Day 25

God Has Not Rejected His People

from the Romans reading plan

Romans 11:1-36, Hosea 14:4-7, 1 Peter 2:7-10

BY Marnie Hammar

Back in my big hair days, one of the challenges of going to church camp was that we had to bring butane curling irons so as not to blow the circuits…as big-haired girls could do. (I’m still unsure how fueling an object intended to curl hair with a highly flammable gas was a good idea?) But good hair wasn’t my only priority at camp. I also felt a burden to confess a sin I feared had permanently separated me from Jesus. 

That church camp girl with the perfectly curled bangs didn’t understand mercy. She didn’t understand how it works to be fully, eternally grafted in (Romans 11:19). 

When I read Romans 11 now, I linger over Paul’s description of God’s unrelenting, undeserved mercy for Israel, even as they stumbled and rejected Jesus (1Peter 2:8). I rejoice that His plans for Israel stay, that His covenant remains still. What delight that, “He has not rejected His people whom He foreknew” (Romans 11:2). 

This chapter offers a celebration for that church camp girl, and a (perhaps cautionary) reminder for her older self.

Because I confess, even as the memory of such palpable relief after my own stumbling floods back, at times I’ve felt self-satisfied. Now that I know I’m chosen (1Peter 2:9), there are days when I could be one Paul is speaking to when he says, “do not boast that you are better than those branches….you do not sustain the root, but the root sustains you,” (Romans 11:18). 

I think back to standing with my counselor with a humbled, grateful heart. God’s kindness, so unmerited yet unsparing, felt physical. It’s that same kindness and love that holds us all on the tree, through no achievement of our own (vv.21–22). 

We’ve all disobeyed, and yet we can receive His mercy—because Israel’s disobedience made room for ours (vv.30–31). He called us all out of the darkness into the light (1Peter 2:9). 

So then, Romans 11 is a banner of praise and a litany of thanksgiving as we see God’s faithful heart for all of His branches. His care to rescue the broken branches of Israel and His compassion to graft in the wild branches of the Gentiles, place both Jew and Gentile at the mercy of the tree. As mere branches (not roots), we grow because of who we are attached to. He preserves and revives (Hosea 14:6).

No, He has not rejected His people. Through the work done on another tree on the hill of Calvary, He eternally grafted in the wild branches who chose Him by faith yet still holds a place for His beloved Israel. 

His gracious gifts and calling are irrevocable. Because from Him, through Him, and to Him is everything (Romans 11:29,36).

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  1. Ebony Lewis says:


  2. Misty Portland says:

    Amen! ❤️

  3. Portia Strange says:

    Romans 11:29 says ‘His gracious gifts and calling are irrevocable.’

    Irrevocable means not able to be changed or reversed; final; irreversible; unalterable.

  4. Victoria O says:

    If anyone is struggling with interpretation, I found toggling the app to The Message to be really helpful during this study. I read the study book and re-read here using the Message!!

  5. Dani Hamlet says:

    The moment we were reminded “you are the branches, not the roots” stuck out to me. It’s through Gods work of grafting me in the sustains me.

    I think growing up in the faith all my life it can really feel like I’m the roots, creating that sneaky boastful, self satisfaction.

    Needed this today ❤️

  6. Erica Chiarelli says:

    It’s amazing to realize we are blessed to be ingrafted in and can be a part of God’s family! So thankful!

  7. sophie marie says:

    I don’t think I understand just how merciful God us and how loved i am. It’s one thing to comprehend the subject, and a whole other thing to live like you’ve been fully grafted in; to live like you’re free. lots of prayers for this please because I very much struggle to understand Gods mercy!!

  8. Serene Speakman says:

    “we grow because of who we are attached to.”

    Love it!

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