Discord and Harmony

Open Your Bible

Genesis 11:1-9, Deuteronomy 32:8, Revelation 5:8-9, Revelation 7:9, Revelation 15:1-5, Revelation 21:24, Revelation 21:26

After reading today’s passages, use the guiding content below to help you reflect, respond, and engage with one another.

In the beginning, God scattered people who did not worship Him. In the end, God’s people are one, a multicultural people united in Christ to sing His praises.

In prayer and in the comments, reflect on any images from today’s passages that were familiar to you. What images point to the different or “beyond” nature of what’s to come?

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114 thoughts on "Discord and Harmony"

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    Okay good to know!

  3. Kerry Rowley says:

    Nashville and many parts of the south are caught in a snow/ice event. Maybe they can’t get into the office. We live in north Alabama and roads continue to be a sheet of ice. We’ve been snowed in since Monday with little hope of getting out until Saturday or Sunday.

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    No 17 or 18 here either!

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    I can’t even seem to post properly

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    I also have nothing past Day 16. Good to know it’s not just my phone, at least

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      I’m also stuck on day 16!

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    Same as the rest of you stuck on day 16.

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    Me either

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      What day are we supposed to be on? I think it’s 18, I just want to make sure, ha!