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Isaiah 58:3-7, Luke 4:1-4, Matthew 6:16-18, Matthew 9:14-17, John 4:31-38, John 6:48-51, Revelation 19:6-10

“Don’t fill up on bread,” I warn myself when dining out. Then my waiter brings a basket of freshly baked rolls, glistening with melted butter, and I forget my earlier caution. A blended aroma of honey, vanilla, and yeast drifts under my nose, as I raise the bread to my mouth. One bite into the warm, pillowy dough and my eyes nearly roll back. As my taste buds savor the last bite, I discover that I am full.   

God has given us food to both enjoy and sustain our bodies. But at times He calls us away from our daily sustenance so we can more fully engage with Him. This is especially challenging for me, a self-proclaimed foodie who relishes restaurant menus like they’re “hot off the press” bestsellers. However, I answer God’s call, metaphorically turning my plate over because I desire continued spiritual growth.

For the last three years, my church community has fasted once a month for twenty-four-hour intervals. Fasting is not a punishment inflicted on our bodies or a measure of our piety. Instead, God invites us as believers to give up something that is good for something even greater. We step away from the rhythms of our routines to pay more attention to His Word, deepening our relationship with Him.    

The Gospels record Jesus’s forty-day stay in the wilderness, where He spent time alone with God and prepared for ministry through prayer and fasting. When Satan challenged Him to satisfy His hunger supernaturally, Jesus refused. Instead, He demonstrated His dependence on God with these words: “Man must not live on bread alone” (Luke 4:4). 

When I fast, I agree with Jesus and recognize God as the ultimate source of both my physical and spiritual needs. Like our Savior did, I communicate my desire for the fulfillment of God’s will by positioning myself to be in fellowship with Him, without distractions (Luke 4:1). And when I do, He fills my heart and satisfies my soul in ways that physical food and earthly activities cannot (John 6:51). 

It may seem counterintuitive, but when we regularly abstain from certain habits to pursue God, He refreshes us and refuels our passion for serving Him. We also grow more aware of the Spirit’s presence and more readily approach God in humility, relying on His strength to overcome sin in our lives. 

What are the things that compete for our undivided attention above God? Is it social media or television? How about our smartphones or the time we invest in our relationships? Perhaps food is the culprit. Whatever the distraction, Jesus calls us to focus less on things that bring temporary fulfillment and more on Him, the true Bread of Life (John 6:48–50). He has many good things in store for us—things far more satisfying than any activity and better than the most delicious bread.

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100 thoughts on "Fasting"

  1. Brittany Brooks says:

    Social media is a huge distraction for me and I have recently given that up. I feel soooo much better being off of it! I also have been doing a once a week 24hr fast. It’s so beneficial to our spirit and our body.

  2. Amanda Lopez says:

    I want to yearn for the fulfillment that only God can bring!

  3. Mikayla Andrews says:

    That’s My sign to fast from my phone and food for a day or so

  4. Gabrielle Rosario says:

    This really spoke to me. I don’t realize how distracted I allow myself to be with the world that I forget to spend time with the only one who can truly fill me.

  5. Erika Sheets says:

    Beautiful. Thank you

  6. Heather Robinson says:

    Giving up something good for something greater, so helpful!

  7. Katie Fredrickson says:

    Fasting is a discipline I need to start incorporating into my life. I liked the idea of intentionally doing this one day a month.

  8. Tara Craig says:

    I absolutely love fasting from the thing that can often take me away from God, social media! I’ve done anywhere from 24 hr to 3 wk fasts and i always come out on the other side renewed + strengthened♥️

  9. Lyndi Goodman says:

    Fasting is new to me!

  10. Angela Blair says:

    I am thinking from my most distracting thing is what improves my relationship with God the most and that is either television (even in the background while I do chores) or my smart phone. I think I will try to fast one of these things for 24h once a month.

  11. Celena L.Stewart says:

    Fasting is new to me. I will have to pray and see where God puts me.

  12. Michelle Martin says:

    Lord, let my first desire be you. May I hunger for more of you-recognizing that I can’t live on earthly bread alone.

  13. Yadira Rohrer says:

    “Lift up your eyes and see that the fields are white for harvest.”
    This was so convicting to me, I know I need to lift up my eyes from the distractions that are entangling me and see the harvest around me. It’s been a while I since I shared the gospel with an unbeliever.

  14. Melodye Phillips says:

    I agree that I am glad she made me think of non-food fasting. Fasting from food is an area that can be troublesome for the vast majority of us- especially for anyone who has or is struggling with an eating disorder. There is so much more to say on this!

  15. Joy P says:

    I desire to fellowship with God without distraction – whether that be physical food, media, my phone etc. I choose to let go and let Him be in control of everything.

  16. Kate Emmert says:

    I and feeling so anxious right now and trying to focus on Gods good. I know there are distractions in the world I need to rid myself of. Please pray for me!

  17. Cristi Caston says:

    What an amazing testimony of His goodness and faithfulness! So glad they’re both ok!

  18. K L says:

    I’m glad that she mentioned a few non-food ways to fast, especially for those of us who have struggled/are struggling with eating disorders.

  19. Peggy Hoffman says:

    Lent has always been a 40 day fast for the Catholic Church. A turning away (fasting) from those things that we turn to for comfort, self gratification, rewards, etc. instead of turning to Him who satisfies, the Comforter, Counselor. In fasting from food, we turn our hunger pains into wanting more of the Bread of Life….focusing on spending time in the Word instead of in our pantry. I long to hunger for God, to crave spending time withHim in His word.

  20. Mercy says:

    I want to share a testimony of a breakthrough during a fast I experienced. My parents live overseas and during the past months my dad had a bad diagnosis about his spine, that causes pain and prevents him from walking, the most is with a cane limping a few steps. The doctors said they can’t do much. It’s the condition, etc. My parents are elders and caring for one another would be difficult if my dad cannot walk, due to severe back pain that shoots down pain to his legs. At the same time, one of my young cousins in his 20s, had crazy symptoms of kidney failure and something more, and more diagnosis that needs blood infusion (very complicated and fear jerking in my opinion). These are the reports my mom texted me through our daily Viber conversations. Both my dad and my cousin are non-believers, mind you.
    I was hurt and very troubled upon hearing this, and then I reached out to the Lord and decided to fast. I prayed the verse in Isaiah 58, committed to a two-day fast (it taught me discipline as I still prepared meals for kids and hubby daily for work and school). I poured my heart out, asking God to break the chains of sickness off my dad and my cousin, and for their souls to be saved. A month later, my dad could walk pain free, he in fact traveled to visit families hours away on a wedding occasion, joyful. MIRACLE (though my dad counted himself lucky and this is by good luck). He went on his life. My cousin 6 months later, the doctors finalized their discovery, it is a small thyroid issue that messed things up for him but curable, and he was dismissed to go home to rest, and now fully recovered.

    Is it a coincidence if you ask me? No. I was in awe. Who am I that God counts my tears as something worthy? But you know what, He does care! Our tears and hurts matter to God. It is by the MERCY of God that they both walk out of those dark phases, the bands of wickedness loosened, oppression gone, fear and worries of many family members turned into joy and relief, because there was a God who cares for us when we cry out.

    Fasting means mourning to the Lord, as Jesus compares fasting to mourning (Matthew 9:15 KJV). And blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. I encourage you to come to Lord will all your pains and hurts, and even the hurts you carry for other people, give the Lord their hurts as they don’t know God even to cry out, please cry out for them through your prayers !!! Bring their yoke and oppressions to God so he could liberate them from it. Mourn/fast in His presence, and God with all his mercy and abundant goodness will comfort you and deliver you out of all your troubles. The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. (Psalm 34-17 KJV). He keeps His promise. Praise God.

  21. Peggy Hoffman says:

    Wendy Speake has written 2 books to guide one on a fast. “The 40 Day Sugar Fast” where physical detox meets spiritual transformation , and “The 40 Day Social MediaFast” exchanging online distractions for real life devotions. I highly recommend them both. There is an annual online Sugar Fast going on now, and signups for a guided Social Media fast are open now as well.

  22. Pamela Randol says:

    Isaiah 58 really expresses to me that I’m not fasting only for myself. I should be fasting for the sake of others and doing the work that God has laid before us in service to others.
    Am I fasting for the sake of losing the bonds of wickedness? Am I fasting to undo the straps of the yoke to let the oppressed go free? Am I fasting to break every yoke? Am I not to share my bread with the hungry? And bring the homeless poor into my home? When I see the naked to cover him?  am I fasting to hide myself from my own flesh?
    And the reward the reward is just wonderful! Then shall your light break forth like the dawn and your healing shall spring up speedily your righteousness shall go before you the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard!
    Praise be to God!

  23. Carol says:

    Thank you for the clarification on fasting. It is always special to learn how to have closer fellowship with our Lord and be more focused on His sustainment.

