Grace Day

Open Your Bible

Joshua 24:15

Use today to pray, rest, and reflect on this week’s reading, giving thanks for the grace that is ours in Christ.

But if it doesn’t please you to worship the LORD, choose for yourselves today: Which will you worship—the gods your fathers worshiped beyond the Euphrates River or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living? As for me and my family, we will worship the LORD.

Joshua 24:15

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26 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. Leslie Green-Starr says:

    I will worship the LORD My GOD! With my life in spirit and in Truth! I choose Eternal Life!!!

  2. Mikayla Andrews says:

    This is always come to me as a strong verse. Everyone I hear it or read it or even just see it posted somewhere it’s such a strong declaration of faith. ‘As for me and my house, we serve The Lord God’. It gives me the same vibes as the movie war room. She is declaring God the lord of her home and isn’t allowing Satan to rule over her home or her life anymore. There’s no room for false truths here anymore because we stand with God

  3. ILIANA CANALS says:

    I will ONLY worship the Lord NOW & FOREVER!

  4. Tynia Coleman says:

    Worshipping Jesus is choice driven. I choose to worship Him daily. He is my loving Abba! My everlasting Father, my Prince of Peace

  5. Michelle Turner says:

    I pray for our prayers of the need for strength to do this to be lifted up! We can’t even worship the Lord without him giving us the strength to do it! We need him every hour. We need him in EVERYTHING, so I want to act that way. God, give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and feet to MOVE for you! Even the rocks will cry out if we don’t.

  6. Heather Hull says:


  7. Sandy Pass says:

    On page 41 of the book, False Worship in the Bible, number 5 Worship of Other Gods it states “ Through out Israel’s history, the people turned to false gods, often combing their worship of the one true God with pagan practices an always violating the commandment. “ Do not have other gods besides me” (Ex 20:3). I have to think that some people do this when they use Yoga as from of meditation while thinking they are meditating and worshiping God. These are things to be mindful of, I’m sure there are many other instances.

  8. Christina Robledo says:

    If the angels worship and they are not his children, how will I not worship him?

  9. NanaK says:

    AMEN and AMEN! Thank you Shawn–so beautifully said.

  10. Ashley Thomas says:

    Thank you to everyone who has been praying for my sister, Mary Kay. They did a procedure that had never been performed anywhere in the United States, where they placed a drain line to empty her leg of all the intestinal leakage. It is working! She has been in tremendous amounts of pain still. They wanted to taper off her pain meds, and removed a medication that was going directly to her leg as well as another IV medication.

    1. Ashley Thomas says:

      **they did double her other medication after her husband fought with them, and she was doing better. She’s unable to walk due to the inflammation and pain. They are unsure how much longer she will be in the hospital. While she has this drain, she cannot receive chemo. Please keep praying for wisdom for the doctors, and for our ultimate healer to do what only He can do!

  11. Pam K says:

    I have been reading a review copy of “Beholding and Becoming- The Art of Everyday Worship”, by Ruth Chou Simons. It has paralleled this study in many ways. In a chapter on learning to love what must be done, she says “If I trace every complaint about my circumstances back to its origin, I find that my addiction to productivity, efficiency , and comfort are always at the center of my unhappiness. At the root of my discontentment is what I love most….and without my loves being reordered and remade by Christ, I will always chase endlessly after what was never meant to satisfy”. As I read the verse today I had to think about times when I am worshipping comfort or ease, rather than seeking the Lord first. So thankful for His grace in continuing to shape this heart of mine.

    1. Nancy Varberg says:

      Thank you. That is exactly what I needed to hear today. I choose Jesus! And tracing my discontentment, worry and anxiety does trace back to productivity and comfort…. which will NEVER satisfy! I will worship the Lord!

  12. Grace says:

    With many false gods rooted in distraction, worshipping the Lord is a daily decision.
    It is a decision that must be made with action through worship and service.
    I pray for focus and attention on what is truly important.
    I am thankful for the reminders from the Holy Spirit of our one true God and Savior.

  13. Kara says:

    Where do I spend my time, my energy, my emotions? Do i fit God unto the cracks of a busy life, or is He front and center, guiding my steps? Conviction can sting, but oh the grace and goodness of a father who seeks us out.

  14. Mari V says:

    I chose the One true God! I love you all and look forward to the day when we all meet. Have a blessed weekend.

  15. Sue says:

    Beautifully said Shawn Parks!

  16. Kena Kyle-Hardin says:


  17. Shawn Parks says:

    With my lips, I will worship the Lord.
    I will tell everyone of His great power, wonderful deeds and faithful love.
    With my voice, I will worship the Lord.
    I will fill the air with a melody of praise and passionate devotion to the One who created me and saved me.
    With my hands, I will worship the Lord.
    I will serve my family, neighbors, and strangers with humility and grace extending God’s perfect love to each.
    With my ears, I will worship the Lord.
    I will listen for His voice above the noise of this world and call on His strength to do the work He sets before me.
    With my heart, I will worship the Lord.
    I will hold tight to the Word of God as I fill each chamber with grateful praise for His faithfulness not only from the beginning but into my present day life and circumstances.
    Let my life be one of worship acknowledging in every moment the Truth of our awesome God, His omniscience and His intimacy; His power and His passion; His sovereignty and His mercy. As for me, and my house by His grace, we will serve the Lord!

    1. Drusilla Campbell says:

      Beautifully said Shawn parks, Beautiful.

  18. Sue says:

    We are not puppets. We have a free will.
    If we are waiting until we know more, waiting until life is less busy, waiting until life circumstances have improved, or are waiting until the time seems right, we have made our choice – and it’s not God.
    Choose now to worship the LORD.

    1. Sydney Jackson says:

      Very true! Carpe diem!

    2. Deb Keller says:

      Holy Spirit I ask You to move in the hearts of my complacent loved ones. Open their eyes to see Jesus. Just like you did for Saul on the Damascus road. Come in a powerful wind of conviction and love ❤️ amen and Hallelujah!

  19. Bessie H says:

    I stand with you Churchmouse and chose to serve the One True God. I’m praying that my son will choose to follow Him now. He is searching and I pray that God will guide his heart.

    This week I had a fun gift from God. There has been an idea of a program that I would like to do at my church. It has nagged at me for awhile and I finally talked to my Pastor about it. He said that two other women had approached him with the same idea. When I talked to our church administrator about how to implement it she described exactly what I had pictured. It seems such an affirmation that God put this idea into our hearts and can use this new program for His glory’s . I’m excited!

    I’m so grateful to serve such a loving and awesome God!

  20. Churchmouse says:

    Daily I must choose who to worship. I choose the one true God. Jesus. Name above all names. King of all kings. Lord of all.

    Praying that extended family and friends would choose Him as well.

  21. Dana says: