Day 94

The Bible In A Year 94

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Numbers 26-28, Mark 5:1-20

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47 thoughts on "The Bible In A Year 94"

  1. Jessica Solan says:

    Your faith has healed you! Imagine touching Jesus clothing and immediately healed… he could feel power leaving him. AMAZING!

  2. Sarah Paris says:


  3. Julie Stein says:


  4. Kia Orr says:

    That was a really good ending made me smile and think of all people speaking their truth about what TMH has done for them in their lives ❤️

  5. Chrystal Johnson says:

  6. Chelsea Black says:


  7. Carol Bowman says:

    Tell others what Jesus has done for you!

  8. Sarah Johnson says:

    I wonder why the people wanted Jesus to leave after he healed the demon-possessed man? But it’s so great that the man stayed to tell the tale and people began to believe him and be amazed

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