David Gives Thanks to the Lord

Open Your Bible

1 Chronicles 15:1-29, 1 Chronicles 16:1-43, Hebrews 13:15

Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? Or made a list of things you’re thankful for during a time when thankfulness was the furthest thing from your mind? I don’t know about you, but I always doubt this practice until I’m doing it. It can feel silly at the moment and wholly inadequate for fixing whatever discontentment is taking root in my heart. But no matter how discouraged or far from God I feel, writing down His blessings consistently changes me. 

And it doesn’t have to sound overly spiritual. Sometimes, my journal pages are filled with God’s attributes, and other times it’s as simple as a mug of Glazed Lemon Loaf tea or a voice memo from my best friend. God’s blessings are abundant, and His faithfulness can be seen in every moment of our lives if we look through the lens of belief. 

In today’s passages from 1 Chronicles, we find a similar practice. After David and the Levites found a place for the ark of the covenant in Jerusalem, David marks this holy moment with a blessing for God’s people and a psalm of thanksgiving. “Give thanks to the LORD; call on his name; proclaim his deeds among the peoples,” (1Chronicles 16:8). 

For six paragraphs, we read David’s call for gratitude. Each one is full of action words, commanding God’s people to sing, worship, seek God’s strength, rejoice and remember His works (vv.8–36). Doing so will change them. Unlike other religions, God’s people do not worship a distant or impersonal god but One who is active—and who remains faithful despite our disobedient behavior. 

Like the Israelites, maybe we need a reminder of these deeds. First, God made a covenant with His people. He remained faithful when they were faithless. He continues to speak to them through the words of David and others. And He gave them the hope of a Messiah. 

This kind of thanksgiving-infused praise should be central to our faith today (Hebrews 13:15). Like keeping a gratitude journal, it won’t always come easy at first. But it will change us. It’s also an act of obedience. When we turn our attention to the Lord and remember His faithfulness in our lives, our griefs and day-to-day worries become easier to bear because we remember we know the One companion who helps us carry them. 

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67 thoughts on "David Gives Thanks to the Lord"

  1. Keli Miles says:


  2. Robyn Jones says:

    I may be a little late in the study, but right on time with God’s plan. This lesson goes right along with our ladies class discussion this past Sunday. We were discussing Ps 77, how remembering the “marvelous works and wonders of God”,& DAYENU… a song sung at passover, where his people sang a song of remembrance. After each line of recording God’s provision and love, the refrain “dayenu” is repeated…which means, it would have been enough…but then…!!!
    We are bringing our own individual Deyanu “songs” next Sunday.

  3. Elise Ricks says:

    What app is this please?

  4. Elise Ricks says:

    That’s wonderful

  5. Deborah Jones says:


  6. Erika Martinez says:

    So I am on staff at a church, specifically on our missions team, and every year we choose a phrase that we pray our teams would live by throughout the summer mission trips. This year is “make Him known”, inspired by Psalm 105:1-11. Well to my delight, I come to see just where this Psalm comes from: 1 Chronicles 16:8-18, David’s psalm of thanksgiving. Psalm 105 is titled “God’s faithfulness to His people”, and oh how true that is ❤️

  7. Pam Stayer says:

    That is one of my favorite books! ❤️

  8. Kimberly Vohs says:

    We all have different translations (NKJV, CSV and ESV) to see the different words used, the kids have quickly caught on to pointing out the differences between translations. The first question I ask is “What stood out to you?” Then we kind of go from there. “Were any words repeated?” “Why do you think this detail was included?” “Does this remind you of Jesus in any way?” “What seems odd to you in this passage?” etc.

    My favorite so far has been a discussion we had about gatekeepers, we looked up on Gotquestions.org about the significance of the gatekeepers and it lead to discussion on Holy Spirit being the gatekeeper of our eyes, ears, mouth and heart.

  9. Margaret H says:

    Kathy, this is my all time favorite book. I have read it 8 times and I find something new. Such an awesome reminder of the “little things” around us to be grateful for.

  10. Jeanette Armbrust says:

    The Five Minute Journal is a great one.

  11. michele marbet says:


  12. Angela Flowers says:

    I use an app to journal and have used it for several years. How amazing it is to look back and see what God did! It is easy to forget, I am prone to wonder, as the hymn says. But when I reflect on how he answered, or how he did something, I am truly in awe of his greatness.

