Glimpses of the Kingdom of Heaven

Open Your Bible

Matthew 13:1-57, Luke 16:14-17

In light of the day’s reading, pause to reflect on the specific areas you long to see made new and how Jesus’s ministry calls us to join in that restoration. Let these shape your prayers today.

In His teaching, Jesus used stories called parables to describe the kingdom of heaven. These stories were told with a purpose, using memorable word pictures to initiate conversation and point to a larger truth. 

After you’ve read, spend some time in prayer about the kind of kingdom Jesus taught about. Comment/share with the community anything that stood out to you or encouraged you from the reading or your time in prayer.

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81 thoughts on "Glimpses of the Kingdom of Heaven"

  1. Caroline Harrington says:

    the kind of kingdom that you give everything for. something that looks so unlike the world! i want to do a better job being about kingdom things and rejecting what the world loves.

  2. Dori Brown says:


  3. Sarah Scheaf says:

    I love imagining theses conversations between Jesus and the disciples. Can almost hear his voice explaining to them!

  4. Meme Faye says:

    Day 23 can be found at the she reads truth website…

  5. Karen Breaux says:

  6. SHALOM BARILE says:

    Why do we pay for a subscription if we don’t get the whole study?

    1. She Reads Truth says:

      If you are having issues with your subscription, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

  7. Krystyn Carey says:

    Angels will separate the wheat and the tares in the kingdom.

  8. Kim Sallee says:

    For those looking for day 23, I noticed in the paper study guide, day 23 is ‘The First of New Creation’, which is on Day 20 in the app. Day 20 in the app is also Grace Day. Hope this helps.

  9. Krystal Lorenzo says:

    I appreciate this focus on the Parables. Seeds are not just sown once but in different seasons. As believers we go through different growth cycles. Some healthy and close go God, others filled with distraction or even rebellion. It seems we can use these parables to measure our hearts and learn how we are called to live.

  10. Donna Simmons says:

    My app is not working either

  11. Stacee Thornton says:

    Is anyone else’s app not working correctly? The days are showing up out of order or not at all for me.

  12. Karianne K says:

    I thought the seed that was thrown among thorns was someone who started to believe but then stopped. However reading it today I noticed it is not a nonbeliever but a believer that is unfruitful because of worldly distractions. That terrifies me the most because I can fall into that category sometimes.

    1. Krystal Lorenzo says:

      I noticed that too Karianne!

    2. Pam Bruggeman says:

      Same! Thank you for sharing this important distinction that I’ve missed all these year. God’s word is living and active!

  13. Wanda Woehlert says:

    The parable that sold out to me, the most, was the one where the wheat was growing in good soil, and the enemy threw bad seed which created weeds among the wheat. And at the end of the harvest, when the weeds and the wheat are separated. The wheat is the righteous people, that will be with God in heaven and the weeds are the ones that will be tossed in the furnace. 

  14. Bee Miller says:

    The parables today remind me of my farm. Goat weed can look similar to a lot of plant when they’re both young. However, if not removed in time, goatweed can overpower the vegetables and choke them out. It’s so important we follow what God says, and not what the world says, or else we too will be choked out. Luke even says, What we as humans uphold, God finds revolting. An eternity with God is the true treasure, and where our treasure is, that’s where our hearts are.

  15. Katie B says:

    We are the treasure and the pearl, and God sold everything to keep us. ❤️

  16. Annika S says:

    This made me wonder and God has really been challenging me recently with; where in my life am I like a Pharisee where when he tries to explain the nature of His kingdom, how he wants to form and shape us, I scoff because I just want to maintain appearances? Lord help me remove the weeds in my life and show me where you want to work.

    1. Krystal Lorenzo says:

      A great prayer! Thank you!

