Gabriel Predicts Jesus’s Birth

Open Your Bible

Luke 1:1-38

In the Williams house, music matters. There’s a song for every occasion, a lyric for every emotion, and a soundtrack for every season. We listen to a wide range of music and in a variety of ways—in the car with the windows rolled down, on a vinyl record player in the living room, even via cassette tape (yes, really). But as any music lover will testify, nothing beats experiencing the songs you love performed live by the artists who create them. 

So naturally, when my twin sons saw their all-time favorite band in concert for the first time a few weeks ago, it was a very big deal. The date held its place on the family calendar for a full year. When it finally arrived, dinner plans were made, band t-shirts were donned, the merch booth was visited on the way into (and out of) the arena. And for three hours on a school night, two kids had the joy of being swept up into a new experience of the songs they knew by heart.

Dimension and perspective can bring new depth and richness to what we already know. That’s what this reading plan did for me. It helped me to see anew the unchanging beauty and glory of Jesus.

For the first time as a She Reads Truth community, we will spend a full study focusing our reading on three of the four Gospels in Scripture: Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Collectively known as the Synoptic Gospels, these three books of the Bible were written by three different people, from three unique perspectives, to record the life of Jesus on Earth. 

By synthesizing these three narratives, we’ll read about the different movements of Jesus’s life and ministry, learning not just from what He taught, but how He lived. We’ll see how Jesus—fully God and fully human—lived, how He responded to the people around Him, and how He interacted with God the Father. Together, we will look to Scripture to learn about Jesus and from Jesus, inviting His life to shape our own. 

As I imagine you starting this reading plan, I’m reminded of what our teammate Hannah said in the early stages of developing it. “I found myself getting lost in the story,” she marveled, and we all nodded our heads in agreement. The true story of the life and person of Jesus captivated us anew, and we pray it captivates you too.

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291 thoughts on "Gabriel Predicts Jesus’s Birth"

  1. Molly Walding says:

    Eager to keep going in this study!

  2. Morgan ball says:

    i’m so excited to learn more about jesus birth and the way he lived❤️❤️

  3. Lydia S. says:

    I haven’t been prioritizing Scripture enough in my life recently and needed a new start! Super excited to start this study and deepen my relationship with Christ while learning more about Him and His character. I am the Lord’s servant!!

  4. chrissy bonnell says:

    This is my first Bible study. I’m a new re-believer. Had lost my faith for over 20 years.

  5. Aniesa Leveritt says:

    I love this too !!

  6. Ariana says:

    I’m surprised at how much Mary seemed to trust in the Lord and the plan he had set up before her. I think change is one of the most difficult things for me, but Mary trusted and had faith in God and I am definitely going to use that as my takeaway. Even when I don’t understand I will trust in God.

  7. Bailey Riley says:

    Starting this program means more them just getting to know the Jesus fro the stories I’ve been told as a child all my life. Starting g this program means so much more to me. The past few years as a young adult have been full of trails. In the past 6 almost 7 months have been the hardest trail that I have dealt with in my 24 years of life. I’ve questioned my relationship in God several times, honestly, ore times than I can count. Starting this program means to me that I am finally ready to let go of the all the hurt that I have holding in and blaming God for and truly getting to start a true relationship relationship with God. I’m finally ready to let it all go and give to the Lord.

  8. Brittiny Quackenbush says:

    I loved how Mary’s response was of humble submission. I’m naturally a very thoughtful person, but I can be hasty. I feel as though I’d respond more like a Moses and be questioning and avoidant. Mary’s powerful statement of trusting God is very convicting to me.

  9. Lucy Griffin says:

    Need this. Come Lord Jesus

  10. Ada McCloud says:

    I need this right now

  11. Liso Mdiya says:

    So interested to read about how Jesus’ mundane moments looked like.

  12. Liso Mdiya says:

    So ready to read about how Jesus’ mundane moments looked like , especially in m moment. Speak to me Lord

  13. Rachel Johnson says:


  14. Victoria Naomi says:


  15. Lillian Wetterhus says:


  16. Angie Thompson says:

    so excited

  17. iselda mejia says:

    Can’t wait !

  18. Alana Hartle says:


  19. rachel sweatt says:

    So excited for this !

  20. Stephanie Bennett says:


  21. Joanna Marsh says:


  22. Kristina Lopes says:

    I’m happy to be restarting this reading plan again!

  23. Rhiannon Schmidt says:

    Excited to start this!

  24. Maddie Hall says:


  25. Linda Unger says:


  26. Kasey Bevill says:


  27. Elizabeth Woodall says:


  28. Keely Connot says:


  29. Kim Jackson says:


  30. Brittany Tate says:

    Pumped to start this

  31. Kayla Gann says:


  32. Morgan Beard says:


  33. Kitija Zibala says:


  34. Alesia Shaw-Pulley says:

    This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible.

  35. Jennifer Farrell says:


  36. Pam Philpott says:


  37. Bethany McKinney says:


  38. Jennifer Stutts says:


  39. Julienne Sylvestre says:


  40. Jasmen Gardner says:


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  42. Avianna Smith says:

    Awesome ❤️❤️

  43. Berkeley Baxter says:

    so excited!!! ❤️

  44. Wendy Roman says:


  45. Rachel Krengel says:


  46. Angela M.Lewis says:

    After viewing The Chosen & reading these words anew, you can truly appreciate Jesus’s life on Earth. So excited to explore further

  47. Desna Johnson says:


  48. Corin Maness says:


  49. Genesis Perez says:


  50. Rachel Flaggard says:

    I need this.

  51. Arielle W says:

    Same! I’m proud of myself so far! I’m praying that God gives me the strength to be consistent with it.

  52. Jessica King says:


  53. sarah oster says:


  54. Zarya Wood says:

    I can’t wait

  55. Stephanie Donnelly says:

    Today is my catch up day! This year I’m hoping to cut my social media time in favor of Bible study. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  56. Allie Smith says:


  57. Ruby Hunter says:


  58. Naomi Omole says:

    I’m excited to learn more about Jesus and build a relationship with God

  59. Leonie Bailey says:

    So hapyy fo this

  60. Rachel Evers says:

    Can’t wait!

  61. Drew Warren says:


  62. Kyle Hopkins says:

    So excited to follow up the advent study – anticipating Jesus’s birth – to now diving into scripture telling Jesus’s story —- who He is and what He had done!

  63. Sami Lilley says:

    Excited to jump into this one !

  64. Raven Gaither says:


  65. JADA Leonard says:

    A great way to start the year! Excited to grow my relationship with God ❤️

  66. Andrea Chapman says:

    Excited for this one

  67. Austen Hermanson says:


  68. SarahBeth McClanahan says:


  69. Nancie Deming says:

    Blessed to be able to read from God’s Word.

  70. Amanda Carpenter says:

    Welcome to the She Reads Truth community! As far as I know there isn’t an audio version. And the podcast is once a week! Enjoy!

  71. Marissa Best says:

    My first reading plan for 2023! Excited for this one.

  72. Allie LaPointe says:


  73. Beatres Rogato says:


  74. Danielle Mendoza says:

    New here as I wanted something fresh for the New Year! Excited and Expectant of ALL God has. In my previous bible plans I would follow along while the audio book read then I would listen to a podcast that correlated to what I read. 2 Questions… 1. Is the Bible plan available for audio? 2. Is there a podcast for each day we read?

  75. Tosha Jones says:


  76. Stephanie Baswell says:


  77. Crystal Ordaz says:


  78. Eileen Benitez says:


  79. Crystal Flores says:

    Exited for this read!!

  80. Kaye Bonto says:


  81. Chandra Libby says:

    Great read!

  82. Honey grace Cordero says:


  83. Brittany Wise says:


  84. Patricia Lefner says:

    38 “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her. – Luke 1:38

  85. Kayla King says:

    This will be a great addition daily as my church is going through John and it’s so different with the storytelling but will be so connected at the same time!! Looking for

  86. Caitlin Schlatter says:

    This is my first She Reads Truth plan, and I am very excited to start this journey! ❤️

  87. Marnie Bartleet says:

    A perfect beginning to my new year so excited for this

  88. Erica Romero says:

    I’m looking forward to learning more about Jesus and see Him in a different light.

  89. Alexis Drumheller says:


  90. lily robillard says:


  91. McKenzie Hively says:

    So excited to start this!

  92. Rachel_espinoza says:

    One of my first plans for 2023! Hi everyone. Everyday, I look at how I can better shape my life by the example of Jesus

  93. Sheila Mitchell says:

    My first plan of the new year. I love recounting the gift that was given to Mary. Such a wonderful way to start the new year considering how many of us view it as a time of rebirth and renewal into a new season in our own lives.

  94. Tanisha Tucker says:

    This is my first plan of the new year. I always get distracted and rarely finish. That will not be the case this year. Happy Thursday!

  95. Maryse Adegoke says:


  96. Heidi Miller says:

    Reminding myself that God is always in control and that when he changes course to live by faith.

  97. Alona Cartwright says:


  98. Allyson Cochrane says:

    Thank you!

  99. Kathy Rideout says:


  100. Kathy Rideout says:

    Amen Debbie, that’s so true. Blessings

  101. Kathy Rideout says:

    Wow, as many times as I’ve read this account of JEUSUS birth, it’s so intriguing,feels like the first time all over again. Excited about how it will impact my life and others that I engage with. Blessings to all!

  102. Jennifer Mills says:


  103. Debbie says:

    I’m praying for you this morning, Rachel. Praying that confidence in the Lord will grow. Remind yourself that the quote, “For nothing will be impossible with God,” was not spoken by someone with a hint of hope in his voice. It was Gabriel who earlier identified himself as one who “stands in the presence of God.” He knows it’s true. God bless us all with that knowledge.

  104. Carolina Slagle says:

    This is my first SRT devotional and I’m excited to be here. I also just purchased my SRT Bible this evening…such a beautiful Bible.♥️

  105. Blessing Benedicta says:

    Amen ❤️ has I start my journey I pray my path be a blessed one has I get to know him better.

  106. Blessing Benedicta says:

    Yes very arcuate

  107. Alexus Cehelnik says:

    I’m Excited! This if my first plan. I just found “She reads truth” (I got the SRT bible for christmas) church has always been apart of my life and I believed in everything I was told but I never did any of the work myself. I’m looking forward to learning Gods words and forming a deep relationship with Him.

  108. Kelsey Riggs says:

    Me too! These plans are beyond refreshing!!

  109. Amanda Browning says:

    I am very excited for this study! And read to get back on track with daily readings.

  110. Whitney Strubhar says:

    I am excited for you and praying for you on this new journey! ❤️

  111. Whitney Strubhar says:

    Praying for you on this new journey! God is drawing you to himself ❤️

  112. Victoria E says:

    Victoria , me too! Praying for us both

  113. Jennifer Rains says:

    Excited for a new journey.

  114. Victoria Redig says:

    This really spoke to me too. Going to be facing some new challenges as a mother soon with 2 under 2 and being reminded that God chose me for this… He chose ME to be their mother!

  115. Kyra Peacock says:

    God can do the impossible

  116. Yonta Brown says:

    I’m glad to be here and I believe that this app will be a major blessing in my life. I’ve been struggling with some attacks and much as I desired to pick up my Bible, I didn’t and I wouldn’t. So I decided to find an app that pushed me to study daily and have others who are doing the same❤️

  117. Ketra Mulenga says:

    Same here

  118. Jeanie Mclellan says:

    God is so good

  119. Samantha Dowling says:

    I was reminded of something big today “For Nothing is Impossible with God!”

  120. Samantha Dowling says:

    I read the biggest words today “For Nothing is Impossible with God!”

  121. Zoey Ferens says:

    Today I was reminded the beauty and blessing of God searching my heart. In the passage the Lord saw Zechariah and Mary’s hearts and blessed or disciplined them accordingly. He does not look at my outside reaction but what my heart is saying, and even today in 2023 whether or not I realize it, there are repercussions to my faith relating to His promises because He reads and knows my heart.

