Give Thanks in Rest

Open Your Bible

Exodus 20:8-11, Numbers 6:22-27, Micah 4:1-5, Luke 10:38-42, Matthew 11:25-30

While we’ve read that God cares about the work of our hands, He also cares about our rest. Personally, my wiring, upbringing, and the fast-paced world we live in have made resting quite a struggle. If you find yourself in the same boat, let’s be reminded that work is not a bad thing. God created human beings with the mission of ruling and caring for creation. In that, He also created rest. As human beings we were created to do both. 

The struggle to rest is real. King Solomon reminds us in Psalm 127:1, “Unless the LORD builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain; unless the LORD watches over a city, the watchman stays alert in vain.” God’s leading our work will always be the best way. When I don’t rest and allow God to be God, more stress, anxiety, worry, and tiredness follow. 

But being made in God’s image means we can also rest, as God did, giving thanks for the work He has given while also knowing that our heavenly Father is “before all things, and by Him all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17). We can mimic our Maker by declaring our Sabbath day, our time of rest, as blessed and holy. In Luke 10:38–42, Martha was distracted by her many tasks and became angry when her sister Mary wasn’t helping with them. Jesus reminded Martha—and it’s a helpful reminder for us today—that even the holiest of assignments should be reassessed if their importance outweighs resting at the feet of Jesus and spending quality time with Him. What would it look like to not have to come to the end of ourselves before we decide to take a break? Can we choose to structure our calendars where our bodies are at rest and we’re able to recount God’s goodness and faithfulness? Because all things have been entrusted to Him, we can rest from our God-given work and leave the heavy load and lifting to the One who is all-powerful. 
As followers of Jesus, we are to be set apart. One of the ways we differentiate ourselves from the world we live in is to pause our work and receive rest for our souls and physical bodies. What if we saw our rest as worship instead of weakness? As we turn toward God and His face shines on us and brings peace (Numbers 6:24–26), may we accept the gift of an easy yoke (Matthew 11:28–30), giving thanks as we physically rest from the work of our hands.

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50 thoughts on "Give Thanks in Rest"

  1. Ada McCloud says:

    Rest. How glorious. I do find myself bitter when I’m working and my family is sitting at the feet of video games or their phones. I really need to spend some time in prayer for my own rest and some balance for my family.

  2. Stacy Barbeau says:

    I was forced to rest today as I came down with a bad cold or something. We are at my in laws in Missouri and I am so grateful my mother in law was able to take my young boys so I could sleep in this morning and have a shower day of rest. It isn’t my strength to rest but man did it feel good today! I am grateful God requires rest as he requires work!

  3. Amy EB says:

    This stood out to me “Because all things have been entrusted to Him, we can rest.” My daughter has been sick, my husband has been sick (nothing serious, just colds), and I am 6 months pregnant with all of the physical ups and downs that brings. I feel like I’ve been exerting so much effort to try to keep things running smoothly and sticking to plans we already made while navigating all of that instead of entrusting it all to God and resting in the knowledge that nothing is unplanned to Him. I want everyone to be healthy now! I want to feel 100% so I can check off everything on my to do list! I want all of our plans to be executed flawlessly! But I can trust God with all of it and rest in his timing. I am grateful no ones illnesses have been serious, they will all recover for as long as they need. Nothing on my to do list is ever as critical as I make it seem in my mind. Plans may fail but God never will. Whether I work and worry over all these things or trust God and rest in the truth that He is in control, the outcome is the same, it’s just much less stressful His way.

  4. Katie Nordgren says:


  5. Adrienne says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to my sweet US sisters. (And happy day to all my other sweet sisters!)

    I was supposed to get up at five to go do a “Turkey Trot” with a friend. I set my alarm by mistake for SATURDAY, and woke up at 5:45 instead, so I didn’t get my lesson done this morning. So, here I am now.

    I read a book titled “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World” by Joanna Weaver. I need to read it again, but I. Don’t. Have. Time. Heeheehee! I struggle SO MUCH to be more like Mary, but sadly I’m more like Martha. I know many of you can also sadly relate to that.

    I need to remember that rest is worship.

    Hope your day was restful!

  6. Missy Csonka says:

    Thank you God for Thanks-Giving. Thank you God that today is also my 21st wedding anniversary. I worked hard at meal prepping today for our family meal with my mom. My CIDP Kicked my butt today. (It’s an autoimmune disease involving severe peripheral neuropathy….long story) it was a good kind of tired and exhaustion. Once I rested after clean up I am grateful to be able to read The Word and rest my body too. I get widespread chronic pain but I Thank God that I no longer walk assisted by a cane or walker. It’s good to let others rest as well even when it seams that we are doing everything and they are not. God will see to it that we get what we need when we need it. He blesses the work and blessed the r and r. Thank you Jeus for a good day with my family. Love and hugs my SRT team!!

