Born Thy People to Deliver Day 27

Open Your Bible

1 Samuel 16:1-13, Matthew 1:18-25, 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

When I was an ambitious twenty-year-old, fresh out of college, I hired a life coach to help me create a life statement. This document included my vision, mission, core values, and short- and long-term goals. My little optimistic and naive heart was full of big plans for my life. I was focused on my perceived strengths, and what I believed I could do and become in this world. 

Every year around this season, I sit down and read the plan I penned in my early twenties. Much of what I wanted to accomplish has yet to manifest. I am no longer the naive twenty-something-year-old woman. My hair has added a few gray strands and my heart has tasted disappointment in ways I never thought I would. 

My life has not gone how I expected it to, but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful. What I didn’t know in my twenties that I know now is that God’s plan for humanity is far greater than anything we could create on our own. His master plan is a love story that entails the relentless pursuit of a broken and sinful people.

In today’s reading, the apostle Paul reminds us of this truth in 1 Corinthians 1:26–31. God did not come for the self-sufficient or the perfect. He did not leave heaven and come to earth for those who had everything together. He came for the foolish, the weak, and the lowly. He came for people in need of a Savior: people like me. 

When Christ Jesus entered the scene, He did not come as one would expect a king to arrive. He clothed himself in flesh and embraced a lowly beginning. He was an unlikely king. Fourteen generations before Jesus, David was also seen as an unlikely ruler. In 1 Samuel 16:1–13, we see that he was overlooked by his earthly father. He was considered unlikely to be the next king by men but not by God.  

It was not David’s appearance that qualified him. The Lord reminded the prophet, Samuel, just as He reminds us all that He is not concerned with our outward appearance. He is concerned with our hearts. This was the case for David, and this is the case for you and me. Jesus, our unlikely deliverer, came for us, an unlikely people, to save us from our sins and to transform our hearts. 

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64 thoughts on "Born Thy People to Deliver Day 27"

  1. Kyle Hopkins says:


  2. Kristin Conner says:


  3. Terri Baldwin says:

    “God is with us” actively pursuing us.

  4. Sarah Spears says:


  5. Lehua K. says:

    Thank you all for the prayers! I have a bunch of victory reports.

    We had a Christmas luncheon at work yesterday and I found out the owner of the company I work for is a Christian – he prayed a very nice prayer before we ate, and I even found out we have a prayer requests box in the lunchroom. Before I left work, he asked to meet with me real quick and reassured me that he and my supervisor are working on my evaluation. It was nice timing before the 3 day weekend ❤️

    I had my follow up ob/gyn appointment yesterday too, and everything was clear. My symptoms have also cleared up. My cat is also doing much better. Hallelujah, praise God!

    “My life has not gone how I expected it to, but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful.”
    I can relate to the author and to many of you who have expressed setting goals and making plans, only to go down a different path than originally intended. I have often been very guilty of impatience, dissatisfaction, and longing to leave my current season of life into the next chapter. I constantly feel the pressure to move out and start a family, especially since I’m in my mid-30s and others around me are doing that. But praise God for his mercy, love, and guidance that leads me to “be still and know that [He is] God” (Psalm 46:10). I know God has a better plan for me than I could ever craft myself. He keeps telling me to bloom where I am planted. So I have been learning to wait with hope and expectancy, but with patience and staying fully present so I can bloom where I am. It’s not an easy lesson but so necessary to have peace while in this world. Thank God we have a friend in Jesus❤️

    Blessings to all of you ladies on this Christmas Eve!

  6. Christine F says:


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  8. Krista Branch says:


  9. Sharon Jones says:

    My friend Abbey who I asked prayer for – went home to the Lord Dec. 23rd at midnight after a two month battle with cancer. It was extremely quick. She leaves behind two twin 15 year old boys. I had not seen Abbey in a few years and this morning I asked why Lord why? He reminded me that sometimes our death is quick sometimes we are taken in a blink of an eye but Abbey had two months to love on her boys to prepare them for her to die. We never know when our end on this planet is. Abbey knew Jesus- she is home in heaven today! At Jesus feet this Christmas Eve! Pray for her family!

