Day 6

Grace Day

from the The Kingdom of God reading plan

Isaiah 61:9

BY She Reads Truth

Take this day to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

Their descendants will be known among the nations,
and their posterity among the peoples.
All who see them will recognize
that they are a people the LORD has blessed.
—Isaiah 61:9

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16 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. AnnaGrace Shuford says:

    Our Godiva an awesome God

  2. Brandy Deruso says:

    God bless you and keep you may his grace shine upon you be gracious to you! Amen! May your family and children be blessed from generation to generation!

  3. Victoria E says:

    KimN- I love this analogy! I am trying to do exactly as you have said. It is so hard, some days I even wonder if it’s accomplishing anything. Thanks for the encouragement ❤️

  4. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I’m so thankful that we are so blessed!

  5. Mercy says:

    Happy Saturday to you my dear sisters. Welcome Brittany, I am so glad you are here. I get excited with books as well, I love the smell of new books. So glad you got yours. I pray God will reveal himself mightily to you as you read His word, and please come to the comment section to share with us the revelation God gives you. Everyone gets a different message from God, so reading different perspectives of a passage is such a well-rounded way to learn on SRT.

    This verse is my one of my favorites (Isaiah 61:9). All who see them will recognize they are blessed by God, they will be known, their prosperity will be known. The manifestation of God’s blessing is recognizable, tangible. It is not hidden. Just like a tree bearing fruit, that fruit is visible. The harvest is visible. When God blesses us, He blesses from the inside to the outside, this verse is a confirmation that people see the fruit of God’s blessing in our lives. Praise the Lord. May I honor Him with my first fruits, may I honor God with my harvest. May I keep my heart humble before Him after receiving the harvest, not forgetting where I came from, knowing all things come from Him, and He is the one who sent rain for my harvest to grow. Glory to God. Thank you Lord.

    Sisters, may your weekend be filled with peace and joy!

  6. Brittany Blankenship says:

    I am new to this!! So excited for what’s to come!! My books came in yesterday!!! Woohoo!

  7. PamC says:

    Hugs and blessings and my thanks for all your prayers for Fran. I’ve asked for an update on where she is now on surgery schedule but have not heard back. As thing open up here in CA I hope to get to see her (even if we have to sit across a table with a big plexiglass divider) this next week. I’ll keep you posted as I learn what’s going on. Thanks to all y’all again. May your weekend be blessed by the joy of the Lord.

  8. KimN says:

    VICTORIA E – sending much love to you this day!
    I hear ya as I live in a northern climate where so much of the year is winter.
    Trees where I live go dormant for the winter. All their growing energy stays put for a season so when conditions are right, they are able to bloom, leaf out, grow, produce fruit, thrive.
    Perhaps, friend, that is your season right now. Storing up God’s word, resting and waiting in His love, preparing for the tasks he has ahead of you. Stay in the Word. Even if you don’t “feel” the truth, continue to water your soul with it. Just as a dormant plant needs water even when it looks like nothing is happening.
    I’ll be praying for you, trusting that God knows your heart and will meet you where you are. (I’m a plant nerd so forgive the analogy!). You are loved!

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