  24. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    As I read through the comments, I see various ideas of what we should fast from. Although fasting from t.v., news, social media, sweets, etc. is not a bad thing – whenever fasting is mentioned in scripture, it is always fasting from food. Food is what sustains our bodies, not the previously mentioned things – we are substituting our physical food for that which is sustaining our spiritual bodies. It is “setting aside” our physical food, so that we can fully partake of our spiritual food – focused, intentional, time with God in prayer. Obviously if you have a health issue where it would be unhealthy for you to abstain from food, then you mustn’t, but otherwise – fast from eating. Also, I don’t think you have to be absent from your table, especially if you have small children, you can sit at meals – just don’t eat, but throughout the day – when children are napping or at school or having their own “quiet time” alone in their rooms, then slip away to pray. Pray before they are up, pray when they are put to bed. God knows our heart and what we are trying to accomplish – to know Him more intimately, and He will honor that.

  25. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord thank you for your bread lord in jesus name amen!

  26. Rachel LeeBenton says:

    I’m in the same boat as you. I’d like to hear/know more about fasting in our stage of life.

  27. Olivia Winters says:

    Our church did a 24hr fast to focus prayer on our pastor (for pastor appreciation month) and I really liked it but I’m also slightly confused. How do I do it properly? I have 3 kids 4 and under so I didn’t have time during meal times to go away and pray and read scripture so every time my stomach growled I prayed a quick pray to God. I really want to incorporate fasting more regularly into my spiritual walk but I feel like I need to understand it more first. What do you all do on your fasting days or does anyone have a good book to recommend?

  28. MaryHannah Thomas says:

    Don’t flaunt your fasting, but do it to build your relationship with God. There is spiritual growth in fasting, whether bread or social media.

  29. Nicole McDuffie says:

    I’ve been fasting for almost 6 months. Although, I started to based on the scientific research found to help not only lose weight, but heal our bodies from the inside out. Our cells are “cleansed” on a cellular level, it helps epilepsy patients from having seizures and is know to dramatically help with type 2 diabetes. I never connected my daily fasting (I’ve gone up to 42 hrs without food many times.) to my spiritual fasting or to my walk with Christ. I’m a bit annoyed with myself for not making that deeper connection sooner. Grateful for digging into this today because I now have a renewed sense and connection to the real reason I fast….to chase after Jesus!! Eye opening aha moment for me today.

  30. Kayla Albano says:

    This part of the study was so timely for me, as our church is about to enter a three-day corporate fast. For multi-day fasts, whether with our church or just in our home, my husband and I usually do a partial food fast (e.g. only a light snack in the morning and a simple dinner in the evening) paired with something else that has a hold on us. Last year we fasted t.v. and social media in January, and it was just what we needed. For those asking, I think fasting things besides food is great – even creative! I think a good goal is to fast something that has too much of your attention, whatever that may be. Don’t take an easy way out.

    Today, this study really has me focusing on my posture toward my fast (am I approaching it begrudgingly and lazily or with a humble, expectant spirit?), and how I present myself during said fast (am I grumpy and unkempt? Or am I gracious and well-kept…which is definitely an extra challenge as I work from home right now and prefer sweatpants and no make-up these days LOL). So I’m going to make a list of specific things I can pray about when I get hungry or want to reach for the remote and it may sound silly, but I’m going to actually dress up/put some make up on for remote work over the next couple days so that I’m presenting my best self rather than one that is focused on what’s lacking.

  31. Jessica Scheks says:

    The 40 Day Sugar Fast by Wendy Speake has been life changing for me. The way she writes about prayer and fasting is so deep and motivating. I feel so close to the Lord when I’m fasting from sugar and going through her book. She also has a social media fast that just came out and I’m going to do for Lent! Cant recommend her resources enough!

  32. Penny M says:

    Taylor, anything from Lysa TerKeurst is good, but my favorite is “Uninvited. “ John Mark Comer’s book “God has a Name” is excellent.

  33. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I have never fasted from food before. I have done a partial food fast, where you cut out snacks or sweets, or social media. It has been hard, but I have seen so much fruit come out of it. I felt so much closer to the Lord. I’m a little scared to totally fast from food. I have a fast metabolism and get dizzy if I don’t eat regularly. I will have to seek the Lord and see if he wants me to fast from food in the future.

  34. Rebecca Sassak says:

    “Giving up something good, for something greater” is very powerful.

  35. Beth Truax says:

    Like Annie F. Downs stated in this weeks podcast, the only people who need to know about your fast are your doctor, pastor and she mentioned a therapist, which I don’t have. It’s to be done in secret. Your father know what you do. The whole world doesn’t need to.