  122. Zoey Ferens says:

    I am touched by the beauty of how the Lord looks at the heart. He did not judge Zechariah and Mary by how they reacted visibly but by what their heart said and he blessed/disciplined them because of it. It reminds me that whether or not I realize it there are reproductions to my faith concerning His promises even today in 2023 because God knows and reads my heart

  123. Jennifer Hays says:

    Thank you!

  124. Aryanna Cooper says:

    After this reading on this morning. I know no matter how hard life may get sometimes. I am reassured that, Nothing will be impossible for my God. & that I need to just stop trying to do it all by myself. I was reminded that Jesus was placed here to show us the way and that I need to trust his will and not my own. I look forward to this weight being lifted and giving it all to him & trusting God. “For nothing will be impossible with God”! God I thank you in advance and right now because I know it’s already done!

  125. Lauren Johnson says:

    Nothing is impossible with God.❤️

  126. Jazmin Stallworth says:

    Luke 1: 37-38 was God speaking to me today.

    This was a reminder from God that He can do anything, and I need to pray for His will to be done and make myself His servant. Not just a woman who speaks of Him, but a woman who lives her life to please and has Him at the center of her life. Today I pray that during this uncertain and rough season I will stop doubting and trust that nothing is impossible for the God I serve. No matter how impossible the situation may seem God is able!

  127. Rufaro Chikwanha says:

    looking forward to this!!

  128. Rachel Kelly says:

    “For nothing will be impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37

    I’ve been struggling lately, and I know I need to get back to Jesus. Praying that SRT daily will help me find my way!

  129. Rachel Kelly says:

    “For nothing will be impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37

  130. Cheryl Braxton says:

    I’m coming in late to this community do I don’t yet have my book but, I do have my Bible so I’m excited!

  131. LaShandra Fluno says:

    I am excited to be in the word studying our Lord with women of faith.

  132. Laurie H says:

    Jennifer, I read that Elizabeth wanted to spend time seeking God and reflecting on the precious gift of her pregnancy, so went into seclusion x

  133. Laurie H says:

    I tend to read from The Bible Commentary app alongside some passages, as it helps me to understand the rich background of what I’m reading.
    Luke was a Gentile Doctor, and therefore a man of science, order and comprehension. His account in Luke gives an ordered narrative of the life of Jesus, giving a different view than other Gospels.
    He looks at different topics to others (the role of women, children and outcasts) and he mentions a lot about the topic of JOY and the Holy Spirit. He mentions The Good News x 10 in the book of Luke, far more than any other writer (except in Acts, which is thought to have been written by Luke too).
    Looking forward to finding out more about Jesus’ life with you all x

  134. Myla Belle says:

    Looking forward to this study.

  135. Melody Guevara says:

    Hi glad to be in the word with you all! Excited to see God move and speak into all of our lives TODAY!

  136. Meghan Ashford says:

    I am so excited about this plan!

  137. Ruth Green says:

    I’m excited to dive in and see what things God wants to teach me.

  138. V’Lesha Pelton says:

    Excited for this study and I pray the Lord opens the eyes of my heart so I can see Jesus life and work daily to

  139. Ashley Fuller says:

    I am excited to be a part of this and allow myself to be open to God and learning so much.

  140. Ashley Fuller says:

    I have to admit I have never read the Bible. This is all very new to me. I am one that has always had questions and honestly doubts, but in the last few years, have had a feeling that my heart is being pulled into a direction I am very unfamiliar with. I

  141. Kayleigh says:

    Mary is just incredible. I had to read verse 38 a few times: “I am the Lord’s servant, Said Mary. May it happen to me as you have said”. I just her response so much!! In the particular season I am in right now, one thing that really stood out to me in this reading was that when God finds favour with someone, He often chooses to trust them with the most difficult, “impossible” seeming tasks. So when God calls us to do something out of our comfort zone that seems really hard and scary, it’s because He favours us enough to entrust us to follow through- and he will also help us accomplish it. I find soooo much comfort in that…

  142. Jenna Whalen says:

    With Zechariah’s doubting of God, I wonder if it was because he doubted God’s power or if it was more a protective measure because he was too scared to get his hopes up again. Sometimes it’s easier for me to doubt rather than face the possibility of hoping deeply for something and then have it not come true.

  143. Chantel Wolff says:

    I’m looking forward to this study and soaking up more time in His Word.

  144. Olivia Freeman says:

    Excited for this study!

  145. Lexi Byron says:

    Cant wait to start a new study in the New Year!

  146. Stacey Earls says:

    I love one of the last lines of the excerpt from Luke, that nothing is impossible with God. This is just what I needed to hear in this exact moment and I cannot wait to continue with this study with you all.

  147. Kristen Hood says:


  148. Sarah Hostetler says:

    I think we are often quick to judge Zechariah, but at the end of the day, we as humans don’t always put our full trust in the Lord. When reading about these situations in the Bible I always like to put myself in their shoes and relate my life to them instead of judge their actions!

  149. J AC says:

    @Lucy. I loved your words about Elizabeth’s seclusion. It reframed my thoughts about my own pregnancy during the summer and fall of 2020. We were in seclusion at home and didn’t see anyone for most of my pregnancy. Originally I mourned that time without anyone else to celebrate with us. But your words reminded me that we focused on our little family and awaited our gift from God.

  150. Terri Baldwin says:

    “Make ready for the Lord a prepared people” May we all be the Lords prepared servant! Have faith in Him and seek Him daily!

  151. Jeanne Scott says:

    God does impossible things. Every dang day.

  152. Vanessa Schutte says:

    This is my first study that I’m doing with all of you! I’m excited to dig deeper into scripture and to do this alongside everyone!

  153. Erin Eason says:

    I love how Mary wasn’t scared to ask questions regarding how this would happen. She wasn’t doubting, she just wanted to logistics. I can so relate to that. Zechariah was doubting God’s ability. Questions doesn’t always mean we are doubting. It makes me feel like I’m actually digging into deeper layers.

  154. Jeanne Scott says:

    Two responses that sound similar but the response is very different. It makes me think of the anointing of David and the reminder that God sees deeper. What was it that was deeper in these two that only God could see. Maybe, they were the same but God knew one needed more proof? My mind spins with it all. One thing is for sure, I am so grateful for both of them.

  155. Samantha Collier says:

    This is my first SRT and I’m excited to get started with all of you. Happy New Year’s.

  156. Courtney Usher says:

    So excited to start this study!

  157. Kenya Rafferty says:

    So excited for this plan to really dive into who Jesus was and how He was always a part of Gods plan. Praying to find inspiration for who to be and how to act and also hope in a deep rooted, long loving faith.

  158. Kimberly Palmer says:

    Wow the difference in their reactions. Mary was accepting because she declared being the Lord’s servant. Zechariah verbally expressed his doubt. That doesn’t mean that Mary didn’t have doubts, or other concerns. The power of our tongues! Don’t let bring life to your doubts. Give them to God and submit to His will because he knows best for us.

    Looking forward to this study!

  159. Kimberly Palmer says:

    Wow the difference in their reactions. Mary was accepting because she declared being the Lord’s servant. Zechariah verbally expressed his doubt. That doesn’t mean that Mary didn’t have doubts, or other concerns. The power of our tongues! Don’t let bring life to your doubts. Give them to God and submit to His will because he knows best for us.

  160. Erica Billick says:

    Wow, love this!

  161. Nicole Isom says:

    I am so excited to be reading this plan with my daughters!

  162. alaytia nelson says:

    wow these replies are so fresh

  163. Jill says:

    @mercy – I found myself pondering Zechariah’s situation as I read these verses today. I don’t think his question necessarily means he does not have faith. As I’ve gotten older there are times where I want to know more so as to discern what is true. And what place would honest prayer have if we were not able to come before God and cry out to Him when we do not understand. Or to ask for greater clarity. Mary’s faith was undoubtedly pure. But I also believe that Zechariah’s was also. We do not always understand the ways of God …

  164. Alayna P. says:

    Happy New Year everyone! Day 1 of this plan and I can already tell that I’m going to love it. Mary’s faith when Gabriel comes to give her the good news blows me away every time I read it. She must’ve been so scared but she didn’t question God like Zechariah did. She completely trusted Him and submitted herself to His will. I pray to have faith as strong as Mary’s.

  165. Tami C says:

    Happy New Year everyone. I am excited about this study and learning more about the life and person of Jesus. I love reading all the comments and often take notes on what you all write. Such an amazing group of women. Be blessed.

  166. Ashley Connolly says:

    Hooray for a new year and a new SRT study!

  167. Brittany May says:

    Amen. Excited for this.

  168. Rachael Asdell says:

    Hi all! Excited to be joining you in this study. Hoping to gain a more nuanced perspective on the gospels I’ve been convinced I know by heart.

  169. Mercy says:

    What a contrast between the faith of the teenage Mary versus the doubt of the seasoned active-serving priest Zechariah. What reveals here is that religious positions don’t always contribute to faith. Sad but true. Religious positions are not equal to spiritual maturity. I see the child-like faith of Mary is really standing out to God. Faith is something quite attractive to Him, making her highly favoured in His sight. And faith works through love (Galatians 5:6). The love that young Mary has for God was not mentioned here, but it definitely was the strongest force of all (now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13). When we love God, we trust Him.

    Praying for you
    @Tara Beatty (for strength, comfort and your kids during this separation, may God shield your heart and everyone’s else from further damage),
    @Mari V (recovery from the accident aftermath, both physically and mentally, car/insurance details to be settled smoothly by God’s grace),
    @Lehua (for Maria and family).
    @all shes, God’s protection and grace be with you and your families, to lead and to cheer every day in this new year. May you and your loved ones taste and know that the Lord is so so good. May we love Him and put our child like faith in Him, from the smallest things to the more important decisions.
    Be blessed dear sisters.

  170. Kristen Lee says:

    I’ve just found She Reads Truth today through a pastor friend. I studied the Synoptic Gospels in university to understand the origins of Christianity, and am excited to study them again!

  171. Maranda Hatcher says:

    Excited for this!!

  172. Paytn Godshall says:

    Hi!!!!! Excited to be joining in on this study and to also be swept up in the life of Jesus. Praying for a renewed awe in the story of Jesus and that this study would stir me on to live a life in reflection of the life of Jesus!! YAY!

  173. Amanda Pomeroy says:

    This is my first SRT series my mom got me the subscription for Christmas!! I’m excited to dive in day one was great looking forward to more. I’ve read the gospels many times on my own and through studies but it was normally one book at a time. I’m looking forward to bringing the first 3 together and study them together.

  174. Joy says:

    Wow! Such enthusiasm and so many good comments here.
    Jennifer Loves Jesus-thank you for your beautiful prayer. I would like to adopt your words as my prayer too.
    Carrie-I haven’t been one to comment much in the past either but I have gotten so much encouragement fron others’ comments. Praying that God gives us a boldness to share our thoughts with our sisters.
    Tara Beatty-I’m praying for you and your family as you and your husband make plans to separate. I ask God’s protection for you and your children and I ask Him to show up in a mighty way in your husband’s life. As I recently told one of my family members, God is in the business of restoring lives.
    Tricia Cavanaugh-I agree with you that we all should be more intentional about being in God’s word and learning more about Jesus.
    Lynne Chilton-my condolences on the passing of your son. I am also the mother of one son and I can’t imagine the unbearable grief of losing him. Praying that you find comfort as you study with your SRT sisters and grow closer to our savior.
    Happy New Year and happy studying to everyone.

  175. Catherine Bekkedal says:

    My husband and I have experienced 2 miscarriages this past year and this reading was so poignant in the direction to be not afraid and trust the work of the Holy Spirit.