  10. Melissa S says:

    I’m struck by the obedience of Samuel and Joseph in these passages. May I trust that God’s ways are better than my ways and obey when he speaks. Merry Christmas Shes! ❤️

  11. Nikki Joy de Asis says:

    “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. ” — Jeremiah 29:11 — i, too, look back at my life in my 20’s and see how my plans were no where near what the Lord had in store for my life. I thought I had it all “figured out” and very quickly I realized that my original plans were no where near where my life ended up, and I am 1000% thankful that the Lord showed me HIS direction for my life. His plans have led me to finding more mean and purpose. The Lord has taught me patience and brought me out of life’s challenges with a sense of renewal and brought me closer to him. I firmly believe that I went through some of my hardest challenges in life for a reason. As someone who is now in my early 30s, I look back and I realized that everything I went through was to experience that brought my closer to the Lord. He showed his love and mercy to me through it all, and because of that I continue to have faith in Him.

  12. Allie McCandless says:


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  14. Claire B says:

    Merry, Merry Christmas, Shes ♥️

  15. Lexi B says:

    “My life has not gone how I expected it to, but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful”
    I love this; it’s so true for me! Not at all where I expected I’d be; but through ups and downs, God has been there through it all.
    Wishing you all a beautiful time on Christmas Day, surrounded by those you love.
    Praying for those who have a difficult time during Christmas.
    Love to you all!

  16. Alayna P. says:

    Another devotional that hits me right in the heart. My life has not gone at all the way I thought it would back in my teens and early 20s. But I trust God and His master plan. ♥️

  17. Jennifer Anapol says:

    My life definitely didn’t go the way I planned. I got married later than I thought I would and decided to stay home with my daughter once she was born. I also saw myself as a working mom, so I was really surprised when God called me to stay at home with my daughter. I’m so glad that I followed God’s calling for my life. He found the best man for me to be my husband, and I love staying at home with my two daughters.❤️

  18. Donna Wolcott says:

    I echo the sentiments of each of you today! Wishing you and your families a Blessed and Merry Christmas. Safe travels for those going away and comfort and peace of heart for those whom this time of year is difficult. Hugs dear sisters!

  19. Rachel McKib says:

    Beautiful devotional!! ❤️

  20. Gwenna Pelz says:


  21. Kenya Rafferty says:

    I am always fascinated by the genealogy of Jesus and how the most unlikely, common people lead to his existence. It’s a beautiful reminder that our most well laid plans are not even ours to begin with. God has so much more for our lives than we could ever imagine. Prayers to sit faithfully in the anticipation of what is to come in my life.

  22. Brooke P says:

    Victoria E. I have been away from my app this advent trying to focus on writing intentional prayers during my study time now that I have a sweet 4 month old little boy. I am just now seeing that you are pregnant again and did move. PRAISE GOD!!!! Wow. I just want to say how special you are to me and you were such an encouragement to me while I was waiting for our boy in the midst of my miscarriages. You and all these She’s are a blessing and I am so thankful for your encouragement with psalm 27:13 which became my verse of meditation during that time : “I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭27‬:‭13‬ ‭ESV‬‬! Thank you again.

  23. Michelle Patire says:

    Hello Shes– hugs to you all!

    @Lehua, you and your family have been in my prayers. I think about God’s justice… He isn’t unaware of your situation with work. May He bring you through this trial and may you grow in wisdom and strength in Him. “He who glories, let him glory in the Lord.” May God be your strength and glory < 3

    I just finished watching season 3 episode 2 of The Chosen last night. The story of Little James asking for healing was brought to mind during this study. Jesus promised to use his "weakness" to showcase God's glory to others. I think about my own weaknesses and how God continues to carry me through the worst days when they eat me up inside. May He be our shield and strength.

  24. Catherine McVey says:

    Wishing all of you beautiful She’s a very Merry Christmas. I look forward to all of your comments every morning. Praying you all have a warm, safe holiday season. Much love ❤️.

  25. Mari V says:

    Good Morning ☀️ and HAPPY Friday!! I’m OFF until Jan 3rd and SO excited!! I,as well, liked what Kia said about Life not having gone as we had Expected but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful. I have to admit, (and this is not a- feel-sorry-me-Mari) sometimes I don’t feel beautiful. BUT GOD…. I am SO thankful God doesn’t see me the way I (and sometimes others) see myself. To HIM, My God, My Jesus, I am beautiful.