  36. Alicia Gilbert says:

    For you ladies looking for alternate non-food ways to fast, I would recommend “Seven” by Jen Hatmaker. She wrote this book years ago before swerving her platform from Christian to more self-help genres, and it was a convicting book for me. One thing I have been “fasting” from (or working to fast from) over the years is excess material possessions. So I have taken time where I literally do not online or in store shop for 3 months other than groceries/basic bills for example. It reminds me that God provides me with my daily bread, and my comforts are not of this world. I never realized how difficult it is not to buy material things until I stopped doing it during a “fast” just because of my attachment to material comforts. And I truly recognize the privilege in my previous statements. It’s just convicting all around. It’s definitely a rhythm I need to return to because I think shopping has become a periodic anxiety reliever again during covid. And it’s the little things like a trinket from the dollar section at target or a cosmetic not on my grocery list or a shirt on sale. For those of you that have done SM fasts, has anyone outright deleted your accounts? If so, I’d love to hear your experience “on the other side” of that decision.

  37. Jen says:

    I’ve been stymied over trying to figure out the connection between Pharisees Fasting while the Disciples Feast and what that has to do with patching old clothes with new cloth or new wine in old wineskins. I appreciate the idea that we are doing something new with the life of Christ and the old ways do not fulfill the same purpose as they did before. This week our pastor gave a sermon on fasting (I missed it unfortunately) and I had been turned off as I knew people who were fasting before Congress and Senate confirmed Biden – and I felt like they missed the Isaiah 58 piece of the purpose of fasting. To break the chains of wickedness, to set the oppressed free, to share bread with the hungry, bring the poor and homeless into our home, to clothe the naked and care for our own families. I was unable to voice my concerns because I love these people so much, but I fear their purposes for fasting were not to seek God’s will with humility, but to show support to a man, not God. Trying to make a political statement instead of secretly serving God in actions of humility, love, and kindness.

  38. Caitlyn says:

    I’ve always been wary of fasting. I grew up reading Chicken Soup for the Girl’s Soul and other related books and topics that I learned fasting = starving. I had read so many stories of young girls and women “fasting” to lose weight that easily turned into eating disorders and other health issues, and it wasn’t supported by any of my communities like my family, and none of the churches I went to/currently attend talk about fasting as a practice; it was more of something that happened back then.

    This devotional has been enlightening and I think I have a better understanding of the differences between fasting for spiritual growth and fasting for oneself. I’m still very wary and uncomfortable about it because of health-related issues, but I like the idea of defining fasting more broadly to do something physical to give yourself time and space to recenter and focus on God. The last two paragraphs were very helpful because just last night I had been scrolling through Netflix trying to find something new to watch and it soon turned into wasted time that I could have spent working on my relationship with God or doing something productive and healthy around me like cleaning the dishes in the sink for my mental health.

  39. Tyra Babington says:

    Melanie – SAME for me! I’ll pray for us both :)

  40. Angela M says:


    When I was reading today’s passage, that exact part re: putting new wine in old skins, struck me in a new way too. It made me think more literally about putting only “good” back into the body after a fast versus whatever type of “junk” we were feeding into it before. Whether that be junk food, negativity, social media, or anything else that we were/are addicted to.

  41. Monique Wanner says:

    I appreciate all of you ladies so much. This is my first month on SRT and I so look forward to being in the Word and then reading yalls thoughts, struggles and prayers. Our church is also doing a Daniel Fast right now for 21 days. Monday was our first day and I’m really struggling with it. Food has always been my answer to every emotion but I feel the “numbness” it induces wearing off as I seek the Lord more regularly instead.

  42. Bridgette says:

    Dorothy, I agree with your post. It was a blessing to me.
    Be blessed

  43. Traci Gendron says:

    I would have a hard time fasting from food. My blood sugar gets wacky. But I need to fast from social media!

  44. Amy Strohmeier says:

    Our church is in the middle of our annual 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting (day 11). It has honestly become one of my favorite seasons each year!

  45. Lena Medina says:

    This is a good one. I’ve chosen to listen to a quick 15 minute podcast on the news and then turn it off for the day. I often get too involved…leads to anxiety and less time in prayer.

  46. Dorothy says:

    Does fasting have to be from food? Can fasting be from television, video games or social media like Tameshia said in her last paragraph? I have tried fasting from food but with having reflux and hypoglycemia I can’t do it. I believe fasting doesn’t need to be from food, it needs to be from what controls your life if the Lord doesn’t control your life. Right now I need to fast from my TV and video games and concentrate more on the Lord.
    Lord, help us to fast from whatever it is that is controlling our lives right now. Help us to pay more attention to you. Let us know You are with us when things are hard and when they are good. Lord thank you for all the good things you have done in my life and in the world during a time of gloom and despair. Continue to watch over us. Amen.
    Be blessed sisters.

