Grace day

Open Your Bible

Psalm 68:18-19

Use this day to pray, rest, and reflect on this week’s reading, giving thanks for the grace that is ours in Christ.

18 You ascended to the heights, taking away captives;
you received gifts from people,
even from the rebellious,
so that the Lord God might dwell there.

19 Blessed be the Lord!
Day after day he bears our burdens;
God is our salvation. Selah
—Psalm 68:18–19

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15 thoughts on "Grace day"

  1. Steph C says:

    “May the Lord be praised! Day after day He bears our burdens; God is our salvation” (Ps 68:19). He bore my burden once when He died for my sins. Now He hears my prayers- every time I come to Him. The things that I see as burdens are made heavier by my refusal to take them to Him in prayer. I need wisdom every moment of the day. When I do not seek it out, I bear unnecessary burdens. Oh Father, I do not come to you often enough. My pride forbids it or false humility tells me not to “bother you”. But You invite me to cast my cares on You because You care for me! Help me to come to You in true humility – admitting my need for Your strength and wisdom.

  2. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    Pray was a real struggle. We have our 5 and 6-1/2 year old grandsons for the weekend and they just would not behave. I was at my wits end. By the time we put them to bed I realized, that if I had taken the time this morning just to talk to the Lord and help me through it may have gone better. I got terribly frustrated and instead of turning it to the Lord I just stayed frustrated, to the point of crying.
    Lord. I’m sorry. Being in Your Word and talking with You first thing in the morning may not take away how the boys are behaving, but it will help me with how I react. Please forgive me. I think I may have learned my lesson.

  3. Mari V says:

    Today didn’t start out right! I didn’t start my day right. I NORMALLY get into God’s word first thing. Instead because I couldn’t sleep and slept very little went on my long run and I thought I would have time for God’s word and I got home before meeting with my mentor. NOPE. I should know better. So here I am late morning after being frazzled. I’m thankful for a God it’s patient with His children. Who is patient with me.

  4. Carrie Hammer says:

    I tend to give my big burdens, like my son using marijuana, or not working but I need to give all burdens such as I need to replace a car, or I am stressed at work.

    1. Mari V says:

      I just prayed for you Carrie