Day 5

Esther Approaches the King

from the Esther reading plan

Esther 5:1-14, Proverbs 16:18, Mark 6:14-29

BY Erin Davis

Haman’s gallows were built with the whispers of his wife and friends. I’m mortified by the power of these diabolical words. Though their intent was to plot for the downfall of Haman’s enemy, Mordecai, they instead set the stage for the execution of Haman and his sons (Esther 9:25). In the most jarring way, Zeresh and Haman’s friends serve as archetypes of the kind of person I never want to be. 

There are other examples embedded in this chapter of Esther. Let’s start with Haman. His appetite for power was insatiable. His pride, it seems, knew no bounds. When Mordecai refused to stand and honor him, Haman became enraged. In his anger at Mordecai, he became a threat to the well-being of all the Israelites living in Persia.

In Haman, I’m reminded of a more powerful enemy, the one who seeks to harm all of God’s children everywhere. The devil is the enemy of God and His people, seeking to devour and destroy (1Peter 5:8). Haman’s plot to eradicate the Jewish people in Persia is simply one strand of a larger, deadlier sickness. The devil’s efforts to destroy God’s people began long before Haman ordered the genocide of God’s people, and they have continued long after.

This danger compels me to open my Bible, to remember the hero who can rescue me from unrelenting evil. In today’s reading, we find that because Esther had found favor with King Ahasuerus, he offered her whatever she wanted, “even to half of the kingdom” (Esther 5:3). How much better is the offer from our good and perfect King? King Jesus is our true hope. Our Jesus extended grace to us, inviting us into the work of His kingdom, one that could not be shaken (Hebrews 12:28).  

This reality takes the story of Esther out of the history books and into our lives. The threat continues. The enemy is still plotting the destruction of the people of God. He is set on our death through sin. The proverbial gallows have been built for us. But look! Our good King has extended grace toward us. He invites us to boldly approach His throne, “so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16). 

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  1. Gayle R says:

    Thank you, God, for y

  2. Lady Di KP-2 says:

    What is it the king asks of us. I want you Jesus.

  3. Megan Beach says:

    I think one bigger sin we as a whole don’t discuss or want to address is the sin of pride. But our pride will be our downfall and the devil knows it. Such a great reminder how destructive our own pride and need to control things can actually be our downfall. I walked away from this story today reminded—God knows everything and his way is best. Also… he has won the war. It never ends well for those who try to mess with people who have found favor in the eye of the Lord

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