  47. Nicole Felten says:

    I think I need to fast from the news… though it is important, it’s not as important as Christ and has been filling my head lately with negative thoughts. It’s DEFINITELY not preaching the love God talks about in Scripture. Lord, why can’t we just all love each other and get along together?

  48. Lolly Regan says:

    Lord make me aware of what I must fast from… amen

  49. Monie Mag says:

    I have read and passed over many times Jesus’s words of not putting new wine in old wine skins, but today I was shown that Jesus did not come to repair or patch up the me (the old me). I am totally new in Him, my heart is a new vessel for Him to pour new wine (Himself, new life, living bread) into. So thankful and full of gratitude. Our church is also on a 21 day fast. Stephanie, I also desire to see Isaiah fulfilled in my life for our Fathers glory

    1. Pam Williams says:

      Thank you for the picture you just painted of this passage. I’ve always considered it a bit difficult to understand.

  50. Karen Hartman says:

    Good to realize that fasting can also be from other things that pull our attention- like social media, Netflix and phones!!!

  51. kate says:

    Fasting has always been hard for me do apply. I am trying to be more focused this year so am taking some baby steps in joining in with the fast our church is doing this month. I appreciate that our pastor gave us several ways to fast as not everyone is the same. My choice for the week was to give up my caffeine – one of my favorite things and my body is very addicted to it. I’m on day 3 and, aside from the headaches, proud of myself for letting myself be a bit uncomfortable and joining with our congregation in prayer. I truly believe the more that participate the stronger we are as we lift up each other, our pastor and our prayers for our city.

  52. Megan Martinez says:


  53. Melissa Mcronney says:

    Thank You Jesus.. Fill me up Holy Spirit, in Jesus name Amen

  54. Dianna McFarland says:

    Fasting, is a preparation for days ahead. Deeper roots through relationship focus on and in Jesus.

  55. Kath Patterson says:

    My daughter, with the Holy Spirit’s help, fully recovered from an eating disorder! This has been 15 years ago now. She chooses to fast with things other than food, or maybe just a specific special food that has too much power in her life. I hope this is helpful to some. God can do all good things!

  56. Kathy Atterson says:

    For the first time, I understand fasting. Great news!!!

  57. KJ Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing the battles with eating disorders. What a disease and what strength to discuss here. Our church is starting a 21 day fast and a family member with an eating disorder just came to stay with me bc of struggles with depression and anxiety bc of all this COVID crazy,so I am praying for balance. I am fasting from sweets only and was going to do full day fasts but I don’t think I will now. They don’t need another trigger at this time. It’s so good that God looks on our heart ♥️. The reminder is to worship God above all else so I’m going to focus on that, knowing Gods timing is perfect and he will use this time for his glory and my refinement.

  58. Laurie Crary says:

    Amen Stephanie.

  59. SJ says:

    Beautifully written. Thank you.

  60. Ana Valenzuela says:

    Before I completely let go of social media I often thought about it, it certainly sparked my interest to let go and be with God rather than holding onto any account. This app is mainly the one I am often in and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It just seemed too much to constantly “update” like “look what I’m doing” and not feeling enough of God in my life – best decision I have ever made. Thank you SRT! I see you all as well and I am happy to be a part of this community.

  61. Kristina Mari says:

    After reading this, I think it’d wise for me to fast. Just need to sit down and figure out what I need to fast from – what’s pulling me away from God’s love

  62. Laurie Martin says:


  63. Maura says:

    What a gift to my day it is to come here every morning and learn with and from you all. It is so interesting to me as I have this past year reasearched and listened to talks on intermittent fasting and the health benefits of it. And in the midst of it, I thought of course it is good for us on so many levels because God only asks us to do things that are good for us. Being a type 1 diabetic I have not done much fasting in my life, but now on a low carb diet, will returning to one after a break, I know I am able to fast safely. I just need to set my focus wholly on the Lord and know this will feed me the Bread of Life. Our God is so good! Praying for you Taylor for your tests to come back good and for all you are doing now for your career. Abbey Byrd praying for safety and repair of your spine. I dealt with bulging discs and surgery really helped me. Praying you will be able to have relief and for no permanent damage to your spinal cord. And God’s peace protection and love around you as you deal with any waiting you might have. Angie, thanks for your prayers for fasting, saving them to pray along with you. Tina, 11 puppies, I can only imagine as my niece had 8 and just recently gave them away. I had asked her for her address recently so as not to look it up and she texted back, puppy poo way. She also has 3 little ones 7 and under. Thanks for all the joy and stories each one of you shares here my sisters, for it blesses my days, and encourages my heart. Praying you feel our Jesus strength and grace embracing you in all your moments this day.

