Day 23

God’s Presence Equips Us

from the The Presence of God reading plan

Joshua 1:1-9, Joshua 1:17, Joshua 10:8-14, Romans 8:31-39

BY Kaitie Stoddard

God calls His people to take part in establishing His kingdom on earth, and His presence secures our victory.

I played on a smattering of different sports teams growing up. Soccer, volleyball, basketball—I tried them all at some point or another. And while I loved athletics, I was never the “star player” of a team. You know that kid who seems like they were born to swim laps or shoot a three-pointer? I wasn’t that kid, but I got to play on teams with that kid. And having an exceptionally talented athlete on your team is a blessing, because their strength becomes your team’s strength.

When I think of God’s power, I think of Him like that star player who carried the rest of our team on to victory. Sure, everyone got to participate during the game, but make no mistake, there would be no “win” if God didn’t show up to make the plays and set the strategy. Honestly, He could win every single game by Himself, but He graciously chooses to involve and work through other players.

The thing is though, in our daily lives God is often an unseen force leading our team. And so we can make the mistake of thinking we need to be the star player or maybe even call some of the shots. Perhaps we feel God prompting us to help build His kingdom in a specific way, but then we think all the pressure rests on our shoulders. Let me tell you from experience, that is a recipe for disaster. Either we will become prideful and think we really are the star of the show and take all the credit that God deserves, or we will become fearful, knowing we cannot measure up, causing us to spiral into discouragement.

The book of Joshua reminds us that it is through God’s power, not our own, that His kingdom is built. God directed Joshua to lead the Israelites into the promised land. It was natural for them to be afraid as they stepped onto unknown soil with enemies around every corner, but God continually reassured His people that He would never leave them. He would show up for the game. They only needed to trust and obey. God would carry them to victory, and they would get to participate in the celebration.

Just as God encouraged the Israelites to be “strong and courageous,” He encourages us to do the same. In every good work the Lord has called us to, we must not forget that “the LORD [our] God is with [us] wherever [we] go” (Joshua 1:9). It does not all rest on our shoulders. In fact, God doesn’t need us to accomplish His purposes. We should neither be arrogant nor insecure. Instead, we can be grateful we get to play on the winning team, taking part in the thrill of a game well won, and celebrating the victory that God has already secured. While we work passionately, we no longer sweat the outcome because we know that in the end, God always wins.

When Christ went down to the grave and rose up victorious, not even death could defeat Him. Just as we join with Christ in His death, we will one day join with Him in resurrection (Romans 6:5). As Paul says, nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:39), and that is the greatest prize of all.

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39 thoughts on "God’s Presence Equips Us"

  1. Anneliese Peterson says:

    I liked that analogy of Jesus being the star player and we get to participate in the game and he doesn’t need us to win but he chose to use us on our team. No pressure, no insecurity, it is God who carries us.

  2. Brandy Deruso says:

    Im team Jesus and my destination is heaven lord you are good and im in the place where you need me to be.

  3. Dezarae Dorsey says:

    Nothing can separate me from God’s love.

  4. Heather Lopez-Renteria says:

    I pray I am a faithful team player and follow what God has planned. He is always with us. He will give us a winning victory even through trials and tribulations.

    I ask for prayers for my family as my husband union job is laying off and I recently became a stay at home mom with out 3 year old and expecting In March. We had made this choice due to covid and I working in the schools. I didnt sleep well last night dreading what is next. I know my husband always comes through but I’m readying myself if I have to do a little job until he is back to his union job.

    1. Elizabeth Brock says:

      Praying for you and your family this morning, Heather! Asked the Lord to give you rest

    2. Ashleigh Horner says:

      Praying for your family and the decisions you may face in this uncertainty. May God bless you with his peace, provision, and good health.

  5. Gail F says:

    They only needed to trust and obey. End of story.♥️

    1. Annie Bartley says:


  6. Faith Kendrick says:

    I love that she pointed out that we don’t have to sweat the outcome because God always wins in the end! That is so true. We shouldn’t worry about how it will turn out, because no matter what it will be for God’s glory!

  7. Sydni Johnson says:

    Usually don’t post in the discussions but today’s devotional was so on target. I’ve been struggling with fear for the past 3 years. I’ve been asking God to reveal ways that I can trust Him more. I keep coming to Joshua 1:9. Be strong and courageous. I can only imagine how afraid Joshua was. God reminded him 3 times to trust Him. He holds us in his hands and encourages to do it scared and trust in Him that He hold us in His hands.

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