  17. Adrianne says:

    The thing that stood out the most was that Jesus was always trying to save people. If it was teaching or rebuking, He was trying to have people see, listen, and understand how to save themselves. How to bring people back to God and restore their faith. Jesus was in the business of saving us, teaching us, bringing us back to our faith. And He saw through us. Through the layers of greed and deceit. He showed us through the parables what that greed and deceit would get us if we carried on doing bad things. And if we found our treasure, knowledge of faith in God and His saving grace, that we should drop our bad acts and hold on for dear life to that faith. God sent Jesus to teach us about who we were under the layers. His children. Even if we are misguided by earthly things, we are His children and we can change and come back to him. We can always do/be better.

  18. Ashley Evans says:

    The parable that stood out to me was the one about the weeds. In KJV(wheat & tare). It’s so essential that we are the wheat in today’s world, because tare look so similar. It is important that we understand the Word of God, apply it, and live by it. I am not going to get thrown in the fiery furnace, because I was not wheat. To me that is a wake up call for all of us to make sure we keep it right and tight, because we have to make Heaven our home. We can’t be fooled with the worldly goods and lose sight of God and all of his wonderful promises he has for his children. I was so blessed by this parable on today.

  19. Missy Csonka says:

    This verse in The scriptures today stuck out to me in the very last verse of Luke 16:17 “But is is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for ine stroke of a letter in the law to drop out.”

    1. Lindsay Floyd says:

      Same! ❤️

  20. Stacey Brothers says:

    Continued prayer for my illness that is flared please, thank you so much.

    1. Victoria E says:

      Stacey Brothers, praying

  21. Tricia C says:

    Lord, help me to grow my roots deep in you and you alone.
    Blessed evening Sisters!

  22. Mercy says:

    @KRIS: thank you for this “I wish I would have known 20-30 years ago about the true value of heaven so I could have gone thru those years with much less stress …” amen to the stress free approach by switching our mindset.
    @RUTH: I am so sorry, prayers for strength and comfort from God to overcome.
    @LAURA DIANE: I am also a dedicated weed puller , easier when they are young than established. Weeds suck up the nutrients to my perennials and annuals.
    @TAYLOR: healing for Logan of recurring bleeding nose, strength for his parents in the decision, wisdom for doctors to diagnose.
    @SEARCHING: thank you for looking up the “Lolium temulentum”, poisonous and deadly- who knew! Truly they are valid descriptions of the sons of evil. They are not just harmless lookalikes. May we exercise boundaries and margins.
    @STEPHANIE BERLING: what a great revelation you had “God never intended the evil in my life to be there with me” though we are next to it.
    @TINA: what a day that must have been, I can’t wait to hear more about it, the day (anniversary) that she left, you got “re-born”.
    @KIMBERLY Z: grace for reno, breathers for you and your mama.
    @BILL AND DEBBIE CASH: healing and shield for your son Brandon’s marriage, may their marriage and their adopted daughter be protected and greatly blessed.

    Ladies, may I ask for prayers toward my husband? I don’t know how to put into words. I feel that my husband resented me when I spent time doing my devotional, studying the word, and doing prayers for our she’s. He gave me a hurtful comment this morning that made me almost cry. Please pray that my husband is not “played” by the devil as a tool to attack me. Our marriage suffers the toll because of the division of the Word, there were two directions in our choices to cultivate or neglect faith. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    1. Victoria E says:

      Mercy, praying for you and your husband

  23. Jennifer Anapol says:

    Praying for you Ruth! Praying that you would expensive God’s comfort and peace during this hard time!

  24. Jennifer Anapol says:

    This passage today reminds me that I can’t think about the reality of heaven without thinking about the reality of hell. God’s kingdom is black or white; you’re either for him or you’re against him. I pray that I would witness to those around me with a sense of urgency, for if they don’t know Jesus, they are going to hell. I don’t think about this concept enough.