  64. Serenity Jo says:

    Once again SRT is right in line with what the Holy Spirit is doing in my life right now. My local church is currently doing 21 days of fasting. I love how God’s heartbeat is always in tune with his people. ❤️

  65. Amanda Keldsen says:

    Thank you so much for this post, Taylor! I am also in eating disorder recovery and this really spoke to me. Food is something that is a little tricky for me to completely cut out from a good place.. I think I will just chose to fast from other things. Like alcohol, tv, social media, etc.

  66. Stephanie W says:

    Lord, how I long for the promises of Isaiah 58 to be true in my life, the life of my church, city and nation!

    As we humble ourselves and fast (and pray) may you ‘loose the bonds of wickedness, let the oppressed go free, feed and bring the homeless into your house. My your light break forth like the dawn, bring healing speedily, rebuild our cities, satisfy us and make us strong’ (ESV)

  67. Rebecca Eaton says:

    Fasting from social media and news is what I need to connect and listen to God better. So much distraction in this world right now.

  68. Alicia Gilbert says:

    Fasting can be a difficult topic. I think our own sin today matches closely with those of the Pharisees. People don’t often go around fasting to look pious these days, though I’m sure there are some. Rather, today, especially during times of lent, people seem to “fast” as a way of dieting, and they want everyone to know how “good” they’re being on their diet. Both demonstrations of fasting make an idol out of yourself and your pride, and it undermines the purpose of fasting — to root out sin in our lives and draw nearer to the Father. This type of insincere fasting can be both tempting and unintentional. So I’m really glad to see the folks that have struggled with disordered eating patterns recognize the ability to fast from many other things. Since I have type 1 diabetes, it is actually physically difficult for me to fast from food without having issues with low blood sugars. But I have realized over the years that when I fast from the things that really steal my attention and time — phones/apps, television, shopping/new material things, I still experience myself drawing near to the Father. So I hope this post helps reassures people that fasting doesn’t have to be legalistic. It took me a long time and a lot of heartache to learn that, but I truly believe it.

  69. Karrie says:

    I am new here. I’ve been going thru a difficult separation and have been off work for almost 3 months due to covid. I have been using this time to read my bible, pray and follow these reading plans daily. Thank you so much for creating this!!! It has helped me immensely. I too have discovered I spend way too much time on social media and I am going to give it up for lent. This is new to me but I realize how much time is wasted on it and how much more time I could be spending with God if I were to give it up. Thank u ladies for commenting daily, I truly enjoy reading the comments. It helps me understand and relate better. ❤️

  70. Ramona says:

    Allison I agree I always associated food with fasting, not social media, tv, or material things that distract me from God’s word.
    Have a blessed day SRT and sisters in Christ.

  71. Mom to many says:

    I too have fasted from most social media for over a year and find my life is less anxious. My struggle with fasting is then actually spending that time focussed on things of the Lord and not just filling that time with other daily tasks which can be so distracting! I do often find I need to remind myself to have grace in these disciplines and that they will be different in each of our lives.

    I am encouraged that my 23 yr old son is leaning into spiritual disciplines and fasts from food every Thursday and he is an example to me.

    I am so grateful for each of your posts and experiences. It is truly a Holy Spirit breath every morning that is one of the sweetest parts of my day. As we enter into another 28 day state of emergency lock down in my corner of Canada I pray for creativity and wisdom in how to continue to fulfill the mission of Jesus.

  72. Rachel from Texas says:

    Taylor, so many books I could recommend!! Anything by Elisabeth Elliot, Jen Wilkins, Ruth Chou Simons, Annie F. Downs, Valerie Werner, or Anne Ortlund! The Ruthless elimination of Hurry by Comer. You’re Not Enough, and That’s Okay by Allie Beth Stuckey. Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson. Is that a good start? Haha

  73. Renee Hernandez says:

    It’s not often that I could fast a whole day or even a whole meal. Ever since I have been married and now with children, there are too many people around that wonder why I’m not eating. The only way I have found to fast in these loving circumstances is to fast from my food choices that I eat or make alone. Snacks, second helpings,coffee-that one is hard. Coffee is such a social drink for my husband and I that I decided when I fast from coffee to spend time closer to God in those moments of craving( caffeine withdraw) that I would not say no to coffee offered by my husband. God was giving me a moment to enjoy both my husbands love and a gift from God. Over the years there have definitely been some moments where I hold a cup of coffee in my hands and it’s not just another cup but a true praise God for gift both big and small.