  7. Rhonda J. says:

    Good evening! Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t even remember if I commented this morning after I read the scriptures and devotionals, and comments :/ Hope you all had a joyous and blessed day regardless if it was big or small, or just another blessed day as in my case! It could have been better, but I have lots to be grateful for today and everyday despite the circumstances!! We had a beautiful time at jail ministry yesterday! We only had 4 ladies, but they got to share their feelings and then we sang and praised the Lord! Nothing warms my heart then seeing these ladies lift their hands and sing despite where their life has landed.

    @Michelle- thanks for your prayer, that was beautiful! We are so blessed to have you! And @Mercy, for “missing me” fuzzy heart emoji!
    @GramsieSue and @Lynn–many prayers always for your trying times.

  8. Lakechia Smith says:

    Thank you Heavenly Father for the ability to rest❤️

  9. Jennifer Anapol says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! This devotional is so helpful for today. There is so many things to do today, but I am choosing right now to rest at his feet. I’m trying to fight to not feel guilty about resting at Jesus’ feet and spending time with him.

  10. Kimberly Z says:

    Happy Thanksgiving ladies! Thankful for you all! Spending Thanksgiving in Wyoming and we woke up to a TON of snow! Wish I could post a picture for you all. Praying for you all today.

  11. Anna Faith says:

    Thank you Jesus!

  12. Margaret W says:

    “What if we saw our rest as worship instead of weakness?” This would be utterly countercultural, but it would be the wisest lesson we might ever learn.❤️

  13. Dawn Prenatt says:

    Happy Thanksgiving my sweet sisters in Christ. So grateful for this community ❤️

  14. Megan Ashor says:

    As I begin to host thanksgiving for many family members, I am reminded to rest today and let God be with me in the work. What a sweet invitation for me to be attentive to Christ while serving others through actions (without the worry :)). He will care for me as I care for others. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  15. Lolly Regan says:

    Thank you Lord for rest

  16. Jai’a L. says:

    I am reminded of this daily. I have to allow God to take over and allow myself to rest. I am praying I can and will work harder on this.

  17. Indiana Elaine says:

    I am a retired teacher after 39 years in the classroom. My heart goes out to those of you who are teaching. The weariness of our SRT teachers touched my heart. I commit to praying for you daily the rest of 2023. I clearly remember the burnout this time of year!!
    Our Father in heaven, I pray that you sustain our teachers who have given everything they have to make a difference in the lives of their students. Strengthen those who assume the blame for so many problems beyond their control. Help exhausted teachers rest on this Thanksgiving weekend. God of Strength, encourage every teacher to rest in Your care. Nourish them, refresh them and recharge them as they give wisdom and guidance to those students under their care.

  18. Brandi says:

    My sweet Sisters so thankful for each of you. Prayer request: my husband has been offered a job in New Jersey. Pray for guidance and that he would hear clearly what God has for our family. He has to let them know tomorrow. Thank you! I treasure our time together each morning though I rarely comment. Have a wonderful day of thanks!

  19. Michelle Patire says:

    @Laura Dianne (formerly Laura) –thank you so much for your encouragement, I appreciated that so much! ❤️ I am blessed to know my faith encourages you, too. I know the Lord is using people to speak to your children. He is faithful to chase after the lost. I have witnessed it in my life and the life of others. Praying their eyes will be open to Him, today, and see His goodness in the land of the living! ❤️ You never know how He will reach them… And I need to trust that for my own family! :) God bless you, Laura ❣️ much love to you and your family!

    Teresa Donley – blessed to hear your faith in prayer during your scan. It is encouraging. Keep holding fast to the Lord, sister ❤️ it is encouraging!

    @Cherrie B- we see your post! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to my US sisters and a blessed day to all!!!

  20. Mari V says:

    Happy Thanksgiving sweet She’s from California. I listened to the podcast, and they made a comment about how ironically TODAY of all days our devotion was on REST. And Rachael couldn’t have said it better about rest. So true that when we don’t allow God to be God, it causes more stress and anxiety. That’s me. I feel like I always have something to do. I also love how she (Rachael) says we can rest from our God-given work and leave the heavy load and lifting to Him. Please pray as I’m going to try to paraphrase Yesterdays devotion, and today’s into a text message to the teacher I am a para for. I could tell this week she was very tired. Praying for all of you this morning that you this morning. I’m so grateful for all of you. I’m so thankful for the ministry of She Reads Truth that allows us to meet here every morning.

  21. Mary henderson says:

    This is challenging because I’m always thinking of what’s next on my to-do list. “Lord, teach me to truly rest in my mind as well as my body.”

  22. Rachael Wade says:

    Beloved Brenda: thank you for sharing your thoughts. To gift of rest is for YOU! I love how we worship God when we rest.