  25. Mercy says:

    Happy Monday shes.
    This is such a rich and loaded chapter. I just love the richness of the Bible, like lobster and steak meal presented for us with all the sophistication. A few points stood out to me today:

    1. “But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one dot of the Law to become void” (Luke 16:17). My ESV Study Bible notes this: “The laws will never become void since they reflect the very person and character of God, who will never pass away”. The Old Testament still holds its validation and God’s outlooks and reasonings towards the things of men. That is why the OT studies are still very necessary for our growth and understanding, not just New Testament only. The harder chapters especially conceal the most valuable of lessons for us!

    2. The wheat and the weeds are allowed to grow together in one field. The sheep and the goat are together in one fold. The fish of all types are together in one net. May we be cautioned, God allows the mix of the sons of God and the sons of evil to be next to one another, for the protection of the our roots. Roots are such invisible things but so foundational.

    3. A small seed of faith can grow into a mighty tree. The Lord cares about productivity level when the seed is sown. Does He care how much the works bring forth? Yes He does. Hence it is measured 100x, 60x, and 30x (distinct). Works and growth are encouraged for children of God. Complacency and laziness is frowned upon, and diligence is encouraged (Proverbs 10:4). We are called to double our talents, and not bury them. May we be encouraged to stretch ourselves when the opportunity arises, so we can become like a tree that can benefit many. This brought to my mind the symbolic image of the Christmas tree- and why a tree is lit up at every Xmas to represent Christ, it is an evergreen tree whose leaves do not wither (Psalm 1:3), it provides thick and leafy branches to lodge the birds, offer shadows, shelter from winds and snow, and so many more benefits. The Kingdom of Heaven is like the tree ( o Christmas tree, O Christmas tree- the tree of Christ). I still miss Christmas, can you tell? :)

    Praise God that warmer weather is in the forecast for us tomorrow and this whole week to be above zero celsius. Prayers work! Don’t stop praying :)

    Be blessed dear sisters. I hope you have a wonderful week filled with awe and praise towards God.

  26. Kelli Harrell says:

    I pray for my heart, and indeed all hearts of our nation and world to be alive with understanding. “Dull” hearts seems to explain a lot of the world’s challenges. How can we truly see and hear more clearly? One part is not to be distracted by worldly riches or worries. Seeing and hearing takes time and can not be accomplished in three busyness of life without intention.

  27. Kris says:

    What stood out to me today is in Matt 13: 44-45 where the people sold all they had to obtain a precious treasure or pearl. Am I willing to “sell all that I have” to be sure I have obtained the most precious treasure ever? Yes, I believe I am. When I was younger, with four kids under foot, trying to wind my way through life, I might not have been able to say that. But I am older now, and I realize that so much of earth’s treasures are not treasures at all. I am enjoying the freedom of understanding true joy, true treasures. Yes, I love my kids and grandkids and would want to be around for many years to enjoy them, but I would give it all up for heaven today. I wish I would have known 20-30 years ago about the true value of heaven so I could have gone thru those years with much less stress over trying to obtain what the world said I “needed to have” in order to be successful. I think of all the time (and money) I spent trying to gain things that the world offers. I am so grateful God is a redeeming God, and can restore me to that place He wants me to be.

    1. Karen Valente says:

      I’m with you Kris.

    2. Annika S says:

      Thank you for sharing Kris. Being in my 20s, I hope to take your advice and set my life around this treasured pearl, not the things the world is telling me I need.

  28. Annie says:

    Lord, let me be good soil that produces much fruit. Working for Your kingdom in Your will is the most important thing I can do.

  29. Allison Bentley says:

    I too was captured by the wheat and weeds parable today. As I look at my barren landscape (from cold frost) I notice my perennial shrubs are surrounded by weeds ( mostly clover ). I don’t pull the weeds just yet because there are bugs and other benefits to having them (I.e. helps maintain soil moisture and suppresses certain other weeds, clover lawns require less water and herbicide: all good news for the environment. Clover nourishes healthier livestock and keeps pollinators busy and thriving, which sustains our ecosystems) but at the end of the day it is a weed!! So much ponder- especially who I am growing with- is it for a season? A lifetime? Lord keep me rooted in You and Your word so that my life will reflect You- not the weeds around me!