  176. Catherine Bekkedal says:

     Excited to start this new series! Reading 

  177. Zoe Crilly says:

    I’ve read this section of the bible in a variety of versions recently and it’s always stood out to me, what I’ve gathered from it all is – she hid herself due to feeling inadequate to all her neighbours who had children earlier in their lives. I feel she also probably feared others reactions to her conceiving so late in life. She may have also felt a fear of something happening to her or her unborn child and wanted to reduce “risk” by remaining isolated. Just some thoughts I had around this particular scripture.

  178. maranda allen says:

    Can’t wait to start this year with SRT!

  179. Jennifer Hays says:

    What a great way to start the year! I am curious about Luke 1:24. Any thoughts on why Elizabeth kept herself in seclusion for five months?

  180. Dominique Tillman says:

    So excited to study the life of Jesus ❤️

  181. Kirsten Dressel says:

    I may have gotten excited and finished this week early… no regrets!

  182. Elin Almkvist says:

    Happy new year! What a great way to start the new year, becoming more like Jesus. I am so ready for it. Expecting great things to come for my family because of God shaping me these weeks ♥️ thank you SRT for your ministry.

  183. Sasha Cooper says:

    Love this !

  184. Mitzi White says:

    The podcast is a “must listen.” It brought out so much. As a seasoned believer, I’m so excited that God’s Word is alive and active in 2023 with fresh nuggets of gold. Praise God.

  185. Lizette Martinez says:

    Make God first everyday in our lives .

  186. Stephanie Carrington says:

    Happy New Year! This is my first SRT devotional so I’m looking forward to it!

  187. ALENA ROBERTS says:

    I’m excited to experience the gospels in a whole new way. May the Holy Spirit touch each person studying the Life Of Jesus together in a meaningful way as we study in community.

  188. ALENA ROBERTS says:

    I’m excited to experience the gospels in a whole new way. I

  189. Kimberly Z says:

    Excited for this study! Praying for you all today and the start of the new year!

  190. Dorothy says:

    Let us REJOICE and be glad!!! Let us CELEBRATE — yes I know we just got done with Christmas (the celebration of Christ’s birth) but do we have to stop; don’t we want to let the WORLD know about GOD, CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. What better way than a celebration. People love to celebrate things — they don’t care what. Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection needs to be acknowledged with jubilation each and every day of earthly lives.

    Father God we thank You with exultation for sending Your One and Only Son. As we go through this wonderful study about His magnificent life help us to not only learn more about Him but to pass that new and existing knowledge on to those around us. Bless and watch over those who took part in putting together this awe-inspiring study. Also bless and watch over all the sisters (and brothers) who read these words. In Christ’s name, amen.

    Be blessed and spread this WONDERFUL news wherever you go.

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    Happy New Year! Thank you SRT for this new study.

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    Happy new year! Thank you for this study. After reading todays passage, I want to have the faith and obedience of Mary. I want to have faith and persistence like Elizabeth.

  194. Jess Kamm says:

    “Every Word I’ve spoken to you will come true in time-God’s time.” Luke 1:20 Praying for Faith to trust God’s timing for my life this new year.

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    Happy New Year! This study looks amazing and I’m so happy to be a part of this lovely group going through the study together!

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  200. Rhonda J. says:

    Good morning She’s, and Happy New Year, and Happy New Study of The Life of Jesus!! I couldn’t love this study more, and I am also engaging with my sister and her friend, as her church studies the New Testament this year! The Chosen has started its third season portraying Jesus and His Chosen which will add flavor(yes, while remembering it is a show, using discernment) and humanism to the old, old story my heart longs for! Jesus, Emmanuel, God With Us!

    Prayers for all of you, new and old, as we journey together and share our thoughts, wisdom, burdens, and encouragement gently and H.S. guided! May we be more like Jesus, sharing the fruits of the Spirit, being His hands and feet, washing others’ feet giving selfishly, and speaking words of truth in an upside-down world. We are dead and born again, always and continuously being sanctified, waiting for the return of our risen Savior!

  201. Amber Hastings says:

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  203. Victoria Fowlkes says:

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    I love how God works and I just have to share this story- yesterday I was listening to a completely unrelated podcast (Lisa Harper’s Back Porch Theology- Episode 49-The Sacred Sound of Silent Nights) and they were discussing how God was silent for 400 years (between old and New Testament). The last thing God said via Malachi was essentially “Jesus is coming” and then 400 years later the the first thing God says is “John will prepare the way- Jesus is coming”. Imagine how surprised I was to find the same message this morning when I opened this study!!! God fulfilled His promise through unexpected people. Defying the very own nature He created through senior citizens (Zechariah and Elizabeth) and teenagers (Mary and Joseph). If you find yourself looking back at h the years past or forward wondering what can this old girl offer? Just know God will use you if you open your heart to hear His voice and obey His commands!!! Happy New Year sisters!!!

  209. Shar says:

    What a fitting study to follow up our advent study! I’m looking forward to “getting lost in the story” and reading the gospels with fresh eyes.

  210. Traci Gendron says:

    LYNNE CHILTON – I’m 61 and live in Colorado. I’m originally from Illinois. I was there until I was 46. I had one son, Tanner. He passed away November/2021. He had a wildly rare illness. Only 2,000 cases in the world. I have been part of SRT for years now. Favorite way to start my day.

    I find the more I learn, the more I crave God. Sometimes I want to be like Elizabeth and just sit with Him. To read and learn more about our gracious God. I want to have the discipline like Mary. To trust God in whatever He brings to me. To be a faithful servant.

  211. Haylee Jones says:

    Thank you for sharing! I didn’t pick up on that subtle differences in wording. I think this is such an important lesson in everyday life. Instead of if, ask how. (Though as we know, we may not get to know the how until we’re directly in it!) thank you Rachel!

  212. Desiree Bryner says:

    Happy New Year! Thank you to SRT for providing this beautiful resource that helps to keep us focused on Jesus. Looking forward to another wonderful time learning and being challenged and changed.