  13. sydney dubreuiel says:

    I’ve just started a journal this week, choosing a passage of scripture and reflecting on it. Then, writing how I can apply it to my life and ending with a prayer. I’m definitely going to add the gratitude portion in now. I’d spend every second of every day singing His praises for all of the blessings He’s given me. Every breath is a blessing.

  14. Tami C says:

    I read this question in a devotional somewhere: if you woke up in the morning only having the things that you thanked God for the day before, what would you be left with? Wow that’s a sobering thought. I try to do the list on my head but get distracted. I like the idea of a separate journal. Maybe even just writing three things a day to start small. Have a blessed evening.

  15. J AC says:

    I have been teaching my toddler to pray. So we say the Our Father together and then I ask him what he would like to thank Jesus for today. It always surprises me the little details that he is thankful for. He clearly remembers little moments throughout the day. (Also he might be stalling bedtime, but it is better to have a gratitude mindset). I pray to be more like him in remembering “every moment of blessing and God’s faithfulness throughout the day (paraphrasing the reflection).”

  16. AG says:

    I really enjoyed this devotional today. I love the idea of a gratitude journal. I feel like it can get so easy to get caught up in the day by day things and things can feel mundane, but there is SO much to be thankful for from God. Seeing it written down I’m sure will be helpful. Sending prayers for all of the requests.

  17. Sarah Schones says:

    I love that in the midst of chaos, David commands his people to worship. We always have time to praise God. We should always be making that time. I also love that his response to the repentance and sacrifice IS worship – repentance and sacrifice are HOW we commune with God. They do not drive us away, but spur us on even closer to him. That is why we worship.

  18. Alayna P. says:

    I’ve never done a gratitude journal but I’m going to start one. I need to cultivate that mindset of acknowledging His blessings

  19. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    TINA thank you so much for sharing. I remember that song. I need to remember it more when I am feeling down.

  20. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    I really like the verse before the going deeper Hebrews 13:15. This world is not our permanent home. But while we are here, we need to remember to do good, and share with those as the Lord says, in his word.

    “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come. Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to his name. And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.”
    ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭13‬:‭14‬-‭16‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    I also think I might start doing a gratitude journal. I’m not very good about journaling, but may be doing some thing like that would be different.

  21. Dorothy says:

    Father God, I praise You for ALL You have given me. I have had hard times and good times but You have ALWAYS been there. My adoration for You and Christ are immeasurable. Everyday and every night You are by my side. Your love for me is eternal. I PRAISE Your name and RAISE A HALLUJEH to You, Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Be blessed and let your adoration, love and praise for God show each and every day sisters.

  22. Mercy says:

    @Kimberly Vohs: what a wonderful idea of devotional with kids. And I agree Jen Wilkin’s study courses are phenomenal. I am doing one with my small group and already blown away at the level of revelation she drew out. Also, I am curious how you conduct the study with your kids (like how long the session lasts to have their effective attention span, do you pose questions and what kind to make it fun and for them to think, what translation version you use, etc.) I couldn’t get my kids to be engaged, or my husband lol. I am so impressed hearing what you shared. Would appreciate more help from you.
    @Rhonda J: praying for your chronic pain group, and prison visits, no pain for you and the leader. Loved loved what you wrote yesterday, just forgot to tell you.
    @Sarah D: may new doors open, for joyful work and meaningful work relationships.
    @Victoria E: praying for peace, comfort and divine strength.
    @Dorothy: healing for your body from the ice slip, hope the talk with property management regarding it went well.

    Sisters, I have a prayer for my family to request, kindly pray for my family reconciliation, softened hearts for my mom and brother Austin, strife to be removed. Thank you so much for your prayers and kind hearts.

    Be blessed dear sisters.