  30. Changed Life says:

    I grow so much with the knowledge that you all share with the study. God bless you. I wonder if I would have been one of those whose eyes did not see and ears did not hear. The parables used to be a puzzle to me but I am so thankful that we have the tools available to us today to enhance our understanding. Praying for all of the requests noted here, and for the unspoken as well.

  31. Donna Wolcott says:

    ❤️ Thank you all for sharing and wisdom. Time to look inward.

  32. GramsieSue says:

    So much wisdom from you ladies this morning. I have filled my Notes with notes from you.

    Praying for Lynn from AL as you go to your appointment for Jack.

    Being a caregiver is a really tough job.

    Hugs to all ❤️

  33. Louise Leonard says:

    Just reflecting on the man who found the treasure in the field then went and sold all he had to buy the field. The extent of giving up all, all we possess, homes, gifts, maybe things he had made that had sentimental value-everything he gave up in an instant to have the treasure. He knew that what he would gain would surpass by far anything he held onto. Jesus is worth all to us, nothing compares, what must I give up? I hold onto some things so tightly. This quote from Corrie Ten Boom resonates with me: Hold everything in your hands lightly, otherwise it hurts when God pries your fingers open.
    Walk with Jesus today everyone!

    1. Judy Visness says:

      Thank you Louise.

  34. Michelle Patire says:

    Lots of prayer requests, today, and this past weekend. May God see and hear each of them and respond to our needs. May we have faith to see Him and trust His word in each of our trials and circumstances.

    I have been thinking of Psalm 37:6 when it says our innocence will radiate like the dawn. There is a song called “Bloodless” by the artist Andrew Bird who sings this specific verse that is stuck in my head. The song itself is a political observation of the 2016 election, but I mostly listen to it because of his citing of Scripture in regards to our political world. There is beauty hidden in that, regardless of our political orientation…

    Matthew 13:43 NKJV: “Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.”

    The judgement will be held, one day. I keep running into this, so something God wants me to keep in mind and remember, in the midst of life’s trials. Ultimately, wickedness and righteousness will be made evident to a world that remains utterly confused of what is good and what is evil.
    Lord, we look to You.

  35. Traci Gendron says:

    Todays readings are so good!

    I guess if I’m honest, looking back I realize I wanted to fit in with the “in crowd”. It can be so sly. We don’t recognize it. I have been praying that God changes me. That I live a life that reveals His love. To not let the “weeds” choke out my faith. To put hedges up so I will not drift. To share how God is working in my life.

    If I told you of how the men in my life have died, it would come across as a movie. Most tragically. The diseases that have taken children or changed their lives. So much devastation. BUT with God we are standing. We are getting through it all.

    Please God keep me strong amongst the weeds. Help me to develop deep roots. Help me to love what you love and not what the world finds good. To seek the kingdom of heaven.

  36. Cheryl Blow says:

    What stood out to me was that we should view the kingdom of heaven as the most valuable thing we have in our life. It should be our utmost goal.

    Also, how the wheat and the weeds were allowed to grow together. We are in the world but we are to be different. It is not our job to judge and separate ourselves away from it. We are in the world but not of it.

    Praying for you Ruth! Praying for other requirements too!

    1. maddie moore says:

      This is a great take thank you for sharing!

  37. Ruth Long says:

    Hey Ladies, I’m recovering from a brutal 6 year relationship and breakup. I’m in the sadder phase of grief. Could you pray for me?

    1. Tammy Stecker says:


    2. Colleen DeVeau says:

      @RUTH LONG, you are in my prayers and held in His hands. Allow Him to comfort you.

  38. Karen Y says:

    “He cares more that I get to be with him than that my life be perfect.” Comment by STEPHANIE BERLING about the wheat and tares parable. This observation is exactly what I need to help me with a battle I’m working on. I realize the times when I get angry or irritated most are when my emotional comfort boundaries have been crossed. I’m not very successful in trying to lower my comfort levels, but now I have Stephanie’s truth statements to combat their effect.

