Commissioned by Christ

Open Your Bible

Matthew 28:16-20, Matthew 10:27-42, Acts 8:26-38, Romans 10:14-17, 1 Corinthians 1:18-25, Romans 1:16

Since 2012, She Reads Truth has maintained a singular mission: to be women in the Word of God every day. Ten years later, our community includes “Shes” from across the globe, but our mission hasn’t changed.

Reading Scripture together is the centerpiece of what we do at She Reads Truth. As we spend time as a community reading This Is The Church, we encourage you to start by reading the daily Scripture on your  own. Then join us here to engage and encourage one another as we respond to what we’ve read. Each day for this series, we’ll include a brief summary of the reading along with a prompt for conversation.

Christ calls His Church to herald the good news to each other, our communities, and the world. 

As you reflect on Scripture today, take time today to pray for those who don’t yet know Christ as Savior. Share how you are praying for them along with your response to the reading. 

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93 thoughts on "Commissioned by Christ"

  1. Katherine Herrington says:

    I regularly pray for my family and I hope through my actions and words they see the positive impact God has had on my life

  2. Cathy says:

    I pray for the patience to rely on God’s perfect timing to reveal himself to all three of my children and my sister. I can be confident that the prayer will be answered. I used to try that under my power…silly woman that I am. Needless to say that didn’t work but once I surrendered it to God I knew I could trust him. Listening to my daughter’s spiritual experience …although quite different in many ways is beautiful. God works in so many different ways….incomprehensible. Once I listened more than I talked and focused on my heart….. it invited great spiritual conversations. Thank you Jesus!

  3. Cindy Hodges says:

    I am praying for my Mom, Dad and sister. I pray their hearts are softened and that what seems like nonsense to them now, becomes truth and salvation.

  4. Georgia Frimpong says:

    Praying that my son grow up to love God and walk in His wisdom all his days. Praying for my uncles, aunts, cousins and brothers in law.

  5. Hannah Brown says:

    Praying strongly for my brother. Who wavers and is seeking more

  6. Anna Pearce says:

    I pray that my brother in law will find the path to believing in Jesus.

  7. Hannah Gilbert says:

    I prayed the Lord would let me speak His name at work today (I work at a school), and I actually got to show screenshots of this exact devotional in an ice breaker this morning!!!! So crazy!!! The Lord is good!

  8. Emma Simmons says:

    i will pray for those that need to be led in my path for me to spread the gospel to them

  9. Meagan Warlick says:

    I’m praying for those who may have grown up surround my Christians in the church but haven’t made their relationship with the Lord personal!! I pray that the Lord would bring them in and show it’s how much he loves and cares for each of them!

  10. Marina Tieken says:

    I pray for my Son Josh. May his eyes be open to the truth of the Word! The Word is truth. I am believing that generational strongholds will be broken! He will be the head and not the tail in his life, work and family in Jesus name!!!

  11. Abigail B. says:

    I pray first for my young daughter. I pray that the seeds that are being planted by her dad and I, and at Sunday school and AWANA, will be watered by the Spirit and bear fruit that leads to her accepting and believing in Christ as her Savior. I also pray for my MIL, FIL, SIL, and BIL and his wife, that the Spirit would move undeniably in their hearts so that they would also come to accept and believe in Christ as their Savior.

    My response to the reading is to pray for boldness to tell others of the truth of the Gospel. I’m not ashamed of the Gospel, but too often I’m not bold in sharing it. I also pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit, for the right words at the right time, and also for Him to provide clear opportunities of when to speak.

  12. Kayla Albritton says:

    Praying for a particular family member who has walked away. Praying for other family members to have a relationship with the one true King.

  13. Andria White says:

    Praying for my brother

  14. Munchkin says:

    Praying that those who do not know the Good News have someone who will tell them about Christ love and their need for a Savior. Praying that God give me the stregth and give me the words if that person is myself. Praying that my life shows Christ and does not lead people away.

  15. Kylie Belshe says:

    Praying for my sister in law who has walked away from the faith. My brother (her husband) is in ministry and it’s really hard on their family even if they don’t admit it.
    What spoke to me is that is that I shouldn’t be ashamed ever to speak the truth of the gospel. The gospel has power and it changes people and it changed me!

  16. Kylie Belshe says:

    Praying for my sister in law who has walked away from the faith. My brother (her husband) is in ministry and it’s really hard on their family even if they don’t admit it. What spoke to me is that I s

  17. Amy EB says:

    For those struggling with Matthew 10:34-37 about Jesus not coming to bring peace and describing conflict between family members, I found this post helpful It discusses the context – that Jesus was speaking to his disciples who would face a lot of opposition as they spread the gospel. He was telling them (and now us) that there would be opposition to their message, in some cases even from those closest to them. But if they valued Jesus’ message they would continue to spread his word even if it meant there would be conflicts with the beliefs of their family. They had to put their relationship with God above relationships with their family.

  18. Serenity Jo says:

    A needed reminder to pray for the salvation of others, praying today for the leadership of our country to turn their hearts to Christ. ❤️

  19. Melissa Mcronney says:


  20. Charlotte Messier says:

    Praying today for my children. ❤️

  21. Bethany Bennett says:

    I have a similar situation with my son, who is in the military and in another country. I pray daily that God will put someone in his life that will be an example of Jesus to him to remind him of what he’s walked away from and encourage him to come back. Asking God to be the intercessor and show me how to pray for him is an excellent idea. I’ll pray for your daughter too, as well as others in this thread.

  22. Holly M. says:

    Thank you for your post! I feel the same way. I paused at that verse as well. I think you’re right. I think that the “war” part is referring to the world and our selfish desires/flesh/doubt and all that. I think it’s also probably about decisiveness. All believers have to make a choice at some point- either Jesus or the world, including our own families like it talked about in today’s reading. In that way, the gospel and Jesus sort of pit us against everything else. Even though Jesus us our peace and our souls can rest in Him, we are at war with our natural sinful selves, the world, Satan and his influence, everything that is not righteous. So yeah I think you’re totally right. And I know how you feel, I accepted Christ when I was 7. Of course I’ve made mistakes and have had experiences along the way that challenged and ultimately grew my faith, but there wasn’t a huge “before”. When I’m talking to friends or whoever about God that’s usually what I find myself referring to- the challenges along the way that shaped my faith into what it is today :)

  23. Kristie Paradis says:

    Lord, I pray to You now for the lost, the broken, the ones who do not know You. I lift each and every one up to you now in Jesus’ name. Please open their hearts and minds to receive the Good News and believe, and open their mouths to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! God, I want to be Your hands and feet, and I ask that You give me boldness to speak up, unashamedly, with every person You put in my path. Please forgive me of all the wasted opportunities, where I chose not to speak up! God, I lift up unbelievers to You, please lead them away from worldly influences and towards Your Son, Jesus! Thank You, God, for all that You are doing, all that You have done, and all that You will do, in Jesus’ Name I pray, amen!

  24. Amy Detweiler says:

    Praying for my family (parents and siblings). Matthew 10:35 is feeling more and more accurate to describe my relationship with them, they claim to know God but they have taken up the popular cultures version of God not God of the Bible. More and more I see us having opposing responses to the same issue. Thankfully, we are still speaking and have a good relationship overall; praying God will use my husband and I to point them back to Him.

  25. Jennifer Adams says:

    I’ve been struggling with prayers for my daughter who has walked away from God. Actually I’m not sure she ever knew Him. I keep praying that God will send her a godly person to love her and guide her since we don’t live in the same state and I feel she doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. She’s really battling one bad situation after another. A wise friend recently told me that, instead of praying for what I think she needs, I should ask God how I can pray for her. So I guess I’m asking you all to pray along with me. Lord, show me how I can pray for my daughter.

  26. Stephanie Berling says:

    Heavenly Father, you know the hairs on our heads. You are with the sparrow when it falls. Thank you for capturing the heart, soul, and mind of my son. Please continue to be by his side through his ups and downs, turnarounds and jumps forward. He is being challenged by the accuser to see if he trusts his salvation. Show up in a way that shows him you are the one tue God and you have called him by name and know him. I pray that you would continue to mold my daughter’s hearts and remove the scales from their eyes so that they could see and know you are God and all authority is yours. Your mercies are new every morning. Thank you God. Amen.

  27. Jessica Waldren says:

    Prayers for my brother in law, he believes there is something greater than us but has not yet found God. He wants to be my youngest daughters God Father but I can’t agree to that when he doesn’t believe, I pray he will find God and be that guiding light for my girls.

  28. Penny Renfro says:

    My family is always in my prayers. Heavy on my heart now is my son who is questioning his faith and wants nothing to with the church and my future daughter-in-law who doesn’t believe in God.

  29. Adrianne says:

    Praying for protection not only for myself and my family, but also the disenfranchised, those who are struggling with a burden, for the lost. I’m praying for guidance for those in the church and those who have not yet found it. I’m hoping and praying for continued outreach to those who haven’t found the saving grace in his word.

  30. Minda Brown says:

    Jesus Christ is the power and wisdom of God. Praise God for giving us Jesus, his beloved son.

  31. Leslie Orozco says:

    I’m praying for my daughter and son-in-law to become wholly sold out for the Lord again, and for my prodigal granddaughter to return to the Lord and to our family. When I read the news, I now try to make a point of praying that the Lord will use their circumstances to bring them to Him.

  32. Jendi says:

    My husband and I pray each night for children of several friends who are lost and have walked away from God. We pray that they will be drawn back to Him, and remember what they have been taught. We also pray for our own children to truly know and love Him, especially as our eldest will leave home to go to university next year. We pray that our lives will reflect God in such a way that people will see Him in ask and that this will start conversations.

  33. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I have been praying salvation for my dad John, my friend Jill, my aunt Janet and my daughter Julia. I want to do more than pray though, I want to show them the truth through words and actions.

  34. Grayson Chatfield says:

    I pray every day for my family, friends, and neighbors who do not know Christ. This is something new that I’ve started incorporating into my morning prayer time. The Holy Spirit placed this idea on my heart after talking so much about being concerned for the people I love, but I wasn’t praying about it or for them. I have started to see little glimpses of stone hearts becoming a bit more tender. I pray every day that God would soften their hearts, that He would become so real to them, and that they would choose to accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

  35. K Swenson says:

    I have to confess that I don’t pray enough for those who don’t know Jesus. Today’s reading was a good reminder to be praying for and pursuing those who don’t know Him. One way of doing that came to mind as I read- I have a son and we play with other kids in the neighborhood. I want to be intentional to make those relationships with the parents and see how I can encourage and serve them.

  36. Faith Magras says:

    I am praying God will become the unavoidable issue in their lives.

  37. PamC says:

    Sharon Jersey Girl, thank you for the prayer prompt. It really spoke to my heart today.
    I pray for my family. My mom saw we went to church, but she doesn’t really understand salvation. She blew me away! She thinks if you’re “good”,…so needless to say, I’ve been praying, sharing and she’s got her stubborn on.
    I pray for my sister & her kids. She would tell you she is a Christian, but took her daughters to a concert to see 5SOS…every other word is the “Fbomb”. Really?! I was so upset! And 1 of those girls teaches in Sunday school. She/they may know who Jesus is, but I think their hearts are not His. My sister, Emily, has so much anger anymore, I hardly know her, so I pray… A LOT!

  38. Mercy says:

    Michelle Patire, your song is super awesome. I love the simplicity of the words so much. How talented.❤️ (Hoping this clapping emoji will show up)

  39. MaryBeth Thomas says:

    My 3 children are in their 20’s and do not know the Lord like I do. I pray every day they come back to His flock and remember Him from their childhood.

  40. Mercy says:

    Sharing the gospel used to be an awkward thing for me but now I learnt to share through actions. Every now and then the Lord will bring me people under my care because there is something for which they are drawn to me, and they show a thirst for something. I can’t pinpoint but there is a natural flow and pull. I pray and the Lord will usually say, they are for you, point them to Me. I would show them the joy of God in my life, the strength through hardships, and many many personal stories of victories through my storms and through my pain. And I find success that these stories captivated them, while not pressuring them, and they maintained relationships with me and got more curious. Also through random acts of kindness is also a way to minister, like shoveling snow for the neighbors after a snow storm (though my back would protest lol). I would also pray for my unsaved loved ones, my husband who knows Jesus just for the ticket to Heavens but resists to submit now on earth, for my young children who will learn from my ways to genuinely find Jesus in Me (praying they won’t choose my husband’s ways). I also pray for the leaders of Canada government, community leaders, church leaders whom God trusts and sees fit to give power, may they have access to godly wisdom, enlightened eyes of understanding, boldness to pass law and policy that are in line with the Word of God. Oh so many more. And I pray for SRT leaders, editors, IT professionals, and all the she’s that faithfully gather here without fail, in the time where I was most lonely, locked in, and wandering hoping if there was anyone out there feeling the same, yearning for God and His merciful solutions to find me, you were the light, just like the small fireflies with the glimmering glow in my dark moments. God was here, and you all were here. The remnants of the 7000. He has made everything beautiful in its time. Have I ever told you where would I be without you? Thank you to each and everyone of you with all my heart. Be blessed dear sisters.❤️

  41. Gwineth52 says:

    Dear sweet She Michelle Patire. You penned & shared a beautiful – I repeat – beautiful song. “Simple” lyrics, you said. But “simple” lyrics do not lessen the “lesson”. Evidencing a heart endowed with gentleness, goodness & grace. What a gift! Keep singing & humming & writing & testifying & staying in the Word…on mission, on purpose, onward with the good news! Do it for yourself; do it for the world! Thanks be to God!

  42. Dorothy says:

    This is a prayer I wrote next to Romans 1:16-17, “Lord, help me to live and show my FAITH to all those around me.” Then in my “Thrive Journaling Devotional Bible for Women” at the 1 Corinthian verses they had this pray, “Dear God, Give Your daughter the wisdom to know when to speak and when to wait on Your timely Words so Your Spirit can speak through her. In Jesus’ name, amen.”
    Sisters be blessed and remember God hears all our prayers.

  43. Lehua K. says:

    Praying for salvation for my husband. He has come a long way, from being pretty much an atheist to searching and being OK with going to church with me, watching the Chosen and other Christian movies, and even watching the Bible Project videos with me and talking about God. But every now and then he’ll say something like “even though [he’s] still not a believer” which breaks my heart… I have to keep persistently praying and remember where he’s come from, and that God has him on a path to bring him ever closer to His loving embrace. He certainly has the power to do so. Thank You Lord for helping me to build trust and patience in You through this. And to know that I have more of an influence than I sometimes realize… My walk and what I do matters. Please help me in Your strength to be a good example of a woman of faith for my husband, a Proverbs 31 woman… I cannot do it alone, but through You alone I can. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    (Thank you ladies for the ideas on praying for your food servers at restaurants and for praying for those you mistake as people you know… I will be using these practices also!)

  44. Denise N says:

    I’m praying for my daughter and 2 sons to return to Christ and walk with him for the rest of their lives. My one son and my daughter have spouses and they don’t know the Lord. My children were raised in the church and loved the Lord but when they left for college and got out on their own they walked away. I know God loves them and has a plan for them. My hope is in Jesus alone to call them back.

  45. Stephanie Bishop says:

    I’m struggling with the verses about Jesus bringing war, not peace. Especially in light of other verses that say that Jesus is our peace (Ephesians 2:14). Maybe it’s peace with God vs. war with evil/the world? What do you all think? Seemingly contradictory passages like these give me pause when I feel prompted to share the gospel. For example, my SIL and BIL are PhD’s and not believers…it’s hard to witness when scriptures like these would seem like foolishness to their “educated” minds. I can just imagine them saying it’s all nonsense. I’m also not very light on my feet when it comes to apologetics/debate, and I don’t have a life-transforming testimony (I accepted Jesus in middle school, so didn’t have much “living in the world” beforehand to show a drastic change). How can Jesus bring both war and peace? How can we (I) share the gospel with people who don’t think the news about Jesus is good?

  46. Natalie Echavarria says:

    Wow, so good. What spoke to me the most was upon how the even the hair on our heads are counted. It’s a sweet reminder on the purpose God has for each of us. He has designed each of us a calling and we walk confident in that calling. As I am in a season of not knowing what will come next as recently my mother got diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer the doctor have confirmed this type is not curable. It is scary and worrisome but I trust the lord plan over her life. I’m running this journey with the Lord by my side. Only was to do so. Pray for healing, restoration and peace.

  47. Audren Bruszer says:

    I’m pray that those who don’t yet know Christ as Savior would become interested in the Word of God, and have a believer come to them through the Holy Spirit. That they learn how much they are worth to Jesus, and that they would be blessed with needs met by believers.

  48. Bridgette says:

    I pray for my daughter and her husband who currently don’t believe in the power of God and salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray for their salvation in this very hour and that they turn to/depend on God in every area of their lives. I pray that they teach their children about Jesus. In Jesus name. Amen

  49. Rachel Reekers says:

    My husband and I lead a campus ministry in Wyoming. This past school year we fed 7 international students from Japan, Germany, and Russia in our home weekly. None of these students are Christ followers. Most claim to be agnostic. Our prayer as they return to their home countries is that God would place other Christians in their lives to water what was planted while they were in the states.

  50. Mari V says:

    Good morning beautiful sisters. I’ve been having little windows of time to share with my beautiful JW young friend. Since she sends me little encouraging notes herself I felt bold enough to do the same. All via text but I know they’re being read. She recently sent me an article about “bullying at the workplace“ and before I read it, I prayed for God to protect my mind and for discernment. What I read was good and I took in what I knew would be helpful. And turned around and sent her some very encouraging verses that mean a lot to me. Even a quote by Elisabeth Elliot. She enjoyed reading what I sent her and my heart was glad.

  51. Lexi B says:

    I pray salvation for my sister, Kelli. We grew up in the prosperity gospel and this has greatly schewed her view of God.

  52. Julie says:

    I am praying for those who feel unwelcome in the Church. Whenever I read about the eunuch and Phillip sharing the Good News with him, I consider the LGBTQ+ community and the Church. I hear many criticisms of the Church from those in the LGBTQ+ community. My prayers today are specifically for those in the LGBTQ+ community and for the Church to TRULY welcome those in this community and share the Good News, not condemnation.

  53. Marissa Pettit says:

    I’m praying for our friends, Liz and Chris, who are coming to stay with us over 4th of July weekend. They are somewhat familiar with Christianity but don’t walk with Christ. I desire so much for them to know his peace and love. I’m praying for my husband, Josh, and for me to have boldness in speaking about Jesus while we host them in our home.

  54. Keegan Starkey says:

    Be encouraged for He has overcome the world. I have heard several testimonies of the Holy Spirit on the move around the world. I pray daily for two people who do not know the Lord, that they would hear his voice and turn from their sin to follow His voice. I pray that all would hear His voice and turn from their sin, so He might heal this land as I know He can and wants to do.

  55. Janet Landrigan says:

    God has given me a wonderful opportunity in a few weeks to be the chidren’s Bible lesson teacher at a Joni & Friends Family Retreat for families with disabilities. The verses in Romans 10 reminded me that there will be those who need to call on the Lord, who will believe on Him to be their strength and hope. I’m praying for open hearts and minds that will believe, trust and hope in the message of Christ.

  56. Andrea Bolaños says:

    I pray for my little community of young adults who are very disappointed with the church and angry with God. I pray the Lord would break down the walls they have built, allow their hearts to be softened and healed by our good and loving Father.

  57. Laura Struyf says:

    I pray for those who do violence in the name of th Lord. I pray that God will take their hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh; hearts that will know that our Lord is a God of love, not hate and that He is a
    God of peace, not war. I pray for those who call themselves Christians but refuse to act in a way that follows the example of Jesus, but rather choose to believe the lies of the evil one. I pray that I can shine the light of God’s Truth and Love out to everyone I meet.

  58. MARTHA HIX says:


  59. Kerry Rowley says:

    Praying for my sister who is dying from cancer. Open her eyes to truly know You and to submit to Your Lordship over her life.

  60. Michelle Patire says:

    @Lanie– praise God! God is always confirming things for me with She Reads Truth, too. So often, He highlighted and repeats Scriptures I find here. Like the other day when I picked out the reading for my grandma’s funeral mass.

    I am praying for my friends in the local music community who are seeking truth but don’t yet know Jesus. I go to open mics and often share a song I’ve written that includes Him. Not a worship song, per say, but a song that I use to sing to them about Him. It is such a joy to express my faith through song. I wrote a song called “Come, Follow Me” — and it’s not the most impressive to the ears, it’s very simple. I almost didn’t play it for that reason. But God used that song to speak to someone in the community :) I am thankful– our words have power.

    The song lyrics I will share here —-

    He came to Me, with something to prove.
    Saying, “I’ve been good, what more should I do?”
    I said you lack one thing, one thing you must do.
    Sell your land, give to those who can’t.

    And I love you.
    And I saw you.
    And I know you.
    Come, follow Me.

    I saw him there sitting in a booth.
    Collecting change, counting what was due.
    I said, “Hey man, what you got to lose?
    Forget your change, got better things for you.”

    And I love you.
    And I saw you.
    And I know you.
    Come, follow Me.

    My friend named Phil, came and said to you,
    “We found the man, the king of Israel too.”
    I said, “Hey there, I know you.
    Under the fig tree, I saw you.”

    And I love you.
    And I saw you.
    And I know you.
    Come, follow Me.

    The song I sing, I’m singing it to you.
    Drop your things, come follow Me, too.
    I know your thoughts and what you plan to do.
    Still I sing, come follow Me, too.

    Cause I love you.
    And I saw you.
    And I know you.
    Come, follow Me.

  61. Carol M says:

    I once took a class on Paul Miller’s book on prayer… he really pushed us to find ways to incorporate the power of prayer into our daily lives… one suggestion was to pray for people who serve us when we are in restaurants…my husband and I took this challenge and often chat with our server, ask their name, and then say, “We like to pray for those who serve us, do you have any requests?” We have received so many different responses… most very positive… we always do pray for the request, but more importantly, that God will bring people into their lives who will draw them to Jesus… Usually we have the sense that no one has ever prayed for them. I should also add, we do not expect them to stop working and wait for us to pray. We keep it very casual, they continue on their way, and then we pray. Another important point… we always tip very well…especially when we pray for them! This has become a very natural way to share God’s light with people we would never reach… and we believe that God is able to answer our requests and draw them to Him!!

  62. Sharan Trotter says:

    It is for this cause we were sent into this World to share the Gospel: the Free Gift of Salvation to Every Person we Meet on the Journey of Life Who doesn’t KNOW JESUS as their Personal Lord & Savior as having a Personal Relationship w/Him NOW & into ETERNITY!!!

  63. AG says:

    Asking for two prayer requests today
    1. My cousin & husband who lost their 5 month old baby to Sids in November announced they are pregnant again yesterday. Please send them prayers for a healthy and safe pregnancy.
    2. I have been searching for a job in a new town and had an interview that went well yesterday. I am expecting to hear back with their decision this week but am struggling with my decision if they offer me the job. It is at a school in a tough area with gang activity & violence so that worries me. But I am praying and asking God if this is where He has planned for me to go.

  64. Carol Crossman says:

    “So faith comes from hearing and hearing the word” …I will share the Good News with all and guide them as best I can. I pray for the unsaved and the uninformed. We must stand for Jesus and not watered down laws made by men. This will cause dissension in our families and communities. We must stay in the Word and share it with all.

  65. Carol Crossman says:

    “So faith comes from hearing and hearing the word” …I will share the Good News with all and guide them as best I can. I pray for the unsaved and the uninformed.

  66. AG says:

    I pray for my friends that I know are struggling with their faith. I pray for all those who haven’t heard Gods word or who haven’t listened to it, to open their hearts to God.

  67. Peggy Pappas says:

    Praying for ally young grandchildren to come to faith in Christ. They are being raised by believing parents for which I am thankful. I am also praying for the salvation of two brothers who live in the same household who are not saved. One has a daughter who ” transitioned” they are as lost as they can be.

  68. Lizzy says:

    My prayer is for those who don’t know Christ and for those who might believe all the answers lie within the idea of finding ourselves and our own wisdom instead of Christ’s I was reminded in todays reading that what He is asking us to do will seem foolish to the world today

  69. Kenya Rafferty says:

    Praying for my mom and other family who work so hard to find solutions in the world when Christ is right in front of them (or far away). This is definitely my weakness in my faith – sharing the gospel. Praying that anyone I encounter can see God in me.

  70. Lanie says:

    She reads truth. The Lord is working through you. The last plan I read with this community was Ezekiel. I then continued through the prophets, and listened to the weekly podcast. I kid you not. Every. Single. Week. You have referenced a verse I was reading in the OT. Today I hopped on here “just to see” what was going on, and the Ethiopian man story is what my mother in law’s church(which I very randomly attended) preached on Sunday. I am BLOWN AWAY by God’s movement through so many mediums. The lord’s speaking y’all.

  71. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Jesus speaks of bringing a sword rather than peace (Matt 10-34). He gives us peace within ourselves while a battle rages all around us. We are at war. With evil. We are lights shining in the darkness called to bring the Light of Christ where there is none. We wield the sword of the Spirit. Fear of the dark is dispelled by the wisdom that where we go, the light of God is in us, shines through us, illuminating the Way. This is a spiritual battle, being won day by day, victory already claimed by Jesus, and each person that turns toward Him joins the army of the Kingdom. The salvation story of the eunuch in Acts 8 doesn’t end after Philip baptizes him. It ends with Philip being “carried away by the Spirit of the Lord”. Both men came up out of the water rejoicing, but Philip “found himself at Azotus” (v. 40). From Gaza this is about 30 miles away. These supernatural glimpses give me a foretaste of understanding life in the eternal Kingdom. While our feet still walk on the hard ground of the world, we carry the good news. We bring the beauty and truth of good things to a world full of bad things (Rom 10:15). Christ is the wisdom of God. His death spoke of weakness to those who witnessed it, yet His death was the most powerful force in all creation when He rose from it. “…the weakness of God is stronger than human strength” (1 Cor 1:25). “I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for salvation…” (Rom 1:16). What can be stronger than that? I pray for blindness to come upon my family and friends and all who I encounter who do not follow Jesus. That where they look and walk would darken if it is not lit by the light of God. Let their hearts be drawn to Your Light Father. Shine through me Lord, so that they may truly see and come to follow You. Selah. Maranatha. Amen.

  72. Sydney Smith says:

    Praying my actions are an encouragement to others to find Christ. I pray for my family and where they are hurting, they can be healed through faith. I pray for their healing. I am so thankful to follow God and lean on his word, he is a perfect father and I am thankful to be his daughter.

  73. Hillary Saum says:

    I’m convicted by the passage that talks of our need to love God more than our parents and children! Those relationships are so precious to me and they are gifts from the Lord! But, I don’t want to worship my gifts I want to worship the gift giver!
    This morning I am specifically praying for the salvation of a friend, Bryan, and that my children who are still babies, will one day come to know the savior!

  74. Hillary Saum says:

    I’m convicted by the passage that talks of our need to love God more than our parents and children! Those relationships are so precious to me and they are gifts from the Lord! But, I don’t want to worship my gifts I want to worship the gift giver!

  75. Debbie -Pursued by Him says:

    I pray for salvation for my family members daily. I trust God will bring them to Him in His own timing! God is good!

  76. P Blundell says:

    I pray for the people around us who don’t know Christ. I pray that God uses us and guides us with His spirit to speak confidentially and gently about His mercy and love. We pray for non believers for their hearts to be open towards Jesus and that they can accept Him in their hearts.

  77. Lorita Grant says:


  78. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    *Correction – It is Acts 26:18 that I pray for the lost!

  79. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    My continued prayer for those who I know and love that are lost, and for the lost world is Acts 26:16 – that God would open their eyes, turn them from the darkness of this world to the light of Jesus, and from the power of Satan to God – so that they would be saved, freed from sin and forgiven, sanctified by faith. Amen!

  80. Laura Beth Peters says:

    I often times see people out that I think are someone else that I know (even someone I haven’t seen in ages like someone I went to high school with), but after realizing it’s not who I thought it was the Holy Spirit always uses it to prompt me to pray for the friend or acquaintance that I mistook the person for… what a great way to always be praying! I’m believing salvation in those prayers too!

  81. Erica Wilson says:

    I am praying for the JOY to preach the “God’s foolishness” to my coworkers and to people I meet throughout each day.

  82. Melanie says:

    Family, friends, co workers and just people I encounter. Praying they know Jesus and His saving power in Jesus name for my young children to never stray from Jesus

  83. Aimee D-R says:

    Several people at work and within my family. May I have strength to share the gospel.

  84. Judy says:

    I pray for those who do not know Jesus or that those who are not close to Him – that their minds and hearts may be opened to Him and His word, that they feel His Spirit and grace and allow him into their lives.

  85. Emily McGhee says:

    I pray daily for unbelievers. I feel it is our calling to be intercessions on behalf of those who do not know Him. There is so much more in that kind of faith. I pray also for myself to be bold because I struggle with sharing the gospel to strangers.

  86. Pam Seipp says:

    “I am not ashamed of the gospel” and share with others always.

  87. Stormi Messmer says:


  88. Kelly (NEO) says:

    “Hasn’t God made the world’s wisdom foolish? For since, in God’s wisdom, the world did not know God through wisdom, God was pleased to save those who believe through the foolishness of what is preached. For the Jews ask for signs and the Greeks seek wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Gentiles.”

    God has provided the way and has asked that I point others to it. Yes, Lord. May I be one of many lights on the path that leads to You for those who are lost.

    One way to do that was contributing to the IllumiNation campaign SRT is sponsoring. Just one more verse of God’s Word in an unreached person’s language gives him or her the chance to learn how to be reconciled to God!

    Praying for family and coworkers who have not yet come to a saving faith.

  89. searching says:

    As people come to mind, I pray throughout the day for those that don’t know Christ, or I don’t know if they know Him. And for those that know Him to draw closer to Him, and for them (especially in leadership) to stay true to Him and to the Truth. Frightening to me is to see/hear leaders in the local or global Christian community supporting or encouraging things (including themselves) that are not true to God or His word – praying for those as well.

    Praying through your requests as I read through past comments.

  90. Arina says:

    I love the 1 Corinthians 1 passage. Who cares if people think Christanity is stupid? Even if Christ’s crucifixion would be foolish of God, still, it would be wiser than anything a human could come up with.

    I’m praying for my country, the Netherlands, today. The majority of people isn’t Christian, so many don’t even know the gospel, especially of the younger generations. I pray for all people who work as evangelists or are in other ways reaching out. That the good news of the gospel will not be contained within the church but will freely flow all throughout my country and the whole world.

  91. Carol Rimmer says:

    Amen Kristen.

    There are tough passages here. May God help us to not to resist His Spirit, and May He help us to share the good news without fear of people, and without being ashamed of it or ashamed of Jesus. It is tough! But may the Spirit help us, and let’s encourage and spur each other on too.

    I’ve prayed for my husband’s boss and his girlfriend. They’ve heard the gospel message at least once – please pray with me that they would respond to it, come to faith, and that my husband and I would be good witnesses to them.

  92. Kristen says:

    I’m praying that in God’s mercy, He would draw my family, friends, neighbors, students and their families, and all the lost and those blinded by lies to the Him by any means necessary. May they hear the Truth and not be able to deny His Word any longer. May they see God rightly and themselves rightly and know they need the Savior. May they truly repent and in His grace, be saved and serve Him until God calls them home. In Jesus’ Mighty Name Amen!