  23. Ellen Silva says:


  24. Lulu Franke says:

    i love the idea of a gratitude journal! i think that’s something i need to implicate, and it will help me remember the Lord’s goodness on the days when i am struggling

  25. Kimberly Vohs says:

    After one of you ladies suggested RC Sprouls teaching on Holiness yesterday, I looked it up and listened as I did different chores throughout the day. Just wanted to say “thank you” for that suggestion. Wow it was so so good!!! Secondly, I recently read Jen Wilkins, Women in the Word, and felt so challenged to not just read but to really study. My second reaction was to wish someone had taught me that a long time ago. So anyway after that my husband and I decided to really sit down and “study” the word with our kids. We’ve always done a nightly devotion, but wanted to teach them better how to not just read but study. So we are doing 1&2 Chronicles with them and they keep saying “wow! This is fun! I’m so glad we are doing this!” Lol praise God his word is something we can enjoy!

  26. Cindy Hanna says:

    This isn’t important but I was amused reading the part where David distributed to each and every Israelite, men and women a loaf of bread, a portion of meat, and a raisin cake. To EVERYONE?! Can you imagine the numbers involved? Who did all that baking?! I’ve been involved in feeding large crowds before…they were a daunting task!

  27. Cindy Hanna says:

    @TINA. Your post had me re-reading David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving, inserting my name and making it personal (1 Chronicles 16:7 – 36). It was just what I needed. Felt so refreshed and grateful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Carla Powers says:

    This is devotion is on point for what I’ve been working through with the Lord the last few weeks. I’ve been processing yet another impact of a childhood trauma and struggling with why the Lord didn’t rescue me (protect me) from it – which is what my flesh would have desired. But yet God showed me how He rescued me through it!! When I took the time to list out all the ways He showed up to protect me from the longer lasting implications of it, I was blown away by His faithfulness in walking with me through the years! Even when we are the victim of other people’s sin, God is faithful to redeem it. He never fails to show up. We just have to stop and look for the evidence of how He did!

  29. Cee Gee says:

    There is so much packed into today’s passages! Remembrance, confession, repentance, thankfulness, praise, and celebration.

    SEARCHING – love you, sister! Your comment got me thinking that maybe we seek God more in hard times because we are so busy celebrating in the good times that we don’t leave room/time for honoring Him. Love that quote from HRT!

    RHONDA J – I prayed for your group leader/meeting and for your prison ministry today.

    BRIELLE – Praying for your precious niece and her care team and especially for your sis and b-i-l as they get information and have decisions to make.

    TINA – bless you, sis, for sharing those lyrics! The music director (as they were called way back then) used that hymn regularly in the church I attended as a child. What stuck with me through the years is the authentic beaming smile on his face as he sang Count Your Blessings. That made a forever impact on me and I can’t hear that hymn or see a reference to it without remembering that joyful expression.

    DONNA WOLCOTT, same here! It’s a habit to lift up my hand and say thank you, God.

    Remembering y’all in prayer and thanking God for this beautiful community!

  30. Kimberly Z says:

    @Rhonda J. You’re always such a joy I agree this group is something to be grateful. So sorry about your pain. Praying for your group! @Angi Lawrence I too have had those ugly prayer moments and j would agree they soften your heart. I was listening to a aspire daily video today about how God uses hard times to make us grow and I can’t help but really resonate with that in my life now. @Mari V. Praying your upper management hears you and listens! I know how hard and uncomfortable it can be and I’m right there with you. Praying for ALL of your requests ladies. You’re all so special.

  31. Donna Wolcott says:

    Although I don’t keep a journal, I have an oral list of thanks each day. That list starts off the same and I add new ones as they come up. There are times during the day when I express new gratitude. Prayers lifted for requests and for a blessing on each known and unknown. Churchmouse, Erb, Jennifer Loves Jesus, you are missed and I hope okay. Gratitude for this place I visit each morning and for everyone of you.❤️

  32. Mari V says:

    …..we know the ONE Companion Who helps us carry them. Needed to hear this, this morning.  Good morning and happy Wednesday to you are beautiful She’s! I stepped out in faith and finally said something to upper management. Please pray that it will be received well from their upper management. 

  33. Traci Gendron says:


    Million Little Miracles / song

    So good!

  34. Traci Gendron says:

    Our griefs and day-to-day worries become easier to bear because we remember we know the One companion who helps us carry them. I look back and see all the times God carried me. I am so so thankful everyday. My mornings are filled with God and my studies. I crave getting to know Him better. To desire change in myself. Lord keep my eyes up!