  39. ERB says:

    I got a lot out of today’s scriptures!! I hope you ALL are doing well, staying encouraged and are seeing, hearing and feeling the truth, revelation and blessings of God all around you, as well as His healing!! Much love and prayers!! Xoxo

    Luke 16:15
    *Wow!! Now if that isn’t convicting, I don’t know what is!! God please line up my heart and life!! I want to live only for You and what is pleasing in Your sight!! Amen.

    Mathew 13:10-23, Mathew 13:34-46
    *what stood out to me in these verses was the interpretation of the parables.. how if you are not subjected to God you cannot see, hear or understand!! Someone recently told me that God keeps those who are dear to Him, near to Him!! This ministered to me so much, and gave me a new perspective!! I saw a hedge of protection and love where before I would’ve seen isolation and ‘I don’t fit’!! LOVE the clarity and revelation of God and how He gives it!! SO patient and loving is He!! When we are close to God He reveals secrets to us and we are able see, hear and understand things that are BEYOND!! ALL because of Him!!! He is SO good to us!!!

    **I LOVE how the ground and seed are explained!! There is SO much to take in and learn from!!!

    ***I also took note of the harvest.. when it happens, who is collected first, and where they are taken!! …May our roots go down deep so that when it IS time, we are prepared and we shine bright with God’s glory and are bowed down by the weight of the fruit He has established and brought forth in our lives!!

    ****the parable of the PRICELESS pearl also REALLY stood out to me!! So I went to Got Questions for a deeper dig and wow! SO Good!! I didn’t have the words to concisely express what my spirit was getting but Got Questions did!! So I had to share it!! Love the accompanying verses too!!
    “The kingdom of heaven is of inestimable value. The treasure and the pearl represent Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers. And while we cannot pay for salvation by selling all our worldly goods, once we have found the prize, we are willing to give up everything to possess it. But what is attained in exchange is so much more valuable that it is comparable to trading an ounce of trash for a ton of diamonds (Philippians 3:7-9).
    In both parables, the treasures are hidden, indicating that spiritual truth is missed by many and cannot be found by intelligence or power or worldly wisdom. Matthew 13:11-17 and 1 Corinthians 2:7-8, 14 make it clear that the mysteries of the kingdom are hidden from some who are unable to hear, see, and comprehend these truths. The disobedient reap the natural consequences of their unbelief—spiritual blindness. Those whose eyes are opened by the Spirit do discern spiritual truth, and they, like the men in the parable, understand its great value.
    Notice that the merchant stopped seeking pearls when he found the pearl of great price. Eternal life, the incorruptible inheritance, and the love of God through Christ constitute the pearl which, once found, makes further searching unnecessary. Christ fulfills our greatest needs, satisfies our longings, makes us whole and clean before God, calms and quiets our hearts, and gives us hope for the future. The “great price,” of course, is that which was paid by Christ for our redemption. He emptied Himself of His glory, came to earth in the form of a lowly man and shed His precious blood on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins.”

    Mathew 13:52
    *LOVE the title of this section of verses: The Storehouse of Truth. This speaks volumes to me!! God is Truth and Truth is something that never changes or dies! We can and should store it up like treasure!! Reminds me of Mathew 6:19-21 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
    Where our treasure is, that’s where our heart is!! Wow! SUCH a good reminder!!! Speaking of good reminders, I love how the following commentary reminds us to sit at the feet of Jesus and to wait for Him… He is always teaching and deepening us, showing us new and old ways that Truth is applied!! May we wait on Him, doing/saying ONLY as He directs!! Amen.
    “Old experiences and new observations, all have their use. Our place is at Christ’s feet, and we must daily learn old lessons over again, and new ones also.” -Mathew Henry’s Concise Commentary

