Day 9

David Moves the Ark of the Covenant

1 Chronicles 13:1-14, 1 Chronicles 14:1-17, Psalm 21:1-13

BY Rachel Marie Kang

I am the one on the stage standing behind the keyboard, leading a congregation of men and women in a song about God.

I am on that stage singing to God, to an audience of one—praising Him who captured my gaze and saved my soul. I’m singing to the God who healed my heart, to the One who showed me the hope of my life held in His hands. And, yet, I am on that stage not merely singing for myself and by myself. No, I am singing with many, joining the mighty chorus of God’s children and praising Him for His faithfulness, in and through the ages, the generations.

All those years ago, as a worship leader on that stage, I was singing to the God who got me through the hardest days of high school, and yet, I was also singing with all the men and women of that small-town church in New York. I was singing to the God who deeply saw and still chose me. I was singing like David and all of Israel celebrating in today’s reading, “with all their might before God with songs and with lyres, harps, tambourines, cymbals, and trumpets” (1Chronicles 13:8).

This Lenten season, we can see ourselves in these Israelites story. Even in our modern exodus and exile, we seek to exalt and enthrone Him for all He is (Psalm 21:13). We seek to lift humble hands and dance undignified, just as Israel, to praise His name (1Chronicles 13:8). We surrender to and fear Him not only because He is faithful to us but because He is faithful to Himself (1Chronicles 13:9–14). We plot plans and make moves, just as David did, only to remember and revere God’s holy and wholly deserving name (1Chronicles 13:3).

In this season—and beyond forevermore—we join our voices with those who have seen the victory of the Lord in the valley (1Chronicles 14:8–12; Psalm 21). We bring pause into our present and peer into the past, all to pour out praise on the One who has proved Himself holy and faithful, time and time again.

We are the ones standing on stages, standing behind keyboards of all kinds, singing and typing away, telling others about the faithfulness of our God. We are His children, the very ones carrying the wind and witness of His presence. Not merely in palaces but in all the places we find ourselves planted, ever singing about His faithfulness that stretches to the sky.

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  1. Kayla Strata says:

    Thank you for your words!

  2. Rachel Marie Kang says:

    Yes, may we remember ♡

  3. Rachel Marie Kang says:

  4. Pam Stayer says:


  5. Teresa Donley says:

    I love that David followed the instructions from the Lord. Even when those instructions differed from the last time he went to Battle, and even though they may not have made sense in warfare. He trusted the Lord and followed his instructions. He was victorious in both instances. May I remember to always follow the instructions of the Lord, even when they don’t make sense to my feeble mind.

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