  23. Tammy Stecker says:

    My husband and I will be alone today because our daughter has created drama with me over a lie I caught her in—-ironically. We are both in our devotionals now, and I am so blessed to have a husband who opens his Bible and loves the Lord! I rejoice today in spite of the issues around me. Thank you, Lord, for all the good things that you have given to us ❤️

  24. GramsieSue says:

    Good morning Ladies!
    Yes, much to be thankful for even when it feels like life has dealt us another blow.
    But God…
    Oh, yes.
    We are blessed.
    And rest can be worship.
    Have a blessed day. ❤️

  25. Susan Bonner says:

    It has been quite a while since I commented. On this Thanksgiving day I’m giving thanks for my youngest son, who was born on thanksgiving. We were blessed to have him with us for almost 44 years. He went home to be with the Lord just over a year ago. I’m so thankful that even though he went down a wrong road for several years, that the Lord called him and saved him.Andy faithfully served his Savior until he was called home. So today, I’m thanking God for my turkey baby and looking forward to the day I see him again!

  26. Cheryl Blow says:

    Be still and rest have been lessons for me this year! God is with us in our rest and teaches us during those times. Resting is surrendering to God and respecting His authority over our lives. It is not being lazy but taking the time to fuel up for our next assignment. God is good and He knows what we need!

  27. Traci Gendron says:

    “Let us look at rest as worship instead of weakness.”

    This has always been a struggle for me. Grief made me rest. Knocked me off my feet.

    As TINA said, “He gives perpetual rest when we at last are called home.” That made me think of Tanner. He is resting after a tough battle. Thank you TINA.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.

  28. Morgan Lyle says:

    That book is amazing!

  29. Morgan Lyle says:

    I love God’s timing on this reading. Resting is so hard but I love thinking of it as a form of worship. Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. Patsy Coghlan says:

    Thankful to wake up today and for the strength to do the work God has given me to do. I struggle with taking time to rest the scriptures today have been an encouragement to do so.

  31. Bebe Rogers says:

    Happy Thanksgiving She’s! I am thankful to have found this community. I pray we all find time to rest today.

  32. Meghan Bertani-Yang says:

    For those of you interested in learning more about resting as a form of worship, read the book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer. It’s all about how to Sabbath. He also has a video series of that’s more your thing.

  33. Cee Gee says:

    “What if we saw our rest as worship instead of weakness?” May we each find a restful/restorative moment in the fast pace of this wonderful Thanksgiving day for us Americans. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, SISTER SHES! You all bless my life!

    LINDA IN NC – Thankful to hear from you and so sorry y’all are having such a hard time. Glad you are reading with us and that you are encouraged by our prayers! You, LYNNE FROM ALABAMA, and NANCY S are in my thoughts often, especially today. Hugs across the miles. Love y’all! ❤

  34. Aimee D-R says:

    God bless us all this Thanksgiving. Give us your rest. In Jesus name, Amen

  35. Sharon Jersey Girl says:

    Rest. Such a little word, but can have such a great effect! I never thought about it before, that we can give thanks in rest. Thank you Rachael Wade for enlightening. It is so needed especially in this holiday season when life is so busy and we sometimes forget to rest.

    To all of my American sisters – have a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much turkey – and don’t forget to rest!

    @ All of my SRT sisters have a wonderful day – May the Lord bless you & keep you and make His face shine on you & be gracious to you – remembering you all in prayer – you are loved!

    @Tina – ❤️
    @Lynn from Alabama – ❤️

  36. Deanna Rasch says:

    Praying to be a Mary when I seem to always be a Martha!
    Happy Thanksgiving, She’s!

  37. Brenda says:

    I loved the scripture for today and like many of you, have struggled with the Martha Mary part. I also wrote down the part of today’s devotional where Rachael said What if we saw our rest as worship instead of weakness and I so resonated with that. My grandparents were dairy farmers and instilled that sense in my mom who passed it on to me. I feel bad if I take a break from chores to sit down since I feel like I always need to be doing something. But the next time that happens I am going to remember this quote. Happy Thanksgiving to all the US based She’s. I hope the holiday is good no matter how it looks for you.

  38. Erin from CO says:

    I loved this devotional today to remember who is in control (and it’s not me!). I don’t rest well.

  39. Kelly (NEO) says:

    From HRT: “the rhythms of the work week—and of the setting sun each day—will teach us to rest even when our work is not yet done. You see, rest doesn’t depend on how much we’ve worked.

    Rest is a gift. God gives His rest and peace freely to us without asking us to earn it. As Jesus says, ‘I do not give to you as the world gives’ (John 14:27). And because rest is a gift, it is something for which we should give thanks.”

    TINA – sorry for your loss.

    CHERRIE BREWER – grateful the Lord has strengthens you for your work.