  40. Laura Dianne says:

    Wow, I love these passages so much. I have always been drawn to the parable of the seeds and thinking about my own heart and whether I am allowing thorns to infiltrate the good soil of my heart. But the insight about the weeds (tares) and how they look just like wheat until harvest, that was so good. It reminds me of this plant that we get in our wooded yard. It looks a lot like a fern, but it’s not a real fern, it’s a weed. Every year, I debate whether to pull it or just let it go, since it isn’t ugly necessarily, but it doesn’t look like the real thing. It looks like a fake fern. And I also know that if I allow it to just keep growing there, it will multiply, and then I will have a bunch of these fake ferns instead of the real ferns that also grow there. And who wants a bunch of fake when you can have the real? So I pull them out.

    I know this is different that what God does. He allows both to grow side by side. But I can’t do it. I hate fake (in plants, in people). And I know He does too. But He still allows the fake to grow, and even prosper sometimes. Why? Because we need the contrast? Because the fake can become real? Because He loves the real so much to not endanger pulling them up too?

    So many things to ponder today…

  41. Erica Chiarelli says:

    What men love and exalt is an abomination to God. I don’t want that for me; I want my life to be a sweet smelling sacrifice to You, oh God!

  42. Adrienne says:

    Yes, THERESA! I wholeheartedly agree! It feels like the weeds are everywhere some days. He has a plan, and it is so hard to wait while the enemy sows seeds right under our noses.

    And as TARA B. sad… how deep are our roots?

    Lord, help me and my sweet sisters not be like some of the seeds that the sower sowed nor be “bad fish”. We want to be the seeds with strong roots and the good fish!

  43. Taylor says:

    Thinking and praying for those in our lives who are like the seeds sown on the path or rocky soil who have walked away from their faith. May God use us to love them deeply and draw them into conversations where we can reflect Jesus to them.

    Also asking for prayers for my cousin Logan who has been in and out of the hospital for about 2 weeks with recurring nose bleeds that they cannot seem to control. They are talking about removing his spleen. He has autism so he probably doesn’t fully understand what is happening. Also for my uncle who has to make these big decisions on his son’s behalf. Thank you and praying everyone has a blessed week <3

  44. Fabi . says:

    We have the gift of the word of God. To see the full picture. From beginning to end. She’s… we are the living, walking, testimony that God is good. When we place Him where He should be. At the head. Him leading. It’s always better! Help us to see O God. Help us to hear! Forgive us when we don’t.

    Open the eye of my heart Lord open the eyes of my heart. I want to see you. I want to see you. To see you high and lifted up. Shining in the light of Your Glory. Pour out your power and love as we sing holy holy holy. Holy holy holy. Holy holy holy. I want to see you.

  45. Searching says:

    Yes, KELLY (NEO), I’m gleaning something new from these well known parables today. I’ve always thought “weeds” when seeing the word tares. In looking into the word tares this morning, I found that yes, tares were weeds planted by the enemy – it’s believed to have been “Lolium temulentum” which, as the parable says, looks almost like wheat up to the point of harvest. But here’s where it got interesting for me – this particular weed is described as poisonous and can be deadly. How many things, people, activities, false teachings, etc. have been woven in and through my life that seemed like something good, or even if not good at least they didn’t seem harmful? How many times have I allowed or even embraced the lies planted by the enemy? Lord God, I pray You would open my eyes to the deception that is all around. Praying for the lost and deceived, that their eyes would be opened to Your love and gift of salvation.

    BILL AND DEBBIE CASH – praying for Brandon and Angel’s marriage, for healing. That they would hold tight to God and truth.

