Day 4

Encounters with Christ: Thomas

from the The Resurrected Life reading plan

John 20:24-31

BY Andrea Lucado

Text: John 20:24-31

There was a period in my life when I identified with Thomas’ doubts. I read his story and was uncertain about the basics of my own faith. I questioned what I believed. Was Jesus who He said He was, and did He really rise from the grave? Has His resurrection truly brought me my salvation? Like Thomas, I wanted to see Him in the flesh and lay my hand on His scars.

It was a hard but good place to be. Wrestling with doubt and being honest about our questions can bring us to a deeper faith in a powerful way.

These days, I don’t spend as much time struggling with this type of doubt. By His grace, the Lord has somehow brought me to a more secure place, and I’m grateful that I no longer doubt as I used to. But as I read this story in John again, I realize it’s not that my doubting days are over, it’s just that my doubting looks different now.

I think we’re all “Doubting Thomases” in our own way. Maybe I don’t doubt my faith as much as I once did, but I doubt other things. Take God’s character, for instance. I’ve sometimes wondered, Is He really good? Does He care for me? He was faithful those other times, but will He be faithful this time?

Some days, I doubt the cross and its effectiveness in my life. I get stuck on questions like, Did Jesus really save me? Does His sacrifice still count, even when I continue to commit this same sin again and again?

I doubt Christ’s steadfast love and the permanence of His forgiveness. Surely He’ll give up on me this time. Surely I’m no longer worthy to be called God’s child. Surely grace is for everyone else, but not for me.

No matter where we are in our faith/doubt journey, we all struggle with unbelief. That’s what makes Thomas’ story so encouraging. Although we doubt and question and are fearful in different ways, the answer—the proof we need—is the same for us as it was for Thomas. It’s found in Jesus’ words:

“Put your finger here and observe My hands. Reach out your hand and put it into My side. Don’t be an unbeliever, but a believer.”
-John 20:27

I think it’s incredible that we serve a God who doesn’t shun us in our doubts but actually moves toward us in the midst of them, offering us the proof we’re asking for. In the midst of our unbelief, Jesus tells us to look to Him in order to believe again.

What do you need to believe in today?

Is it the basics of your faith? Look at the resurrection.
Observe the scars on His hands and put your hand into His side.

Is it God’s goodness? Look at God’s Son whom He sent to save us.
Observe the scars on His hands and put your hand into His side.

Is it His grace? Look at the cross.
Observe the scars on His hands and put your hand into His side.

Jesus’ scars are not only our proof—they are our hope for every doubt. They are the Truth that casts out every fear and lie.

Jesus comes to us just as He came to Thomas in that room with the disciples. He invites us to see and believe for ourselves, so that we may trust in the resurrection and what it means for us—and what it will mean for us, every day of our lives and after.SRT-ResLife-Instagram4s

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  1. Myra Heathman says:

    Sometimes its hard to tell what God has planned in our lives ladies waiting and praying for a child. My advice to you is please don’t let that steal your joy. I did that when my husband and I tried everything available in the 80’s
    longing for the second child having exploratory surgery, surviving 2 ectopic pregnancies and major surgeries. I see now that it was a perfect plan that God knew for us to only have one child. Please pour yourself into a passion of yours and maybe even busy yourself more than you want to. Sometimes when people go thru the process of adoption, they will get pregnant. Doctors say that we can be so tense that our tubes actually close.
    My heart goes out to you

  2. Keirsten Rogers says:

    AMAZING!! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever related to something as much as I just did. I downloaded She Reads Truth because I started not believing in God as much and being a lukewarm (not even a lukewarm really just a person doing their own thing with no rules). I one day found myself at deaths door and God saved my life and it was that very moment when I realized I needed to pull myself together…so I did now I read one chapter of the bible each day….I pray at night and in the mornings and I talk to God. I’ve always had a little doubt ab God but not much I love him and I know he loves me ♥️

  3. Peyton says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear. In complete honesty, I’ve been struggling with insecurity since coming back to school. I’ve been telling myself that nobody will like me, nobody will want to hangout with me, but most importantly I’ve been placing that insecurity onto Jesus. Jesus is the only one who will never fail me nor leave my side because of what He did on the cross for me. Reading about Thomas and how he doubts Jesus being raised from the dead reminds me how Satan has convinced me that I am not secure in Christ and that I am not worth it to the One who paid it all for me. I don’t need to see the wounds He obtained from saving me because Christ will choose me every single day.

  4. Nikravesous says:

    Thank you for another great devo, SRT! I think I most often doubt God’s promises and thus, in a way, His goodness. I have been praying for years to become a mother and we finally got pregnant last November just to lose the baby in February. I had felt while pregnant like this was finally the answer to my cries. He used the miscarriage as a powerful force to draw me closer to Him but despite this new depth to my faith I often doubt His plan. Scripture says children are a blessing and I know it is God’s desire to bless HIS children, but I also know there are faithful, wonderful couples who remain childless. This is hard to reconcile and though I try to be ok with it, I often fear I will be one of the faithful barren. It has been a painful process of giving up my dearest hopes and dreams to God and trusting that He will cherish them as I do and I often slip. But His Word declares His goodness and I trust that whatever His plan is for my family it is better than any I could devise. Praise the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever!

    1. Tina says:

      My heart breaks for you! Through the pain you have found your strength. Days come and go where I’m lookin for mine. God is good and always faithful. Even if I don’t understand what he’s doing all the time.

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