  74. Rhonda Wood says:

    What a wonderful thing to fast and feed in Jesus alone.

  75. Allison Jones says:

    I always associated fasting with food. I didn’t associate it with other things.

  76. Wendy says:

    Meg, you named it, for me as well. My to do list I validate as my purpose, it’s become my normal, and a comfort zone. So my challenge is can I go a day without my list? Yikes! So….”This is the day that the Lord has made let us be glad and ( make a list and finish it) NO let us BE GLAD AND REJOICE IN IT!” Psalm 118:24.
    Thanks for putting this in my view!

  77. Amanda Mowrey says:

    Going to try this too!

  78. Taylor Hite says:

    my church did a sermon on fasting and specifically addressed those with eating disorders and disorders around food in a way that was so loving and non shaming. i have been in recovery from anorexia for 11+ years and really appreciated that angle being addressed as well as everything else. not sure where i’m going with this, but i was just really grateful for this because i never saw fasting as something i should do, simply because it might not be safe/healthy – UNLESS i am in a very good place in my recovery. hopefully one day i will be able to, if/when the Lord puts it on my heart and brings me to a safer place in my recovery!

  79. Hannah W. says:

    As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for most of her life, fasting from food has always served as a trigger for me. However, I am learning in this new season of healing that the Lord is sweeter than I ever knew, and that he knows our hearts and our struggles. So, if you’re like me and fasting from food has always led to deeper food slavery, please feel encouraged today that there are other options to draw near to God. (Right now in this quarantine life style, that looks like not watching TV for me!)

  80. Taylor says:

    As the season of Lent approaches, I feel God calling me to give up something. After reflecting on the question in the devotion “What are the things that compete for my undivided attention above God?” my first thought is social media. When I was doing my clinical and working 11 hour days my screen time was only around 2 hours per day. Now that I’m home studying for my boards it has jumped up to about 5 hours per day. While I consistently do my devotions each morning, social media is absolutely an idol in my life. Maybe I can spend the time fasting from social media to read books that will help deepen my faith. I read two books last year outside of my daily devotions that were very encouraging. I’m open to any and all recommendations for books you ladies have been encouraged by in your faith about any topic! Thanks in advance :)

  81. Amber Owensby says:

    Giving up something good for Someone better!

  82. Meg McClain says:

    Other than my phone, I realized the thing most competing for my attention are my to do lists. I am so constantly focused on what needs to be done or accomplished that I miss the opportunities to be still and hear God.

  83. Ann Valliyakalayil says:

    I love the idea of putting away temporal things to focus on the eternal.

  84. Meg Jett says:

    This has been a good reminder to me that I often focus too much on the small pleasures of life and forget the incredible God who created those small pleasures. I fill up too much on temporary pleasures and miss the other great things God is doing in and around me.

  85. Cara Bruinius says:

    Church mouse, Angie and Jos, thank you for your perspectives. I have been slowly cutting off my time on social media platforms. I really have appreciated reading John Mark Comer’s book (SRT interviewed him last week). Much to process and much to continue.
    The passages today that I wrestle with hard is Isaiah 58. Fasting isn’t just for my sake, this is to open my eyes to the injustice around me and for me to move.
    Anyway, I appreciate all of you very much.

  86. Megan Henderson says:

    Food definitely can have a stronghold on me, but I think my biggest need for fasting is from social media. On the new year, my husband and I both installed timers on our phones that track our phone usage. It “locks” out of certian apps if we are on them too much. Its been eye opening to see how much of my day is devoted to various phone activities. I like the idea of picking a day and fasting from social media completely.

    1. Victoria Fowlkes says:

      I think I’m going to do the same. More than any other thing in my life my phone distracts me. Social media games news texting. I think a fast from my phone would definitely help me focus on my heavenly Father

  87. Brandi Smith says:


  88. Sarah says:

    Honestly, I’ve always been resistant to fasting because any time I had ever seen it being done, it was being done with much proclamation. “I can’t. I’m fasting.” “I fast every week.” “We should all be fasting.” It just seemed like a show, which was exactly what the Matthew 6 verses warn against. I could practically see the sackcloth and mournful faces (pious) on the faces of the fasters. I could never understand why people fasted exactly like Jesus said NOT to! This was all as a teenager and young adult. Impressionable years, for sure. It took me years to shed that and to understand that I could not allow my observations to continue to dictate my own relationship with fasting. A few years ago, our pastor suggested we all fast every Monday — fast from whatever it is that distracts us the most. I did the social media fast every Monday for a few months, and I’m so glad I did. Thanks for this reminder. I’m going to try to remember to add this back into my life.