  26. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning She’s!! I am home for Christmas!! Last weekend my friends and I went to NYC and saw Wicked and Phantom of the Opera!! It was awesome, that was a long time bucket list item of mine to see those shows on Broadway!!! So fun! We got back Sunday so I was pretty tired working the first three days this week, but now I’m home :) thank you @Searching for your prayers and everyone who has prayed for me. After being on a medicine for a couple months now, I actually have noticed a difference with my anxiety and mood. I feel like I can think more clearly and I have been feeling better emotionally, praise God! And I am doing well in my job and am performing well. I wish I could share all my thoughts with you all, but it would take a lot of space haha. So thankful for our Advent readings and devos this week,they have been so encouraging. One thing I have been learning is definitely dealing around the topic of waiting. I listened to a podcast called Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson, its called “How to Trust God When What You’re Hoping for Just isn’t Happening”. But it was so encouraging for me. I’ve been convicted that there will always be seasons where I am wishing for the next season…wishing to be in a relationship, wishing for different circumstances,etc. I have really had to wrestle with living life now and trusting God with what is next. That doesn’t mean I sit around and don’t actively pursue my future/desires, but ultimately I have to trust that he is in the drivers seat. This past year was really hard for me, but it was a time that I had to decide who God is, even in the suffering. Even if he doesn’t answer my prayers in the way I want him to, he is still faithful, unchanging, and good. The Lord is working. Just like he was for the Israelites during the 400 years of “silence”. It may seem to us God is silent, but he is always working and preparing to accomplish his plans. Thankful for Jesus and that reminder this Christmas

  27. Dorothy says:

    As I read the Scripture in Matthew today a song I heard on the radio just recently pop into my head, it’s title “Joseph’s Lullaby” it’s by MercyMe. If you get a chance to listen to you should; it’s from Joseph’s point of view about the birth of Christ.

    This devotion really hit home and touched in many ways especially when Kia talked about how you plan or expect your life to go one way and it ends up going a totally opposite direction. When she wrote, “His master plan is a love story that entails the relentless pursuit of a broken and sinful people.”, I was shaking my head. Then at the end when I read, “He is concerned with our hearts.”, I thought how true this really is.

    Be blessed and “go with the flow” because more than likely that is God’s plan for you.

  28. Victoria E says:

    These devotions have really been hitting home every single day. After the infertility I struggled with and the blessing of our miracle IVF baby, I was sure we would have to wait for another embryo transfer to have another baby, which I was actually very ok with being in a new job and a new house with our 9 month old! But God had other plans, this surprise baby is completely out of left field and something I honestly thought would not be possible ! Not how I planned but God’s ways are better than my ways. Kaydee I see your and I understand your frustration- my husband took (seemingly ) forever to be ready to start our family but everything was good in the end in terms of God’s timing. Praying for you two to be united in this and focused on the two you have now.

  29. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    “My life has not gone how I expected it to, but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful.” What a great truth to carry with us and remember! It reminds me of so many scriptures, especially Isaiah 55:8-9 and Psalm 18:30 – His ways are not our ways – but His way is perfect! May I learn to have peace and contentment no matter what path God puts me on.

    Wishing all of my SRT sisters a blessed and Merry Christmas!

  30. Diane Mom says:


  31. Sarah Spangler says:

    This really spoke to my heart today ❤️

  32. Ruby E says:

    My life has not gone as I expected it to, but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful! Amen!
    Wishing all She’s a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year! Prayers for peace.

  33. Angie Mills says:

    It amazes me, especially at this time of the year, to observe how people pursue love, joy, peace, and hope.

    People believe that they will find love in all of the people who like or love them. They pursue relationship after relationship seeking one person to fulfill every emotional need they have. In this pursuit of love, our attempts quickly devolve into indifference, animosity, antagonism, and hatred.

    People believe they can find joy in pursuing things that bring them pleasure. They pursue activities and hobbies seeking to fill their empty hearts with things and accomplishments hoping that these things will fill them with the joy for which they long. However, these pursuits quickly devolve into sadness, misery, and depression.

    People believe that we will be at peace when everyone can adhere to the same core values and beliefs. In the pursuit of peace, people are in strife, discord, turmoil, and unrest. We are at war with each other because we all want our beliefs and values to be validated.

    People want to have hope that the future will be better; but when they look at this broken world, they don’t see how that can happen. Thus, they are filled with pessimism, skepticism, despair, cynicism, and hopelessness.

    As Christians, we have the only answer to all of these things for which people long to obtain. The Lord Jesus Christ our Savior is the only one who gives us Love, Joy, Peace, and Hope.

    As we continue to interact with others, may we be faithful in sharing God’s love, joy, peace, and hope to others.

  34. Nicole V says:

    I would say my life honestly looks a lot like I planned at 22, as far as the big picture goes. It’s in the details where so much has happened that I didn’t expect. But God, as Tina would say. Even in the unexpected and painful parts of life God is with me and working on me. He is teaching me that I don’t need to be perfect or have it altogether, he came for the weak, lowly and broken. I am just now thinking that maybe He’s allowed these things to teach me that lesson. Also, that His plan is better than my plans and I need to let Him lead.