  213. Emily Rehm says:

    “I am the Lord’s servant,” answered Mary. “My your word to me be fulfilled.”
    Yes and amen. Thank you Lord that your word to us always has been, and forever will be, fulfilled. Thank you that you are trustworthy and true. I pray that through this study our eyes and hearts would be opened to see how you lived, and that it would transform the way we live!

  214. Emily Rehm says:

    “I am the Lord’s servant,” answered Mary. “My your word to me be fulfilled.”

  215. Joanna Easley says:

    I wondered the same thing. My only thought is that Zechariah was an older and seasoned follower of God while Mary was younger both in age and therefore her walk with God. Possibly God allowed Mary to question but held Zechariah to a different spiritual standard… just a simple thought…not sure.

  216. Kristi V says:

    Excited to begin the New Year focused on Jesus and these Gospels.

  217. Rosa Fleming says:

    All of this was recorded so that we could know, with certainty, the truth of the story of Jesus.

  218. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    I read both the CSB and the NLT versions this morning. I thought it was interesting how the CSB says in Luke 1:37-“For nothing will be impossible with God.” The NLT version says, “For the word of God will never fail.”

  219. Rachel Menke says:

    Zechariah was questioning IF it would happen (“How can I KNOW this?). Mary was questioning how it WOULD happen? (How will this coke about if I am a virgin?). Her question was not whether or not Gabriel or God’s Word could be trusted but more as a young virgin um what exactly is going to happen to me that Im going to get pregnant!?

  220. Jess R says:

    Happy New Year! I am so excited to start this study!

  221. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    Hi. I’m Tricia. I am 54 and live in Gillett, PA. I have three children and six grandchildren. I am an ICU nurse. I’ve been studying with SRT since almost the beginning. I don’t often comment but keep each of you and your requests, and praises, in prayer. I am excited to do this study to start 2023. May we all be more intentional about being in His word and learning more about our Savior.

  222. Siobhan Martindale says:

    Happy New Year! Excited to start fresh and stay dedicated to this reading plan.

  223. Madison Wonson says:

    Discussion question: why was it ok for Mary to question the angel, but it was not ok for Zechariah?

  224. Britney Thurston says:

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  229. Brandi Young says:

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  230. Megan Husslein says:

    Hi She’s! Excited to start this new year with this new reading plan! I’m a college student who would love to connect with any other college students to encourage each other in our journeys… please feel free to reach out on Instagram or Twitter @meganhusslein!

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    Come Jesus meet us in our desire to know you more!

  234. Christina Fowlkes says:

    Whenever I read the part where Gabriel says he stands in the presence of God it makes me think of every person who encountered God’s raw presence in the Bible and how the first thing they always do is fall to their knees or completely prostrate and call themselves a sinner because God is so Holy. So the fact that Gabriel is able to actually stand on his feet in the presence of God is an amazing amazing thing.

  235. Erika Forrester says:

    Excited for this study!

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    Happy New Year. I am excited to do this study with all of you. Today was such a good reminder that nothing is impossible with God. Such a great continuation after Advent.

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  238. Holly Shelton says:

    Happy New Year. I M

  239. Holly Andrades says:

    It’s interesting to see how God so carefully put these two stories together. I would imagine neither women knew of how great these two men would cone togethe

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    Also – went to Biola University and my favorite course was hands down Jesus Life and Ministry by Dr. Jon Lunde and let me just say – that class changed me. I loved Jesus since I was a little girl, but getting to know him deeply and studying his life and ministry matured, strengthened and deepened my love – praying this study does that for all of us – I want to fall in love all over again with Jesus in 2023!

  244. Madison Berube says:

    Not only are all things possible with God – what a beautiful reminder – Elijah’s call to ministry in verses 16-17 feel so special to “make ready for the lord a people prepared.” That’s my new New Year’s resolution. I’ve started a girls study in DC, amidst my own heartbreak and career struggles and could really use the prayer/wisdom from the group here. Happy New Year all!

  245. Lisa says:

    Same, Carrie F! I have tried several times to get people from church, friends, and family to participate in the She/He Reads Truth plans so a community of people forms around scripture and I have others to discuss it with. I’m getting discouraged. This Advent I gifted someone a study book…still nothing. I want what I hear Amanda and Raechel demonstrate on the podcast: how to go deeper through discussion. I’m praying that I’m able to find that in a small way in this comment section. Happy New Year and blessings on all as we begin this journey through the gospels!

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    Happy New Year, sweet sisters. I am looking forward to being more intentional in learning who our Jesus really is & looking forward to fellowship with this group of believers. Can we share a little about ourselves here? I am a 51 yo wife, mother of 2 boys (and 2 wonderful daughters-in-law), nurse and horse girl! I live in Reidsville NC.

  248. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Between history and mystery is where I find myself as I read the birth stories of John and Jesus. Written by the hand of a physician, Luke records these events as facts to provide certainty of the gospel of Christ. By his own words, Luke writes an “orderly account” of his perfect understanding. I got the history part, but there are mysteries presented as facts, and this is where my wonder begins. I can only imagine how it was for Zecharias when the archangel Gabriel appeared to him. This is the same angel (one of two named in the Bible, the other being Michael) who brought messages to Daniel and interpreted his vision 5-600 years before. The unseen, supernatural realm was unveiled and the mighty angel Gabriel stood right before Zecharias’ eyes, speaking, and reassuring him, telling him not to be afraid (because he was, obviously). What I love is how the conversation unfolded: Zechariah doubted the message that Elizableth would have a child, “How?… I am an old man… and my wife…”. Gabriel answers with, “I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God…” Mic drop moment. No further explanation is needed. Zechariah still played his part in God’s plan, but his doubt was met with the consequence of being struck mute for a while. Did God force him to be quiet so he could reckon with his doubt? No speaking allowed, only listening to God’s voice?… I wonder. There is no mention of doubt from Elizabeth, but only that she hid herself for the first five months of her pregnancy, and that God looked upon her with favor to remove the reproach of barrenness. Then we see Gabriel being sent to Mary (not Joseph first) with another miracle message. This one went straight to the “highly favored” woman. Such wonder surrounding the ways God chose to reveal His messianic plans. Imagine being told you would become the Mother of God. Mary was the first person to receive Jesus Christ. Literally and spiritually. Prophecies fulfilled and miracles flowing from the hand of God. These are no fairy tales. Our salvation hope is based on facts as evidenced by the historical account of Luke here. He included all of the significant details, and the supernatural ones fuel my wonder the most. And I find much joy in wondering with God and thinking of how he displayed His love and care to His people. Father God, in the hard and concrete world, may Your wonderful and mysterious ways spark the light of hope and love in us. Help us to know You more as Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, and have mercy on us as we live and move through our days. Help us to remember and embrace the childlike wonder and faith as we trust You as our Abba, Father. Selah. Maranatha. Amen.

