Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Open Your Bible

Daniel 6:1-28, 2 Timothy 3:12-15, 1 Peter 5:8-9

Have you ever been in a lions’ den?

For most of us, the answer is probably NO, but metaphorically, that might be a different story. What I’m really asking is this: Have you ever been in a situation where you felt trapped, without options or a way out? Have you ever felt betrayed by the people you trusted? Have you ever wondered if God is big enough to pull you out of that difficult thing you’re facing?

In Daniel 6, the entire nation of Judah was in captivity. These people probably often felt defeated, yet they clung to the hope and the promise of a coming Messiah to save them. 

In the midst of this, Daniel, a Judean, is working for King Darius and gains favor with him. The king positions Daniel for advancement, but this leads to jealousy from the king’s other administrators (Daniel 6:1–5). They knew Daniel served the God of Israel, which was in direct opposition to what the king had commanded. So they convinced the king to put an ordinance in place that anyone who chose to worship another god would be thrown into the lions’ den (vv.6–9). But instead of worshipping in secret or putting his faith on the back burner, Daniel continued praying to God publicly, despite the decree. 

Three times a day he got down on his knees, 
prayed, and gave thanks to his God,
 just as he had done before (Daniel 6:10).

This clash between faith and politics resulted in Daniel being thrown into the lions’ den, even though the king desperately tried to save him. Once inside the den, the king tells Daniel to call out to his God for help. You see, even Darius recognized that Daniel’s God was living and active, something he saw by observing Daniel’s faith. The next morning, the king comes to check on Daniel, only to find he’s miraculously unharmed! (vv.21–22).

Here’s what this story shows us: No matter how dire things may look, there is NO situation created by man that God cannot change (v.17). There’s no principality, no power, no earthly ruler, or law greater than the one true God. The whole book of Daniel gives us constant reminders of God’s sovereignty. To this day, God is still a rescuer, deliverer, and miracle worker, even when circumstances are difficult.

So what are you having a hard time trusting God for? What is the seemingly impossible situation that you’re sitting in with no clear way out? The pressure may be on. You may not see a light at the end of the tunnel. But you can trust that the living God is in the den with you. And He has the ability to “shut the lions’ mouths” (v.22), whatever that may be in your life. 

Lord, today we ask that you would remind us of the promises in your Word. Help us to focus our attention on You, instead of fearing the circumstances around us. Tune our hearts to the things you want to show us, even in the lions’ den. Even now.

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69 thoughts on "Daniel in the Lions’ Den"

  1. Dan says:

    Well… Was it?

  2. Dominique says:

    The True and Living God. Lord of Lord’s, Creator of all creation. The Only Wise God and Everlasting Father. Yes, He. He stands with me. He is acquainted with all of my ways, and I trust Him! I believe Him. I believe that who He said He is, He is. I trust that what He says is true. I know that He is more than willing and capable to do what He said He can do: and He will!

  3. Brandy Deruso says:

    God got my back no matter what he got me so im covered no matter come what may god has my back so Satan move around to the pit of hell.

  4. Jalysa King says:

    Praying for you and your marriage ❤️

  5. Sarah Smith says:

    This study has been such a good reminder to me. My marriage is suffering and I need our big God to intervene and work a miracle! And I know He can. God is good and is always faithful.

  6. Eryn Murray says:

    This story struck me hard because Daniel was minding his own business when people tried to plot his death. This is what the devil does. Daniel also showed how strong his faith was and it made me think of the scripture in James that says “Count it all joy when you face trials and tribulations because you know resting your faith produces perseverance.”