  35. Cheryl Blow says:

    I keep a gratitude journal. It has changed my daily perspective! It is amazing how many times God makes sure to let me know that He sees me! Plus, it is such a great reminder to me to start the day with the right attitude. God is good!

  36. Rebecca W says:

    @rhondaj prayers for your group meeting today!

  37. Rebecca W says:

    Gratitude! Even the secular world is pushing gratitude as a means of feeling better. But gratitude without our God at it’s core is empty and fleeting. Just so grateful, thankful, happy, rejoiceful (think I made that word up) that I am loved by the true source of gratefulness! ❤️
    Thank you Tina, for your hymn today!! Brings back so many memories from singing that as a child. Love it- and you!
    Lifting your niece in prayer for an unscathed mind, and full recovery. Also peace and comfort for your sister and b-i-l.
    Lifting all in prayer with thanksgiving. ❤️

  38. Kathy says:

    Good morning! I loved the devotional today! I especially loved this statement: “God’s blessings are abundant, and His faithfulness can be seen in every moment of our lives if we look through the lens of belief.” Several years ago I read Ann Voskamps book “One Thousand Gifts”. It changed the way I look at gratitude. One of the things that came out of that is that I created a “gratitude” wall in my classroom. Every Thursday my students are given a post-it note and they write three things they’re thankful for. I give them “God, family, and friends” the first week but after that, they have to come up with different things. (We were doing it every day at first, but post-it notes are expensive!!) I love reading the things that they put up there and I pray that it might change their perspective on their day.
    Have a blessed and gratitude-filled day!

  39. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning ladies, praying for all the requests mentioned!!
    Thank you for your prayers! I submitted a mobility form for another job today, so prayers that my supervisor can get it back to me quickly so that I can apply to the new job. I am feeling pretty tired at this job and I think it is finally time for me to leave. Praying the Lord would open doors to another job. It has been a long year and a half at this job, and although I have learned and grown a lot, I am disappointed in the many changes they have made that make it seem like they do not care about their employees. One day at a time though, and trying to stay thankful in the meantime!

  40. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  41. Rhonda J. says:

    Good Morning She’s, lovely comments. I am so thankful for this group and SR, it is a priority and habit to do every morning as I come before the Lord. It’s not even a struggle, it’s a want. The gift of being able to read the scripture (Words from the Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, wow!), the devotional to set the words into a context we can grasp, and YOU, the lovely She’s!! Each comment is beautiful. We are from all different walks of life, ages and experiences, and in different seasons…Yet God, is giving us all something in this reading. He is working in each of our lives, his WORD not coming back void. We may be tired and exhausted, bored and stagnant, stressed or worried, burnt out, or in the midst of the biggest trial of our life!

    But God- He knows every hair on our head, he knows every sparrow that falls from the sky, He is Good, above all, he is good. He is also all powerful and requires our humbleness before him. He can handle it all, but we must look TO HIM to see the blessings come. We all have the ups and downs, valleys and mountains…or the mundane in between, but I know if you are here, YOU WILL be BLESSED!! Amen sisters…stand firm on the rock!

    Prayers for the precious niece and the parents. Lord give us a miracle.

    @Victoria- I am so sorry for your loss. Love you.

    Can you all say a prayer for my Chronic Pain group meeting this morning. It seems the devil is not wanting us to gather together. The leader is in bad pain this morning and asking for prayers and I am moving slow as well. I need some pep in my step this morning for a long day ahead. I have to report to jail today at 1. (lol, I do but it is for ministry, the new ministry that I am loving SO much!) Let us sing JOY to the Lord, and raise up HIS NAME in ALL we do!!

  42. Erica Chiarelli says:

    I have kept a gratitude journal in the past- I need to get into that habit again! I do keep a devotional journal that I write thoughts, verses, prayers, but I need both! I want to live in gratitude &thankfulness…reminding myself all He has done for me!!

  43. Michelle Patire says:

    Good morning!
    Praying for you @Victoria E- May God continue to walk you through this grief process. We are here for you as well as the Church worldwide. Your suffering is not uncommon and God be near to you. <333

    @Brielle- prayers for your niece and her parents. Prayers for strength, wisdom, and courage. May God be near to the little one and keep her and bring miracles through her life.

    @Theresa Storie– glad you made yourself known! thankful you are part of our community:) may we continue to be a blessing toward one another.

    The joy of the Lord is evident in His presence (where the ark of the covenant was) — this stuck out to me. I am a musician and I find it hard to sing certain songs to God if they aren't honest and authentic to my story. I believe our songs should always be authentic. I believe David truly had thanksgiving in the presence of God. He was a man who was taken from the sheepfold to shepherd God's people. He knew humility. He knew God's strength, love, and protection. May our songs of joy and thanksgiving be authentic to the Lord.

  44. Nancy S says:

    Praying for you, Olivia Winters. I raised 6 kids, so I know that “tired” probably means exhausted, especially in these final weeks of pregnancy. I pray that you have good support around you. Even short times in the Word can bring you focus & refreshment. Ask God for what you need. He loves & understands you.

  45. Chris Unander says:

    Praying for your niece and your family to see the mercies of our Lord. ❤️

  46. Tracey Gerard says:

    Olivia,It looks like you are already getting back in the Word! GO YOU! I also have 4 kiddos, and that 4th pregnancy was hard! Praying for strength and joy for you! I believe God pulls you close and shows you Himself as you draw near to Him!

  47. Jenny Somers says:


  48. Kristen says:

    ❤️ @Tina! Wonderful reminders of how Great and. Good God is! Praise Him in the morning, praise Him at the noon time, Praise Him, Praise Him, Praise Him when the sun goes down!
    Now you have me singing a song that I would sing years ago! God bless you all today and keep praising, because He is worthy!

  49. Falyn Cahall says:


  50. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Looking for things to be thankful for is a way we turn our eyes to the Lord (where our help comes from).

    BRIELLE HERBERT – praying for your little niece! Praying your sister and B-I-L feel the presence of the Comforter as they wait for the diagnosis.

  51. Elaine Morgan says:

    I love the idea of keeping a gratitude journal! I have so much to be grateful for that I may fill it up quickly. God has been so good to me. ❤️

  52. Taylor says:

    I’ve fallen out of the practice with my own gratitude journal, and what a good reminder to start again! It is so easy to forget God’s faithfulness. Counting our blessings helps put my heart back in the right perspective. Lord I pray I would REMEMBER all that you’ve done for me, and live out of love and obedience to you over my own desires and will.

    Lifting up all the prayer requests! <3

  53. Olivia Winters says:

    I have been struggling to find the desire to read God’s Word and spend time with him and it’s been showing in my patience with my children. I have 3 kids with number 4 on the way in 9 weeks and I’ve been struggling to find the joy of the Lord in the things I do. I’m just tired… I need to get back into His Word and remember who I’m raising these kids for.

  54. Elaine Morgan says:

    I’m so sorry for your niece @Brielle. I’m praying for her and her parents now.

  55. Theresa Storie says:

    I have been a SRT “she” for nearly 4 years, though I’ve never posted a comment. This community of women and the words of these resources have helped me face so many struggles. Today I want to publicly share my gratitude for each of you. I pray for you, I mourn and celebrate with you. Y’all (I’m in Tennessee) touch my heart. Tina, your comments often cause me to pause, pray, rejoice, or rest in the words of a beautiful soul. Please keep sharing your heart, songs, hymns-I know I speak for many when I say we are grateful. Hugs and prayers to all.

  56. Aimee D-R says:

    Thank you Lord for this study, for Your Word, for a job, my family and my Savior Jesus Chris.

  57. Brielle Hebert says:

    Hi sisters, I’m in need of your prayers this morning. My 5 month old niece stopped breathing last night and was resuscitated after several rounds of CPR. She’s intubated in the ICU but they are not sure yet how severe her brain damage is. My heart just breaks for my sister and her husband. I’m clinging tight to the evidence of God’s faithfulness that we’ve seen throughout Chronicles and knowing that nothing is too big for Him. Thank you all ❤️

    1. Tracey Gerard says:

      Praying Brielle!

  58. Rachel Stacy says:

    Today’s reading and devotional put in perspective, how easy it can become to forget or overlook the gratitude of God in my everyday life. I have been worrying about my job a lot recently, I am forgetting to look or notice all the wonderful things that God is doing for me and through me at work. Crating a gratitude journal or even just a list will definitely help me get my eyes and heart focused back on God’s wonders.

  59. Diana Davis says:

    Today I saw that David confessed that he had been wrong in how he had tried to move the ark. After confessing to God and the Israelites, he had a clear conscience and could move ahead correctly with celebration. How liberating. I have a hard time confessing sins. I’m prideful. I don’t like to admit I’ve done wrong. But I see the light heart that it can give me. I want to be quick to confess so that I can praise God with a clean heart.

  60. Searching says:

    We see David obeying God and praising Him in today’s Scriptures, what a difference from yesterday’s readings. When our hearts and minds are obedient, seeking His will, thankful and full of praise, we can draw closer to Him in the worst and best of times here in this troubled world. Sadly it sometimes seems “easier” to draw closer in the bad times when there’s nowhere else to turn, than in the good times if our attention is focused on the blessing instead of the source.

    On HRT today, Bob Bunn says:

    “ For many, Lent represents a time of mourning and repentance. That’s valid. But it can also be a time of praise and thanksgiving as we embrace what Jesus did and how we can share His message with others around us.
    Leave it to God to transform something as somber as Lent into something as glorious as Easter. Even in the dark, He gives us reasons to celebrate.”


    TINA – I am singing along and praising with you! Keep the song references coming, sister! Love you ❤️

    RHONDA J – loved your post and testimony yesterday, thank you!

    CEE GEE – I will be thinking about that verse from now on when it’s windy, especially when it is seemingly calm near the ground and the tree tops are being whipped around.

    GRAMSIESUE – Amen! Such timely words yesterday.

    Praying for KIMBERLY Z (work meeting is today I think) and SARAH D (new hours ) for your job changes

  61. Andrea P says:


  62. Mary Ann Graves says:

    Amen. Hugs and prayers to each of you

  63. Jill Ford says:

    I love the line, “Faithfulness can be seen in every moment of our lives if we look through the lens of belief.” So true! I’m starting a gratitude journal today!

  64. Angi Lawrence says:

    I found that when I prayed the ugly prayers to God – Like the ones where I’m angry and upset over the situation I was in – I found that my heart would begin to soften and I slowly saw the good, and the blessings. God wants us to bring the good, the bad and the ugly to Him. It’s ok to be me angry, but I learned I needed to pray about it and let Him take control of the situation. It really turned into something beautiful.

  65. Jeni B says:

    Woke up with money worries on my mind, but today’s reading really lifted my spirits and put things in perspective. God is good.

  66. TIna says:

    Sorry sisters it seems my mind in recent days has been attaching the devotional to songs or hymns..
    Today’s you’ve guessed it.. the old Sunday school favourite..

    Count your blessings..one by one

    1 When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed,
    When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
    Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
    And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

    Count your blessings, name them one by one;
    Count your blessings, see what God hath done;
    Count your blessings, name them one by one;
    Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.

    2 Are you ever burdened with a load of care?
    Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
    Count your many blessings, ev’ry doubt will fly,
    And you will be singing as the days go by. [Refrain]

    3 When you look at others with their lands and gold,
    Think that Christ has promised you His wealth untold;
    Count your many blessings, money cannot buy
    Your reward in heaven, nor your home on high. [Refrain]

    4 So, amid the conflict, whether great or small,
    Do not be discouraged, God is over all;
    Count your many blessings, angels will attend,
    Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end. [Refrain]

    Sing to the Lord, Miss Tina B, proclaim every day the good news that He has saved you,
    Proclaim His glory to all around, His mighty deeds to those you meet.
    Praise the Lords glorious name;
    Bring an offering, Tina, of your heart, mind, soul into His presence. Bow down before the Holy One in His presence..
    Give thanks to the Lord, always, Tina, for He is good; and His unfailing love is eternal.
    Praising the Lord,the God of my ancestors, my great grandfather, my grandfather and grandma, my father and those before them, Praising Him now and always…forever..
    Lord God, may my dancing and songs of praise and Thanksgiving always be acceptable to you..
    With a thankful heart, in Jesus’s name, I pray…


    As I Counted my blessings this morning there you were my sisters, each and every one there on the list.. thank you for the sisterhood covered in love, grace and oh so many hugs and wrapped in prayers for each other..

    Thank you!❤

    Much love sisters,