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  252. Michelle Baier says:

    Happy 2023 She’s and what better way to start the year than digging into the life of Jesus. Prayers for you @Tara, as you continue to go through this valley.

  253. Lauren B says:

    Wow what a beautiful revelation Lucy of the Lord looking upon Elizabeth while she was hidden. Others have noted the difference in the response to Gabriel from Zechariah and Mary. I

  254. Janna Jackson says:

    The prophecy of Jesus’s birth and how accurately it was fulfilled is unlike any other religion. I am looking forward to study the life of Jesus in this new year!

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  258. Linda J says:

    So thankful for SRT and my sisters. Focusing on the life and ministry of Jesus. What a perfect start to a brand new year!

  259. Linda J says:

    So thankful for Z

  260. Carrie Fehrman says:

    Happy New Year She’s! I’m not really one to comment on these but I’d like to try it during this study.

  261. Sharon Jones says:

    Happy New Year! I am excited for this new year – when I was in missions training in 2009 with my family one of our instructors said. Whenever doubts about your faith come and they will come; go back to Jesus reread the gospels and remind yourself of your first love. I am looking forward to this time with Jesus examining his life taking a deep dive into these gospels again. May the Lord bless each of you, the work of your hands this year and your relationships.

  262. Carrie Fehrman says:

    Never thought about it like that. That does sound lovely!

  263. Aimee D-R says:

    I prayed for more Jesus in 2023. What a blessing to start with this plan!

  264. Kenna McFall says:

    These two women are examples to us of their faithful dedication to God. They were humble servants of the Almighty and trusted him in the impossible. May we all listen to God as he speaks to us and be obedient to do what he calls us to. None of us will be called to do anything this big but we are each called to spread hope, joy and love to a lost and dying world. May we each look for opportunities to do this in the new year.

  265. Gretchen Kingma says:

    Im excited (and nervous) to embark on this study. Excited because I long to have a renewed sense of awe for Jesus and nervous because I need accountability for consistent reading!

  266. Kathy says:

    Mary’s faith was staggering. She didn’t question God even though I know so many thoughts were running through her head – how do I tell Joseph? what will my parents say? what will people say? what will the priests say and do? She was about to be an unwed mother at a time when they could be executed for being pregnant. Yet Mary was a willing participant in God’s redemption plan. She was ready to cooperate with God’s activity in the world and within her.
    I love these words from Tyler Staton in his book “Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools”. He said, “I want what I see in Mary. I want to cooperate with God’s redemptive work in this broken world. I want to swim with the current, speeding along effortlessly, paddling my arms, and kicking my legs but propelled on by a stronger current too. I want to cooperate with God’s work in me, inviting his formation of my desires, thoughts, emotions, and actions, all of them hopelessly disordered by the fallen lineage of which I’m a part. I want the Spirit of God to rework me from within, like an expert mechanic to a classic car, getting me running according to design.”
    “See, I am the Lord’s servant…May it happen to me as you have said.” (v. 38). Amen and amen.

  267. Denise Thompson says:

    The book of John has always been my favorite. I look forward to reading these books and walking in His steps from their perspective. Thank you.

  268. Maria Baer says:

    I am so excited about this study. And a perfect way to start 2023. In the fall, I did a study through my church called The Names of God, and it was life-changing, eye opening, and inspiring to learn about all the facets of God. I feel this study will do just that but with the life of Jesus. Let’s make ready for the Lord and prepare his people!

  269. Searching says:

    ARINA – yes! In the midst of all the uncertainty that surrounds us in this world, we can know that we know the certainty of God’s word.

    LUCY BARR-HAMILTON – agree, just imagine the peace and comfort Elizabeth had during that time.

    LEHUA K – praying for Maria’s family

    MARJORIE CRITES – praying for wisdom and guidance on a permanent path out of debt. Will be praying for the Lord to strengthen your will and determination and to walk with you each step of the way.

  270. Tara Beatty says:

    Happy New Year She’s! Looking forward to seeing the gospels anew and learning more about Jesus and His life; drawing closer to Him and His ways. If you have a moment, please lift my family in prayer. My marriage of almost 20 years is ending and my husband will move out next month. That is the plan at least. It has been a long time coming with mental and verbal manipulation and gaslighting, etc. The struggles would take a long time to list, so I am keeping it short. I pray that during a separation, it would lead him into the arms of Jesus- a true walk, heart-change and love for Him. (He was saved as a child, but the fruit is not there.). If it turns our marriage around, Praise the Lord. But if it just draws him closer, that is a praise as well. I have been to counseling, we have been to counseling; but true change has not abounded. So prayer is what we need. And for our 3 children. They see so much of it at this point. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  271. Stephanie Conley says:

    I hope as I read this I have renewed passion for who Jesus is and all he has done and will do!

  272. Theresa says:

    I’m reminded this morning through Luke chapter 1 of how God can create something out of nothing. He gave Elizabeth and Zachariah John the Baptist at a time when their bodies could no longer conceive a child and he gave Mary Jesus when it was impossible for her to have gotten pregnant. I’m sitting here typing this and holding my own miracle baby. By every standard of the world she shouldn’t be here and yet she is! Beautiful and full of life! Won’t he do it again? Won’t God create order out of chaos and life out of dust again? Worshipping the creator today for his miracle blessings in our world and in my own life. Happy Monday, she’s!