    Praying for
    MARGARET W – that the light of Christ continues to shine brightly, overcoming any darkness ❤️
    STACEY BROTHERS – relief from pain
    LYNNE FROM AL – wisdom and guidance in tomorrow’s appointment with Jack and oncologist
    GAYLE CRAIK – continued recovery from covid

    CINDY HANNA – good to see you

    CEE GEE – praying for your health. Good question on Day 20, our response to what God requires ❤️

    TINA ❤️ you may not be in front of an audience with a microphone BUT GOD has provided you with a keyboard and a family of sisters around the world who are “listening” as you share the goodness of God. I thank you ❤️

    1. Kebrina Vinglas says:

      ❤️. I pray for discernment in regards to the weeds that look like wheat…May we be able to see those things that may look like something good (false teachings, people, activities, etc) and separate ourselves from anything that distracts us from keeping our eyes on the goal and running the race set before us. Lord, help us to keep our eyes on Jesus!

    2. Margaret W says:

      Thank you. This has been a dark day, trying to get back into life’s routine and really struggling.

  46. Jane Butler says:

    Luke 16:15 stood out to me today; what is highly admired by people is revolting in God’s sight. We spend so much time chasing the wrong things and giving our kids the wrong priorities…God first.

  47. Libby K says:

    The seed that fell among the thorns. That one I can relate to. The worries of the world and the deceitfulness of wealth…. I don’t dream of being some billionaire but social media is filled with influencers telling me the next “must haves” and the news is stirring fear and discontentment. Lord, keep my eyes on you.

  48. Ada McCloud says:

    The parables told by Jesus are applicable today. I needed this reminder today. Jesus, tell me a story today.

  49. Sarah Carmona says:

    What convicted me this morning was in Matthew 13:22 “Now the one sown among the thorns- this is the one who hears the word, but the worries of this age….choke the word and it becomes unfruitful”. I know that I have been planted in good soil (like many others have said), but it stuck out to me how my anxiety and worries can choke the word. Lord, may it not be so. Heal my heart from anxious thoughts. You deserve an undivided heart!

  50. Stephanie Wilsey says:

    I’m struck with what Jesus is teaching about hearts. Lord, may mine be the good soil. I pray for those who I am trying to minister to. Soften rocky hearts. Protect against the evil one.

  51. Theresa says:

    The parable of the weeds and the wheat really struck me today. Sometimes God allows evil to grow right alongside and even among his people. When the servants asked about pulling the weeds from out of the wheat, the master said to leave them, lest some of the wheat also be lost. God cares so much about each individual that he’s willing to let evil grow in the world for a time, to make sure that every single one of us also has a chance to know him and grow. He knows that ultimately the weeds and the wheat will be separated, but he’s willing to patiently wait until that day to make sure no one is needlessly lost. This was so encouraging to me as I sometimes look around and wonder why God isn’t intervening more in the world. He may be waiting and letting someone grow deeper in him before taking the harvest and pulling out the weeds.

  52. Tara B says:

    What resonated with me was the explanation of where the seed fell in comparison to our salvation. Did we jump in all excited and then never grew or read our bible? Did we truly understand and acknowledge the Truth and put it deep on our hearts, study it daily, find a Bible Believing church to attend and find other believers to fellowship with? How deep are our roots? Can they withstand troubles, hardships and pain? Do we drink from His well daily? Lord, may I dig deep into your Word daily and may my children see and know and grow in Your Word daily too. Amen

  53. Aimee D-R says:

    Several things stand out for me. First, that God loves what the world despises. What am I striving for and why? Second, the Kingdom of Heaven is here and there. I need to live as if I’m in it already. And Third, am I gathering or sowing believers in my words and actions enough? Holy Spirit guide me in all ways. In Jesus name, Amen

  54. Sheryl says:

    What struck me this time while reading about the treasures found is that when we find the “treasure”, we must be willing to give up everything to lay hold of that “treasure” and keep that “treasure”.

  55. Carolyn Seidenberg says:

    How to be good ground and not the path is to spend time working with it so it is softer and able to take root.

  56. LeeAnne Hayden says:

    Good morning!! I too love that Jesus spoke on parables to make it easier to understand the word. Have a blessed day!