  35. Brenda Kephart says:

    Great Scripture readings today and a very meaningful devotional. Merry Christmas to all the Shes.

  36. Kaydee Beedy says:

    @Taylor yes, I have been struggling to see the beauty in the here and now while waiting for my husband to be ready to have baby #3. At times the longing is so painful that I am just in tears, but I have been asking the Lord to help me see everything that is here NOW! Merry Christmas!

  37. Rhonda J. says:

    “unexpectedly Beautiful” Amen for that! God’s provision! Even when we are undeserving, He gives us our desires, even the desires we didn’t know we desired! The popular phrase out there “live your best life” or “I’m living my best life” is truly fleeting or not even what we really want or need. It is not until we are empty that we are truly filled. We go after what we want, what we desire to fulfill us, but in the end, it is not. Only God. Only God. He will bring the unexpectedly beautiful. Funny how it takes so long for us to get it! We are stiff-necked people as scripture tells us. It’s funny how the bible is right there for all of us to know “the meaning of life” and how fulfillment comes, yet “influencers” have popularity. How many people go to social media before they pick up their bibles? It’s a worldly world. I pray our kids, friends, family, (us)… learn to rely on the bible, our SAVIOR, our powerful God, to follow their path in this crazy life.

  38. Kerry B says:

    Amen! God’s plan is better than any plan I could conceive of. I am so glad God looks at the heart of people and reminds me to also look beyond the surface and human standards.

  39. Kristin Sparkman says:

    @Tina I love that so much. It is so true looking back over all the ways I thought my life would be or I dreamt it would be. But with Gods goodness and kindness it has been even better.

  40. Jennifer Prosser says:

    Yes!!! ❤️

  41. Susan Lincks says:

    I want a pure heart for Jesus alone!

  42. Bekah Cook says:


  43. Tara Beatty says:

    Amen Erica!

  44. Tara Beatty says:

    “…but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful.” What a lovely way to see it. May I always look back and in the now and see the beautiful in my life and may my ugly heart be always longing for the Savior to make it whole. Merry Christmas She’s!

  45. Susan says:

    SEARCHING thank you so much for praying.

  46. TheBestIsYetToCome says:

    The Lord continually is reminding me that HE makes everything beautiful in HIS time. Praying that we all can keep this perspective during this Christmas season.

    SEARCHING, thank you for remembering me in prayer. God is faithful, and while I grieve, my hope is in the Lord, and I trust that HE is in control! Today is a beautiful example of how it feels to be remembered, God, does that for us, every day, HE never forgets us!

  47. Alli Barlik says:

    Oh, I’m a true example of my plans not looking ANYTHING like God’s plans for my life. And boy am I ever so grateful. I am also grateful that we have a Savior who didn’t come as planned. Jesus came in flesh so that we can relate to Him. Thank you Jesus for loving us and coming to save us. We are waiting on your return!

  48. Alli Barlik says:


  49. Theresa says:

    I so strongly relate to that ambitious 20-something writing out a life plan with goals and dreams, a vision and mission. My life looks nothing like my 22 year old self would have envisioned. I’ve experienced devastating failures, heart-wrenching betrayals, and seen things crumble that should have been solid. But I’ve also experienced the tender love and grace of a God whose mercies are truly new every single morning. I’ve seen a plan far greater and more fulfilling than what I planned for myself at 22. I have a husband and a family I’d never planned on, including a bonus baby who came as a complete surprise to us this year. God is so good. He makes all things new and beautiful. He sees past our human shortcomings and our short-sighted plans and creates a masterpiece from our lives. I’m so grateful that He didn’t listen to what I had planned but rather is taking me on His adventure instead. Praise the Lord! Merry Christmas, she’s! Wherever you find yourself today, I pray you feel the Lord’s gentle touch guiding you.

  50. Erica Wilson says:

    Reminding myself that I am the foolish, the weak, the insignificant one Jesus came to save. Praying that God pounds this truth deep into my heart, so that my only boast is “in the Lord.”

  51. Erica Chiarelli says:

    I am so thankful God chooses the unlikely and the least! He is so good, I am so grateful!!

  52. Aimee D-R says:

    My heart is Yours, Jesus. Amen

  53. Melissa Paz-morales says:

    This was beautiful, I am so glad that God looks at the heart. Even then I realize how much I need Jesus everyday.

