Day 10

Esther Intervenes for the Jews

from the Esther reading plan

Esther 8:1-17, Romans 8:10-11, Colossians 3:1-4

BY Melanie Rainer

As I read today’s chapter in Esther, all I can picture in my mind is the end of war. A ticker tape parade, kissing in Times Square, hot-off-the-actual-presses newspapers that stain your hands with ink. It’s the kind of overly romanticized celebration that stamps itself into history and, for a moment, forgets the horror and atrocities that preceded it. 

Esther chapter 8 is a glorious celebration of the Lord’s provision and protection for His people. Haman is dead, the Jews are safe, and the king allows Mordecai to use his signet ring to declare the Jews victorious. Mordecai experienced not only pardon, but he was raised to be in charge of Haman’s estate. It was a restoration beyond imagination. 

And so, the Jews celebrate with gladness, joy, and honor (Esther 8:16). They create a new holiday, the festival of Purim. Couriers race on the fastest horses to spread the good news throughout the whole land. It’s over! The fear, the danger, the hopelessness. 

Don’t you long for that kind of freedom and joy? To know that you would no longer have to fear? 

This momentary victory in Persia would not be a harbinger of peace for the Jews for very long, but for the time being, it was enough. From oppressed to honored, from fearful to safe, from tear-stained to joy-filled—God had delivered His people yet again. And the best news? God continued to deliver His people, situationally, culminating in the day He permanently offered His Son Jesus to secure forever deliverance, gladness, joy, and honor for all who believe in Him. 

The story of Esther ends in triumphant celebration, and our story will too. For those who belong to Jesus, our future is secure and safe. But it is more than safe; it is glorious. Every celebration on earth will pale in comparison to the overflowing, overwhelming joy of Jesus’s return. When He comes again, all oppression, fear, injustice, anger, pride, and grief will be gone forever. We will lose all bonds of sin, but we will also gain the righteousness of Christ and an eternal companionship with God. 

Colossians 3:4 says, “When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.” Indeed, Christ holds our victory and restoration, and He offers them freely to us. So, gather the people, write a proclamation of joy and freedom, sealed with the blood of Jesus. Celebrate with gladness, joy, and honor. The victory is ours through Christ! 

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  1. Brooke Ramsey says:


  2. Megan Beach says:

    So thankful we have a secure and hopeful future in Christ. And thankful we have a king we can keep coming back to, and keep asking for. He never gets tired of hearing our requests

  3. Lauren Griffin says:

    What a beautiful picture of the gospel. Esther intervening for the Jews who had a death sentence the way that Jesus intervenes for us who are dead in our sins. Thank you Jesus

  4. Nicole Meadows says:

    Karen, so true. Thanks for the reminder to keep asking and don’t give up.

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