  89. Andrea Palencia says:

    I want my soul and spirit to be sustained by the true mana, the Bread of Life. Give up something good, to gain something greater!

  90. Ellen Daniels says:

    Distractions are all around us. It truly has to be a daily choice to seek Jesus with all we have. I want to do better everyday to become more Christlike in my ways.

  91. Courtney Roberts says:

    I began fasting social media this month and you are so right. What a freedom it has given! God is good.

  92. Bronwen Rogers says:

    Growing up we were required to fast one Sunday a month. I didn’t understand, as a child, the point. I thought of it as punishment. These passages give me a better perspective of the reasons. As an adult, I get it! Thank you Jesus for the wisdom through Your Word.

  93. Angie says:

    Random thoughts I am pondering:
    The purpose (heart and mind attitude) of the fast is more important than the act of the fast. The doing without MUST be in an attitude of drawing closer to God, offering up the time to be with Him.

    The fact that I presently have something to fast from, whether food, leisure activities, or whatever, should leave me humbly grateful the God has blessed me so. I only have to offer, what He has provided.

    I knew a public school teacher who fasted every Monday over lunch and prayed for her classroom and school. People knew, so no one bothered her. In 2021, I thought I would take Monday’s lunch break to spend more time in God’s Word and in prayer. But, Monday, it was too cold for the kiddos to go outside for recess. They were in the classroom with me. You can probably figure out the rest… :) I do get little 3-5 minute times where I turn the worship music on my phone and praise 2-3 times a week.

    The Isaiah passage is one I want to commit to memory. I pray for the breaking of the chains of wickedness, the ropes of oppression loosed, that the hungry would be fed (the Bread that gives Life), the homeless sheltered (in the dwelling place of the Almighty), and the naked clothed (in the fine linen of the bride in the marriage of the Lamb). Lord, use us in this day as we are able to help fill those needs in the present, but specifically for the gift of eternal life with You.

    Finally, Churchmouse, thank you for sharing about your fast from social media. I do not spend much time on Facebook but have been praying about whether I need to discontinue that completely…partly for what they stand for/against, for the time it takes, and because honestly, if I haven’t read what my friends are doing in a post, I will probably spend time communicating with them and asking them, which is always better.

    Blessings sisters, may God guide us closer to Him daily.

  94. Deborah Bassoff says:


  95. Churchmouse says:

    Oh Tina, 11 puppies(what breed?)! How busy and exhausted you must be and yet you take the time to post here. Dear friend, I’m praying for sound snatches of sleep for you, that the Lord would give you the energy needed. It’s always so good to hear from you, to imagine sitting across from you, just chatting about the goodness of our God. One day, dear friend, one day! A bunch of blessings to you and a big hug from this side of the pond!

  96. Churchmouse says:

    Fasting from social media since last March has been such a gift to myself. I hadn’t truly realized how much time I wasted, time which could have been devoted to holier pursuits. Now my mind is quieter, my emotions calmer, my heart more in step with the Holy Spirit. I’m so grateful the Holy Spirit prompted me to do this. I hear Him so much better. I pray more. I worship more. I’m at peace.

  97. Stefanie Yung says:

    I definitely related to Tameshia when she said she was a self-proclaimed foodie! But as she said, God invites us to give up something good for something even greater. I am challenged to fast and seek His face and presence in a deeper way!

  98. Tina says:

    The arrival of my dogs’ 11 pups on New years eve has me all discombobulated! Feeding every 2 hours,(which often just roll into each other), lack of sleep, and absolute and confused tiredness is overwhelming me! Food is taken in as and when..

    I would normally have began the year with a 28 day Daniel fast.. in fact until this moment it had totally slipped my mind…

    But God…

    Gentle wonderful, Saviour God.., He brings me here every morning, to touch base with you, not to respond as I would will, but to breathe in His word and commune, silently, and for the precious moments afforded me, savour His Word, taking to my heart His faith-filled truth that sustains me..

    Fasting may not be an option at the moment with all that us going on..

    But God.. His nearness is evident, our connection secure, He refreshes, though the bags( suitcases) grow under the eyes, He refuels enough to string words together and function well.
    He has afforded me that grace to touch base with words( off piste though they may be) to ya’ll this morning.

    Thank you God. Thank you God, Thank you..

    Hope filled that these words will find you all well. Sending love and hugs, absolutely wrapped in prayers for a beautifully God blessed day for each of you my sisters in Christ..❤