  54. Kelly (NEO) says:

    “Jesus, our unlikely deliverer, came for us, an unlikely people, to save us from our sins and to transform our hearts.”

    Thanks be to God!

    Thankful for shelter as this cold and snow blasts through the region. Please agree with me in prayer that all would find shelter for the next few days. And those who work outside in these conditions would be safe. 

    BRIANNA PARKER – praying for healing, can your son get a video appt with his doctor? Also, any update on your church friend’s recovery from pneumonia?

    CHURCHMOUSE – thankful for the miracle already in the little boy’s recovery. Praying there will be more of them. Have you recovered from the bout with RSV?

    CHLOE – praying for your baby to be with you at home soon.

    CHARITY SCOTT – are your little ones home from the hospotal now?

    ALISA W – continuing to pray for your recovery and housing situation.

  55. Danielle B says:

    God is the God of the unexpected and his unexpected is so beautiful. I’m sure we’ve all had plans for our lives that weren’t what God desired for us. When I was a young twenty something my career goal, was vastly different than where God has me now. He has used various circumstances and ignited heart passions in me that has led me to the career I have now, as Tina says so often but God. I love the career he directed me to. It brings me great joy even in those hard moments.

    Take time to look for the unexpected and watch how God will bless your obedience!

  56. Debbie Pursued by Him says:

    “My life has not gone how I expected it to, but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful.”

    “Jesus, our unlikely deliverer, came for us, an unlikely people, to save us from our sins and to transform our hearts.”

    God’s plan…not ours! Thank you, Father, for saving us from our sins and transforming our hearts as you guide us (sometimes kicking and screaming) through your plans. Amen.

  57. Michelle Baier says:

    Gods master plan is the pursuit of broken people. Moses argued, David hid when he was called and so many others that were not equipped in their own strength. But God! He is strong when we are weak and will always pursue us. He looks at the heart and I pray mine is what He wants for me and not how I think it should be.

  58. Taylor says:

    I think a lot of us will echo the quote from today’s devotion: “My life has not gone how I expected it to, but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful.” What a great perspective, especially for those of us in waiting periods. See the beauty in the here and now. God is here with us in our waiting, longing, etc. His promise to never leave us nor forsake us is faithful and TRUE! He relentless pursues each and every one of us. I can feel God’s love jumping out in the pages of Scripture. I pray everyone has a wonderful Christmas <3 thankful for you She's!

  59. Sarah Adams says:


  60. Searching says:

    TINA – Amen and Amen! Wishing you a much blessed Christmas! May the name of the Lord be praised ❤️

    SARAH D – have not seen a post from you recently, praying for your anxiety and job stress
    LINDA FENWICK – good to see you! You mentioned that you feel you don’t have anything new to say, but please consider that you might be able say something in a way that clicks with one of our dear sisters.
    SUE DALOS – good to see you also
    BRIANNA PARKER – praying for healing, and if needed, perhaps there’s urgent care coverage for out of state needs? Praying for you and your son.
    LEHUA K – praying for your job, travel, cat and visit with parents
    CHRISTINA ADAMS – praying for JOY, sister!

    Today is the last chance for some of us to take a deep breath before the flurry (or frenzy) of guests, gifts and food distract us. May we take time, though, to be thankful for Jesus even in the chaos.
    There are others of us facing tough challenges, with hurting hearts for many reasons, empty chairs at the table or far away family. Jesus is with us too, loving us and providing comfort, strength, healing and encouragement.

  61. Elaine Morgan says:


  62. Lisa Keller says:

    Thank you for this focus on Gods chosen but unexpected leaders..

  63. TIna says:

    My life has not gone how I expected it to, but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful…
    These words right here, could be my strapline..

    BUT GOD..

    In the midst of all my sadnesses, woes, brokenness, confusion, ‘not sure of anything-ness’ life is still beautiful!
    I have life. I have today. I have a roof. I have children. Grandchildren, one of whom is 21 today. The journey here is a books worth.. BUT GOD..
    Yes indeed..

    BUT GOD..
    He never ever overlooks any of us no matter our journey, no matter our to-ing and fro-ing.. His love for us, His plans for us never change because He is as faithful today as He was in the days of Abraham.. loving, kind, merciful, gracious..
    He has my heart, not because of what I would like from Him but because, He is my home, my rock, my hope..

    BUT GOD..


    Happy Friday dear hearts wrapped in warming love, this wet day..❤

  64. Jeni B says:

    “My life has not gone how I expected it to, but God has made it unexpectedly beautiful.” That touched me in such a tender place.