whom my soul delights;
    I have put my Spirit upon him;
    he will bring forth justice to the nations. – Isaiah 42:1

  4. Rachel says:

    GRAMSIESUE for some reason I can’t see your post, either, but from other’s comments I gather the news was not what we hoped. Will continue to pray for wisdom for you and your husband as you advocate for his care and for his providers to have supernatural insight into the treatment that will be most effective.

    VICTORIA E, I love your heart to help and serve and pray that you are able to offer clarity and wisdom from your incredibly valuable expertise.

    TAYLOR I don’t know any of the circumstances, but when I read that the guy told you he was taking someone else out, I felt the urge to trot over (it’s not far – I’m just in Colorado ;)) and give him what for. Praying for your heart.

    Praying for the other needs/requests, as well. Happy weekend – hope it’s filled with rest and rejuvenation!

  5. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    One day – “He WILL bring justice to the nations.” We may not see it in our lifetime, but Jesus will bring justice – that is a promise we can count on!

    @Kristin Taylor – I am so sorry to hear of your heartache. I pray that God will heal and restore your broken marriage and give you all grace and peace while you wait. The first step you’ve already done – admitting & confessing your part! Praying for your children that God would minister to and mend their broken hearts.

    @Rhonda J. Thank you so much for mentioning the movie on Prime. I’ve been working my way through reading “The Hiding Place” and have almost finished. It is so awe-inspiring! It makes my faith so small compared to Corrie’s and her family’s.

    @Dorothy – thank you for the other Corrie Ten Boom book recommendation!

    @Grammie Sue – I missed what your request was – but I’m praying for you, God knows what it is!

    @Taylor – don’t get discouraged – God is in control! If it’s meant to be, it will happen – in God’s perfect timing! Praying for you!

    @ Angie – safe travels (hope the weather is good where you are!) and prayers for your mom.

    A blessed Saturday to you all! Stay warm, stay safe. ❤️

  6. Abby D says:

    @ANGIE – praying for safe travels today and for your mom’s surgery on Monday. @GRAMMIESUE – continue to pray for your situation, may God surround you and your husband with others who will lift you up, support you, and provide for you wherever it is needed. @KRISTIN TAYLOR – praying for healing in your situation. Focus on the Family is an amazing resource for counseling, books and podcasts on relationships and marriage – and fees are often “donate what you can”.

  7. Rhonda J. says:

    Oh Thank you @ Dorthy! I have not seen that! I love to fill my time up with things that really matter for my heart and mind, eternal things, rather than the things of this world! I LOVE your EXCITEMENT in your post!! It is amazing that we have the very WORD to guide us and have the past, present, and future in our hands! The very person of God and Jesus- the Holy Spirit IN US!! It just revs me up as well and brings me JOY!!
    I feel like not only are we true sisters in Christ, but such friends from reading each others posts for years!! This is an AMAZING community!! And that’s my 3rd post today! I come back to SRT all day, and end my night with it and HRT! It’s great that we have Nolan over there leaving comments now, I can’t help but comment and encourage him as a He’s!

  8. Dorothy says:

    Rhonda J., I read “Hiding Place” and saw the movie many years ago. Corrie Ten Boom has several other books out — one of which I would recommend you read next, “In My Father’s House” it’s about her childhood years.