  57. Stephanie Berling says:

    ”He put another parable before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field, but while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away. So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also. And the servants of the master of the house came and said to him, ‘Master, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have weeds?’ He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ So the servants said to him, ‘Then do you want us to go and gather them?’ But he said, ‘No, lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them. Let both grow together until the harvest, and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, “Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.”’”“
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭13‬:‭24‬-‭30‬ ‭ESV‬‬. Definitely for the first time related to the wheat that grew with the weeds. God never intended the evil in my life to be there with me. He planted me with good seed in good soil but the enemy came through and put sinful desires and hardship in my life. But God in his wisdom and mercy desiring to harvest me for his purposes at the correct time left the evil near me because it would have destroyed me to simply remove it immediately. He cares more that I get to be with him than that my life be perfect.

  58. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Jesus’ parables seem simple, yet for those who are truly seeking to know and understand God, are actually very complex. Not so that they cannot be understood quickly, but like God, somethig new can be gleaned with each study.

    What struck me this time was that seeds do not flourish on the surface, but only really take root when buried in the soil. Same was true for the buried treasure and the pearl. The items of value are not in plain sight.

    STACEY BROTHERS – praying you feel better today

    DEBBIE CASH – praying your don and his family will overcome

    LYNN FROM AL – praying God gives you wisdom and peace

  59. Terri Bottiglio says:

    Jesus tells us his kingdom of heaven is right here, right now. While he does his work in our hearts to renew us, he calls us to be like John and spread the good news and invite others to hear, see, and receive the gift of God’s mercy & grace ✝️

  60. Tina says:

    I have never thought of myself as an evangelist of the Billy Graham, Selwyn Hughes, kind. You know, the Matthew, Mark, Luke and John sort.. I would not know how to stand in front of people and talk about the God who so loves me, He died for me, on the cross to clear my sin debts, so I could live as He would love me to live..
    I could tell you of how He has loved me through my brokeness, my heart hurts, my stupidity, my falling short over and over and over again. I could tell you of how He works in/on my heart, until I ‘get it’, how He believes in me, yes ME, I could tell you how He walks with me and talks with me giving me His peace that surpasses ALL understanding in my time of need. Oh yes, I could tell YOU these things, but to stand and tell a whole bunch of people…

    BUT GOD..

    Thankfully knows each of us by name and by heart, He has gifted us all differently, which means I can tell my (His)story, through one to one conversations and actions and words, up close and personal, that, I pray, is my gifting.
    My baptism all those years ago, was a kind of bitter sweet day.. I got baptised on the anniversary of my beautiful girls passing, (I’ll tell you that story one day), but here’s the thing even on that day, I was able through my short words as to why I choose Jesus, 2 people, off of that got baptised later.. no bragging here, just an observation of one to one, up close and personal.
    So, I have long since stopped kicking myself, about not being one who hears, and doesn’t share, or one to whom the Word is given, but keeps it to myself. Or that, though I keep the Word close and in my heart, I would not share of the goodness of God and the gift that Jesus is to me, because I do share, the treasure, i share at any given time to all who ask and will listen, just not in auditorium with a microphone!

    I love my Father God, I love Jesus, my Saviour, and I love the Holy Spirit that lives in me..
    Thankful for His Word and His presence, always..


    Happy Monday! So so lovingly wrapped in love and hugs and covered in prayers, requested or otherwise.

    Be Blessed!❤️

    1. Lanie Hefferly says:

      I always need this reminder Tina.. I’m still in the kicking phase. My mother and grandmother frequently remind me that as Christians we don’t have to go out evangelizing all the time, but that people will be drawn to us by the way we live our every day life and when the time is right they will seek and we will share.

    2. Kristin S says:

      Tina, Yes this is exactly. Not all of us are called to be on the stage but I like you can share with those around me and through my sinfulness and pain. The Lord is faithful and true and personally i think people relate to others stories even more than the stage. Thank you for always showing up and sharing.

    3. Meme Faye says: