Born To Set Thy People Free Day 5

Open Your Bible

Exodus 3:7-17, Exodus 6:2-11, Psalm 118:1-7, John 8:31-36, Hebrews 3:1-6, Galatians 5:1

It’s recorded that Harriet Tubman loved the Old Testament. She learned Bible stories from her mother and loved hearing about how God delivered Israel from slavery. Hearing these stories read to her and understanding their purpose and God’s power, Harriet was filled with hope for freedom. Unsurprisingly, she later earned the nickname “Black Moses” and similarly believed God chose her to set her people free.

The journey to freedom was not absent of trial and tribulations. Yet no matter how dark the road or how long it would take, Harriet remained hopeful that freedom was on the other side. This courageous faith echoes the heart of the African American Spiritual “O Freedom.”  

 O freedom, O freedom, O freedom over me.
And before I’d be a slave
I’ll be buried in my grave, and go home to my Lord and be free. 

For Israel, after 400 years of slavery in Egypt, God looked upon them with much compassion and employed Moses to lead them out. God had always planned to bring Israel to the promised land, a land free from the yoke of the Egyptians. Due to their suffering, the Israelites often doubted that God had a better plan. Their experiences made it challenging to believe in God’s love and care for them. These doubts made them believe it was better to remain enslaved despite their suffering. Yet God intervened and promised that he would set the people free with Moses leading them. (Exodus 3:7–17, 6:2–11)

We’re familiar with the cruelty of slavery in the Bible and in history. Although we have not experienced the physical horrors the Israelites experienced under the oppression of Egypt or those of Black and Brown people in American slavery, let’s consider the bondage we have all known in our lives. Spiritual bondage. We are enslaved to our sin. How often have we tried to stop doing that one thing? Everything you’ve tried has proven to make matters worse. You ask, “When will I be free from this?”

Where Black Moses was born to help abolish American slavery, the book of Exodus describes Moses as born to deliver the Israelites from the captivity of the Egyptians. The greater Moses, Jesus, was born to set His people free from the bondage of sin and death (Hebrews 3:1–6). God often uses people to accomplish His plan. Jesus is God and human, and He came to bridge the gap between God and fallen humanity. Once slaves to sin, now free, we experience the ability to say ‘no’ to that old way of life (Galatians 5:1). Temptation will entice us to go back, but stand firm, and remember that God has set us free! The fight will be hard, and some days may seem like it’s never-ending. Let’s remember His covenantal love for us. He is faithful. “So if the Son sets you free, you really will be free” (John 8:36). 

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104 thoughts on "Born To Set Thy People Free Day 5"

  1. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord we thank you and we bless you hallelujah!

  2. Tiffany Leader says:

    At times the struggle does feel never ending. But God and His faithfulness has given me freedom beyond comprehension. The needed boost my soul longed for today. ♥️

  3. Terri Baldwin says:

    The son shall set us free!

  4. Ann Vasquez says:


  5. Elle Drummond says:

    I am no longer a slave to sin and thru the power of Christ, it has no hold on me.

  6. Andie Brandenburger says:


  7. Linda Fenwick says:

    I love this, God’s reminder that He has set us free from our bonds. I no longer have to be slave to my old crutches, old cravings and sins. I am free to say “no more!”

  8. Evelyn Behrenberg says:


  9. Tera Little says:

    Your three children are SO blessed to have a mother who is a God fearing woman. Continue to seek him and he will bless you and your children!

  10. Tera Little says:

    Your three chi

  11. Paula Garcia says:

    In you I am free. My faith and hope are in you!!

  12. Carlie VanderVelde says:


  13. Jessi Nash says:


  14. Carmelita Cox says:

    Incredibly thankful for this word today. My recently diagnosed autistic kiddo has been struggling and I’ve been struggling to care for him and two other siblings. I feel that I try so hard to meet him, love him and serve my home with grace. I find myself frustrated and angry at times and responding in that way out of hurt that I don’t feel I can help my precious boy. He has been battering anxiety and fear recently. The feeling of trying all the things and none of them bringing him peace is so hard. I was brought to tears as I was reminded that the Lord SEES HIS children and desires freedom. Thank you Jesus for your promise. I long for the day that you make us and my precious boy whole.

  15. Emily-Faith Captino says:

    When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord;
    he brought me into a spacious place. – Psalms 118:5 I needed this today, Lord!! But you already knew that. Thank you for bringing me to a ‘spacious place’ where I can breathe again.

  16. Chanda Large says:

    That’s good how they put Jesus as the New Testament Moses

  17. Terrill Haenny says:

    Oh the glory of our Jesus! From the first to the last He has poured love, hope and freedom into the redemption of each one of us.
    This village of “she’s” is a beautiful melody in the cacophonous chaos of this time. Today Lord strengthen, embolden, guide us as we follow you and obey Your voice, singing your song of love’s freedom in our families, our villages, our states, countries and Your world. Amen

  18. Trisha Pond says:


  19. Terrill Haenny says:

    Oh the glory of our Jesus! From the first to the last He has poured love, hope and freedom into the redemption of each one of us.

  20. Kelsey Hershberger says:


  21. Marla Inderbitzen says:


  22. Lindsey Osterhaven says:

    Lord, set me free from my anxiety, worry, and unachievable expectations I set for myself. Thank you Lord for your goodness.

  23. Ruby Hunter says:


  24. Eva-Marie Hester says:

    Thank You, Jesus, for setting us free! We’re no longer burdened by the yoke of sin’s slavery.

  25. Deborah Gee says:

    In the OT verses we read today the word ‘go’ is repeated enough times to catch my attention. We need to go and tell others that there is freedom in Christ. So many people think Christianity is just a bunch of rules, but what joy when we truly understand that in Him is freedom! He will break the shackles that keep us so stuck in our own problems. We have to let go. It’s a ride, but well worth it. Then we can say it is well with my soul.

  26. Kimberly Z says:

    @brianna Parker I hope you see this! I am praying for you. I too struggle deeply with anxiety, fear and worry. Please know you’re not alone!! God is with you through all your trails. I too don’t always believe that but it helps me to always repeat that. God is your Shepard. Keeping pressure ahead!

  27. Carol Crossman says:

    I love how the OT stories, prayers and prophesy are compared to the NT teachings in the SRT studies. It has given me a new perspective and thirst for the Word.

  28. Jennifer Hays says:

    Thank you for this comment Heidi! It helped me see the passage in a new way!

  29. Brianna Parker says:

    Please pray with me as I pray to be set free from anxiety, fear, and worry. I was just thinking today that this is something I feel like I always come back to. This was a good reminder to ask for prayer and believe that God has set me free ❤️

  30. Vicki Garner says:

    free indeed

  31. Allie McCandless says:


  32. Natasha Walson says:

    Heidi, this is so good.

  33. Natasha Walson says:

    I loved this devotional! So good. Thank you God for setting us free. He is the great “I Am!”

  34. Gina Felter says:

    Wonderful reflection Jamika. Inspired me to explore new to me songs.

  35. Roxane Richardson says:

    Hallelujah and Amen. Thank you God that we are free and no longer slaves to sin. This was so beautiful.

  36. Jessica Jasinski says:


  37. Mercy says:

    Stand firm and don’t submit again to slavery. Oh how easy and subtle slavery can creep into our identities, thoughts, imagination with its sugary coat to tempt and then viciously drown us down again. This issue is real and could be threatening if we “fall asleep”. It is dangerous that there are many sins a lukewarm state can cause us to tolerate and compromise. May the Lord see the struggle, and help us to overcome the trap of re-slavery. Amen Michelle P that even the righteous can fall but God will grab our hand to help us up. Don’t submit to evil. Resist, resist the devil and he will flee.

    @LEXI B- praying for Christy’s family as they grief. I love how you said that she got wings!
    @CHURCHMOUSE- praying for your two friends’ tragic times.
    @HEIDI- amen. Praying for your family for more clarity, guidance, trust/surrendering while navigating difficult path. 2 Corinthians 5:7.
    @SEARCHING- hugs!
    @ All she’s- for safety, divine protection, good health, peace, joy, increasing knowledge and grace from our Lord to you and your families.
    Be blessed dear sisters.

  38. Linda Garver says:


  39. Alayna P. says:

    What a fantastic devotional today. I really needed today’s reading and devotional.

  40. Sharissa E says:

    What a beautiful word! I never thought about it that way, but boy do my traumas sometimes get in the way of trusting in the Lord’s plan for my life. Thank you!

  41. Sharissa E says:

    What a beautiful word! I never thought about it that way, but boy do my traumas sometimes get in the way of trusting in the Lord’s plan for my life. Thank

  42. Jennifer Anapol says:

    God has set me free from so many things. A very big thing he has set me free from is fear and worry. He has given me the confidence to trust in his plan and purpose for my life.

  43. Lexi B says:

    Galatians 5:1 For freedom, Christ set us free. Stand firm, then, and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery. I love this verse. At a time of my life a few years ago, I really needed it as I found myself submitting to fear over and over again. God means for us to be free.

    Also, have you ever heard the song I’m going free (Jailbreak), by Vertical Worship? It always brings me such joy when I hear it. Here’s the chorus:
    Glory, glory, hallelujah
    You threw my shackles in the sea
    Glory, glory, hallelujah
    Jesus is my liberty
    I’m going free, ooh

    Also, my friend Christy gained her wings late Tuesday night. I am so glad to know she is out of pain and no longer ravaged by cancer. But her absense is felt deeply, especially her husband and family. If you think of it, please keep them in your prayers. Thank you for already praying :)

  44. Tasha SANTIAGO says:

    As I am fasting. I need to remember God has set me free.

  45. Abigail Gugler says:

    I was just talking with a friend this morning about how amazing it is that we can have such an unshakable confidence and trust even during the worst or hardest times in our life. Because we know that eventually God will work EVERYTHING out for good. In the end, we will be able to look back and see all the ways that those hard times prepared us for God’s blessings later. Praise God for such a promise!

  46. Heather O'Malley says:

    Praise God for this community and for coming to dwell as Man on earth and the true Lamb of God. Praying for you J Lynn…God, break the chains that bind her and let her walk in the freedom that your death and resurrection provides. Continuing to pray for Christina, your husband and 3 boys – May God bless these next couple of weeks before your husband deploys. Also praying for Emily Vahle that God would replace bitterness with hope

  47. Christina D says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus, you have set us free! Our hearts, minds & bodies can run and laugh with joy. I can lie down in the meadow weightless and lifted! I can dance in the rain, one with the grass with joy in my heart –
    I can hold my heart in my hands and lift it up to you to feel your restoring warmth and love! Thank you Lord Jesus for being my rock and my redeemer!

  48. Christina D says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus, you have set us free! Our hearts, minds & bodies can run and laugh with joy. I can lie down in the meadow weightless and lifted! I can dance in the rain, one with the grass with joy in my heart –

  49. Jen Janssen says:

    I was struck on how the Israelites didn’t listen to Moses because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery. I think about that when I look inward I see the hurt, the trials and it makes it hard to see how the Lord has a plan. But when I look at the cross I can focus on the greater plan. I don’t have to look at the obstacles, I can look at Jesus and what He did on the cross. Not that I have perfected that and not that I don’t struggle with the “things” that are hard but when I direct my eyes to where my help comes from then I can see that my Savior has me in his perfect peace. Not my peace but His peace which is constant and steady even when I am all over the place emotionally! Thank you God for the gift of your son!

  50. Jen Janssen says:

    I was struck on how the Israelites didn’t listen to Moses because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery. I think about that when I look inward I see the hurt, the trials and it makes it hard to see how the Lord has a plan. But when I look at the cross I can focus on the greater plan. I don’t have to look at the obstacles, I can look at Jesus and what He did on the cross. Not that I have perfected that and not that I don’t struggle with the “things” that are hard but when I direct my eyes to where my help comes from

  51. Dorothy says:

    What a powerful devotion!! I Googled the song she referred to and the first one that appeared showed snapshots of people standing up for desegregation in the middle and late 60’s, it too was mind blowing and powerful!! Every time I hear the verse John 8:36 I think of radio program I used to listen to called “Unshackled”. That was their “motto” so to say. Jamika made me really think about how I AM a slave to my sins.
    Almighty Father, forgive me for all I have done wrong and help me to walk the straight path You have set for me. Amen.
    Sisters be blessed and know you are FREE, free of worries, burdens, sins and anything else you turn over to God and Christ.

  52. Lori Maxwell says:

    I am so grateful I read this today. I have been a day behind but decided to read two today so I could catch up. It was meant to be. I had literally just prayed minutes before reading today that I could be freed from the sin of allowing distractions to keep me from spending time with God, and this reading came up today. I know this was not a coincidence.

  53. Crystal Acevedo says:

    This was such a good reminder that God sent Jesus to free us from sin, by paying with his life. Last year I did something I’m not proud of at all and I’ve repented, asked for forgiveness from God and the person I hurt but still to this day I get moments of shame and feel like I haven’t forgiven myself and I need to punish myself to truly “pay” for my sin. I love this message that I don’t have to continue on that cycle, Jesus has already freed me I don’t have to continually “pay”.

  54. Kyle Hopkins says:

    Psalm 188:6 “The Lord is for me” Hallelujah!! Every reading is opening my eyes to the thread of salvation throughout the entire Bible! So thankful for this study and the insights from the SRT commentators and all you Dear She’s!

  55. Kyle Hopkins says:

    PSA“The Lord is for me”!!!

  56. Elizabeth Oster says:

    Awesome teaching!! Thank you Jamika!! I am enslaved to sin and this teaching spoke to me!! Thank you, Abba Father!!

  57. Brittany Reyes says:

    You are not alone. Praying for you to find and live in Gods Freedom! ❤️

  58. Michelle Patire says:

    J lynn,

    Be set free. Walk in the light of the Lord, confessing your weakness. He will remove your shame and help you step by step walk into freedom. I have no idea how deep your sin goes, but as cliche as it sounds, Christ’s love is forever deeper than sin. Nothing can separate you from the love of God. Do whatever it takes to fight to believe this. Read your Bible daily. Pray daily. Ask friends to pray for you. Do not be ashamed. Christ can understand our weakness, as He has endured every temptation… He may not have sinned, but He understands and has compassion in it. Be set free, friend. You are His child and loved. Forever.

  59. Michelle Patire says:

    The mercy of the Lord endures forever.
    God was merciful to an idolatrous Israel.
    Though they had forsaken Him, He still called them “My people”– the mercy of the Lord endures forever.
    A picture of Christ with those who have trusted in Him.
    Though we fall, though we doubt, though we run to other loves instead of the God of our spiritual fathers (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob…)
    The mercy of the Lord endures forever.

    I have written a psalm, today, lol. But this is truly something God repeats to me- “the mercy I have for you endures forever.” A gentle touch of love to a critical and weary heart. How often I get angry towards myself for my own faults. Yet, the Lord says, “My mercy endures forever.”

    Be encouraged, you who have fallen. “A righteous man will fall seven times, but he will get up.” a proverb I cling to (Proverbs 24:16)

  60. J Lynn says:

    I am currently enslaved to din.

  61. Adriana Collins says:

    God is faithful

  62. Mari says:

    Good morning sweet sisters! Glad to be here with all of you. Loved the reading this morning. Another busy morning Slept a little better and still fighting this lingering cough! It RAINING in sunny California and as much as I don’t like the rain, I’m grateful because its much needed. Plus we get to stay inside from recess which is probably what I need because this cough is not going away. Love you ALL!

  63. Andraya Bitschy says:


  64. Bev says:

    All I needed today was in Exodus 3: God sees me. God hears me. God knows me.

  65. Traci Gendron says:

    Heidi – Your words spoke volumes to me. That we are God’s hands and feet. That HE has sent us to rescue and save in His name. Just imagine if we allowed God to use us the change our world would see!

    I pray I will be brave and willing to allow God to use me. I see people that are so lost as I once was, and it saddens me. The freedom they could have in Jesus, but they just don’t know. We do need to be God’s hands and feet. To share His message. Let’s be brave sisters!

  66. Gloria Garcia says:

    Thank you Father for giving your only son to die for my sins and setting me free! Now I’m free in Your truth and have eternal life ❤️

  67. Heidi says:

    The first thing that jumped at me was the way God was going to go about saving His people – HE had the power and ability to do it Himself but He didn’t. “I have seen their oppression… therefore [YOU] go… I am sending YOU…”.
    There are so many people in our world who believe God doesn’t care/isn’t present/isn’t doing anything. But in reality, we are His hands and feet. If nothing is being done it is because WE are not doing it. He sees the oppression, He hears the cries and He has sent US to rescue and save in His name (Matthew 28:16-20). If we would just be willing to be interrupted and uncomfortable – if we would allow Him to direct our paths and actually follow where He leads versus where our own problematic-self-protecting hearts lead us, our world would see a rescue they could never have imagined…

  68. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    “Who the Son sets free is free indeed, I’m a child of God – Yes I am!” Love how the words of this song are taken right from scripture – reminding us of the never ending, overwhelming love of God. Jesus is the only One who can set us free from our sin. Praise God we don’t have to do it alone – we can’t do it alone, it is only through Jesus and His precious blood that was shed for us. And – when we fall, He is right there to pick us back up and set us back on the right path.
    Being a child of God doesn’t mean we will never be tempted again, but it does mean that we can stand firm with Christ’s help – we can overcome – God is faithful and He has set us free!

    Thankful for this study and for all of my SRT sisters – have a blessed and thankful Thursday!

  69. Susan Lincks says:

    I will fight hard to free myself from my area of slavery, knowing that Jesus is by my side always.

  70. Susan Wickline says:

    Love the readings. What a hopeful season we are in.

  71. Rachel says:

    Something that struck me this morning is how God gave us an image of being set free from our sin in the story of Israel. Sometimes the experiences of the Israelites have seemed so far removed from me and my experiences. But when I realize that the same slavery they were subject to is the same sort of slavery I was under as a sinner, I read the story in Exodus in new way. Just as they needed Moses to break them out of their slavery, I need Jesus to break me from the slavery of sin. I don’t think I’ve ever quite realized how closely this story mirrors my own or even how these stories and truths could relate to Christmas until now. So thankful for God’s Word that is alive and continues to teach me!

  72. Audrey Reed says:

    So thankful for His freedom!

  73. Kaela Kelly says:


  74. Nancy Kluge says:

    ‘The truth shall set you free.’ I’m grateful today for having the opportunity to know truth in Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit. And this makes me think of everyone who is today experiencing some form of slavery. May he be with all who are in need of comfort and help each of us to show His light and grace today. ✨

  75. Bobbie Leathers says:

    What a beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you! ❤️

  76. Jody Striker says:

    This is such a beautiful reminder of how God hears us and desires good things for us. I also love how God presents Moses as an example of faithfulness to Him. I pray that He makes us faithful like Moses. ❤️

  77. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Praying for inward peace over all my sisters here! There is much swirling in the season of Advent and Christmas. May we slow and savor the freedom Christ was born to give us. We already possess all we need within us, the Holy Spirit resides in us, God is in our midst, He dwells in us! Every time I feel pulled into the worldly abyss, He anchors me strong in His mercy to save. He keeps saving me from being enslaved again. I am finding much grounding in the rememberance of our ancient Church fathers. There was much history laid in the first centuries of what it means to believe in Christ. He truly set us free. We choose to be saved or enslaved by the way we respond to this truth. May the song of MARANATHA ring hope in our hearts today!

    “When the Spirit of God descends upon a man and overshadows him with the fullness of his outpouring, then his soul overflows with a joy not to be described, for the Holy Spirit turns to joy whatever he touches. The kingdom of heaven is peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Acquire inward peace, and thousands around you will find their salvation.” St Seraphim of Sarov

    “It is invisible, and no hand can lay hold of it; Intangible, and yet it can be felt everywhere … What is it? O wonder! What is it not? For it has no name. In my foolishness I tried to grasp it, And I closed my hand, thinking that I held it fast: But it escaped, and I could not retain it in my fingers. Full of sadness, I unclenched my grip And I saw it once again in the palm of my hand. O unutterable wonder! O strange mystery! Why do we trouble ourselves in vain? Why do we all wander astray?” St Symeon the New Theologian

    Father, Let us wonder, not wander astray. Lord have mercy on us, we need only You. Amen.

  78. Chelsie Freeman says:

    Reading the final sections of today with my toddler on my lap and the simplicity of the Gospel is summed up for her in “Jesus sets us free.” Her smile and joy in that truth is the beauty I want to hold on to this season. We wait expectantly because Jesus himself has already set us free, we wait for the fulfillment of the freedom already promised. Thank you Lord!

  79. Churchmouse says:

    Two friends of ours are going through a really tough and tragic time right now. How comforting to know that God sees them and hears their heartfelt pleas. There are pockets, sometimes deep ravines, of darkness in our world. Yet He is near and He will walk through the valleys with us. We are not alone. We draw on His strength and His love. He never stops loving us. He never stops caring for us. He is always faithful. His hand is always outstretched to help.

  80. Taylor says:

    So thankful that in His faithful love He does not leave us in our suffering. He sees, and He comes to our rescue <3 May I walk in this freedom today and every day

  81. Kaelyn Powell says:

    Amen! His faithful love endures forever. Free indeed! ❤️❤️❤️

  82. Dara Broadous says:


  83. Holly Shelton says:

    We are free! So so thankful

  84. Danielle B says:

    Lord God thank you for the freedom that only comes from you! To know this world is temporary is reassuring.

  85. searching says:

    Love being reminded that He sees us, He hears us, He set us free – Thank you Lord for setting me free, and pray my faith will remain strong, looking toward You, the Hope of eternity.

    Great devo today – thank you, Jamika.

    MERCY – glad your family is on the mend!

    HEIDI – continuing to pray for strong faith and that His path will be clearly visible

    KATIE MEGEE – joining you in prayer

    LAURITA – Welcome, sister! If you (and others you know) haven’t already, consider using their contact page (under Menu on SRT website – FAQ+CONTACT) to convey the interest and need for a Spanish language option. For the daily Scripture selections on their website, the drop down box provides other versions in various languages.

  86. Pursued by Him says:

    John 8 makes my heart sing and my soul soar!

    “ John 8:31–36 (CSB): 31 Then Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you continue in my word,, you really are my disciples. 32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
    33 “We are descendants of Abraham,” they answered him, “and we have never been enslaved to anyone. How can you say, ‘You will become free’?”
    34 Jesus responded, “Truly I tell you, everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin. 35 A slave does not remain in the household forever, but a son does remain forever. 36 So if the Son sets you free, you really will be free.”

  87. Melissa S says:

    Jesus not only sets us free but the Lord brings us to a “spacious place,” a promised land where He will always be with us and help us. ❤️ What promises!

  88. Aimee D-R says:

    Amen. Free indeed.

  89. Christine F says:


  90. Piper Herndon says:


  91. Patty P says:


  92. Chrissy DohertyFrank says:


  93. Cara P says:

    I can’t help but read Psalm 118 and sing the Chris Tomlin song “Forever” in my head. I think that tune will be with me all day today. His love does endure forever and I can tell you that God is the only reason I’ve made it this far! Have a blessed day.

  94. Angie Mills says:

    Today’s New Testament verses show us that God came down to rescue us fully in the person of Jesus. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and came to rescue us from slavery to sin (John 8:34-36). He was able to save us fully because He never sinned. His righteousness is perfect and complete. He always did His Father’s will. He was faithful to the One who appointed Him. (Hebrews 3:2). He faithfully obeyed everything His Father told Him to do; and He fulfilled every promise His Father made. He is the Apostle of our confession. He is God’s delegate. He came on God’s behalf to bring the heavenly calling to us. He is the High Priest of our confession. He is the One who offered Himself as the expiratory sacrifice, making atonement for our sin by dying in our place in order to pay the debt of death we owe for our sin (Hebrews 3:1). When we know, understand, and submit ourselves to the truth of Jesus’ Person and works, we will be set free from slavery to sin (John 8:32; Galatians 5:1).

  95. Dea Pedley says:


  96. Kristen says:

    I look at the Enduring Word commentary for some of the passages. I was on Exodus 3 from above and read these words.: I have surely seen the oppression of My people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry: God wanted Moses and Israel to know His compassionate care for them.

    i. To this point, Moses’ experience emphasized the separation between himself and God. Moses could never burn without being consumed. Moses could not speak from the midst of a fire. Moses couldn’t keep his sandals on in the divine presence. Moses was not the eternal God of the patriarchs. The separation between God and Moses was real; yet God would soon show His care and compassion to Moses and the people of Israel. God is separate, but not necessarily distant. God is separate; yet God cares and connects Himself to our needs. Hope these words from the Enduring Word Commentary amaze and encourage you! I highly recommend reading that commentary. I find his work very helpful.

  97. Kathy says:

    Jesus. Son of God. Messiah. The Lamb. The Roaring Lion. Alpha and Omega. Our God. The Risen Savior. He is better and He has set me free.

  98. Krista Branch says:


  99. Hannah Jenkins says:

    Amen :)

  100. Krystal Goode says:


  101. Sarah Adams says:


  102. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Jesus was born to set us free from the bondage of sin.

    I was re-born to live in that freedom and show others the way to His salvation. May I be found faithful to do so.

  103. Arina says:

    Moses asked: “Who am I that I should deliver the Israelites?” while God had just said: “I’ve come down too rescue them.” God is not some impersonal mighty power in heaven. He hears our cries to Him and comes down to rescue us. He came down to Behtlehem to set us free. Free from the punishment we deserve, from the weight of the law (never measuring up), even from the power of sin and the devil. Real freedom indeed.

  104. Jo says:

    And again….I AM is with us, the Creator of heaven and earth is actively with us by His Holy Spirit. Present, active. Just as He was with the Israelites so He is with us. And Emmanuel, God with us, God’s active presence, Jesus…no words, just praise….
    God is speaking to me through these passages in this study that He IS with me, His tender touch telling me that I am not alone, but not just as a silent partner but as an active advocate. “…he put me in a spacious place” Psalm 118:5 to set me free from the constraints I put on myself. Hands lifted in surrender…..