  273. Amber Siemieniec says:

    As his priesthood here on earth! You are right. I often forget the parallels between Zechariah and us now! Thank you for your comment.

  274. Angie Mills says:

    In this passage, we see that God sent Gabriel to prepare Zechariah for John’s birth and to prepare Mary for Jesus’ birth.

    We see that Jesus:
    -Is great.
    -Is the Son of the Most High.
    -Has the throne of His Father David.
    -Will reign forever.
    -Has a kingdom that will never end.

    We also see that His Spirit and His power comes upon His people, and that nothing will be impossible with Him.

    Zechariah did not believe God’s message and had to remain silent until it’s fulfillment. Elizabeth rejoiced at God’s message in seclusion. Mary believed God’s message and submitted herself to God’s will.

  275. Haley Malone says:

    This is a great, and insightful, thought. Thank you for sharing!

  276. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Laurie Sanders – let SRT know about the binding issue. Not to complain per se but so they know to advise the company they use to make the books that there is a problem.

  277. Kelly (NEO) says:

    “Both were righteous in God’s sight, living without blame according to all the commands and requirements of the Lord.”

    I love this. It is a reminder to place my trust in God because of who He is, not because of what I may get in return. Z and E lived righteously despite their childless state.

    ARINA – amen!

    LEHUA K – will pray for Maria’s family. Also praying that the Lord will give you the wisdom to see many “natural” opportunities to have spiritual discussions with your husband so that he sees how God is active and involved in every aspect of life.

  278. Susan Lincks says:

    Excited to be a part of Jesus’s life.

  279. Laurie Sanders says:

    I love that right away in the very first chapter we are learning about the character of God! “Do not be afraid…because your prayer has been heard” and “For nothing will be impossible with God”. Promises for my hungry heart. PS – is anyone else’s book binding already falling apart or did I just get a lemon? Will be taking it to Staples today to get it spiral bound :(

  280. Linda says:

    Yesterday I reflected on 2022. I’m so thankful for this community of believers and your faithfulness in the Word, in prayer, and encouragement! In many ways 2022 was difficult. But in so many more ways so very blessed. God used you, my church family and my physical family to minister in very practical ways. As I asked for prayer concerning rent increases God provided by having someone to help. My family has been there to help whenever I needed them which seems to be more and more often. Those of you dealing with husbands having worsening cognitive issues understand the stresses of daily living. Add to that my own health issues. I cannot comprehend how anyone without our Lord can deal with these things. But God! God has met me each step of the path He has laid out for us.
    I am looking into 2023 with hope knowing He knows His plans for good to us each and every day. May His blessings rest on each and everyone as we walk in the mercies and compassion of our sweet Jesus!
    (Sorry for the long post)

  281. Trina Stuk says:

    God called Mary favored one, not because she was perfect but because He knew how she would respond, “I am the Lord’s servant “. May I learn to respond to the Lord in the same way.

  282. Taylor says:

    Happy New Year She’s! I’m excited to start this study with you all <3

  283. Brooke Stanley says:

    Something I never caught before was how HUGE of a deal it would have been for Elizabeth, John the Baptist, and Mary to all be filled with the Holy Spirit. The SRT study of Leviticus has really just opened my eyes to the importance of the law in the OT. John the Baptist is filled with the HS in the WOMB in verse 15, Mary in verse 35, and Elizabeth in verse 41. I guess I always thought of it within the context of today where the Holy Spirit lives within us, but this was revolutionary. The Holy Spirit was in the temple. The fact that the HS came down to two WOMEN and a baby in the womb during that point in history is incredible!

  284. Jody Striker says:

    I love this perspective. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. Thanks for sharing!

  285. Harley Nunez-Hamrick says:

    The difference between the women, Elizabeth and Mary, learning that they will mother these children that God blessed (Mary’s being the literal child of God, Jesus), and their pure faith…. Compared to the lack of faith shown by Zachariah is pretty wild honestly.

  286. Churchmouse says:

    John the Baptist was tasked to “make ready for the Lord a prepared people.” We have this same task as we await His second coming. May 2023 be the year that a prepared people make ready for the Lord. Come, Lord Jesus!

  287. Arina says:

    Luke writes this book so Theophilus will know the certainty of the things he has learned. Then, we see Zechariah and Mary reacting so differently to the message of the angel. Zachariah asks: how can I know this? Because the messenger is trustworthy. He is Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God. May this be what this reading plan does. That we may know the certainty of the things we’ve learned and believed. These words are true and certain for God Himself gave us them.

  288. Lehua K. says:

    What a great thought Lucy! Thanks for sharing. I’ve often seen isolation as being labeled as a bad thing but in this case for Elizabeth, I see it more as being “incubated” with God in her alone time. I see it as very sacred. How wonderful!

    I had a wonderful New Year’s weekend with my parents and am safely back home. Thank you to everyone who prayed for safe travels! Ladies, I came home to some very sad news about my employer’s family (I work for a small family run business). One of the family members collapsed during church on Friday, so the doctors declared her brain dead due to lack of oxygen for a time… her family went to say their goodbyes today. I sometimes worked with her directly and she was always so gracious and friendly. Please pray for her family – her name is Maria. It breaks my heart, but at the same time I’m thankful I got to see my family (and cat) before hearing the news. Life is so short and precious. ❤️ After reflecting on 2022 and setting some standards for 2023, I really want to focus my efforts on things that matter. Things that matter to God. Storing up treasures in heaven where thief and moth do not destroy. Hearing about this did open up some discussion for my husband and I to talk about spiritual readiness, knowing that our time could come at any time. So while it’s deeply heartbreaking, I am seeing tiny glimmers of hope through the storm.

    Excited for this study. ❤️❤️

  289. Lucy Barr-Hamilton says:

    I noticed in v24 that Elizabeth kept herself hidden from people, but that in v25 the Lord had “looked” on her. It feels like the time she had in her pregnancy was very precious time between her and her Lord alone, separate from the world around..even her husband was silent during this time, so until Mary arrived I feel like she had 6 months of pure and simple wonder and praise with her kind God. Imagine