    TERESA DONLEY – glad your scan went well. Telling you to relax your brain does seem like that would make you not do so…sorta like saying, “don’t think about a giraffe” and that is what pops in your mind.

    SAMANTHA THOMPSON – you have an amazing ministry. Praing the Lord strengthens you as you serve the grieving in your community.

    TRACI CLAYTON – so sorry for the struggles you are facing as a teacher. May the Lord give you His wisdom and strength as you press on.

    JANET CALDWELL – praying for you to be filled with God’s peace as you move through each day. May He show you ways to manage your brother’s care and how to appeal the insurance company’s decision.

    DONNA WOLCOTT – praying for your friend’s preparations for Ukraine.

    CHANGED LIFE – praying for you and your husband as you navigate apologizing and forgiving each other

  40. Melanie Mayer says:

    Rest… I crave it. I want it but it’s not easy for me to do. I usually have to get sick or something for this to happen. Growing up being still was frowned upon. Sleep was a luxury…..decades later sleep is hard for me and being still is even harder. I have always struggled with the Mary and Martha story as I can relate to both. I love being still. But sister can you help me finish the dishes!!! Ugh . Jesus speak to my heart about these issue. Let me now get burnt out serving my family and others and let me find rest in you

  41. Kristine Loughman says:

    Brought to tears this morning at the idea of rest, permission to rest, giving thanks FOR rest but also rest as a form of worship. The Lord knew we would need it. May we all find our fig tree to rest under today.

  42. Mari Gomez says:

    Thank you SRT for the opportunity to spend time in God’s word every day. I had never considered my rest as worship. I really needed to hear that today. Thank you!

  43. Elizabeth McGee says:

    It’s hard not to agree with Martha at first lol

  44. Linda in NC says:

    Sweet Sisters I pray for each of in the USA a blessed Thanksgiving filled with many opportunities to thank our God for every blessing poured out on us each minute of the day! I was in much need of the reminder to lay aside my “Martha” personality and become more of a Mary! Care giving has become almost a moment by moment thing over the last month with a hospital stay for my sweet husband, an ER visit , many med changes and doctor visits and very high and extremely low blood sugars. All of these have added to decline and more mental confusion. BUT God! Always there giving strength and love. I don’t comment often but pray for your requests each day. Your continued prayers bless me!

  45. Danielle B says:

    Oh so often I’ve been told by my family I can be a Martha. Call it the eldest child syndrome. Yet I do long to be a Mary. I do long and appreciate rest. God has been disrupting my sleep for several weeks because I wasn’t/don’t slow down enough to hear Him. May I find more of my Mary and learn to sit more at His feet than do for others.

    Ladies, you all are such a blessing! May you each find space to rest in the busyness of this holiday season that is upon us!

  46. Elaine Morgan says:

    I love the reading for today! I have so much to be thankful for. The Lord has richly blessed me with a wonderful family and lifelong friendships. The treasures I cherish! I will rest in the Lord today and celebrate all the good things He has done for me. May you all be blessed this Thanksgiving Day!

  47. Vickie B says:

    “What if we saw our rest as worship instead of weakness?” I so needed this as we enter this blessed holiday season and, as most all women do, start to feel the stress of buying perfect gifts, wrapping, planning meals, making meals, readying the house for guests, decorating, and the list goes on. I pray we will not forget to sit at the Savior’s feet and let Him do the heavy lifting. I don’t post much but love you dear sisters and look forward to sharing the readings with you daily and praying for your prayer requests. I pray for each of you His holy refreshing and a wonderful holiday season!

  48. terry hellinger says:

    We are fearfully and wonderfully made! So thankful that God made us a day to rest and worship Him in. A day to set aside the busyness of our lives and to focus on our awesome God!!!! To realize anew that our God who is so powerful He can speak and it is, also cares enough about us to make date with us so we can spend time together!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  49. Tina says:

    We said goodbye to a dear friend yesterday..A sad day but a celebration of one called home to rest, having loved and walked closely with the Lord for almost 60years, thanks to Billy Graham!

    The Numbers verse, was, at his request, prayed over us as we left the church. A beautiful touch from our friend, who even his last days, thought of his friends and left us with a blessing of care, kindness and grace, favour and peace..

    BUT GOD..

    He gives rest, perpetual rest when at last we are called home, but in the meantime, working, in our day to day, as for the Lord, but taking time to rest, is also important and necessary..
    I love how RACHESL WADE, puts it..

    ‘What if we saw our rest as worship instead of weakness?’

    As we do for the Lord, so we rest for the Lord… there is an awesome thought..

    Praying the Numbers blessing over you all, most especially our American sisters as they prepare for Thanksgiving.. Breathe in, Breathe out.. Draw breathe..

    It is well.

    Blessed Thursday to all, as always, cover in love, hugs and prayers❤️❤️❤️

  50. Lauren Hassell says: